How to compel a man that he loves you?

How to indoctrinate a man that he loves you

There are many unconventional ways to get your loved one back or to push a man who does not love you, so that he would realize his love for you. These ways are called by different names: a hex, a binding, a pincushion, a connection of destinies, etc., etc.

For my clients, to make it clearer to them, I call it a spell. But the approach to each individual is different. There is no one way that suits every person (except for zombing, but that is very dangerous and can lead to disastrous consequences). There are many different rituals, which by themselves should not be done in any case. Competently such a ritual can only hold a specialist.

Such a way badly affects the karma of man, it is no secret, and about this write everywhere. Many may not agree with me, but I do not think that spell is one hundred percent evil, for which a person will pay all his life. I know many families who have lived happily for many years, though that happiness was originally based on a spell that I made to one of them. But that’s not the point. In fact, we are able to control our own destiny, without any magic. You want to be with a man who seems to us unreachable, unattainable, almost a god. And what have you done for him to be with you? In most cases those people who ask me for a spell, don’t even try to achieve this person by mundane ways, because of their shyness, incompetence, and most often because of banal laziness. Although if you work on yourself, understand the whole situation, find the right approach to it, you can attract the love of almost any person you know. And it really is, believe me.

Let’s take a look at what you experience when you are in love/love. I’m not talking about those relationships when a couple has lived together for several years, this is already a kindred love, and sometimes, just affection, I’m talking about the passion that flares up in people in the first days, months, when a person realizes that they have fallen in love. Remember that state, what is it like? Consciousness is limited, he has only one goal in front of him, and that goal is his beloved. This person is perfect and flawless to him, ready to fulfill all her/his desires, etc. That’s right! This state, strongly resembles the state of a person under the influence of hypnosis, only in most cases, this person hypnotizes himself/herself, insinuates to himself/herself the ideality of his/her love. Over time, this state fades and grows into something else, less crazy and destructive, and that’s a good thing.

And if love is unrequited, then why can’t we transfer our impulse, our feelings, to the person we love? We can! But we have to work for it! Work on yourself.

To begin with, you need to have your lover pay attention to you. Subconsciously, we are looking for a partner who is similar to us in judgment, views, hobbies, sometimes even in appearance. These similarities make us feel that the values we adhere to in life are right, because they are supported by your significant other. So, first of all, you need to find a similarity with your intended partner, and if there is no similarity, you need to make it appear. Conventionally speaking, for example, if a person collects stamps, then you should also seriously engage in it. This will be the anchor or the start of your relationship. Besides the fact that your loved one will be comfortable around you, you will have common topics of conversation. But similarity is not the key to winning, it’s just the first step. A strong resemblance should not be present in the relationship, past that, there must be a complement. Compensation for the shortcomings of the partner. But certainly not all of the shortcomings, but only those that make up for in his life, which is necessary. For example, if you and he work together, he keeps forgetting to turn off the computer at his desk:) You have to help him in this.

Next stage. When you already have a relationship, albeit not romantic, but friendly, now you have to make him act. A man is inherently selfish, even when he gives something away.

You have to force him to do something good for you, even if it is a little thing, but the more it will be, the harder it will be to let you go. It may seem strange, but it is a fact. The more the man does for his partner, the more he will be convinced that he loves you, because he will do certain things for you. It needs only a push, and then it will develop into a kind of self-hypnosis and will go on increasing. As a man is usually consistent in his actions, he will not be able to stop and his heart will be in your hands. You should get to him dearly, not necessarily monetarily, but also mentally. And as you know, people love all expensive and 🙂 reluctantly part with it.

This is certainly a very brief summary of the topic, but I think those who need to understand the essence. Lure – not always the last solution, in most cases, everything can be changed by their own forces and without magical intervention. All in your hands, go ahead.

How to inspire a man with necessary ideas

– sang once heroine Irina Muravyeva in the movie “Carnival”, trying to force thoughts “command” once loved her man again open his heart towards her. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, on the contrary), it is impossible to impose love. The heart cannot be commanded. But to inspire a person to think that you are pleasant to him, that you are comfortable and interesting – it is quite an achievable task, which will help to implement a knowledge of psychology, in particular, the techniques of hypnosis used by NLP and other practices.

How to compel a person to do something? Let us try to trace the chain of necessary actions on concrete examples and exercises.

What is suggestion

Psychologists assure that almost all human actions are dictated by suggestion. In childhood, a person is guided by parents, investing in the subconscious certain principles, goals, rules of conduct.

As growing up in the forefront of self-motivation: a person is already able to motivate himself. However, the role of the environment is still significant.

Science has proved: it is possible to suggest something to an individual only when critical thinking is reduced. It is easier to make an interlocutor agree with your position if he:

  • frightened, depressed;
  • tired;
  • unable to think logically at the moment;
  • feels insecure.

There is a special term in psychology – sugestion. It refers to influence on human consciousness in order to change the nature of his thoughts and actions in the way the suggestor, i.e. the one who makes the suggestion, wants.

In order to solve this problem, various methods are used, some of which belong to the verbal (words, speech), some to the non-verbal (mimicry, gestures, intonation). How to inspire the person you want to think? Let’s say at once: it is not always possible. There are people who are easy to influence from the outside, and then there are those for whom something to suggest is not easy. Usually they are leaders, who themselves have the ability and desire to bend others to their will.

Types of suggestion

Do you think how to suggest something to a significant for you person, for example, to your boss – the desire to raise your salary, to your beloved – the thought that it would be time to make you a proposal, to your parents – the fact that you have already grown up and do not need their constant care? Then it is worth understanding the varieties of suggestion, so that you can work on the analysis of the personality of the suggestible and choose the method of suggestion that is optimal.

