How to charm a man?

The love spell on a man, without consequences, at once works

The unrequited and passionate love, often pushes people to very desperate and unconsidered actions, such as carrying out rituals from an arsenal of black magic. But hold a spell on a man can be from the arsenal of white magic – without negative consequences for the customer and the performer, which operates immediately. About such rituals and let’s talk further – on what object it is possible to conduct them, what result you can expect.

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Rituals of a spell without a strong backlash

A spell without consequences – rituals from the arsenal of white magic. But even in this case, remove them very difficult, although they do not carry negative consequences for the customer and the performer. Therefore, such rituals are very popular among both experienced magicians and beginners. In this case, the practitioner has to make an incantation to the person who made the incantation.

Next, consider a love spell performed even in the absence of a picture of the person you love – it is enough to know his name . Simply sit on your own bed in the headboard, on which you sleep yourself, without a man, and three times pronounce aloud the following magical words:

“As Adam and Eve – were together, and each other from the beginning to the end of the century loved, and lived on earth, the paradise of God inhabited. And I found my beloved – I came to the white grandmother, and she whispered a whisper in my beloved’s ear. If you do not want to see him without me, do not eat and drink, and do not see the white day to the servant of God… name…. This paternoster no one to remove – my darling only with me all night.”.

Read such a text during a week, not missing a single day – if to do all according to the described instruction, correctly, do not deviate from it, then the desired result can be observed on the 8th day. In addition to all other things, it does not require special preparation and at the same time does not suppress the will and feelings of the object of magical influence.

A spell with a photo is also a magic ritual.

If to leaf through special literature or search information on the Internet – you can find a lot of information about a variety of rituals and light rituals of love magic. But the most widespread ritual from an arsenal of magic is a love ritual, a charm, carried out on a photo of your beloved.

It is optimum to choose recently made photo, which captures only one man/woman, without other people and animals. The main thing is that the picture should be taken full-length or the upper half of the body, the face and especially the eyes should be clearly visible.

It is enough to take a picture in your hands and warm them in your palms, giving the picture your love and positive energy. Think about the happy moments you spent together, and if they are not – think about how your relationship will develop, will build a family.

When you have properly tuned in the ritual, in front of your eyes rose a clear image of your beloved, clearly and distinctly utter:

“You will not be able to live without your shadow, and you will not be able to feel longing for me as God’s servant …name… Walk around me, and always stumble on your shadow without me, you will feel longing for me. “We shall be together from now on and forevermore.”

Read such a text necessarily three times – in the morning, preferably immediately after awakening, then at lunch and after dinner, when the sun goes behind the horizon. When the Sun has fallen asleep in the morning, keep it there until you will reach the necessary result.

Ritual with a candle

The candle in magic has a special energy, intensifying love, bringing passion into relationships. The same order of the ritual itself, the following – observe it in strictness and only so you can speak about a positive result.

In order to become a conscious consciousness of your beloved, you need to give him the necessary information about the future. Already at home, on it, you write with your hand what you want from a man, what relations you want to build with him. Then light a matchstick, and let it burn for a few minutes – look at its flame, imagine your beloved.

Light a paper with names from the flame of a candle and hold it over a picture of your beloved, while it will burn, say:

If you have a problem with a person who loves you, say: “What will pass above your head, that will go into it from now on. If you want to have a piece of candle in your heart, say: “What will go over your head, it will go into your heart.

Then hold a sheet of paper over the photo – the ashes must fall on it. When the paper burns completely, and the ashes fall on the photo – leave everything in this position overnight, without shaking off and pouring out anywhere. In this case, it is better to fasten the new magical flame of your beloved’s womb with a corkscrew.

Ritual with visualization

The presented ritual is rather difficult and accessible only to those who have no problems with imagination, and it is performed not so quickly. In the beginning, relax and take a comfortable position – hold it at night, the best place is your own bedroom. If necessary – light candles and put an aromatic lamp, turn on soft music, in general make the atmosphere around you, which will help you to relax and tune in to the visualization.

Imagine your chosen one in front of you – the main thing is to feel his or her warmth and energy as real as in reality. After that, speak to yourself the desire that is connected with this person, put in the word your love, as it flows into the object of your passion.

After such visualization, put the enchanted picture under your pillow and go to bed – the main thing is not to communicate with anyone, not to say a word. In the morning, the situation will change for the better for you – your behavior and actions, words will be filled with love.

