How to determine whether your boyfriend loves you?

True signs of a man in love

Men are usually straightforward and confident, but as soon as they fall in love, they immediately dramatically change their behavior. If you are interested in a man, find out how he feels to know if he is in love or has a passing infatuation.

How can you tell if a man is in love?

If you want to hear that you’re in love, you’ll be told so. But that doesn’t mean your partner has real feelings. There are signs that help you know if a man is in love or just imitating feelings.

Gesticulation .

Closely follow the movements of your beloved’s hands and eyes and you will determine how sincere he is when speaking about being in love.

A man in love is tense in your presence. He worries all the time and as if he does not know where to put his hands. He hides them in his pockets, or unconsciously twists some thing in them.

Such behavior doesn’t yet indicate great love, but a feeling of slight infatuation is certainly present.

The Look .

In the eyes it is not difficult to understand whether the man is interested or sympathetic. How to determine whether a man is in love based on his gaze:

  • He looks intently into your eyes as if trying to understand something;
  • Always catching your gaze;
  • Sometimes, if you intercept his gaze, sharply turns his eyes away.

Such behavior indicates a strong interest in a woman. It allows you to reciprocate – let him know that you are pleased with his attention and that you have nothing against getting to know him.


A man in love is very attentive to all the details associated with the woman he loves. He remembers her words, desires, every little detail concerning her is important to him.

He remembers everything about the object of his love: her favorite music, the type of coffee she likes, the type of flowers she likes, and so on.


Men resort to compliments easily and naturally. To give them right and left, they do not need to have high feelings. To discern the banal desire to have an affair from sincere feelings, pay attention – it is important how you say compliments to you.

In love with a man, uttering phrases praising your appearance, wit, or other qualities, be sure to try to touch you. One of the sure signs of a man in love – an irresistible desire to touch the girl and look her in the eye.


Being in love inspires a man to be chivalrous. He is always on guard, just waiting for something to help and show care. He is concerned about any, the smallest problem, worrying about the object of his love.

A person in love is ready to rush at your first call to the edge of the world. He will get, bring, find, protect, solve – the list of verbs can go on ad infinitum. All he needs at this stage is your smile and happy eyes.

Nuances of communication

Pay close attention to the communication style of the man whose attitude you are interested in. Sudden pauses in conversation and slurred speech indicate that he is in love. He often experiences awkwardness and blushes – such signs indicate sincere interest.


A man in love at first tries to carefully hide his true feelings. He is afraid to become vulnerable, to hear mockery or refuse to communicate. He appreciates the opportunity to be around, so he worries a lot.

  • tension and excitement;
  • flushed face, embarrassment, nervous gestures;
  • speaks quickly, inarticulate, trembles often in his voice.


Self-confident men, seeing an interesting woman, never refuse to flirt openly. Do not take this as a “naked pickup”, because the other way to get acquainted with a person may not be.

If you often meet in some places (gym, pool, office, etc.), then a man can find an unconventional method of dating. In other cases, flirting is a justifiable way to establish a relationship and an eloquent indicator of interest.

Finding reasons to meet

A man in love always finds a reason to see you. Someone who is only using you, meeting with you when it is convenient/wanted, always finds reasons that “keep” him from meeting with you. A man who is interested in you, on the contrary, looks for any ways to see you.

A man who is in love is sure to offer joint pastime ideas. If he has a hobby, he tries to involve you in it, as he wants to share with you the best that he has.

Trying to be a better person

Men in love seem elated. Some want to write poems in honor of their beloved, while others strive to be better. They do this not for praise, but from a special love inspiration and the desire to be worthy of their loved one. Many men, when they fall in love, easily quit smoking or drinking alcohol.

Passion for wine and tobacco dims against the background of feelings experienced by a man in love, so giving up temptation is given to him without much trouble. The man feels endless gratitude to the lady of his heart for the fact that acquaintance with her allowed him to defeat his weaknesses.

The desire to become better is manifested in the man in love in everything:

  • He chooses his clothes carefully;
  • he tries a new, more fashionable haircut;
  • uses good perfumes;
  • tries to speak and write correctly;
  • devotes time to his own development: he learns something, achieves success.

All changes occur in order to attract the attention of his beloved. Man wants to prove to himself and to her that he is worth it to be near the best woman in the world.

He talks about his life.

This is one of the surest signs of being in love. A man who is not deeply in love will never share the details of his life. The strong sex is not very talkative by nature, they do not tend to discuss their feelings or turn over the pages of their life.

