How to charm a man of Cancer?

How to win a Cancer man: the best tips to make him fall in love with you

How to win a man of Cancer – this question many women who first met a representative of this sign are asking. Despite their many flaws, Cancer men are very gentle and loyal partners who really know how to make a woman happy. The event to “capture” the object of interest is recommended by psychologists and astrologers to begin immediately. Advice from experts will help to attract the attention of Cancer and keep it forever.

What kind of girls attract Cancer?

In a woman for Cancer, the main thing is loyalty and devotion; well-groomed, attractive, but not glamorous girl – that’s their ideal

To understand how you can win a Cancer man, you need to figure out what kind of girl he wants. In general, Cancer is quite an interesting sign. On the one hand, he can find common ground and get along with any other sign, but on the other hand he often does not know what he wants. These people are driven by their emotions and their mood is so unpredictable that the Cancer man often does not understand himself.

Knowing exactly what the Cancer man wants will help you know the ascendant. To get this information, you need to know the exact date and time of birth of the man. If the Cancer ascendant is in water signs, such a man will be attracted to soft and romantic women. Ascendant in a fire sign makes a man of this sign very temperamental and a bit aggressive (which in itself is uncharacteristic of Cancer), so women will be attracted to him bright and impulsive.

An ascendant air element sign in Cancer makes him pay attention to women who are easy to talk to and laugh. Cancers with an ascendant earth sign are quite rational and appreciate home comfort very much, so such men need a hostess and caring woman who will always support and feed a delicious dinner.

Cancers appreciate intellectual conversation, delicious food and home comfort. The best way to interest such a man is to invite him to discuss Kant and homemade pies.

In general, the portrait of an ideal woman for Cancer is not difficult to draw up. This is an attractive girl with soft facial features, perhaps a little fat, with a high level of intelligence and an infinite supply of love and patience.

How to win a man of Cancer?

So, how to fall in love with a man of Cancer? Here are the standard recommendations of astrologers:

  • Ask questions about his life;
  • Ask him about his mother’s health;
  • Laugh a lot and laugh even more (of course, at his jokes);
  • support any topic of conversation.

At the same time, it’s not so simple. Although Cancerians are very attached to family, especially their mother, this topic is not always appropriate for the first conversation. The best strategy for winning a man of this sign is suggested by psychologists.

He loves when they tell him about their love, how wonderful he is, the most charming and attractive

How to attract attention: behavior and appearance

Men of Cancer appreciate femininity, but can not stand vulgarity. A woman should pay attention to her appearance and carefully choose an image for the first date. Conquer the heart of Cancer at first sight will help feminine dress of flowing fabric, which does not emphasize the figure, but it leaves room for fantasy. All mysterious and inaccessible attracts men of this sign – it is important to remember. But clothing that emphasizes the sexuality of the female body can scare away Cancer. Such men are terrible possessors, so ultra-short skirts and deep necklines will not help if a woman wants a serious relationship.

It is also important not to go overboard with makeup. Cancers like flowing curls, they are attracted to natural beauty, so bright and flashy makeup should be abandoned.

On the first date a woman should behave modestly, but without being uptight.

Cancers are quite careful with their finances, so you should not order too expensive meals, if the first date takes place in a restaurant.

To demonstrate your intentions to Cancer, psychologists recommend appointing a first date in nature – in the park or by the sea. Firstly, this format of the meeting will help you get to know each other better. Secondly, this will give a Cancerian to understand that the woman is interested in him as an interlocutor.

What to talk about at the first meeting?

Cancerians are known as intellectuals and in women also appreciate this trait

Cancerians appreciate intelligent and self-sufficient women. At the same time, they are attracted to femininity and defenselessness, as representatives of this sign is very important to feel strong. It is possible to win the attention of Cancer by intellectual conversation. Such men like to get new information from different areas, so they will gladly try to understand the intricacies of a woman’s profession or her hobbies. These topics are great for building rapport.

Cancerians are intellectuals, so if a woman can support the topic of conversation suggested by this man – it will give her a hundred points of advantage over potential competitors claiming his attention.

Almost all Cancerians are fond of mysticism and esoterics, these topics always attract them. Skeptics among men of this sign are very rare, so before the first date it is recommended to study several articles about the mysterious and unexplainable. At the very least, this will ensure an interesting and memorable dialogue.