Such a ritual will work stronger in the person who is inclined to the hobby of esoteric sciences – if everything is done correctly, then already after 3 days you will feel positive shifts.

On a guy’s personal thing

Make a love spell on a guy can also be done at home by yourself, without consequences – the main thing is that you have his personal thing. In a ritual, it is not even necessary to look for a corresponding photo – a personal thing of a man, such as a lighter or a comb, a pen or a handkerchief is enough.

If you want to make a magic spell, you have to do it on a rising moon – with it will grow and the power of ritual magic, love of your beloved. Put a white tablecloth on a table at home, put on it 2 candles poured of wax – one white, the second red. Between them put a personal thing of your beloved and utter these words:

“If you will have a great idea, you will be able to make a great idea in your beloved’s head. I will bewitch and enchant and charge through it the servant of God …name… from now on and forever.”.

Read this text, it is necessary to imagine before yourself an image of your beloved – your meetings and romantic relations, walks under the moon. This time, it is necessary to fasten a screwdriver to the left side of the left hand. In this case, the second when the person touches the incantation and your energy filled hand, the ritual starts to work.

Strong ritual on candles

You can also make an incantation on candles – this magic attribute has always been a personification of not just love, but also of fiery passion. For its implementation, you can use both colored candles, for example red or green, and ordinary wax candles bought in a church shop.

If the Sun and the moon will be at each other’s side, you can redeem the candles with the same candle. But only after the sun will go behind the horizon – seclude yourself in your room, turn off all sources of noise, turn off the phone. Then write your name on one candle with a gypsy needle, and the name of your beloved on the second one.

After that, take both candles in your hands and hold them, warming them with the warmth of your hands. When the wax becomes soft, connect them together at the base and twist them in a kind of spiral, intertwining with each other. When the candle is in the right place, put them in a candlestick and after burning them with a match, say:

“As fire burns these two candles – so let hearts and souls burn in their flame… names of a man and a woman… from now on and forever. Let no one else separate them.”

Say this text at least three times – at this very moment, all thoughts should be about your beloved. In this case, you should not forget to repeat this procedure with a knot on a piece of paper. In the morning, wrap the candles in a linen matrix. In the morning, wrap them in a canvas bag and hide them far away from prying eyes. In this case, the curse of the magical spell is directed on a head of the left hand.

A curse upon the hair

If you want to have an impact on a man with a magical curse, use the hair of a man in order to charge him with your own love energy. If you properly conjure a man’s hair – at the astral level, the biological fields of the couple are connected, and it is almost impossible to separate them. The ritual itself is simple, but its main difficulty is to find the hair of your beloved’s head for the ritual.

The main thing is to take the hair from the head of your man – when the lock is already in your possession, you can begin to conduct the ritual. For this spell, there is no need to take a photo of your beloved – buy the day before three red candles and a small, pocket mirror.

On the third day of the lunar calendar, wait until midnight – stay in a room alone with yourself, put the candles on a clean table and ignite them with a match. Put a mirror between them carefully and put a lock of hair from your beloved’s head. Also carefully cut off some of your own hair and twist it together with hair of your beloved.

When you will twist – mentally imagine your bright future, how you together will build a family and bright relations. When you will twist in the form of plaits hairs between each other, leave the whole composition on a table so for couple of minutes, then say:

When you have decided to use the power of the Sun, make a spell and then say: “I conjure and attract, a part of the body of the servant of God …name … – his soul will obey and submit to my will, so that we become one and indestructible whole. “One and indissoluble whole from this day forward.”

If you want to get a magical love talisman, write it on a piece of candle and then take it on a piece of paper and put it on your hair. The main thing is to hide your talisman far away – as long as you have it, your love will be eternal.

A charm with water or milk

Often in the hustle and bustle of everyday worries and disputes, love can go into the background, so to speak, fade away, but for a man and woman to become closer to each other – spend this ritual.

For this magic, the ritual will be useful for a person who will have a great future and will not need to retain energy of the womb. If you want to become a victim of anger and discomfort, use a little extra strength, but not a little strength:

“If I will not be able to live without you, then I will not be able to live without you. May he not live without me.”

If you will not be able to do this, you will not be able to do it because you will not be able to do it because you will not be able to do it because you will not be able to do it because you will not be able to do it. If your beloved will not drink it, just pour it under a doorstep of the house where your beloved lives or on his way. The main thing is that he stepped over it with his foot, no matter right or left, or better yet, stepped his foot into the puddle.