Having fallen in love, the man wants to be as close as possible to his beloved, and not only physically. He strives to establish close emotional contact, to share his thoughts, feelings and the details of his life. It seems to the man that his chosen one, knowing all of his secrets, as if she becomes a part of him.


A man is ready to invest anything, any resources into the object of his love. We are talking not only about finances and material possessions but also things like moral support, free time, physical assistance.

Men often behave in a consumerist way, but once they fall in love, they are capable of the best human feelings and actions. Showing care – moral and financial – they show a real attitude towards women. Many men tend to carefully hide their emotions and prefer words to deeds.

Peculiarities of correspondence

If you are dating a young man, but still continue to correspond, you can use it to learn about his true feelings. To do this, analyze the phrases written by him.

How and what a man writes if he is in love:

  • He tries to write correctly. He uses commas, he doesn’t twist words. Actively uses exclamation points and emoticons. Is not lazy to write a lot, does not make off with monosyllabic phrases.
  • Suddenly writes that he misses you or thinks about you. These are the messages a man sends when he is overwhelmed with feelings. There’s no way out for them, and the only thing he can do is write to you. Remember, anyone can lead the dance, but the man does it more beautiful, so give him the opportunity to take the initiative, and do not force the events, do not immediately throw yourself into the “maelstrom of feelings.
  • Writes sentimental phrases. For example: “Today I heard music that reminded me of our meeting.” A man in love does not hesitate to bare his soul. As the relationship develops, he will not once again amaze you with his revelations.
  • First offers to meet. He invents reasons to meet that might interest you. He never makes excuses to turn down an opportunity to see you.
  • Always responds to your calls, messages. Be sure to apologize if he could not answer immediately (did not see, did not have access).

Manifestation of jealousy

Jealousy does not always indicate the presence of love, but if it is absent, then we can not even talk about falling in love.

A man in love keeps a close eye on the object of his adoration. He does not think that he has the right to dictate his will to the girl, but he takes very painfully any situation related to her attitude towards other men.

A man in love does everything to protect you from his rivals. He tries to fill your attention with himself.

Do not expect from such a man reproaches or classic manifestations of jealousy. At the stage of falling in love, you will notice it only in the eyes or a change of mood.

Behavior with other women

If you want to check your man’s feelings, observe the way he interacts with other girls. This method is universal because it is equally informative at any stage of the relationship.

If you are just starting out with someone you like and want to find out how much in love he is with you, take note:

  • With other girls, a man in love behaves without tension – he’s open, cheerful, mocking;
  • With you, he is timid, worried, thinking over his words.

Nonverbal signs

It is easy to guess about the man’s crush on non-verbal signs. These are unconscious body movements that give away a person’s thoughts and desires.

The most common signs are:

  • seeing the object of sympathy, the young man draws in his stomach and straightens his back, spreads his legs wide and folds his hands on his chest;
  • He tries to touch her – gives her a hand, holds her waist, casually touches her;
  • raises one eyebrow;
  • puts his hands in his pockets or puts them behind his belt.

Manifestation of love at different ages

Mature men, having fallen in love, behave quite differently from young guys. They know how to express their feelings in an everyday, casual setting. To do this they do not need to wait for a special intimacy. A mature cavalier protects, helps and surprises.

Young people mostly focus on romance. They are more emotional, trying to show their best side, how strong, agile, etc. Mature men are more reserved, their relationship experience makes them cautious. They do not want to start a serious relationship without checking their feelings.

How can you tell if a man is in love depending on his zodiac sign?

The zodiac sign not only affects a man’s character, but also his behavior during the period of falling in love. Knowing a man’s date of birth, compare his behavior with the signs characteristic of his zodiac sign.

How do men in love behave depending on the zodiac sign:

  • Aries. Not prone to long courtship. Quickly open up about their feelings. Upon receiving rejection, they go in search of another object. If he is reciprocated, is able to give a woman real care and attention.
  • Taurus Men. Have a calm character, but in love, dramatically changing. They become nervous, actively gesticulate, show initiative. They try to have a flawless appearance.
  • Gemini. They are generous fans, darivaya beloved gifts. They are emotional and care about the object of their attention.
  • Cancerians. Persistent, almost obsessive. They write messages, call, meet and see you off. Persistent and often make pleasant surprises.
  • Lions. They strive to please women but don’t confess their feelings in haste. They are capable to fulfill any whims.
  • Virgoes. Shy and even a little reserved. Passionate but can be rude. Think for a long time before declaring their love.
  • Libra. Trying to spend maximum time with the girl he likes. In no hurry to develop a relationship. First go for friendship to test their feelings.
  • Scorpions. Stingy, but in love, show unprecedented generosity. They easily find a reason to meet.
  • Sagittarians. They like spiritual closeness. They like to give gifts and try to occupy an important place in the girl’s life.
  • Capricorns. Act uncertainly. Inviting the object of sympathy for a date, behave silently and speak little. Over time, they become bolder and their feelings gradually become stronger.
  • Aquarius. Very jealous. Able to lose their temper when they see the woman they love talking to another man. Ready for any action for the sake of love.
  • Pisces. Romantic and inclined to be uncommon. They give hundreds of flowers, sing songs, write poems, make original surprises.

