How to create a page odnoklassniki?

How to create a page in Odnoklassniki? Step-by-step instructions

Good day, dear readers of Today’s article about how to create a page in Odnoklassniki for advanced users can seem too simple and superfluous, but there are a lot of people who need such basic knowledge.

Profile in this or that social network can be needed for different reasons, someone wants to find distant relatives, classmates or fellow students, someone aims to promote their business. For all, the first step is to register an account in the chosen service.

Odnoklassniki is one of the first social networks that appeared in the Russian-speaking Internet and its focus derives from the name. To a greater extent, this project fascinates people of the older generation, but, in fact, can be interesting and useful for all ages.

Let’s move on to the instructions.

Step 1.

We proceed to create a page in the social network “Odnoklassniki”, to do this, use any search engine or just type in the address bar

Follow the link and get to the home page.

On the right is the window to enter the profile, but since it’s only going to be created, we’re interested in the “no profile in Odnoklassniki” area.

Now it’s fairly quick to create a profile, just use one of the services of Google, Mail or Facebook. To do this, click on the appropriate icon and allow the service Odnoklassniki access to information.

If you don’t have pages in the proposed networks, or if you want to use other data, we’ll create a profile the old-fashioned way, using the button “registration”. Now account registration begins immediately with entering your phone number, before you could create a page without using it, but in this case the functionality was limited. The reason for this is a large number of fake profiles engaged in spam, phone number validation somehow helps to combat this, and the security increases.

Enter the phone number and press on. Confirm the phone number with the code from SMS.

If you have a new phone number, it may happen that the previous owner has already created a page in Odnoklassniki; in this case, the service will ask whether it is your profile. Press the button “No, create a new”.

Next, come up with a password, unfortunately the era of four-digit passwords is over, although Odnoklassniki and there are no strict criteria, it is advisable to use numbers, letters in lower and upper case and not less than 8 characters. Remember that your password affects the security of your page. You don’t want evil dwarf scammers asking for a loan from your friends.

Move on to entering your personal data: first name, last name, date of birth and sex.

Complete the registration and … my Odnoklassniki shows this window “This happens very rarely. But it’s a temporary error, we promise”. What this error is not clear, if it appears to you, do not be alarmed.

I had to go through all the previous steps again and the second time the registration was successful, the profile page opened.

Step 2: Setting up the profile

All in all the registration process of the page is complete, all that is left is to customize the profile. Add a photo, so your friends can recognize you.

Fill in your personal information. To do this, in the menu on the left under the photo, click on your name.

An orange settings button appears to the right of the avatar.

There are relatively few settings. They are all for your convenience. Let’s briefly go through each item.


Here you can change your password and phone number, enable double protection (each time you login you will get SMS with confirmation code), change language and link to your profile (instead of numbers ID you will get your name).


Next, let’s take a look at the “publicity” item. Here you can set what information on your profile will be visible to users and what will only be available to you. The Odnoklassniki social network also offers a paid private account service.


Notifications allows you to choose which activities you would like to receive SMS, and which activities you would prefer to receive only notifications in your browser. You can also choose the time interval for the notifications.

History of visits

In the history of visits you can track where and when you logged into your account. If you see a suspicious login, you can take action, change your password, and make your page safer.

Photos & Videos

In the photo and video settings you can enable or disable automatic GIF and video playback, as well as broadcast notifications.

Third-party applications

Sign in via Odnoklassniki social network is available for many services and will be displayed in this settings item.


Blacklist will display users you’ve ever blocked.

Here registration and profile settings are complete and, hopefully, the question “How to create a page in Odnoklassniki?” will no longer cause you difficulties. Find friends, communicate, share photos and information, promote your business.

How to register with Odnoklassniki in a few steps: detailed instructions

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Without your own Odnoklassniki page, your social networking opportunities will be severely limited. You won’t be able to communicate, listen to music, make records and lose many other things. Let’s figure out how to register in Odnoklassniki and create our own page.

From a computer

To create a page from a PC, follow the step-by-step instruction.

Step 1. Go to On the right side of the page is a form to enter your profile and a button to create a new one. Click on it.

Step 2. You get to a page where you have to choose the country you live in and enter your phone number. Once you have done this, click “Next” to go to the next step.

By clicking “Next,” you are confirming that you have read and agree to the rules. If you decide to review these rules, click on the word-link “regulations”.

Step 3. Now you need to confirm that you have entered the correct number. Choose a convenient way for you to confirm.

  1. Click on the “Call” button. You will receive an incoming call on your cell phone. There is no need to answer it. Write down the last five digits of the phone number from which you received the call. This is your confirmation code.
  2. Click on “Get code by SMS”. Within 2 to 3 minutes, you will receive a message with a confirmation code.

If the SMS did not come or the call did not come, check if you entered the mobile number correctly. If you make a mistake, click “Correct number” and correct it, then request a call or SMS again.