Rite of incantation with the help of moonlight

The presented ritual is best performed, it is in the spring, warm months, choosing the day of the full moon according to the lunar calendar. Closer to midnight, open the transom of the window and look at the starry sky – the moon and its light should fall into your room.

When the moonlight has illuminated your room – it is already possible to start a magical ritual of incantation. In your room, the night light should illuminate its maximum area – the more its light, the better. If something prevents the moonlight to enter the room – go outside, and already in the yard, without prying eyes, conduct the ritual.

When you stand under streams of the moonlight – kneel before the night star, taking off all your clothes, all jewelry and the more so, all orthodox symbols. And after that, raising your eyes to it, utter the following words:

“As your face the great moon – every night in the sky with its light illuminates everything around, so let the servant of God …name … every night about me, the servant of God …name … remember.”

Do not talk to anybody and turn around and go home – in the morning the ritual will start to work. But provided that you pronounce it and perform it from a pure heart – if the ritual commit with dark thoughts, or from revenge or envy, it will not work.

Quickly enchant a guy with a plot

If you want to quickly enchant your loved one – hold a spell on any liquid, such as water. Pour it into a bottle with a narrow neck, and holding the palm of your right hand over it, say clearly and thoughtfully the following text:

“…A man’s name… – As he sips this water, so my love will enter you. As he sips this water a second time – my love for me will cloud his head. As he sips this water a third time – a gulp of passion. As long as you will not be with me – you will forget about your tranquility.”

If you do not know what to do and what to do, do not interfere in the work of the others. If the person will refuse to drink this water, do not despair. If your beloved will not drink the water, it is necessary to pour it out under his doorstep.

Ritual with a photo and an apple

For this magical ritual, you should buy at the market the most beautiful red apple and a thick, red woolen thread, a red paper from which a circle is cut out, plus a knife and a pen. All these attributes you will need for the ritual – buy them the day before, without haggling and without taking change.

On each pure side of the paper circle cut out by you, write your name and the name of your beloved, and the apple itself you will cut in half with a sharp knife. Put a paper circle between halves of the cut apple and put them together and tie them with a red thread. At that, you should say the following words:

“As an apple dries from the sun – so will you the servant of God …name …from longing for me.”.

Then put the apple on the sunniest place – as soon as the apple will be dried up and stuffed with paper, your ritual will start to work. If you wish, you can also bury it under any young tree – when it rots, the magic takes effect.

An easy way to charm a guy (white magic)

You can enchant a guy by your own efforts – a ritual with no negative consequences, conducted on paper. White magic does not give the customer and the performer of negative feedback – on a clean, white piece of paper, write the text of the magical incantation and discreetly put it under the lining of outerwear or jacket of your chosen one. The text of the incantation is as follows:

“As the month of May in a year is constantly suffering – so the slave of God …name … without me will suffer year after year.”.

After as noted earlier – plant it under a lining of any clothes, for example, a jacket or a coat of your beloved, and it is best if it remains there forever. It is also possible to make a quick spell on a towel. Buy a new towel, let it wipe hands of your beloved and then, before it dries, tie it in a knot and say:

“If you want to get a good impression of your beloved, you must do it in the same way. I will twist the towel and I will pinch your beloved’s heart. As this towel dries, so my beloved will be attached to me.

If you do not know how to make a magical connection with your beloved, do not forget that you will have the right to make a magical connection with him/her.

The way of a spell on water and personal things

If you do not have a desire to get a good hold of your beloved, do not take him/her out of your water and do not take him/her out of your personal things. This magic power is necessary for a person who has fallen in love with another person:

“If your beloved will not be able to live without water, you will dry up. You will come to me as to a source – from me to drink living water, and be on that we are together from now on and forever.”

If you will have a drink with your beloved, do not insist – just sprinkle it on his clothes discreetly.

You will be able to read it in your own home.

For many women, love is the meaning of life. But the feeling is not always reciprocated. In aspiration to achieve reciprocity, ladies go to a lot and if usual ways to attract to yourself the man you like do not give results, magical forces come to the rescue. Popular practice is a white charm without consequences.

