How to control a man or the basics of training?

How to control a man? Mastery of manipulation. 49 simple rules.

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If the behavior of a real woman is weeded out by manipulation, there will be no woman left. And the ones who will be saddened by this will be men in the first place.

Most of the beautiful half of humanity believes that they know how to manage men. In fact, only a few of them are fluent in this art.

Let’s look at what is female manipulation. Let’s take an example: a beautiful long-legged girl is walking down the street in a very short skirt. The question: is the shape of her clothes manipulation? It all depends on whether she deliberately wore that skirt, whether her goal was to attract the attention of men around her, whether she wanted to affect them with her long legs or whether she did it unconsciously, without pursuing any goals, but she just likes to dress like it. If she did it intentionally – then it’s pure manipulation, but if she chose this particular thing from her closet completely by accident – then there is no manipulation.

The first rule of manipulation is that your interlocutor did not notice that he is under your influence, so he did not realize that he dances under someone else’s tune, that in his mind did not arise treacherous thought that he was manipulated.

This book is for those women who want to learn how to manage men, to get them to fulfill any desire. If you dream to influence the behavior of your lover, your friend or just a colleague, we invite you on an interesting, fascinating journey into the depths of male psychology. After studying the 49 rules, you’ll arm yourself with a whole arsenal of the latest tactics with which you can subjugate any man to his will. Go for it.

Chapter 1 Three reasons to use manipulation

Rule #1
Men always want to see you as a woman

You set out to convince a man of something and do not know how to proceed to implement your plan? Your trump card is that you are a woman and it’s a shame not to take advantage of that. Even if between you and your partner is not and will not be intimate, if this man – your boss or co-worker, do not think that he does not notice that you are a woman. Here are just a few tips on how to use their charms to achieve the desired result.

In order to please a man, you need to cause a physical attraction to his companion. Such manipulation is based on the fact that a man, in which awakened the natural instincts, is no longer able to reason sensibly and logically. He feels at the mercy of the woman. Even if his mind is telling him that he shouldn’t agree with you, shouldn’t give in to your desires, his flesh is telling him the opposite. In this case, his libido is your ally in the difficult business of controlling a man, and your job is to get him interested in you as a woman.

As you prepare to talk to your “victim,” think ahead. You should dress a little more revealing than usual. Just do not overdo it with frankness. Remember the golden rule: a hint of nudity looks sexier than nudity itself. You have to look so that left room for the male fantasy. Do not show off all your charms. Give preference to a shallow neckline on a blouse, but do not forget to unbutton the top button, do not wear too short a skirt, it looks vulgar, it is better to choose a classic option – the length to the knee with a slit, slightly opening lace stockings. Carefully choose the perfume and makeup. The scent should be very light, barely perceptible, so that your conversation partner will not choke in the middle of a conversation. Nothing about you should be irritating.

If your interlocutor is your equal in status, colleague or friend, you can apply the method of tactile influence. You can touch a man, but not too openly. Gentle strokes on the shoulder or arm will cause him to feel pleasant emotions. However, don’t try to break the distance and enter the personal space of the person above you – your boss or teacher. It could be perceived as a display of disrespect and a violation of the chain of command.

If you are able to create the image of a desirable woman, your companion under the influence of your charms certainly agree to comply with your request. Although sometimes in order to persuade a man to take the right decision, not just be charming and attractive woman. Have to apply a range of manipulative techniques to achieve the desired result. Read more about these techniques below.

Rule number 2
Man does not like when a woman interferes with his freedom

Remember the conventional wisdom: Listen to what a woman says, and do the opposite. This is the principle by which the majority of the male population lives. They consider any advice from the fair sex intrusion on their freedom and thus force us to use manipulation to get their own.

To understand why we, women, should use manipulation, it is necessary to proceed from the axiom that men are freedom-loving creatures. Any encroachment on their freedom – whether it is returning from work at exactly the time specified by his wife, planning his leisure time, not to meet with friends or any other conditions – it is a lack of respect for him as a person and expression of distrust, which humiliates and offends his dignity. Your reproaches and advice make him do things differently than you would like to do, he intentionally, like a teenager, does everything out of spite, just to assert his own right to freedom. As a result, a conflict arises, which, sooner or later resolved. It can be resolved in several ways.

Way 1 – “totalitarian”: one of the parties surrenders: it may be a man or a woman, depending on what proves to be stronger – the action or resistance. There is a distribution of roles: the struggle for power is won by the strongest.

The second way is “didn’t meet their personalities,” when both cannot stand it, and the conflict is resolved by separation.

