How to charm a man Taurus?

What you need to do to win the heart of a Taurus man

To win the heart of a Taurus man, to become part of his life, you need to meet all the requirements that he makes. It cannot be otherwise, given the character and features of this guy. His main qualities are charm and stubbornness. Such a man can be very attractive, but to get him by stealth will not work, because only he will decide whether to enter into a relationship or not.

Features of the conquest of the Taurus man, taking into account the goal

To win the favor of a man, you need to know the peculiarities of his character. Representatives of the earth element:

  • are calm;
  • balanced;
  • thorough;
  • Moderately sociable;
  • ambitious;
  • practical;
  • unhurried;
  • faithful friends and devoted lovers.

The sign’s element is Earth, which means that one should not expect lofty emotions and romance from its representatives. The psychological type of Taurus is either phlegmatic or sanguine.

Taurus likes the eyes. To tame him, you should be beautiful and well-groomed.

Important qualities of the sign – directness and openness. With these people need to be either yourself or refuse to communicate with them. If the guy will suspect falsity, it will be impossible to return his trust, so it is necessary to behave openly and honestly with Taurus.

Taurus is difficult to catch silly tricks or coquetry, he looks deeper and is a good judge of people, including women. Such men prefer not just elegant and well-groomed ladies, they appreciate the rich inner world and intelligence.

To like and start dating

Since Taurus men love with their eyes, they can like almost any beautiful girl, but to keep them, they will have to make an effort.

If we are talking about the beginning of a relationship, then here you will have to work on your appearance. As already mentioned, such guys prefer beautiful women, but this beauty should be restrained and natural. No provocative colors in makeup, artificial nails and hair. Such things will cause the chosen one rather disgust than interest. He simply will not be able to tolerate a woman beside a flighty and hysterical. Taurus man might like a girl to communicate if she keeps herself in control and remain calm. Excessive display of emotion will repel him.

Another important point is that Taurus men are rather conservative and slow. This applies to relationships in the first place. If a lady is attracted to a Taurus, she will have to take the initiative, but unobtrusively and cautiously. A chance meeting, an easy request, a phone call – these are the methods that can be used to conquer the Taurus guy.

If you need to fall in love

Characteristic features of guys born under this sign are loyalty and devotion to one partner. If a Taurus guy falls in love, it’s for life. However, it is not easy to win a guy’s love, because he is very thorough, never in a hurry and weighs all the pros and cons. Love for him is a decision, not an emotion. At the same time, the infatuated Taurus is so tender and considerate that his feelings are not in doubt.

To fall in love with a Taurus man you need:

  1. Look good. This applies to everything – clothing, hair, figure, style, etc.
  2. Be modest enough, but at the same time let him know that he cares.
  3. Possess a temperament, despite their outward restraint.
  4. These men are passionate and tireless lovers and expect the same from the partner.
  5. Loyalty – a very important quality that is necessary in a relationship with such a guy, because he is pathologically jealous and can suspect treason on almost nothing. To win his love, you should pay attention to him as often as possible and avoid the slightest reason for jealousy.
  6. These people are very appreciative of home comfort and looking for a woman with similar interests. Such a man, most likely, will fall in love with the keeper of the home, but not in the party girl.
  7. To interest him, you need to know how to cook deliciously, because he likes to eat tasty and nourishing food.

To make him propose

Since representatives of the element of the Earth often have problems with trust, the proposal of marriage will have to wait quite a long time. To speed up this process, it is necessary to gain the trust of the man, because he will marry only the one whom he trusts. Such people rarely act in the heat of the moment and make rash decisions.

If Taurus confides a secret to the girl, you should not talk about it to third parties. This can be perceived as a betrayal, and as a result, the trust can be lost forever.

In addition, in order to win a Taurus man, you need to be as delicate as possible, because he is very ambitious, ambitious and cannot tolerate criticism, even if he understands that it is justified. You should not allow irony or sarcasm in his address, and even more so to ridicule his shortcomings.

Generally speaking, there are several ways for a man to ask you to marry him:

  1. Impress him with ingenuity and irrepressible passion in bed.
  2. Constantly improve his self-esteem. Praise and emphasize his virtues.
  3. Convince him of his loyalty and sincerity.