It should be remembered that Cancers greatly appreciate mystery in girls. Psychologists recommend not to “reveal all the cards” on the first date, leaving a little reticence. It will be good if the girl will ask questions and not talk about herself. Such a strategy works with almost all men, but especially with Cancer, which is very fond of attention to his own person. Do not be frightened, men of this sign are not egoists, so the next meeting will ask questions already.

How to begin a serious relationship?

In order to build a serious relationship with Cancer, you need to be his girlfriend, hostess, loving woman

Knowing how you can attract the attention of the first time, you should figure out how to fall in love and keep a man of Cancer. If a girl likes such a man, there will be no problems with the beginning of a more intimate relationship. The fact is that Cancers are always set up for a serious relationship. As astrologers joke, a girl to win a man of Cancer is not difficult, you just need to let him know that he has to save her, and then cry together to an old melodrama. These men are very sensitive, emotional, and really know how to love. As a rule, Cancer will ask about the seriousness of his intentions himself, literally on the third date.

The following tips will help both win the heart of the Cancer man and build a strong and trusting relationship.

  1. It is important for men of this sign to feel that a woman loves him. Manifestations of love Cancer considers delicious food, a warm atmosphere in the home, comfort and well-being. Small signs of attention, such as his favorite wine after a hard day at work, or a favorite meal cooked for breakfast, will make the connection with a Cancer more lasting.
  2. Cancers are among those men who are always willing to work on the relationship. They feel strongly about their partner and can’t stand to have something hidden from them. If a woman is worried about something, it should be discussed with a Cancer immediately, but do not shut yourself away. If a man of this sign can not understand what is happening, it awakens negative emotions. In a bad mood Cancer is scary, as he is able to infect all those around him.
  3. Cancers appreciate tenderness and sensuality. Men of this sign are very important tactile contact, so hugs and kisses strengthen the connection.
  4. In love with a Cancer man can move mountains, and to keep him for a long time, a woman should provoke him to exploits. With too strong a woman Cancer will not get along, so in an alliance with such a man, a woman should demonstrate less self-sufficiency.

In fact, seducing and conquering a Cancer man is not at all difficult. Cancers need real love, and as long as a man feels it, nothing will make him break off the relationship, even if things are not as smooth as he would like them to be.

What shouldn’t you do in a relationship with a Cancer man?

A Cancer man will never forgive his chosen one for lying, cheating and betrayal

Knowing how to charm a Cancer man, you should understand what you should not do in a relationship with a representative of this sign. Cancer does not tolerate:

  • criticism;
  • lying;
  • jealousy;
  • cheating;
  • wastefulness;
  • neglect;
  • rudeness.

It is necessary to feel Cancer with the heart, but to analyze his actions with the mind may be fraught with rupture. Representatives of this sign do not tolerate criticism, which a woman should always remember. In fairness, it should be noted that the actions of Cancer is always covered with a certain chivalrous veil and shrouded in romance. This explains the fact that Cancer rarely gets along with the practical and rational representatives of earthly signs. It is impossible to criticize a Cancer, but it is not difficult to push to make the right decision, the main thing is to act gently and delicately.

Cancer appreciates the financial well-being, but they are not stingy. Reasonable savings is their model of behavior. Wastefulness men of this sign do not tolerate, but the pathological frugality also irritates them, so a woman should learn how to deal with finances.

Crayfish are quite jealous and are great possessors. If a woman constantly gives a reason to be jealous, the man of this sign will feel unloved and deceived. Quite often this leads to the birth of a “domestic tyrant” in Cancer, and afterwards to a breakup.

The man of this water sign will not tolerate neglect, he needs to constantly give attention. Cancer need not just a woman, namely a life companion, which will become his best friend, a passionate lover and caring mother.

How do Cancer men behave in a relationship?

Men of Cancer are courteous, attentive, they are willing to do anything for the sake of their soul mate

Figuring out how to fall in love with a Cancer man, a woman can be sure that the game is worth the candle. Men of this sign in a relationship behave like true knights. They always seek to solve the problems of their second halves. If Cancer feels that he is loved, he will make every effort to provide his woman with everything she needs. The house of a happily married Cancer is always “full bowl”. At the same time, men of this sign are very attentive to their partners, not stingy with gifts, always caring and very gentle. They make excellent husbands and fathers.

