How to cheer up a guy by correspondence?

How to cheer up a guy

Everyone has days when suddenly affects sadness and melancholy. Manage it alone is difficult. We tell you how to cheer up the guy. Together with a psychologist examines examples of communication in person and by correspondence.

Typically, representatives of the stronger sex try not to show their sadness. But if you see or feel that your loved one is sad, you can help him cope with this condition. Do not know how to cheer up a guy? We have some simple and effective ways.

Ready examples for live communication

It is undoubtedly easier to help if you are near. But you need to know a few psychological secrets so as not to spoil everything. We tell you how to cheer up a guy in person. These techniques can be used both in critical situations, and for prevention.


It’s especially important to hear a compliment at moments when we stop believing in ourselves, and hidden complexes begin to come out. But do not confuse sincere praise and flattery. From the heart, tell the guy how smart, courageous, strong, and that he means to you. Here are examples.

“You are one of the smartest people in my environment. That’s why I always consult with you. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“I admire the fact that you always achieve your goal. You are my motivator. I learn that from you.”

“You are courageous and caring. I used to think there was no such thing. Do you notice how all the girls around you straighten their backs and fix their hair?”

“You have such a great sense of humor! You can always cheer me up-that’s priceless. Thank you for being there and for being there for me.”

Psychologist’s comment:

Good examples and the right method. As the saying goes, a kind word and the cat is pleasant. And the man, like that same cat, loves to be petted on the fur, rubbed behind the ear and praised. Such words raise your self-esteem and give you confidence in your abilities. And they are especially nice to hear from a beloved woman or a friend.

Talk to and support morally

A simple truth: if you talk, it becomes easier. With guys in this regard, it’s difficult, because they prefer to keep everything to themselves. But try very tactfully to get him to talk. Do not ask questions head-on. Don’t give advice if you don’t ask for it. Show that you understand and support. Here is an example of how to build a dialogue.

– You’re in a bad mood today. Clearly something bad has happened.

– You don’t want to show it, but in your heart you are worried.

– There’s an important meeting tomorrow. It doesn’t bode well, the boss was angry today.

– I’m sure it’s passed on to you. But maybe there’s no good reason to be nervous, and everything will go well.

– Maybe it will, maybe it won’t.

– Well, there are ways…

– We need to be well prepared: think through the answers to possible questions, make interesting suggestions for improving the effectiveness of our project.

– That’s a great idea! That’s what I always admire about you: you solve all problems instantly, you always know what to do. Is there anything I can do for you?

– I could use some coffee and pizza, it’s going to be a long evening.

Psychologist’s comment: Speaking out is a good psychotherapeutic technique. But it works better when a person wants to talk. Men’s and women’s reactions to problems are different. A woman in a difficult situation is recommended to speak out or to cry on a man’s shoulder. And the man sometimes better not to touch, because he is accustomed to solving their own problems. But to offer help would not be superfluous, even if it will not be used.

Infect with positivity

Why do only guys have to entertain the girls? Sometimes you have to switch places. Dance, sing funny songs, fool around. Especially since society allows women to look a little silly and thinks it’s even cute. Infect the guy with your optimism and great mood. Some funny story will also work well.

“Didn’t I tell you how I recently had a job interview? I was tested on a lie detector. They asked me what eight minus five was, and I said two. But the funny thing: I said it with such confidence that the lie detector did not even suspect a trick.

Psychologist’s comment:

Men like cheerful girls more than nemesis princesses. It is more pleasant to communicate with a “lighter”. Because positive really charges, and someone else’s negativity can drive into boredom.

Leave him alone.

Telling you when to use this method. First, if the guy is just tired and wants silence. Secondly, when the previous methods do not help. Thirdly, if you are well aware that this silent wall will not get through. Then the algorithm of action is simple: put the psychologist, who is bursting out inside, leave him alone for at least an hour and … make a delicious dinner. Perhaps he will be the cure for moping.

Psychologist’s comment:

That’s right! I would add that sometimes a man needs more than an hour of silence. If possible, it is wise to go somewhere, at least for a day. Sometimes a man needs to be alone to collect his thoughts. We like it when no one interferes. Insistent attempts to help can cause irritation. This should be understood, and in no case be offended by a man.

Ready examples for correspondence communication

If you are not near the man who is sad, no problem. Helping remotely is also possible. It’s good that modern technical means allow you to communicate at any distance. We tell you together with a psychologist how to cheer up a guy by correspondence.

Send a witty phrase

There is a huge number of funny videos and funny pictures on the Internet. You only need to choose what will suit a particular guy in a particular situation. The funny content will do the rest for you. If the guy at work, it is better not to send a joke that makes you crawl under the table. Great witty phrase will do.

“The boss is just as much a person as anyone else, only he doesn’t know it.”

“It’s so wonderful when rotten people stop talking to you. It’s like trash taking itself out.”

“Most of all, people resent you for being stubborn and sassy about not wanting to live up to their personal expectations.”

Psychologist’s comment:

An aphorism or parable can not only broaden one’s mind, but also improve one’s mood. Aptly said at the right time, the phrase changes the way of thinking and gives relief. It’s like an insight, an epiphany. By the way, the last example almost exactly conveys the meaning of the phrase of the famous psychotherapist, founder of Gestalt psychology, Frederick Perls. He said: we were not born to meet someone else’s expectations.

Write a touching letter

The epistolary genre is so romantic! Support your boyfriend with a touching letter. Tell him how you feel. The beauty is that, unlike verbal, you have the opportunity to choose beautiful and correct words. We’ll give you a small example, but you don’t have to limit yourself.

