How to develop inner strength?

Man’s inner strength – 11 ways to develop

A person’s inner strength is a character quality that shows how a person has reacted to pain, problems and difficulties in their life. You can tell by it how you will survive a great deal of anxiety.

You have seen inner strength in other people, but you wonder if people see that strength in you. It is not something you can claim or take for granted.

Inner power is not given to a person by birthright.

The source of a person’s inner strength is:

  • It is the fruit of battles, whether you win or try to survive a crushing defeat.
  • It comes from the suffering you accepted rather than running away from grief, which ultimately made you kinder and more compassionate.
  • It comes from the realization that you cannot expect others to change for you, so you make the necessary changes in yourself and continue to love them.
  • Sometimes it comes from going against the current, even if those around you are part of that current.

Strengthening a person’s inner strength is not easy.

You can find a pill that can help you burn calories while you sleep, and freelancers from the Freelance Exchange who will give your profile picture a more picturesque background.

But you can’t create a stronger image by taking a pill or giving the fight to someone who will fight for you.

You have to engage in it yourself. Otherwise you get nothing.

What is a person’s inner strength?

The definition of a person’s inner strength is “Will or Determination.”

This is a generalization of the words “inner strength of man” from one dictionary, but it is not enough.

A person’s inner strength is a quality of character that shows how a person has responded to the pain, problems, and difficulties in his life.

It gives people an idea of how you will survive intense anxiety or how helpful you are in a crisis situation. It also tells them something about the kind of leader you are and how you will respond to both praise and criticism.

Developing strength in yourself helps you get through tough times and right your wrongs more easily. It acts as a shield when the world tests you.

That doesn’t mean you won’t feel anything or you won’t be knocked off balance, but your inner strength will allow you to rise up and keep moving forward.

I’m not talking about stoicism here. Strong people are not afraid to show their emotions, but they keep them for a while until those emotions get in the way of doing what needs to be done.

If when you read these words you think, “Well, that doesn’t sound like me,” don’t worry. It is still possible to develop and accumulate inner strength in a person and become a stronger, more resilient and wiser person.

The following keys, if you use them, will help you both recognize and develop true strength of character so that you can take steps today to become the person you want to be.

11 actions to strengthen and develop one’s inner strength

Below are 11 actions you can take to strengthen and develop your inner strength. Concentrate on one of them today and do at least one small action to guide yourself in a better direction.

5 actions to develop one’s inner strength

Learn to relax.

If you cannot relax (and by that I mean release tension in your body and calm your mind), you cannot be flexible during a stressful situation. The ability to relax is important not only for survival, but also for personal growth, moral stability and in general for one’s inner strength.

A quick but effective way to calm the mind is to take time for your breathing. You can only do this in the present moment, and the tension and anxiety in your body and mind are likely related to the past or the future.

A few minutes of mindful breathing – living in the present moment can make a huge difference in how you handle the next task.


Learning to forgive people, but first and foremost, yourself, is important to developing one’s inner strength. When you forgive a person, it means that you are choosing them and their good qualities over your pride. No matter how much pain you feel, refusing to forgive hurts you more than it hurts anyone else; it makes you dwell on your own pain and prevents you from growing.

Forgiveness and generosity are an even greater gift to yourself than to those you forgive. Not only do you release them from all the debts they owe you; you also release the resentment holding you back and preventing you from becoming stronger.

You also need to forgive yourself for your own mistakes and for not living up to your expectations. We are all far from perfect. If you hold negativity against yourself, you become a prisoner of your ego and hinder your growth as inevitably as you refuse to forgive someone else.

Take responsibility for yourself.

This goes hand in hand with forgiveness. We judge a person’s maturity by their willingness to take responsibility for their words and actions.

Sometimes taking responsibility means sincerely apologizing and asking for forgiveness, even if you would rather just apologize and move on without realizing the pain you caused.

It is much easier to tell others that you made a mistake without needing someone else’s forgiveness.

The risk of refusing that forgiveness puts your ego on the line, which of course requires a certain inner strength in a person. It also develops it in you.

Work on short-term or long-term goals

Working on meaningful short- and long-term goals also strengthens one’s character and inner strength, and allows one to better benefit from both victories and necessary behavioral adjustments.

Choose goals that require some exertion on your part. If they don’t force you out of your comfort zone, they won’t help you become stronger.

Each of these goals should also benefit not only your life, but also others.

It’s not hard to see how each goal serves not only your personal development, but also the good of someone else, even if you can’t yet point to someone in particular.

Increase your external strength.

Self-discipline in eating and exercising is very important in building a person’s character and inner strength.