To seduce a male Taurus, you need to remain unavailable to him, but desirable as long as the relationship does not go into the status of “all serious”. You should not agree to intimacy on the first or second date.

To return his favor after a quarrel

Due to his character, Taurus is not inclined to cut the relationship short. He is too attached to the people around him, so a breakup is a deep trauma for him. It is possible to restore relations with him after a quarrel, but on the condition that feelings are not hurt too deeply. To do this, you need to:

  1. Show patience and wait for the beloved to calm down.
  2. Calmly respond to outbursts of anger and accusations from his side. Perhaps then he himself will regret it.
  3. Analyze the situation and think about what it was that led to the conflict.
  4. Think in advance of the words you will need to say so as not to aggravate the situation.
  5. Be as sensitive and kind as possible.
  6. Do not blame or pressure. It is necessary that the partner himself come to the conclusion that it is necessary to reconcile and return the relationship to a peaceful direction.
  7. After passions subside, you need to talk to him frankly to work things out together.

To stop ignoring

If after a quarrel, the beloved Taurus does not want to talk and ignores, it is better to let him continue in the same way. It should be remembered that these men can’t stand pressure, and when you try to impose your society on them, they will do the opposite. At the same time, they are quite put off and can’t hold a grudge for long. And this means that soon the beloved himself will begin to communicate.

For communication and friendship

With friendship, everything is easier. Win the friendship of Taurus is possible by treating him honestly and sincerely. In addition, a representative of this sign appreciates those who share his interests.

These people do not like parties and large companies, they like the quiet pastime in nature, near the river or in a close circle of friends. Friends they choose the appropriate. Another feature of representatives of this sign – permanence. If a person converges with someone, that’s forever, but if he decides to break the relationship, they have impossible to restore.

For sexual pleasures

Taurus guys are very sexual and do not tolerate rejection. To date with such a man, you need to have a fairly strong libido. The refusal of intimacy he often perceives as an insult, he does not work any excuses, tricks and stratagems.

It is possible that over time, his sexual appetite will only grow, as well as the requirements for a partner. Before you build a close relationship with him, you should really assess your strengths and needs.

Many representatives of the sign like role-playing games, but at the same time, they do not tolerate vulgarity. Seducing a man will not be difficult, but there is no need to rush, because Taurus by nature are conservative, so they will take an available woman as easy prey. The best option in this case is a refusal that leaves hope. This is almost a win-win option to conquer the heart of a Taurus man.

What will make him break off any relationship

There is only one answer here – betrayal or any action that Taurus would appreciate in this way. It could be:

  • Treason;
  • rudeness and barbarity;
  • lack of attention to his person and inner world.

However, cheating can be put at the top of the list here. Jealousy is a sore string of all Taurus, having touched it, you can not count on restoring the relationship.

Some useful recommendations

To not only seduce a Taurus man, but also to keep him, beauty alone is not enough. Here you need a whole set of qualities that must be possessed.

Also, you should understand that if there are no appropriate qualities, they will not appear out of nowhere, so do not lie to yourself and play a show in front of the guy. This is the biggest mistake. A man should not fall in love with a mask, he needs a real live woman. There is never a need to pretend.

A few more tips:

  1. A Taurus guy is very domestic, loves comfort, reliability and thoroughness. His wife will have to pay a lot of attention to the home and family obligations.
  2. Representatives of this sign are patronized by the Earth, making them slow and heavy on the rise. They are the ones who “take a long time to harness. But if the decision is made, then no one will change it.
  3. Taurus is not the one who can be spurred on by provoking jealousy. Despite the calm and phlegmatic, in anger is a terrible person who resembles an angry bull, so do not provoke him in such a way. Even if all goes well, the result will be the opposite of what was expected.
  4. Taking into account the thoroughness and slowness of the men, the girl should have patience, because it is unlikely that he will propose her hand and heart after a week of dating.
  5. Representatives of the sign are very self-sufficient, they respect personal freedom and will not limit the partner, fully trusting her. But they will demand the same in return. No control is inappropriate here, it will spoil the relationship, not strengthen it.