When you get the code, enter it into the appropriate field and go to the next step.

Step 4. The phone number you entered will be your username and will be required to log into your account. Now you need to think up and set a password for your future page. To make the cipher secure, adhere to the following rules when making it up:

  • Do not use as a password names, dates of birth, words and combinations that are easy to recognize or pick up;
  • add symbols, numbers and capital letters to your cipher;
  • ideally your secret code should consist of more than 7 characters.

If you can’t make up a cipher yourself, use a password generator.

Please be serious about choosing a password. It will help prevent your page from being hacked in the future.

The password is needed to enter it when you login to the page, so be sure to remember it or, better yet, write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Step 5. Now you have to fill out a mini-questionnaire. You need to specify the basic information about yourself:

This information will help your friends to find you.

That’s all! You have completed all steps of the instruction and are a full member of the social network. Now you can use all of its functionality for free:

  • search for people,
  • write messages,
  • listen to music,
  • create posts and more.

If you want, upload your own photos and provide additional information to the page:

  • The city in which you live;
  • The college or university you graduated from;
  • The unit in which you served.

The more information you include, the easier it will be for old acquaintances to find your page.

Through a smartphone app

If you have a smartphone or tablet at your disposal and intend to use it to communicate in OK, I advise you to install an app right away. It’s much more convenient than the mobile version of the site and has much more functionality. The app can be installed on both Android and iOS. You can find it on Play Market or App Store by searching for “Odnoklassniki”.

During the installation process, the app will ask for access to some smartphone data: media files, contacts, SMS, calendar and others. This is normal. Accesses are necessary for the stable operation of the app, so allow whatever it asks for.

After installation, launch the app and click the create profile button.

You’ll be asked for permission again. This time to read your smartphone data. You can refuse, but then you’ll have to manually enter a confirmation code. If you do give permission, the app will automatically detect the number and confirm it when you sign up.

Use automatic mode only when you register a page for yourself. If you are registering on someone else’s phone, then enter the confirmation code manually.

In the next window, enter the number and click “Next.” Within seconds, you will receive a call or SMS with a confirmation code.

Enter the combination from the message or the last five digits of the number from which you received the call.

Now you have to think up and write down a password, and then enter basic information about yourself (age, full name and gender).

Using your number and secret code you can enter OK from smartphone, notebook, tablet or any other device with Internet connection.

From the mobile version of the site

You don’t have to install an app to create an account from your smartphone. You can use the mobile version of the social networking site.

Step 1. Go to using the browser on your smartphone or tablet (this address also works when using a computer). Click the “Register” button.

Step 2. Select your country of residence, enter your mobile number and click “Get code”.

Step 3. You will receive a message with a code on the specified number. Enter it in the special field on the website and click “Confirm”.

Step 4. Fill in all the fields in the form and specify the password you will use to access the page. Click “Next.”

Now you have your own page. You can access it using the login and password you entered during the registration.

Registering without a phone

Some time ago, you could register in OK by entering only your mailbox. Now this procedure is no longer possible without a phone. This condition was added by the site administration to reduce the number of fake pages in the social network. In addition, the connection to the mobile provides additional security to the account.

Still, there is a small loophole that can be used to create a phone page. You may have noticed the Google,, and Facebook logos under the signup button. With accounts at these sites you can register a new user at Odnoklassniki.

Click on the logo of the site where you have an account, and enter your password and login. Enter your gender, full name and date of birth, and then click “Next.” That’s it, you have a page in just a few clicks.

If you do not have an account on any of the above sites, you will need to create one first. Facebook requires you to enter your phone number when you create an account, while in Google and you can do without it. So create an email account at Google or, and then use it to sign in to Odnoklassniki.

Such a simple method will save you from the need to specify your number in OK. In addition, with this scheme, you can create several pages for yourself. But do not lose your username and password from your mailbox, otherwise you will also lose your profile on

How to register for the second time from the same computer

If you are not registering for the first time, you need to sign out from the account you already use. After logging out, use one of the instructions in this article to create a new profile. You’ll need a mobile number that is not linked to any OK page or a Gmail or mailbox.

To use more than one account at a time, you’ll need to sign out of one to sign in to the other. To avoid this inconvenience and enable multiple profiles at once, use a separate browser for each profile. For example, keep one account always open in Google Chrome and another in Opera.

Signing up with a different username

You can, of course, create a new page for yourself with a different name or alias. This would require a new phone number or Gmail or mailbox. But this is a pretty radical step. You don’t need to create a new account if you only want to change your last name or first name. This can easily be done in your page settings.


That’s it. Now you have your own page on one of the most popular social networks. Usually the first thing new users do is start looking for their old friends and acquaintances.

That’s it for me. Join our communities in social networks and subscribe to our newsletter. This way you’ll be among the first to learn about the latest news and articles on the blog.

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