A story from life

Alina, 29, shares her story of conquering Cancer: “I fished my Rachka in the office. He was always polite, well-dressed and smelled good, so it was impossible to pass by. After finding out all the information about him from my colleagues, I began a campaign to capture him. I suddenly became helpless, so he had to help me deal with the office equipment. Of course, for this I thanked him with homemade goodies. A few days later he sent me a bouquet of flowers, and then asked me out on a date. After the first date, we have the fourth year are not parting for a day.

How to win a Pisces man: a lady of the heart for the silent knight

To win a man-Raka woman will have to provide him with emotional comfort. Representatives of this sign are sensitive and vulnerable, somewhat withdrawn, and their mood is constantly changing. At the same time, he is open and most of all appreciate sincerity in people. A woman next to him should be both loving wife, loyal friend and caring mother, only then will come to an understanding with him.

Positive and negative traits of the sign

Before taking steps to win a Cancer man, girls should study the character of representatives of this sign.

The Cancer guy is a complex personality, in which a lot of advantages are combined with an equal number of disadvantages. The positive traits of such a man include:

  • Purposefulness – Cancer always achieves what he wants, partly due to the fact that he does not rush to devote others to his plans, but simply goes monotonously to the goal, doing everything possible for it. The man does not stop halfway, no matter what difficulties await him.
  • Judgment – aggression, outbursts of anger, panic are alien to the men of this sign. Cancer is prudent, always remain calm and composure, regardless of the situation.
  • Responsibility – next to such a man can be confident in the future, he will always find a way out of even the most difficult situation. The duties entrusted to him this man performs to the fullest extent, regardless of which area of life they concern. Cancer is able to take care of the welfare of his beloved, as well as his own.
  • Romantic nature – representatives of this water sign feel the need to support their other half. It is important for them to feel loved, understood. Such a man appreciates strong relationships, ready to give his beloved all of himself, asking the same in return.
  • Developed intuition – he always knows the right thing to do, rarely making a mistake. As a rule, these men have a well-developed intellect and good memory.
  • Optimism – Cancer is almost always in high spirits, believes in his abilities, ready to support his companion with advice.

The disadvantages of the sign can include the following personality traits:

  • Changeability – the behavior of Cancer is strongly influenced by external circumstances, the mood often changes, sometimes it is very difficult to understand.
  • Dependence on the opinion of others – this guy always wants to seem positive, condemnation takes to heart.
  • Secrecy – the silent Cancer will almost never say what’s in his heart. The guy easily reads people, but his opinion on this matter prefers not to voice.
  • Hypersensitivity – Cancer is vulnerable, they easily hurt feelings.
  • Grumpiness – the reason for discontent can be anything, the man can spend hours discussing urgent problems.

Active girls should remember that the Cancer guy does not like noisy events and parties, preferring to stay at home. This man will not get involved in adventures and seek adventure. If a woman cannot do without it, the couple will have to look for compromises.

What kind of women does the Cancer man prefer

A woman who wants to interest Cancer, should follow the standard recommendations of psychologists:

  • Be open – sincere laughter, a sense of humor, a good mood attract his attention.
  • Interest in his person – it is worth asking questions about hobbies, attitude to life, ask about health. It wouldn’t be out of place to ask how his mother is doing, because Cancer is usually very attached to her. This should not be done on the first date, but periodically such a topic should be relevant.
  • The ability and desire to talk on any topic. Despite his taciturnity, Cancer likes to discuss problems and his interests.

But communication alone is not enough, because the sign is complex. To charm such a man, you will have to approach the issue from all sides.

External data

He loves with his eyes. His chosen one should watch her appearance. This is especially true of the image on the first date. Such guys can’t stand vulgarity, they are attracted to feminine, gentle girls. He is attracted to everything inaccessible and mysterious. An overly sexy girl can scare away.

Dress for such a man is better in elegant and romantic outfits: loose dresses of flowing fabrics that leave room for fantasy, hairstyle of soft curls. The guy is a connoisseur of natural beauty. Mini-skirts, open neckline, bright makeup are not suitable.