This step is not recommended to attract to the influence of the dark forces, because in unskilled and even experienced hands, they cause irreparable harm and can harm life and health. In this case, the main purpose of the paternalistic influence is to create a strong bond between the victim and the other, to bring the victim into the phase. This is also used when they want to return the loved one, when the object of lust treats with coldness or in cases where the partner has an affair on the side. Rituals relate to magic of light forces, they do not spoil the life of any of the parties.

What is a white love charm

White Lures do not guarantee a 100% result and instant eternal love. Rather, they push for the first action, so you should not just sit and wait. There is no negative energy or harm to a person’s physical or emotional health in white influence methods. Before you perform a spell, make sure that:

  • The man is not in a relationship.
  • You really love him and it is not a passing feeling
  • Do not wish him harm, but on the contrary, want to make him happy.

Unlike the dark ways, no matter how strong a white love spell you use, it does not guarantee mutual love at all costs, but rather creates favorable conditions for the establishment and development of the union. This is good when you are not quite familiar with the personal qualities of the man you like and in theory may be disappointed in him.

In addition to safety for the object, the white ritual will not have to pay for your children and grandchildren, it imposes a lesser sin, which, if you wish, can be pardoned in church. A separate plus of this method is the simple implementation and absence of negative consequences. Only one person will know about the use of the spell – you.

The main signs of white love spell

Before proceeding to a white love spell on a man, make sure that it really belongs to the light methods. Disguised as a safe rite, black incantations can cause irreparable harm to you or your chosen one.

Here are the signs of a light magic charm:

  1. There are no diabolical paraphernalia, no invocation of dark forces, no sacrifices and no blood,
  2. Help is requested through God, the Mother of God, etc,
  3. There are no negative phrases in the text of the incantation, such as: “you won’t be able to sleep a wink until you find the way.”
  4. The white charm is carried out at home, not in a cemetery or at night in the woods,
  5. For the ritual do not need strands of hair, accessories of the bewitched and other objects.

Preparation for a white charm at home

The result and effectiveness of the ritual depend not only on the chosen method, but also on your readiness to perform it. Before doing a white spell on a man, a guy or a girl, you need to go through several preparatory stages:

  • Preparation of the body: before carrying out the ritual with the attraction of light forces, an obligatory condition is a forty-day fast, during which you can not drink alcohol and have sex,
  • Purification of the soul: exclude bad and negative thoughts, concentrate on pleasant things. It will not be superfluous to visit the temple and pray, beg God’s forgiveness for the planned ritual,
  • Choosing a date: You cannot perform rituals on church holidays or Sundays. Days are divided into masculine and feminine, study this information and choose your own,
  • The ideal time for rituals is at night. Immediately after the procedure, it is necessary to go to bed,
  • All used paraphernalia must be hidden in a place inaccessible to others,
  • If you do not know a text by heart, you will disturb a course of a ceremony and it will not have a result,
  • Do not forget, that no one, even the dearest person should know about your using of magic,
  • If you have not enough time to take a picture, then you must remember that all pictures for the magical rituals must be of good quality, also there must be only one person – you or an enchanted person.

This is a very difficult thing, because a white spell does not have any consequences. Always take into account that the man you like can become not so desirable after some time, but it is not possible to return the time back.

The most popular ways to make a white charm without consequences

There are quite a lot of ways to enchant the chosen one and they do not work instantly. Usually it takes about 30 days and the process depends on the chosen ritual, its power and the behavior of the person himself. Do not forget that much depends on you: go in contact, help the higher energies, and not just wait for a miracle “falling down from heaven.

White charm on a man through prayer

This is the strongest white spell at a distance, which carries no evil in itself. Read this prayer every time you miss a man or have a free moment:

“The holy cross shall be baptized,

I will send a power unknown (his name)

I will send a power unknown (his name) into the blood that boils,

The heart that beats

To make the heart beat more loudly at the thought of me,

Into the clear eyes, that he see no others.

My charms and love for me shall be everlasting,

As my love for a friend of my heart. Amen.”

A spell for a guy on white candles

For the procedure, you need to visit a temple and buy three wax candles in it. Lighted attributes need to set at the face of the saint at whom you want to ask for help in fulfillment of your desire. The candles should be set one by one, each time you should say a certain exhortation:

  • 1 candle – “For the well-being and happiness with (his name).”
  • The second candle – “For my well-being, love and happiness.”
  • For the mutual well-being”.

It is better to study beforehand which image helps in what and turn to the suitable one.