Whether you spend an hour or five minutes (or something in between) each day developing your body to tone your muscles and get your blood pumping, the physical strength you gain helps restore your body to a visible reflection of your inner strength.

Like it or not, people will often judge you by what they see on the surface. If someone looks outwardly out of shape, others will not unreasonably assume that self-discipline is probably not a priority for you.

And without self-discipline, you limit your ability to develop inner strength as much as you limit your body muscle growth.

Six things a person needs to remember about his inner strength

No one is 100 percent strong.

No one is perfect. Don’t let a moment of weakness define you. Your life is more than the results of one test. And you will be tested many, many times.

Sometimes being strong is harder than usual. If you can feel it and forgive others, do the same for yourself.

Sometimes you will fail. What matters is what you do after you fail.

And ultimately–because one’s inner strength is inseparable from humility–the way you deal with your failures can do more to strengthen and develop your inner strength than a nearly flawless record of doing the right thing.

One’s inner strength is fueled by truth

Get rid of old stories about yourself that are not based in truth.

Whether it’s a fictional story (to make yourself feel more interesting) or dismissive of your inner conversation, you need to get rid of all stories that have an untrue or unwarranted description of you or your actions.

If you can’t say it out loud to yourself, but you know it’s not true, get it out of your head.

You can replace that lie with the truth about yourself.

When you have an important mission, you don’t have time to berate yourself or mentally transform yourself into a superhero. You are made for more.

Taking care of yourself is important.

Strong people don’t neglect their reasonable needs.

They know the difference between true strength and self-destructive pride. Strong people don’t need to prove to anyone that no one can be tougher on them than they are.

They recognize and appreciate the wisdom of caring for themselves and others, and they celebrate their own victories as fervently as they celebrate the achievements of others.

Because they see people’s goodness as their own-and vice versa.

People need people.

We are social creatures; we cannot be alone unless it is a necessity.

Sometimes you have to be alone, but you are never completely alone. There are souls in this universe who would benefit from even a moment’s companionship with you, so do your best to be prepared for them.

There are other souls whose influence will benefit you, although you may not be able to be with them for long.

A strong soul is a soul with connections. A person’s true inner strength leaves no room for minutiae. Consider how you can mend a damaged relationship.

Action may involve risk or even immediate personal loss, but accept that as the price for becoming a person who puts relationships above personal pride.

You don’t have to become close friends with everyone, but if you have done someone wrong, make it right. You are not the only one who will win.

Be careful about the people you associate with.

Not everyone you meet will benefit you. Not everyone wants to improve their environment or make their world a better place.

While it’s not okay to change them, you may have to make yourself less available to those whose company drains your energy and pulls you down.

This includes not only people, but also the books you read, the shows you watch, and any other factors that affect your life.

You are more impressionable than you think, and even a few minutes in the wrong company can negate your efforts to build a stronger character.

Education is your friend

Never stop learning. With all the opportunities for self-study and personal development, it doesn’t take much to find something that at least gives you a decent start.

For example, take the time to read (or listen to) books that will help you create the self you want. Enjoy biographies of people who inspire you with their inner strength. Find a mentor to help you on your own journey to creating a stronger image.

You probably underestimate your influence on others; the more you learn and invest time in quality learning, the more likely your influence will help others become stronger.

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Can you imagine a world where everyone develops their inner strength and helps each other grow?

We can’t achieve this in everyone, but the more people we can reach, the wider this network can grow, affecting exponentially more people as it spreads.

Strong people create and nurture strong connections. I hope that you will share the information gained in this article and awaken those around you to do the same.

And may your inner strength and generosity influence everything you do today.

Top 10 Ways for Women to Gain Inner Strength

Inner strength is a quality of a person’s character that shows how he deals with the blows of fate, and how he eventually survives a major upheaval.

Are you used to paying attention to the basic character traits and developing only them? But after all, there are tremendous resources within you that are always ready to come to your aid. The inner force is really very great, although different circumstances and sometimes people try to suppress it.

How to properly use this reserve and make it inexhaustible?

Why do we need inner strength?

Understand why you need inner strength will help the following situations:

  • You see that you are on the right path, but the result is not yet clear;
  • You don’t have enough external resources to keep going toward your goal;
  • You are told that you will not succeed and you will not succeed, but you see that this is not true;
  • Circumstances don’t play out the way you thought they would;
  • You’re still just at the start of the goal and you have nothing to fall back on.

In such circumstances, you just have to act, no matter what. You have a tremendous amount of work ahead of you, and it’s going to take all of your inner strength. And that’s why you have to have a lot of it.

