How to check her husband’s infidelity?

How to know exactly whether her husband is cheating: 15 signs of male infidelity

Statistics says that 70-80% of the representatives of the stronger sex are unfaithful to their beloved. This data makes every second girl doubt her boyfriend. However, do not make hasty conclusions. It should take a sober look at the situation and assess it from all sides.

There are many ways to expose your partner. Come to the aid with knowledge of psychology and folk methods that will help to determine whether a man has a mistress. To get a definite answer, you should carefully analyze the behavior of the man. This is the only way to understand if he really changes, or the blame for all of a woman’s fantasy and unjustified jealousy.

Statistics says that 70-80% of the representatives of the stronger sex are unfaithful to their beloved. This data makes every second girl doubt her boyfriend. However, do not make hasty conclusions. It should take a sober look at the situation and assess it from all sides.

There are many ways to expose your partner. Come to the aid with knowledge of psychology and folk methods that will help to determine whether a man has a mistress. To get a definite answer, you should carefully analyze the behavior of the man. This is the only way to understand if he really changes, or the blame for all of a woman’s fantasy and unjustified jealousy.

15 undeniable signs of male infidelity

Marital infidelity can not be kept secret, even if a man tries very hard. Exposing betrayal is possible, thoroughly analyzing the behavior of the chosen one. The presence of the mistress always leaves a certain imprint, affecting both the appearance and behavior of the spouse.

Facts indicating marital infidelity:

Systematic delays at work.

If the man has never been a workaholic before, his regular delays at work should alert a woman. Especially if the spouse cannot intelligibly explain his absence in the evenings connection with some objective reasons and forbids calling to work.

Changes in the attitude towards his spouse

When a man has another woman, his behavior changes. His interest in his life partner slowly but surely fades. He stops noticing a new haircut or dress. The partner is constantly dissatisfied with his wife and shows her his irritation and anger on any occasion. He stops paying attention to her and sex becomes infrequent. Husband no longer excites the new erotic lingerie, and he refuses intimacy under various pretexts. Some unfaithful men go to the other extreme – they, feeling guilty for themselves, begin to give his wife flowers and other gifts. If a man is not peculiar to such behavior, the woman should think carefully about the reasons for such global changes.

Deterioration of the financial situation

When a man satisfies another, it inevitably affects the family budget. The mistress needs flowers and gifts, so the partner spends a significant amount of financial resources, not giving a clear answer to the question of where the money goes.

Changes in appearance

If a representative of the stronger sex zealously began to monitor his appearance, went over to the expensive perfume, began to carefully select a tie for his jacket and a huge amount of time for personal hygiene – this is the very first sign of a mistress.

Constant use of the cell phone

If the husband almost never lets the cell phone out of his hands and constantly corresponds with someone – this should alert the wife. A sign of treason is the fact that the spouse is on the phone in the stairwell or locked in the toilet. If this situation happens regularly, the man is more likely to cheat.

Deleting correspondence

If the partner immediately erases text messages, messages in social networks, deletes letters from e-mail, it is likely that he has something to hide.

Unwillingness to spend time with family

The presence of a mistress is reflected in whether a man seeks to spend time with his family. If he constantly comes up with reasons to be away from home under any pretext, avoids celebrations, going out to visit together, he may be spending time in the company of another woman.


If the husband regularly lies – he has a mistress. When having an affair on the side, it can be difficult to remember all the promises made to different women. Because of this, confusion can occur, and the guy has to lie and twist all the time.

New Sexual Passions

Unexpected experiments to satisfy physiological needs, the use of sex toys, role-playing games, and unusual intimate preferences are evidence that the spouse has tried new techniques in practice with another woman and decided to diversify intimacy with his wife.

Having passwords on her computer and cell phone

If a woman wants to find confirmation of her suspicions and tries to check the e-mail or SMS of her beloved, and suddenly discovers that access is restricted by a password – this is a serious factor that points to adultery.

The appearance of female friends

If a woman suddenly sees her spouse in the company of an unfamiliar member of the fair sex, he may respond that it is his girlfriend, colleague at work or come up with something else. A woman in such a situation should be on her guard.

New smells

A hint of an affair on the side is the presence of unfamiliar scents coming from a life partner. This may be perfume, soap of unknown brand, shower gel and so on. If the partner comes from work clean, fresh and fragrant – this should be alarming.

Appearance of new things

Suddenly from where appeared cufflinks, a suit, a watch and other accessories – is a serious reason to think. Especially if the partner does not give a definite answer to the question, where did he get these attributes.

Refusal to wear an engagement ring

A simple way to determine marital infidelity is to pay attention to the ring finger of his right hand. If a life partner stopped wearing an engagement ring and came up with ridiculous excuses about it, you should be wary. There is only one serious reason not to wear an engagement ring – serious skin diseases. But most likely the wife will find out about it early in the relationship.