Behavior and character

No matter how beautiful a girl is, she will not stand a chance with a Cancerian man if her character and behavior do not meet his requirements and expectations. First of all, the guy appreciates in representatives of the opposite sex:

  • Unselfishness – mercenary individuals do not attract him.
  • Loyalty – Cancer is a terrible possessor, although he may not show it. If a girl flirts with other men, it will hurt him, settle a grudge in his soul and unnecessary suspicions. The man himself will never cheat, so he requires the same from his partner. Deliberately provoke the guy to jealousy is not worth it, because he will take everything to heart and do not understand that his partner just tests him.
  • Reliability and self-confidence – a woman should openly show that she is set up for a serious relationship. Cancer does not fall in love with windy persons.
  • Tenderness and refinement – rudeness, selfishness, and vulgar behavior are unacceptable. The same applies to coldness, Cancer must constantly feel that he is needed, loved, interesting. He needs a companion, able to give warm feelings and provide a home comfort. If a woman cooks well, seeks to provide comfort, then the guy will never leave her.
  • Genuine admiration he feels when a woman genuinely interested in his life, shares hobbies, not shy to ask about his family and the past. The guy will willingly tell everything, the main thing is not to put pressure on him. The aggressiveness will be perceived as aggression, he will simply close in front of such a lady.
  • A girl needs to constantly evolve, to show her chosen one all the versatility of her personality. Cancer appreciates the fine organization of the soul, because he himself has these qualities.

Surprise and attract Cancer can be offered a joint trip to a cultural event (a play, a museum, an exhibition).

Ways to win him over

Prematurity and slowness of Cancer is often the reason that the lady of the heart, he will look for a long time, can spend dozens of years.

To keep him, do not hesitate to show your sentimentality, be fragile and feminine. It is nice for him to feel like a knight, to do everything possible to make the lady of the heart feel securely protected. Cancer is a gentleman, too independent and independent girl will make him withdraw into himself. A man simply will not understand how to communicate with her.

Such a guy will willingly listen, if you tell him about your worries and problems, will rush to share practical advice. There is no need to refuse his help and support.

It is pleasant for a Cancerian to receive gifts. But the gift should put their heart into it, something made with their own hands, a romantic gesture is ideal. Even just original packaging that can divert attention from the contents will be able to bring excitement.

Convince Cancer in sincerity of feelings will help to care about him, and constant attention. It is necessary to praise and admire him more often.

In order to please

To please a Cancer man, it is enough for a woman to be herself. But these guys present a number of requirements to the potential lover, which must be followed, otherwise there is a risk of scaring away such a romantic cavalier:

  • Appearance – grooming, a sense of style, good taste, most importantly, so that the girl feels comfortable in her image. Such a man feels intuitively, falsity will be detected immediately.
  • The upbringing – restraint, discretion, poise. Hysterical Crayfish in the spirit can not stand. A woman should be able to behave in public, to find common ground with his friends.

It is not unreasonable to demonstrate to Cancer their ability to be a good hostess. He will willingly agree to eat dinner cooked, appreciate the order in the house, beautiful surroundings.

A woman for a Cancer guy should be first of all a reliable friend who will never leave in a difficult moment, will provide support, will give wise advice.

And the main thing that a woman who has decided to tie her fate with Cancer should remember: you need to immediately enter into a relationship of trust with his mother. The opinion of this person is important for the guy, if the chosen one does not like her mother, she has almost no chance.

To seduce

The Cancer man doesn’t take hints. To become attractive to him, you need to make an effort. A woman should openly demonstrate her affection for the guy, smile at him more often, to present him with meaningful glances. A representative of this sign loves when he is looked at with adoration, it is necessary to make it clear that he is the only goal of the girl’s coquetry.

Even if the Cancer guy does not show his species, does not mean that there is no interest. A man is used to hiding his feelings. To attract his attention, you should ask more often about the cases, vividly showing interest in his person. A woman should show that she likes the man and that he is very important. External passivity is deceptive. An excellent reason to make him act can be the presence on the horizon of a potential rival. When communicating with the latter, it is worth flirting, but in moderation, letting Cancer know that only he matters.

Tactics based on showing active interest in the guy, which suddenly changes abruptly into indifference also help. When Cancer will see that he loses the favor of a woman, he will start to act. It is necessary to play on his emotions.

To fall in love

When a woman has managed to attract the attention of Cancer, you can take steps to make him fall in love with her, because he already considers her as a potential partner. Representatives of this sign live with emotions and feelings, they know how to love truly.

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