Where does that inner strength come from?

It doesn’t just appear out of thin air. Of course it has to come from somewhere. And there are five types of energy that feed that power.

  • Self-control. The ability to keep control of your body and mind;
  • The power of the spirit. This is your core;
  • Life energy. This is everything you need to live;
  • Mental energy. Your emotional and psychological stability;
  • Willpower. That inner reserve that opens up when you overcome obstacles.

It is very important to pay attention to each of these components. It is their interaction that determines how strong you will be when everything in this world seems to be against you. So be sure to develop these energies within yourself.

Self-control develops only when you step out of your comfort zone. This is a quality that manifests itself in unusual situations.

Strength of mind is the ability to take responsibility. It begins to develop with both physical and spiritual self-improvement.

Life energy is replenished by the nutrients you consume. You are what you eat.

Mental energy is how much control you have over your inner self. So strengthen your mind with various exercises.

Willpower is your ability to go to your goal without fear of difficulties and obstacles. You can harden it by fighting stereotypes, your weaknesses and fears. The best development and strengthening of willpower – a daily work on yourself.

Three tips for gaining inner strength

How to develop inner strength

A weak character is a failure in the program. How can you be strong if propaganda, government, and employers constantly put out your fire? Train yourself and show that you can’t be ridden for nothing.

  • Go against cowardice and fear.

Man is always and everything afraid and that’s normal. That’s how the instinct of self-preservation works. But sometimes it gets in the way of the normal flow of life. Being afraid to step out of your comfort zone makes you nervous about possible changes and gets yourself all worked up. You have to think along the lines that sitting still is worse than change. Fear is an indicator of mistakes and dangers you should avoid. Use fear as a spur to action, not as restraining shackles;

  • Don’t procrastinate; speed up.

“I’ll start on Monday.” Sound familiar? It’s a very destructive habit to put things off until later. But “later” may not happen. Procrastination doesn’t give you any energy at all and doesn’t allow you to tune in; on the contrary, it robs you of enthusiasm and determination. Start living and reaching for the heights: procrastination will only take away your opportunities, dreams and chances;

  • Restore your outer strength.

When the body is healthy and beautiful, everything inside is stable and harmonious. So remember to take care of yourself, rest, and celebrate every victory. It will be easier to live when the body is not tired, sore and sleepy. Sports help very well in this case. Even a little exercise in the morning will set the rhythm for the whole day;

  • Incorporate positive thinking.

Your strength is inside – so start drawing it out. Optimism is a great engine for dream fulfillment. While pessimists see the world as gray and get off track, optimists break through walls and achieve success with their inner strength;

  • Challenge the difficulties.

Don’t wait for difficulties and troubles to pat you on the shoulder and gradually begin to make your life unbearable. If faced with challenges, don’t bury your head in the sand like an ostrich. Take up the challenge and fight by making the process interesting. That’s how you train your willpower and build character;

  • Control your emotions.

Do not suppress. It’s bad for mental and physical health. But turn any anger, resentment, anger, rage, etc. to your advantage. Don’t destroy, but create. When you shut it all out inside, you are only destroying yourself. Let those emotions be channeled by you into overcoming difficulties, solving problems, and motivation. And turn the positive emotions into even more power;

  • Learn to take responsibility.

You can accuse the whole world of a conspiracy theory and think that, literally, the universe is set against you. But the truth is, everything that happens in your life is up to you. It is always easier to complain and criticize others. But take control of your own actions, decisions, and plans, or you will fail;

  • Surround yourself with needed and helpful people.

There are certain individuals who rob you of your motivation and willpower. They are like vampires sucking all the energy out of you. Often, unfortunately, these are the people closest to you. They pull you back and kill your confidence. Limit your interaction with these people, and don’t let them tell you how to live your life. These people are wimps. Look for those who will rock, who you’ll want to go after. And then the inner strength will always be with you;

  • Use your second breath.

When you’re working out, you’re tired and your strength is running out, your second breath opens up. It happens because you realize that you’re close to defeating yourself and finishing. It’s exactly the same in life. You use all of your inner reserves and reach your goal. When it feels like this is the hard part, wake up your power. Open your second breath. Keep going toward your goal, opening up all your sources of energy;

  • Train your willpower.

Athletes get tired, but they only get stronger and more resilient. You don’t get weaker when you overcome challenges. Every difficulty you overcome gives you strength. Train your willpower by keeping it in your fist all the time, and then it will only increase. And every obstacle you pass will be easier and easier.

Strong people make equally strong connections and charge other people. Therefore, how strong you are will reflect on you, those around you, and the world.

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