“I’ve been thinking about you since this morning. About how lucky I am in life to have you. And I want to give you the same feeling. Know this: no matter what happens, you are the best for me. And even if everything goes against you, I’m always on your side.”

Psychologist’s comment:

Such recognition is happy, soothing, and causes a pleasant feeling in the soul.

Put on music.

Of course, if you’re not around, you can’t physically turn on the music on his phone or computer. But you can send the guy on the wall in VK or in personal messages a good song. For example, a song of his favorite band, if you know about his tastes. But it is better if the music will be upbeat and not melancholic. Also, some new songs that he hasn’t heard yet will do. You can add a message. For example:

“Heard this song and thought of you.”

“This music always helps me fight my moping.”

“Have you heard this cool song yet? Play it right now, and turn it up louder.”

Psychologist’s comment:

Sometimes music is more effective than words. It conveys your mood. Musical vibes work on both the conscious and subconscious mind.

Send a playful message or photo

One of the female virtues that affects men is sexuality. Send him a sensual picture of yourself. But this is not a forbidden trick, only if you are in a relationship with a guy. And if at the moment he is not in an important meeting. Otherwise he will not only improve his mood, but also lose the mood of his work. Not sure about his surroundings – just flirt.

– I had a dream about you today.

– I will not tell, or it will not come true. It is better to show in the evening.

Psychologist’s comment:

This is a very effective technique. Not necessarily a photo in the nude style. It is enough to take a photo in a new angle: for example, with rocky makeup, or in a short skirt and stilettos. Men love novelty, and a seductive photo will cause a surge of hormones. Thoughts will immediately switch. But be prepared that a guy will probably want to come to you.

100 text message to a man to make him smile

In a text message to a man to make him smile, you can write a compliment, a joke, tell a story. Any attention will cause joy and a sparkle in his eyes. The main thing is not to negativity in correspondence, but to share positive emotions and impressions.

  • Collected more than 100 examples of text messages to your favorite man to make him smile.
  • Hey, handsome, today is a great day to kiss you. You know what I mean?
  • Cool guy is reading my text right now…
  • Dear phone, tell your owner that someone keeps thinking of him and missing him.
  • ♪ When you’re not around, I’m not myself ♪
  • I need to see your stunning eyes
  • I’ve been up all night thinking about you. It turns out that you stole my dream
  • My text message to you, as a reminder that I don’t forget about you even for a moment…
  • Beautiful and beloved is you!
  • How lucky I am to have you!
  • My text is loaded with positivity. Read it a hundred times and send me a kiss with air.
  • If you smile now, I’m sure to feel it.
  • I don’t like texting you. I’d rather whisper love words in your ear…
  • Ready to kiss you from head to toe, but you’re not there…
  • # Darling, hurry up and finish your work and fly to me
  • Ready for our meeting, I’m looking forward to it!
  • What can I do when it’s only the first half of the day and I can’t do without you?
  • I love it when you write to me, and you don’t write…
  • I’ve been a little busy, but I’m all yours now. What do you want to talk about?
  • My texts are drenched with love for you…

In a text message to a guy to make him smile, you can ask a trivial question, “How are you?”, complementing it with a compliment, a sweet address or a pleasant phrase…

  • My darling boy, how are you?
  • How is the cutest manager in the company having a day?
  • Did they give you a bonus for being so handsome yet?
  • I should be worried about your job, because I’m giving it to the handsomest guy in the world…
  • How are you, my love?
  • What’s this handsome guy up to tonight?
  • Aren’t you sad there without me, my love?
  • How are you, my darling?
  • My love, how’s your day going?
  • I’m sure you’re working hard and giving 100%, but can you spare a few minutes to talk to me?

SMS favorite man should write a short and succinct, so as not to take up a lot of time if he is at work. Tell him the main thing, cause positive emotions, and solve the other issues in the evening when we meet.

  • I wanted to remind you that I love …
  • Did the pigeon I sent to you bring my message yet?
  • It’s a little sad that you are far away, but we will soon fix that!
  • I looked at my friend’s husband and realized that you are the most wonderful person in the world!
  • I envy myself, because I have you!
  • I look at your picture and I am ready to kiss you!
  • How can you be so sweet?
  • Your image has been before my eyes since yesterday…
  • We need to see each other more often, because a minute apart for me is equal to five…
  • You know who’s good? Я! Because I got you!
  • Agreeing to go out with you was the best decision I ever made!
  • There’s nothing sweeter than your lips. I just tested it on candy.
  • I love it when you look at me…
  • I never get enough of you…
  • When you’re at work, I miss you a hundred times more.
  • I just need you to be there for me
  • What do you say we go out together?
  • I’m ready to spend the rest of the day with you in a fun and exciting way. I’ve already made a program!
  • Greetings, my life!
  • How’s the man who stole my heart forever?
  • Smile and things will get better!
  • You know I’m a terrible singer, but for your sake I’m willing to make an exception. If you’re not ready to make that sacrifice, just come.
  • It’s great to have you!
  • I saw a list of the most handsome men in the world. Why do they lie? You’re not on it!
  • Do you know how long a woman can live without love? That’s right, it’s better not to know! It’s dangerous to your own health, my love!
  • You can’t make a woman wait so long for you…
  • I’m counting the minutes until we meet, you’re already running?
  • When I say you’re handsome, I don’t doubt it one bit.
  • I wondered who you reminded me of, and I realized that sweetie pie!
  • So, the association game. When I see you, I always want to eat, because you’re very sweet!

Text a guy for no reason. Such spontaneous greetings and wishes for a good day are sure to make him smile.

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