The methods of implementation divide suggestion into direct and indirect. The first method consists in the direct transmission to the suggestible of words and thoughts which should influence his behavior. The second method is the transmission of concealed, “veiled” information.

There are different ways to carry out suggestion. There are, for example, hypnosis techniques when a person is put into a trance and during his stay in such a hazy state, the subconscious is affected. It is possible to hypnotize a person both with his consent and without it. However, not all people can be hypnotized, but only those who are malleable and suggestible.

Not every person is capable of mastering to perfection the techniques of hypnosis. The possession of a special talent is required. Of course, it is possible to successfully hypnotize using various drugs, but these are very dangerous experiments that can lead to terrible consequences, up to the destruction of the person.

In sleep and in the so called “sleepwalking” state, a person is more easily indoctrinated, since he is relaxed, the protective barriers are removed. This is why it is often advised to learn foreign languages by memorizing new words before going to sleep, when logic is already turned off, but the imagination is active. Thought images are easily imprinted, in the morning such a student easily recalls everything read the day before.

This method is also used by some masseurs when teaching new techniques to their students. They practice classes in the evenings, when fatigue sets in, the consciousness is in a “doze”, but the new techniques are quickly learned, because the student’s hands automatically repeat the movements following the teacher’s hands.

Who may be indoctrinated and who may not

Strictly speaking, with a great talent and skill of a suggestor, almost any person becomes a suggestible person, i.e., an object of suggestion, but everyone is susceptible to suggestibility to a different degree. The easiest person to work with

  • who has low self-esteem, who has a fear of being judged by others;
  • who has a tendency to be subordinate in character, a slave;
  • with high emotionality, lability of the nervous system;
  • gullible;
  • dependent;
  • not having strictly logical thinking.

To understand what kind of person is in front of you, it is necessary to carry out a series of psychological tests. Sometimes such a person can be seen even without testing by the peculiarities of behavior. He sits on the edge of his chair, does not hurry to express his opinion, nervous when talking, tends to take a conciliatory position. Most often it is a melancholic – a person with a weak nervous system and a pessimistic outlook on life.

Potential leaders, strong personalities, among which predominate choleric and sanguine, rarely succumb to suggestion. They are characterized by self-confidence and the ability to defend their position. However, under certain conditions, they can also work.

Suggestion techniques

Hypnosis is difficult to implement, requires a long special training. If you were born without this gift, it takes a long time to master it. But the other techniques of suggestion are not difficult to learn and try to apply.

The following methods of influence may be used:

  • presuppositions;
  • denials in command;
  • truisms and acceptance sequences.

To make a presupposition means to construct a phrase so that there is no doubt that the suggestible will perform the action desired by the suggestor; the freedom of choice lies only in the way in which he will perform it. All parents of small children are familiar with this technique. When a mother wants her baby to eat the unloved semolina, she asks: “Will you eat the porridge with or without raisins?” By that she is suggesting to the child that he will eat the porridge in any case, but he is only offered to choose which of the options is better.

Denials in the command are based on the fact that our unconscious mind hardly perceives the particle “not”, it removes it, prefers not to “hear” it. By telling a subordinate at work, “Until you turn in this report, you’re not going home,” the boss is suggesting that the report must be turned in, no matter what happens.

Truisms are statements that fully correspond to reality: “It’s raining”, “We traditionally drink wine on Friday after work”, “Women love with their ears, and men with their eyes”. After such a statement may be followed by another, possibly dubious, but the brain, already configured to accept the first, most likely, without interference “absorb” the second – automatically: “Women love with their ears, and men with their eyes, but still, honey, I will walk home in a terrible robe and you will not stop liking me.

How to inspire love in a man

Well, here we get to the fun part. How to indoctrinate a man that he loves you? Is it possible? Let’s say at once: to inspire a burning love, if there is no reciprocal impulse, it is practically impossible. If you have such a desire, visit some fortune-teller, who by photo will conjure over the aura of your “object” and, by throwing magic herbs into a pot with boiling water, will love him. In this case, by the way, she will not forget to suggest to you that you should part with a certain sum, and you will submit to this suggestion unnoticeably for yourself.

If you want to please the person, to make a good impression on him, it is quite possible. To do this, observe who your attention is directed to, about whom you think with undying interest. What is he like by character? What kind of people he likes? What ideas does he express? Does he listen to what others have to say, or does he make up his own mind?

Your task is to study a person’s disposition and preferences as fully as possible. Try to be closer to him mentally: think about him at a distance, send him mental messages of positive energy. It is possible to influence by the power of thought another person, if he already has interest in you. For this purpose, on your part, a feeling of sympathy and openness is necessary. The object of suggestion should feel a wave of good energy, positive, which are coming from you in the direction of it. When you meet him, smile lightheartedly. Let your eyes shine, don’t hide them, and don’t avert them. Share your good spirits, show that the person is pleasant to you.

When talking try to step over the line that separates his personal boundaries: come closer, touch the shoulder a little. When talking, bend your body toward the other person, turn your knees and feet toward him or her. This is recorded by the subconscious as a manifestation of sincere interest. Try the method of mirroring: during a conversation unobtrusively repeat the gestures of the interlocutor, only so that it looks natural and unnoticeable.

In the evening, going to bed, create a mental image of the person who captured your imagination, relax, and “build” a bridge between you and him. Let your love, your dreams and desires pass to him on this bridge.

It’s not an easy task, but it’s doable. Training and exercises will help you to master the techniques of suggestion. However, before applying them in practice, think carefully: do you really need it? If you will develop, read a lot, learn, strive to learn new things, you will soon become a leader, and people will follow you. And do not need any hypnosis.

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