The charm of the Taurus guy contributes to his success with girls. At the same time, the thoroughness and practicality make him a good husband and father. But to win the chosen one, you will need to put a lot of effort, because the competition can be great.

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How to win a man Taurus: a guide to action

The sign of Taurus refers to the element Earth, which patronizes two other signs, in addition to him. But only a Taurus man is characterized by willpower, tenacity and endurance. As a rule, the representatives of the stronger sex, born under this constellation, are successful in their path in life, most of the difficult challenges they solve with enviable ease. Therefore, many women are interested not only in how to win a man of Taurus, but also how to behave with him, how to keep him close to you, how to create a lasting relationship. Immediately it should be stipulated that a woman who wants to get a Taurus, will have to work hard over themselves and have a lot to learn in order to meet the criteria for such a man.

What kind of girls fall in love with Taurus?

The requirements of the Taurus to the selection of a life partner – appearance and calm character

Men of this zodiac sign are distinguished by poise and often think through a clear plan for the future. Since they do not tolerate loneliness, then the search for a faithful and reliable companion is necessarily part of this plan. It is not alien to such natures to create a certain stable image of a life partner. So, to understand how to win a man of Taurus, you need to know what kind of girls like him:

  • Appearance. Naturally, the concept of beauty is subjective, if judged by physiological parameters. Here we are talking about a woman’s ability to present herself, to create her own personal accent that would indicate a highlight in her appearance.

The Taurus will definitely not like a woman who applies a bright war paint in three layers and wearing leopard tights. Also, you should not “catch” such a man in miniskirts and deep cleavage. They want to see next to them a lady who has taste and style, can advantageously emphasize their merits.

  • Calm character. Bright and active individuals who are constantly looking for adventure, change, bright emotions, will not be able to get along with Taurus. Representatives of this sign like to spend their weekends in a calm home atmosphere. To create such a cozy mood in the house, the woman herself should be balanced, not making unnecessary movements.

Hysterical ladies, constantly dissatisfied with something and grumbling, will not stay with a Taurus man for long.

  • Loyalty, loyalty, consistency. Taurus is characterized by its straightforwardness, and therefore various tricks and love games in order to make this man jealous will not succeed. He is looking for a loyal companion who will not need to be won over and over again.
  • Knowing how to be “behind the man.” If you want to know how to fall in love with a Taurus man and create a strong relationship, then forget about constantly telling him how to do, argue and change his mind. Such men want to be leaders in the family and relationships, expect support from their girlfriend, not moralizing.

This does not mean that the girl must be a quiet and “clumsy” mumble who agrees with everything. A Taurus companion can show initiative, consult or disagree with something if it contradicts her system of values. Relationships can not be damaged by such behavior.

  • Determined girls with a serious attitude towards life. The main idea here is the ability to follow a man without giving up on his priorities. A Taurus companion should have clear goals and plans for life: the desire to fulfill themselves through creative work, motherhood or a career in administration and management – it doesn’t matter. Taurus will appreciate and respect the woman who grows and develops.

How to conquer a Taurus man?

Taurus men appreciate sincerity in relationships

Based on the general characteristics of the sign, there are a couple of key points indicating how to conquer a Taurus man, to make a positive impression on him. But they should be adjusted taking into account the character of the man himself and his ascendant.

How to behave and what to say.

Even just to interest Taurus, a woman will have to try. Every acquaintance or friend they regard as a candidate for marriage, and therefore closely monitor the behavior of the girl.

The correct behavioral strategy will be a warm unavailability. This means that the girl should not show that she has sights on a man, but it is necessary to maintain maximum openness and friendliness.

The conquest of Taurus should begin with the construction of friendly relations. In doing so, you should try to occasionally surprise him, pleasantly surprise and admire him. A representative of this sign on the zodiac will not appreciate any overt actions that indicate a woman’s interest, much less manipulation. But in doing so, you should show sincere human interest. For example, you can ask the Taurus for help or advice (but only if you are sure that he has a good understanding of the subject).