How to know that a man is in love, not just carried away?

In order not to fall prey to the usual intrigue, it is important to understand the man’s feelings. If instead of falling in love, he is experiencing only physical attraction, exercise caution. Perhaps the man and fall in love with you, but the chances are high that you will be just another trophy for him.

Signs to distinguish between falling in love and infatuation:

  • A man who has a sporting interest in you, will not change his appearance for you. The strong sex is generally lazy in this respect, they are conservative in their clothing and style. It is falling in love that makes them change.
  • If you just attract the attention of a man, he does not catch furtively your gaze and does not feel embarrassed. On the contrary, the “hunter” does not hesitate to look intently into your eyes.
  • Sexual attraction alone is not enough to show care. If a man is not interested in your problems, does not offer help, he does not have serious feelings for you.
  • A man who sees you as just another infatuation is always busy – he is always in a hurry, he does not have time to talk. He is interested in a certain aspect of the relationship, all the rest – your interests, concerns, joy – he is not interested. He is not prone to long conversations.
  • Men in love do not insist on sex. For them, a woman is an object of worship, to which they go, conquering and performing feats. A man in love needs your feelings, ideally love, not sex.

How do you test a man’s feelings?

Men are not inclined to reveal their true feelings and goals. If someone tells you that they love you, there’s a good chance that it’s a lie or at least an exaggeration. Conversely, a man who carefully hides his feelings may be desperately in love with you. It helps to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

A direct question

Baffle a man with a direct question. Ask him point-blank: “Do you have a crush on me?” He’ll have to answer and you’ll have to watch his reaction. A man in love will probably be embarrassed, and it doesn’t matter what he says, it’s important to record his behavior.

A man who isn’t in love will behave calmly. He will either be embarrassed out of sensitivity to admit his lack of feelings and answer vaguely and ambiguously, or he will say something like, “Why not?”

Canceling a date

For a man in love, canceling a date is the most hurtful and painful event. His reaction is always vivid and violent. He expresses not outrage, but sincere frustration. A man who is not experiencing serious feelings, calmly endures the date or expresses his dissatisfaction.

The important thing is that your refusal to date is believable. If the young man understands that you’re just playing with him, putting him to the test, you’ll lose significantly in his eyes.

Make it clear that you’re in trouble.

Think of a serious problem that is difficult to solve and share it with the young man. A man in love will immediately think of a dozen ways to solve it. Then he will offer his help and will be interested in the issue for a long time.

A man who is not in love will not show any zeal. Moreover, if you ask him for help, he will not be able to hide his dissatisfaction and annoyance. If there is no love, there are no common problems.

Behavior in Arguments.

This is one of the most productive and masterful ways to determine feelings. The main thing is that you can hardly be suspected of premeditation. The essence of the test is to get into an argument with your friends. You must defend a point of view opposite to that held by the test subject.

A man in love, whatever his opinion, always sides with the woman he loves and supports her in the argument. If there are no feelings, the man behaves naturally – he defends his point of view.


Try to pay attention to another young man and watch the reaction of the object of interest to you. If the latter has serious feelings for you, he will be sincerely upset. Otherwise, you will see on the man’s face annoyance, anger, contempt or disappointment.

A man in love feels more pain and bitterness of regret than a wound to his ego in such situations. These feelings are reflected in his face. Do not prolong the experiment, your task is only to determine the reaction.

Getting to know your friends

If you do not rely on your intuition, let the object of your research look at friends. Introduce them to the young man, let them look at him from the outside. It’s no secret that from this position you can always see true feelings better.

To assess the man’s attitude towards you, introduce him to your friends, but do not rely on the objectivity of his parents and girlfriends. Choose representatives of the stronger sex.

There are a lot of ways to test a man on the sincerity of his feelings. But do not be carried away by them. Wait a while, and everything will fall into place. True feelings are sure to manifest themselves, and you will not have to arrange a test.