White charm on twisted candles

On Fridays, people are married in churches. Before this, buy 5 candles in a church shop: 2 white wedding candles and 3 ordinary red ones.

During the blessing of the couple coming to the ceremony, imagine that the ritual is performed with you and your loved one. When you return home, give to the first candle your name and the second one the name of your beloved, and then twist them together.

Place the bound wax attributes on the altar, and around them place red candles in a shape of a triangle. Then you should light the candles. Start with the scarlet ones, creating a magical aura, and then light the light ones. The ritual is considered finished when all 5 candles are extinguished. Until that moment, you should concentrate on the process, not to be distracted by sounds or anything else.

The remaining wax after the procedure should be kept until the result appears or used as a talisman.

Such a white charm on a man works without consequences and immediately, usually the result is visible within a week.

White charm for love with the help of a thing

This method allows you to transfer your energy to the bewitched, due to which there is an attraction. You can buy any new object, but personal things like a comb, a hair band or a mirror will give more guarantees.

Take in hands a thing you want to take and three times recite “Our Father”, then say:

“If you will have a little bit of your own will, you will have a little bit of your own will. As nothing living can live without food and heavenly light, so you (his name) need me (your name)”.

A white charm on water

In this case, the water must be used as a source of energy, because to the ritual with its use, it is necessary to be prepared with all responsibility:

  • First of all, you must be a baptized person,
  • Secondly, a week before the ritual, you must cleanse your body and soul: keep a strict fast, eliminate bad habits, do not do harm even in thoughts and try not to allow aggression.
  • Also, before this ritual, it is necessary to pray for a person on whom you plan to direct a magical influence. It is good, if you ask to pray for his health of a clergyman.

Water should be drunk in the morning on the eighth day, then cross yourself and mentally say a prayer for the health of your beloved.

For the ritual itself, you will need a new piece of white cloth without patterns or lace, a photo of the one to whom your heart is laying, church incense and three candles. The picture should be strictly on the central part of the fabric. Place lighted candles and incense symmetrically around it. While the flame burns, say: “You are the one who is waiting for me. He searches and searches until he finds me”.

The remains of the burned out candles should be fastened with a thread of red, and then take it to the churchyard. Help the beggar and leave without turning back.

A white charm for a guy on a candle

This ritual is best performed at night, before going to bed. Imagine your beloved and in the air draw the outlines of his silhouette with a burning candle, pronouncing magical phrases:

“As the candle burns, so the heart without me blazes at (his name). The wax melts – a path to me, love burning in the heart lays”.

When the candle burns out, its remains should be given in the hands of the chosen one or put the shard in his pocket.

White charm by photo

If you do not have time and desire to run around stores and temples in search of the right paraphernalia, a white magic charm for love of a man by photo will work perfectly. Prepare a photo of yourself and a picture of a young man you like. Remember that there should be only you and your chosen one, without other people.

Sign the images on the blank side, indicating names and surnames, be sure to specify the date of birth in the format respectively. Put them face-to-face and fasten them with a thread. Combined photos must be placed in a new envelope and sealed with melted candle wax.

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A spell on a white sheet

Buy a red candle, light it and place it on the table. Concentrate on your feelings and write on the paper what you want to receive from your chosen one: love, admiration, care and so on. After the sheet should be burned, reading aloud:

“What will pass over your head will fall into it. The heart of the servant (his name) will be inflamed.

White love spell on a name

This white spell works without candles and without a photo. Prepare a clean small sheet, the size of a usual note, and an ordinary slate pencil. Keep the sheet under the mattress for 7 days so that it receives the energy of your heart. On the eighth day, take out the paper. You need to know for sure the name under which your beloved was baptized, because that is what you need to write down. Roll up a sheet of paper and read the incantation:

“Paper, skin white,

Blood is salty, love to the servant of God (his name) is sweet.

I will go barefoot to the heart of the servant of God (his name),

I will go barefoot on heart of the slave of God (his name).

I will go to the heart of slave of God (his name),

No one will remove my seal from the slave (his name),

No one will take my betrothed from me.

Who will drink all the water from the oceans and seas,

From the long fields the grass will be plucked,

Only he who will be able to overcome my sentence,

And the other will never be able to.


A White Paternoster on Salt.

In the evening, the sun will shine on the face of the earth, and the moon will rise above the sky. Salt will help you can do a white charm for good, at the same time the ritual is ridiculously simple.