Changing preferences in food.

If a man suddenly turned into a vegetarian, began to refuse his favorite steak fries or addicted to a certain cuisine, the wife should find out what the reasons for the sudden change in gastronomic preferences.

A woman should understand that the signs of her husband’s infidelity are not an unambiguous guarantee of his infidelity. It is impossible to determine with 100% accuracy the fact of cheating on the part of a spouse. A man’s behavior can change for many reasons: problems at work, stress, depression and other situations.

How to check a man for treason?

Most often, women are able to detect adultery, relying on their intuition. If a spouse begins to suspect a life partner in the betrayal, she should not make a scandal. It is necessary to check their speculations and only then take appropriate action. Determine exactly whether her husband is walking around will help his clothes, phone, computer and car.

Check the personal belongings of a life partner is not nice, but there are cases where it is impossible to find out the truth any other way.

While the man is out of sight, you can carefully check his pockets. There may be evidence of marital infidelity – movie tickets, contraception or something else. Traces of women’s cosmetics may be left on his clothes.

To calculate whether the husband is cheating, it is recommended to check his vehicle. Married men often meet their mistresses in the car. To prove betrayal on the part of the beloved man can be found in the car forgotten hairpins, elastic bands, gloves, scarves or even underwear rival.

To dispel doubts or to make sure she is right, a woman can check her spouse’s phone and computer. Even if the partner tries to always delete messages, regular checks will help reveal the presence of a mistress.

Married men show wonders of ingenuity to hide infidelity. The husband can write down the other woman in the phone as “Sergey Semenovich” or “Auto Service”. In such a situation, finding out the truth will not be difficult, if the beloved too often contacts a certain subscriber, you can simply write down the number of the contact and, having called from your phone, find out to what sex the voice at the other end of the line belongs.

Interesting things on the subject:

Folk methods

Men’s infidelity can also be determined with the help of old proven folk remedies. For several centuries, the representatives of the fair sex have been checking their life companions with the help of feminine cunning and, as practice shows, such ways are quite effective.

The way Description
Seduction It is necessary to wait for the return of the spouse from work. It is necessary to create a romantic environment in the apartment, cook a delicious dinner and wear a sexy outfit. If the husband in this situation will refuse to have sex, citing problems at work and fatigue, he may have already satisfied another woman. But do not make unequivocal conclusions, the partner may indeed be tired at work, sick or not feeling well. But if this situation is repeated more and more often – the spouse has unequivocally got a mistress
Margano . It is necessary to choose the moment when the husband comes home and change his underwear. Then a woman can use underwear to expose, informing the life partner in advance that she will check on the relationship an old omen. This is done as follows: soak the underwear in plain water without powder. The spouse is told that if the water turns pink in the morning – he is unfaithful. At night, while the man is sleeping, the woman adds a little manganese to the water. The husband, who had intercourse with another, will try to change the water. If in the morning the lady sees a clear liquid – the spouse is cheating, if pink, he is not. The method with water will help to expose an unfaithful husband with 100% accuracy
Testicle test There is an omen that the fact of marital infidelity can be determined by the appearance of the testicles. When the spouse returns from work and goes to take a bath, the woman can join him. The secret is, the guy who had an intimate relationship the day before will have his testicles float up. If they sink – suspicion is in vain. Some women use this method to find out if the spouse cheated while on a business trip
The test with pepper. In the evening rub the underwear of your beloved with pepper. After that, the partner begins to itch. The woman should say that she found herself with similar symptoms, which means that her spouse is unfaithful to her. If the husband is unfaithful, he will confess

Checking with magic

With the help of divination at home, it is possible to determine whether the husband is cheating with 100% accuracy. An important condition is to follow the instructions, otherwise the result will be distorted.

Divination by drops of wax

The ritual is performed as follows:

  1. In a saucer they pour clean water.
  2. Take a candle and say the following incantation: “Candle, melt, mistress, show yourself.”
  3. The candle is lit and tilted so that the wax drips into the water.

The images are used to judge whether a guy cheated on a girl or not. If the wax solidified in the form of a female figure, the fact of betrayal is confirmed.

Drops of saliva on a mirror

The ritual is carried out in front of a mirror in full solitude. Trying not to swallow saliva, read the following incantation: “As saliva cannot lie, so let all the truth be reflected in the mirror, like my reflection. Amen.” After saying the incantation, it is necessary to spit on the mirror.

If saliva will scatter in drops – husband is faithful, if will run – cheating. In cases where one part flows and the other is motionless – betrayal of a loved one will happen in the near future.

Fortune telling on a ring

To perform the ritual will need:

  • A long strip of white paper;
  • pen;
  • wedding ring.