How to know if a guy really loves you: signs, test, divination


Guys are all different. One will falter in words and be timid in the presence of the object of love, helping in all matters, remaining a friend. The other will try to demonstrate his strength, agility, courage to his girlfriend. How do you know if a guy loves you and how to behave in his presence – these are serious questions.

There are guys who write poems, love declarations, send flowers, notes. And there are those who silently and inconspicuously sigh nearby. But there are signs of true feeling that are characteristic of any person.

What signs will tell if a guy loves you?

How do you know if a guy loves you or not? Signs that will help you understand his feelings:

  • he often looks for the girl he likes;
  • Makes up any excuse to get together;
  • He takes care of everything related to the girl he loves, is careful with her things;
  • responds to any request to help, cares about the safety and security of the chosen one;
  • calls just to find out something or ask for advice.

He has said what he loves, directly and openly. But! With what intonation? Did he look you straight in the eye? Did he say it sincerely or does he have his own plans for you? Sincere feelings can be guessed right away. Sometimes girls want to be deceived by giving in to weakness. It’s not enough to know that a guy loves, you need to understand that love is a mature enough feeling, not limited to mere words. Rather, it is a good action directed at the object of love.

It is important to understand: if a guy suddenly starts to shower gifts, and flowers, showering compliments, writing messages with an invitation for a romantic date, does not mean that he sincerely loves. His assertiveness and impatience may be a simple flash of passion that will fade as soon as he achieves reciprocity.

How do you know if a guy is really in love with you? Someone who loves you will never pressure, persuade and insist on a date, much less a close relationship. A guy will always give the girl he loves time to think. After all, he has nowhere to rush, he is in love seriously and for a long time.

The girl should take her time. Already during the first month the “fake” lover will lose interest in her. Truly loving does not even hint about his desires, trying to fulfill the wishes of his beloved.

How to check his true feelings?

If you are dating and he has not admitted his feelings, how do you know if a guy loves you or not and what your relationship means to him? Some girls ask directly, but guys often answer dryly and unilaterally. No need to organize an interrogation with the passion. Such behavior is sure to alienate the chosen one.

If the couple is already quite close, then love the guy or not, can tell some of his actions:

  • Not every man is capable of romantic impulses like a candlelit dinner and a bath with rose petals, but he will gladly prefer to spend time with his beloved, rather than somewhere, with friends, at a party;
  • resting in the company, the guy does not alienate his beloved, is near and often hugs, he talks about the future, using the word “we”;
  • he will support any initiative of his girlfriend, even if he himself is not talkative, will listen to her attentively and participate in the conversation;
  • The guy likes, if he considers the girl’s opinion, is sincerely proud of her and shares her secrets.

How do you know if a guy loves you? If he trusts a girl with his most intimate things, then he considers her to be the closest person.

  1. A loving guy always kisses a girl on the lips, and at the moment of intimacy he takes care that she gets pleasure. He loves to touch her and pays constant attention to her.
  2. He will never let her go late at night alone. He will meet her from work or school and take her home.
  3. He trusts his beloved and does not cheat himself. Accepts her faults without trying to reeducate her.
  4. When his beloved is sick, the man worries and cares for her twice as much.
  5. A guy in love wants to make his girlfriend happy and is ready to fulfill her requests, to do things for her.
  6. He is interested in the life of his chosen one, and he does not hide his own. He introduced her to his parents and friends.
  7. A guy who loves remembers what the girl was wearing, the place of the first date, etc.

Of course, a guy’s temperament and character play a crucial role. How do you know if a guy is in love with you? Look at the normal situations of life. Real feelings are shown in little things, in unplanned reactions to words, sudden events. He loves and will not forget to give his coat, be sure to leave a tasty bite, give up the most comfortable seat, etc. He likes, if during a quarrel, does not pour out all the aggression on his partner. Guys in many cases themselves prevent conflict with the girl they love.

There are men who can spend an unforgettable date with a woman, passionately declare his love during sex, and in the morning forget about her existence. A guy who loves is always ready to give a girl his time. No matter where he is or what he is doing. If he has a very urgent matter, he is sure to call back.

A nonverbal response test (gestures, facial expressions, looks)

No matter how hard a person tries to hide his true feelings by education, willpower and other means, the nonverbal cues that we do not realize will tell the whole truth without words. Pay attention to his gestures and facial expressions. This is impossible to control 100%.