Method 3 – “manipulative”: the woman takes the reins of hidden control, while the man does not lose his sense of freedom, believing that he does things of his own free will, although in reality he is under the influence of his wife / lover.

Here are a few of the ways in which a man is covertly ruled:

1. Do not use the imperative (imperative mood) when addressing a man (go there, do not do that, etc.). This wording of a request or advice is always perceived by a man as an attempt to control him, an attack on his freedom. You can use the request-question:

– Honey, I’m in the middle of cleaning, can you help me? (Instead of, “Vacuum the house and wash the dishes.”)

Or rhetorical question:

– I’m running late at work tomorrow, I don’t even know who’s picking up the baby from daycare? (Instead of, “Pick up the baby from daycare tomorrow.”)

2. Think of an alternative. Your beloved is going to another “sabantuy” with friends. Do not prohibit it in an ultimatum, just offer another option for leisure. For example, invite him to the premiere of a movie that he has long wanted to watch, or cook “fantastic” dinner, which he certainly did not refuse. Selecting such an alternative, you have to intrigue him, to offer him something worthwhile, so he did not doubt that he made the right choice, exchanging the “beer” party for an unforgettable evening in candlelight.

The best way to make sure that your sweetheart himself has come to the right decision. Your task – to prompt him, to hint. For example, you really do not want to go on a picnic with his friends. Do not try to talk him out of this idea, stating his desire directly. Get him to express his own desire not to go. You can in the middle of the conversation complain that the weather this weekend will be rainy, that the preparation for the picnic was not good enough and that the place is not suitable at all. Best of all, if these arguments will be instilled in him not only you, but also someone from your company, then he will believe in the objectivity of these arguments and he will give up his idea.

Rule number 3
Men do not mind manipulating women

Lovely ladies, if you do not want to find yourself “under the heel” of his beloved, if you do not want to spend all his leisure time on cleaning, laundry, ironing and taking care of children, while your beloved relaxes in front of the TV – you just have to learn the rule: do not want to become a victim of manipulation, learn how to resist it.

In order to avoid exhausting chores, men often employ a tactic called: “I can not do anything” or “Hands in the wrong place. Their actions are very simple. Once you ask them for help, they enthusiastically take on the job, but do it in such a way that you still have to redo it. This repeats until you decide that it is better to do everything yourself than to ask your man. This is the outcome of events and the man seeks.

How to behave? In no case do not try to remove your man from the household chores. You have to create the conditions under which he will be forced to remake their own work. For example, your sweetheart washes dishes so that the food is left on them. For the next meal, you can, as if without noticing, put him unwashed appliance. If he makes a remark, ask him to wash the plate himself, because it’s his fault. Do this several times, until the man will faithfully comply with your requests.

Another one of men’s favorite tactics called “blaming the sick on the unhealthy. Here is an eloquent example of typical male behavior. Wallpapering one of the rooms has been delayed for several weeks. You are trying to hurry the man, to hint that it is time to finish the delayed repairs. Hearing you rebuke, the man begins to list your own failures: “Still do not wash my shirt, you can not deal with the closet, and in general, every day you have coffee runs away. In this way, the man wants to arouse guilt in the woman for her failures, and to absolve himself of responsibility for the incomplete work. In this situation you can try to finish the repair yourself: “I’m fed up with it all, I do not want to live in a pigsty anymore”. Men are known not to like it when a woman picks up tools. Chances are, your sweetheart will take away your brush and glue bucket, and with the words “You still can not” or “Let me do it myself” – will finish what they started.

How I trained my husband

I was not born beautiful. But after years of tireless self-care, I was born pretty. Legs that are “goat horns,” I hide under long skirts. My breasts are great. I tighten them with various sweaters, or show them in a deep cut. It’s a problem with my hair, too. It’s okay. I get a boyish haircut. I compensate for the lack of femininity in my appearance with bright, stylish earrings and flawless manicure. What else can I do? I want to look dignified. However, this is not about that.

A little preface.

“Bitch” to my appearance and good manners was caught not so much too big. Not defective, but also not the first grade. So? Picked out of the fish, which landed in the network, the man is not a drinker, not stupid. Started thinking about what to do next. Giving up and letting the product deteriorate over time was the easiest thing to do. That’s not what I did. I rolled up my sleeves and interviewed some of my mom’s older, happily-ever-after friends. I read a couple of smart books. I took action before I got married, in the last month before I led my “innocent lamb” down the aisle. Eleven years had passed since then. And I managed to form some simple principles of training a man. I share my experiences.

About criticism

Never criticize yourself, your appearance, education, upbringing, etc.