At the top of the paper, a woman should write her name, below – the name of a man, and under it draw a cross. Having read the incantation: “Roll, ring, point out the dear heart”, in the hands take the wedding ring and let it on the paper strip.

If the ring stops on a woman’s name – the man is not unfaithful, if the ring falls in the place where the man’s name is marked – the spouse thinks only of himself and his pleasures. In cases where the family talisman falls on the cross – the fact of marital infidelity is evident. And if the ring rolled on and on, then the man has betrayed more than once.

Folk divination, which helps to expose an unfaithful husband

For the ritual you will need:

  • two candles;
  • two glasses;
  • salt.

The ritual is carried out as follows:

  1. The glasses are filled by 1/3 with salt.
  2. Place candles inside, deepening them in salt.
  3. Containers put at some distance from each other and light candles.
  4. Close your eyes and utter the following incantation three times: “Salt is a symbol of truth. I want to know if we are still Slave of God (own name) and Slave of God (man’s name) only one to each other”.

Then you should open your eyes and look at the candles. If the wicks burn in different directions – the man has another woman. If in one direction – he is faithful to his life partner.

With disappointing results, you should not get upset, completely relying on the information obtained by these methods. One should not make hasty conclusions. It is recommended to try to find conclusive evidence of adultery and only then make the final decision: to forgive and continue to live together or file for divorce.


The surest way to secretly test your husband for fidelity

To doubt the faithfulness of your partner to a certain extent – absolutely normal: sometimes you can not be completely confident even in your own person. But how do you know for sure that her husband is faithful and not cheating on you? Here is the most reliable way to secretly check it.

Cheating occurs in the life of almost everyone. Even if you do not have an opportunity to behold real adultery, you can always be confronted with a hypothetical treason: it is impossible to know for sure whether the other half is true or not. And there is nothing shameful in that, even if just a fraction of a percent to doubt the lover, there is no: as they say, trust, but verify.

Ways to test a man for infidelity seems to be a lot: there are signs of treason, and many other methods. But we have to admit: most of them – pure subjectivity. Is it really impossible to find out about the infidelity of the partner for sure?

Fortunately, the most reliable way to check her husband for treason, and at the same time do not give themselves away. We found out what to do to easily make sure of your own suspicions about the fidelity of a spouse or to refute them.

Why do women follow men and suspect them of being unfaithful?

Before we get to the method itself, let us clarify: Why do women follow often faithful men, suspecting them of non-existent cheating? Is it really normal?

Let’s note first that a pathological passion for spy tracking, of course, is out of the question: it is abnormal to deal only with unfounded suspicions of the partner in a non-existent affair all day long. Nevertheless, periodic doubts about the faithfulness of your partner is quite acceptable: everything changes, and the vows you made to each other at the wedding, during the past time may well have been broken.

However, not always women suspect husbands of infidelity because they really notice some signs of infidelity. Sometimes it is just a way to diversify the stable, but boring life in a long marriage. Besides, it can also be a cruel joke of our brain: lacking an enormous amount of information, it sometimes has to produce it on its own, convincing us that what is made up is the pure truth.

The surest way to secretly know if your husband is cheating

So, with the “innocent” fascination of many women to follow their husbands, suspecting them of periodic trips “left”, we have decided: if the lady is not engaged in it days and nights on end, there is nothing wrong with it. Now we get to the bottom line: how do you know that her husband is cheating (or not), without raising his suspicions of espionage?

There are many ways to get this information, but most of them are subjective: it is impossible to trust them one hundred percent. The most reliable way to find out about the affairs of his spouse, or to make sure of his loyalty and innocence – to read his correspondence: it gives a clear picture of the vast majority of today’s people. Seeing with their own eyes love messages, even the most inveterate fan of rose-colored glasses will have to remove the beloved accessory. Convince yourself that her husband is not guilty of anything, and all the signs of infidelity are just creepy, no longer get.

But how can you read your husband’s correspondence without giving yourself away? Security in most dating sites and social networking sites has stepped forward: it would seem that in order to remain incognito, you need to have extensive knowledge in this area.

The reality, fortunately, is somewhat easier: not to give yourself away, you do not need to become a programmer. Previously, we have already told you how to secretly take control of your husband’s correspondence, so he did not find out: We hope that our tips will help you.

As you can see, it is possible to secretly check your husband for infidelity: there is no need to compromise on the reliability of information. Today it is possible to find out the truth without revealing yourself: thanks to the Internet!

Nevertheless, if such thoughts creep into your head, you should at least be worried and then think carefully: where did the suspicions come from in the first place? Trust is one of the 10 secrets of strong love: without it neither a relationship nor a marriage will last long in any case.

Tell us what you think about it: maybe you have your own, more reliable way to test your spouse for honesty and still remain incognito? Does the desire to arrange such a test, in your opinion, says something about the problems in the marriage? Why?

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