If you are interested in how to know if a guy loves you, the nonverbal reaction test will be useful:

  • A guy who loves lingers his gaze on the girl he loves, smiles;
  • When a man meets his eyes with his chosen one, his eyebrows suddenly raised for a couple of seconds, his pupils may dilate, he obviously has feelings for her;
  • When the object of his sympathy appears, the guy involuntarily turns his body toward her;
  • the man wants to touch the beloved woman, as if accidentally, to correct her hair, to touch her hand, etc. ;
  • If the couple is in a relationship, he will demonstrate his rights to his chosen one – to hug her, take her hand, kiss her on the cheek, etc.

An open kiss in front of strangers is not a proof of love. It is too intimate. And by touching you, the guy unconsciously shows how close your relationship is.

Combining all the signs and non-verbal reactions of a man to the appearance of his beloved, you can understand how he feels. Do not be limited to words. It is best to trust the actions.

If you do not know how to check whether a guy really loves you or not, ask him for help, bring him to meet his parents. See how he behaves in the company of his friends, how interested in your life. How much time he’s spending with you and what he’s willing to do for your relationship.

Guessing: in love or not

It is the nature of a woman to build an emotional connection with a man to create a strong stable relationship. Every girl, asks herself the question: how do I know if the guy I love loves me? In all ages of our era and probably before that, girls performed sacraments, rituals to guess the feelings of the beloved.

Time has no power over a woman’s question: how do you know if a guy loves you. Fortune-telling on paper is a widespread way to discover this mystery these days.

Fortune-telling by drawing

On 10 sheets of paper draw images of a bird, cat, house, fence, river, woman, man, door, flower and tree. It is not necessary to make the pictures perfect, the main thing is that the images are legible.

The sheets are folded so that the pictures are not visible. Then, without peeking, one of them is pulled.

What the pictures mean:

  1. Man – the guy loves his chosen one, ready to protect her.
  2. Woman – the girl should reduce the requirements for the beloved, otherwise the relationship may not work out.
  3. Bird – constancy. In existing relationships, everything is stable and good. If the couple hasn’t yet taken place, perhaps this will be the end of it.
  4. The house is ambiguous. On the one hand, there is idyllia in the couple, but on the other hand, there is a strong influence of relatives.
  5. The river represents fickleness. It would not be a good idea to enter into a relationship with a guy right now. Time will put everything in its place.
  6. The tree- moneylessness. The declared guy might love, but most likely he will not provide the girl with a happy life.
  7. Fence – soon everything will be fine, passions will subside and it will be a time of peace and quiet with your loved one.
  8. Flower – a girl should seriously think whether she really needs to find out whether the guy loves her or it’s just idle interest. Starting a relationship now is not worth it, as an unexpected passion for a new chosen one is possible.
  9. For example, a cat may be an imminent separation or a difficult situation of your loved one, which will need your help.
  10. Hand – if you are curious to know if your ex-boyfriend loves you, you will soon find out. Hand – a symbol of a reunion after a long separation.
  11. The door – the guy loves, but how long his love will last depends on the wisdom and judgement of his chosen one.

Fortune-telling on a notebook page with a crossed cell.

Another interesting way to find out whether a guy loves a girl, using paper and pencil. A left-handed girl should write with her right hand, and a right-handed girl, on the contrary, with her left hand.

What to do:

  1. Take a blank sheet of paper.
  2. Draw a medium-sized heart (eyes should be closed).
  3. Examine the drawing: whether or not the upper arcs of the heart converge. If they do not fit together, align the lines.
  4. Mark all cells that are inside the heart (only whole cells).
  5. Draw 6 cells until you are left with a number that is not divisible by 6 and is less than that number.

Let’s see what we have:

  • one square means you’re on the same side;
  • two indicates that you are or may become friends;
  • three squares shows you have some feelings, but it probably won’t go anywhere;
  • If four cells remain, it indicates intense jealousy that could ruin everything;
  • Five cells mean that the guy really loves you and sees you even in his dreams.

But the absence of cells indicates a complete indifference of the guy. But do not despair, divination is a pleasant thing, but not the most reliable.

How to find out about the attitude of the ex-boyfriend

The reasons for such interest can be different. If really need, how do you know if an ex-boyfriend loves you?

Here, too, a verbal response test will do. If he does not react to the appearance of a past lover with unconscious movements, does not hold his gaze on her and does not change in his voice, then most likely he does not care about the story anymore. If several of the above signs are present, all is not yet lost.

A good way to find out about an ex-boyfriend’s attitude towards you is to ask mutual acquaintances about his real dealings. Some girls talk about their desires directly, deal with the issue without intermediaries. Psychologists consider this approach the most reliable. Any of these ways will help you find out about an ex-boyfriend’s feelings about a past love.

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