You will need a new packet of salt. Try to pay in petty cash or cashless, because you can’t take the change. Sanctify the mineral in the temple, and when you return home, wait until evening and pour a small amount into a saucer. Put beside it an ordinary candle of wax and light it. This time, the spiritual body of the person you love will be redeemed by the magical power of the spell.

A white charm on paper

One of the oldest methods belongs to the white spells without photo.

Find a comfortable place where nothing and nobody will disturb you. Try to relax and clear the table from unnecessary things. In a quiet atmosphere, sit down and write the name of the man you like on a piece of paper. On the other side should be handwritten the following text:

“By the union of love Thy apostles are bound, O Christ, and we Thy faithful servants unto Themselves, having thereby firmly bound Themselves to Themselves, Thy commandments are made to love one another without hypocrisy, by the prayers of the Blessed Virgin, one man’s love. With the flame of love we have kindled our hearts toward Thee, O Christ God, that by this we may kindle, with our hearts, thoughts, and souls, and with all our strength we may love Thee, and sincerely love Thee as ourselves, and praise Thy commandments which we keep, of all graces. Amen.”

After that, you should set fire to the sheet and say:

“I seal the slave of God (his name) With the slave of God (your name) from an evil eye, From an unkind intention, from a cold turning away. No one for ever and ever will be able to do it again.”

In this way, you will not be able to change a word and a deed.

White incantation for blood

In this way, the negative power of the Sun is directed on the left side of the main body of the body. The following is the simplest of white spells for a distance, it will take a minimum of time and effort.

In a store, buy in a store a usual bottle of plain water without gas and impurities and pour the contents into a glass. If you have a small amount of water in your hand, use a needle to pierce your finger and squeeze a scarlet drop into the container without touching the liquid. In the process, visualize the future with your beloved. Pour the water in the street, preferably in the direction of your beloved’s residence.

A white charm for money

Light magic with the help of money signs is a powerful tool on the way to the goal. For the ritual, prepare:

  • Any thing that belongs to the bewitched
  • 7 coins
  • clothes with 7 pockets
  • Addresses of 7 temples

On a man’s day, distribute the money in the man’s clothes so that they do not touch, wrap the thing properly and hide it. At the end of the seventh day, before going to sleep, take out the bundle and distribute the coins in your pockets. On the following day, go to the chosen churches and in each of them give a coin to a beggar reciting each time: “For love of the servant of God (his name)”.

White Moon Paternoster

If you have a good time, you will be able to use the moon as a source of energy and energy, and you will be able to use the moon as a source of energy and energy of your life. The most effective are the waxing and waning phases, because the luminary is as if reborn, filling life and actions of people with appropriate energy.

On a rising moon

Lures on the waxing phase are aimed at increasing feelings and the speed of their development. Listed above rituals are better to conduct exactly in this period, because they should attract a man to you, awaken and stimulate him to a warm relationship.

In addition to the above rituals, you can daily, until the full moon, read 12 times a spell that will help to enchant your beloved:

“The month was born, and to me (name of the chosen one) appeared. Asked, begged, and asked to marry me. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

On the waning moon.

Rituals on the waning moon entail the breakup of a relationship. This option is suitable if your thoughts are not quite pure, and you want to take the man out of the established couple.

To do this, you need two photos: yours and the desired man. Do not forget about the rules for choosing a picture and be sure to follow them if you want to achieve your goal. Take care in advance about candles: you need 3, and you should buy them in a church.

The ritual is performed at midnight with candles lit. You need to hold the image of a young man in your left hand towards your heart and read the incantation as many times as you are full years old:

“As the night loves the moon, so will you (his name) love me. Yearn for me, love me (your name) only one.”

Then write on the pictures your wish and hide the pictures in a secret place where it will not be found.

Consequences of white charms

Magic is a delicate matter and requires special knowledge and preparation. White ways also do not forgive inattention and malice. If you have broken the order of the ritual and decided to make something of your own, if deep in your heart you wish some one evil and misfortune, even a harmless white magic ritual will have consequences for you and for your beloved.

They will not be a disaster, but they will spoil your life. This can be illnesses, financial problems, quarrels with relatives and friends, problems in private life.

Therefore, think a few times before you invite the otherworldly help in your life and the life of others. And if you firmly decide, do everything according to the rules.

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