Men are very trusting creatures! You blurt out ten times: “Oh, what a fool I am!” Like you’re joking. And he’ll take it and start thinking that way! It’s a test. That goes for him, too. If you call him an asshole a hundred times, he’ll be an asshole. Why? It’s a mystery of nature. Programming.

Value yourself. It’s hard. It took me a while to get it right. I see cellulite. Or a wrinkle. Or I can’t get an important job done in time. Things happen. If you never praise yourself, do not spoil, do not pity, do not allow to relax, rest – alas. You’re worthless. I’m not making this up. That’s what your own husband decides. You’re going to be a waste for the good of the family. He’ll think of you as a servant. It’s hard to walk the golden mean without turning into a complete egomaniac. But who told you that being a real Woman is easy.

If you want to call yourself or him names, bite your tongue. It helps. If you can’t wait to criticize him, criticize his actions, not his personality. “I’m very unhappy with the way you nailed this shelf,” instead of, “You crooked bastard! Your shelf fell on my head!” Read Russian folk tales, especially about the wife taking water in her mouth. And what came out of it.

About “hush-hush.”

The attitude you want to have in further family life – pull from the relaxed newlywed in the first two or three months.

That’s how a man works – he forms a pattern of behavior at the very beginning of cohabitation. And if you’re jumping around, moping, bringing “pussy” soup on the couch – my condolences. Feet fall off the whole life around him on his hind legs to dance.

You want to have the right to girlfriends, trips to the gym, on personal, free from him and the family time? Good for you. So, jump on her husband’s neck, kiss him (they love affection), and tell him you’re going to Masha’s now. “Why do you need our women’s talk about skirts and frills?” Or grabbed her sweetheart and dragged him to a concert, to the movies, to visit, to the gym, to the pool. Wherever you want! In six months it will be too late. So do not procrastinate. Plasticine is easier to mold than jigsaw iron.

Oh, encouragement.

Praise more. Even if there is almost nothing for it.

This is not my idea, but the specialists in behavioral science. Such a science of human behavior, and not only.

Suppose he washed the plate. (We are talking about the first days of life together!) Let him badly. In front of him don’t you dare change it. Kiss him. “Oh, my sweetie!” Don’t criticize the quality of his work. He will learn little by little. For thirty-three praises, one little remark. Exactly in that proportion. Shouting is forbidden. You can shout in the choir. Sign up and yell yourself, yell until your throat hurts. Strange as it may seem, you can achieve more with a carrot than with a stick. From almost everyone.

About sex.

In bed, you have to get moving.

If you do not take the initiative to make love, modestly lie in one position and occasionally say: “Sorry, I have a headache,” you run the risk of in the first year of life together to get a pair of branchy horns.

Want to be more relaxed and savvy about the science of love? There’s so much literature and so many experts. Read on. Buy some nice underwear. Talk to your husband about “it” more often, don’t be shy.

About mother-in-law.

His mother and friends are not to be criticized. At least not harsh criticism.

He often talks to his mother and friends. Or any of them. He listens to his mother’s advice, cares about her, listens to her remarks about you.

And you drag, drag him slowly to you. But not harshly. Gently. Sometimes you need a little military cunning.

Just don’t fight with his mother. Let her gnaw on him herself. How? You set the man up a couple of times, gently, in front of her. Make sure he gets a good kick in the nuts. And then you comfort him, feel sorry for him. Like, “Well, Mom, Mom, it’s a mundane thing. It’s no big deal. Let him get used to the fact that you’re wiser. And be friends with you!

About Beauty

Don’t be born beautiful; be born happy. Become well-groomed and stylish.

Have you ever noticed that when you smile, He smiles too? When you are in “full dress”, he looks if not admiringly, then interestedly? A woman more often than a man, will put up with stale, unshaven or cloudy facial expression. He same at the sight of a crumpled coat, hysterical voice, quickly sour.

Smile more often! Remember that your smile is the best in the world, then it will be. Take care of your own appearance, grooming, nice clean body odor. Men, like bees, fly to the sweet, not to the vinegar. If you have an angry face, it’s your own fault he’ll start “drinking beer” with his friends more often. By the way, Cleopatra was actually UNBEAUTIFUL. Don’t believe the Hollywood movie. There are pictures of her and descriptions by historians. And how many cool men lost their heads over her? That’s just it.


See how simple it all sounds. But in practice?

My Seven Commandments – a very effective method. My husband appreciates me and cares for me. There are a lot of difficulties ahead. So what? And I again flicked the “whip.” Oops! And my “tender and gentle beast” – again at my feet. Those are the rules of the game.

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