Once you establish a close trusting relationship (without a hint of intimacy), the man of Taurus will begin to trust you, will be able to see a kindred spirit, a person who will be near you and accept him for who he is.

After this, you can act more actively and move on to the stage of falling in love. Here it is important to remember that Taurus loves open and sincere people. You should not start flirting or transfer the communication in a romantic way. It will be more correct to play the “sudden onset” of falling in love. Directly tell Taurus about your feelings, explain that you suddenly saw it with a woman’s eyes. This will also serve as a subtle hint of his sexuality.

Pay attention! Building a relationship with Taurus, you should like his close environment – family and friends. May men care about the opinion of others and hold the mark in front of everyone who knows them.

And one more important tip for those who want to know how to charm a Taurus man: be sure to learn how to cook deliciously. Taurus men really appreciate such a display of care, such as a hearty dinner and a healthy breakfast. And that is why they will definitely appreciate this skill of yours as well. Even at the friendship stage, treat your chosen one with your culinary masterpieces.

How to dress.

Taurus choose modest and reserved girls who prefer practicality in choosing the image

You should pay special attention to your everyday dress. Taurus men like women who dress simply but tastefully, skillfully emphasizing their femininity. Thus, it is better to avoid too bright or vice versa gloomy images. Give preference to quiet, restrained tones.

The same applies to footwear. You will not be able to impress a Taurus with high platform shoes or 15-centimeter stilettos. Nor will such men appreciate jeans and sneakers. This does not mean that every day you should appear in the image of a modern duchess – in a hat and gloves, but the golden mean should be kept.

What traits will repel a Taurus?

In general, the Taurus can be characterized as an easy-going person, and many men born under this sign are willing to tolerate the shortcomings of the woman they love. But there are traits that will scare off the Taurus immediately, and he will not even date a girl. Among them:

  • Selfishness. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac themselves are self-centered, and therefore will not be with the woman who requires excessive admiration for her own person.
  • Insolence and impudence. The Taurus companion should always behave with dignity. This applies to domestic situations and public behavior.
  • Whining and bawling. A calm and balanced Taurus man will not accept dramatic scenes about an unscrupulous boss or too expensive dress, etc. Either the woman will learn to treat her problems more easily, or the relationship will not work out.

How do Taurus men behave in relationships?

The May man is very easy to get along with. He loves order in the house, but in general is unpretentious, has a good disposition and a calm character. Such men need a regular expression of tenderness, care and affection from a woman. Constant unconditional support of the companion and honest admiration will allow him to blossom. Taurus men are non-conflictual and will make every effort to avoid quarrels and discord in the relationship.

Family life in the view of such men is not a stormy sea with its adventures and dangers. They are rather looking for a quiet harbor, where all the days are sunny and the sea is calm. Given the fact that Taurus are monogamous, peaceful and balanced women will be able to create a strong and long-lasting alliance with them.

It’s easy to build a quiet family life with Taurus, as peace and tranquility help them be happy

An example from my life

Two years ago I took a new job with a big and friendly staff. From the very first day I noticed Artem. Self-confident, sunny, balanced. From him and reeked of calm. Since then I started thinking about how to get closer to him, to get to know him better, in the hope that he would like me too. But how do you know something about a person, about his character? Asking colleagues was not an option, you know, people would say all sorts of things. The more so because some women were resentful of Artem, because he had rejected them at one time.

So I turned to astrology, I just found out that according to his zodiac sign he is Taurus. I myself am a Cancer by horoscope. Already a little bit of a coincidence. After reading some recommendations on the Internet, I, first of all, reconsidered my closet. Then, having plucked up the courage, I turned to him for help with a project. Everything made sense, he is a more experienced employee, he understood how to help me. After that, some fragile communication between us was established. He was not the first to make contact, and I did not bore him, not to show my intentions, not flashed before his eyes. I arranged “accidental” bumps in the corridor, etc. I brought some goodies to work, because my mother taught me to be an excellent cook. Little by little we became friends, in a month he began to invite me to evening walks with his friends, and in 3 months he introduced me to his parents. Now we are married and raising a son.

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