How to charm a girl at a distance by yourself?

Moisture on a woman by photo

Men also often resort to magic, especially if they do not manage to win sympathy in love and attract the attention of the fair sex they like. In that case, we offer you to get acquainted with 12 strong love spells for a woman by photo, acting at a distance, which work instantly and work at once. Learn how to read them at home without consequences.

What is a love spell by photo

A photo is an important tool in the magical world, because for a long time it keeps in itself an energy cast of the owner and all information about him. That’s why the spells for a woman by photo are considered the most effective and strongest. If you have her picture, you can charm her even at a distance.

The main task of a love spell is to awaken romantic feelings in a man and settle in his thoughts. Witchcraft in good health and with good intentions.

What is the best photo for the ritual?

If you conjure up a spouse, it will not be difficult to find her photo. But what about when we are talking about a new acquaintance? In some spells, you can use a photo from the phone. The main thing that you should do is to find a good quality of the image, because then the effect will be stronger.

If there is a necessity to fasten a screwdriver, then you need to fasten a screwdriver. It is important that she should be completely alone, excluding other people and animals. It is also important that her appearance in the picture corresponds to her current appearance. Therefore, take only a fresh photo taken as close as possible to the date of the witchcraft.

How to get ready for a love spell by photo

In order to conduct the ritual without problems, you should clearly adhere to the rules:

  • conjure in the phase of the Growing Moon or Full Moon;
  • Take a shower and wash your head;
  • Read magic words alone and with artificial light turned off;
  • Cast spells in the evening or at night (the instructions usually specify);
  • carry out a ritual at a quiet internal state;
  • learn magic words, pronounce them accurately and without haste;
  • Use only those magical instruments, which are specified in the instruction;

Strong Lures for a woman

In home conditions, you will be able to make extremely effective and acting at a distance, charms on a woman by photo. These are simple rituals, with which even beginners will cope, if they clearly follow the rules and the prescription of the instructions.

A charm by photo

A man should repeat the love spell until the woman starts to pay attention to him. Witchcraft three times a day (in the morning, at noon and at sunset). Hold the photo in your right hand, think of your beloved and say:

“My master, I am your slave. In this case, you will be able to make a magic potion for your beloved. Walk, (name of your beloved), suffocate with longing. As the sun goes on the sky, so you go to your slave (name). Let it be so.”.

Wishing spell

If you dream of a romantic relationship with a woman you like, you should use this love spell. Light a red candle. On a clean sheet of paper, write a wish to be with a certain girl. From the fire of the candle, light a note rolled up in a tube, hold it over a picture of the woman and say:

“What passes over your head will enter your head. As behind your back it flares up. If you will have a heart of (name of beloved), it will flame up.

A spell on a candle

Make a red candle with the same brush. In this way, you will have to make a black candle with a white candle in its centre:

“Heat blazing, mind (name of the girl) eclipses, only about me she desires. The flame burns, (name of the girl) yearns for me”.

You have to do it in the evening. If all you have done correctly, in the nearest future, you will be able to see it in the morning. If you have done everything correctly, in the near future, the girl will start to show considerable sympathy to you.

A spell on a heel

Place a photo of a woman on the floor. Stand on it with your bare heel and say three times:

“As my heel presses you to the slave of God (name) hard, so let your heart be hard so that it pulls you to me, to the slave of God (name). Amen.”

Repeat the ritual during three days without a break.

A spell on a joint photo

Take your joint photo with a woman and suspend it on a red thread so that it hangs at face level. Hold a lighted candle in your right hand and say:

“Two roads will meet in one. I will come to a fork and find you there. I will take you by the hand and (girl’s name) will call you. Not to kiss, but to make love. Not to marry, but to be friends for now. I will be with (girl’s name) and walk hand in hand. Friends are not friends, acquaintances are not acquaintances, I will walk with (girl’s name) in fetters. Shackles of love will bind us together. The fetters of love will give us love. Without me, (girl’s name), don’t go for a walk. I, (girl’s name) go for a walk with you.

It is important that the next day, you must invite the girl you asked to go on a date. If she will refuse, repeat the magical ritual within another 6 days, then again ask her on a date. She will not say “no” to you for sure.

A spell on her photo

Write her and your own data (name, date, month and year of birth) on the reverse side of a photo of your beloved. Stitch the frame along the edges with a red thread (don’t touch the face and chest areas) and say:

“I am not stitching a photo, but you, (girl’s name), I am stitching to myself. So that both day and night you will miss me (own name) and remember me (own name). You will remember me (name of girl) in the day and night. Amen.

Tie three knots and put the picture in a bag. Hide it in a secret place and don’t show it to anybody.

A spell on a photo and a pin

Perhaps, in your immediate environment, there is a representative of the fair sex, which you strongly like, but you can not attract her attention. In this case, a love spell with a pin will help. To conduct stock up:

  • new pins (7 pieces);
  • candle;
  • a picture of the girl;

In the phase of the Full Moon, stay in the apartment all alone. If you want to have a magic dream, you must have the same effect on your life. Try as much as possible to imagine the girl in details, literally feeling her presence near to you. Attach the first pin to the image and say:

“Let all your words, (name of the chosen one) be only about me, (own name). Let only me, (my name), be in thoughts of (name of chosen one). May our destinies merge forever, may our union grow stronger every year. Amen!”.

Attach other pins to the photo, repeating magic words on each of them. Leave so lying on a windowsill under a moonlight all night long. In the morning, detach the seventh pin and throw it to the girl in her pocket when you meet her or leave it in her room. If you have done everything correctly, after a week you will get the desired result.

A spell for a gift and a picture

If you want to charm a girl to you, you can make for her an enchanted gift. Suitable candy or some small souvenir that will be used. The main thing is to choose something with love for her, concentrating on the image of the woman. Stand with the gift under the moonlight at night in the phase of the waxing moon. Say out loud:

“As the moonlight shone in your bed, so it has brought there my love in you slave of God (woman’s name). If you have not seen my love, I have found it in your face. See my beloved in me. Without whom I cannot eat, without whom I cannot sleep, without whom I cannot look, see or dream. I will dream of you, it will be the beginning of love, and then you will receive my gift. My gift for you was blessed by the moonlady herself. I will come to you, I will find you. And then you won’t want to leave me. The sweetest dreams for you about me. The sweetest dreams you have of me. The sweetest conversations for you are mine.

Say the magic words with passion. Kiss the gift and hide it under the bed. Go to sleep, and in the morning go to her and give it to her. After a couple of weeks, the ritual will begin to work. You will immediately realize it, because the mysterious person will start to look for meetings with you.

A spell with church candles

With this strong spell on consecrated candles in the church, you can attract a girl to you or return your wife/partner who has left for someone else. Go to the temple and buy 3 candles without taking the change. Stay alone in the room, turning off all electronic devices and organizing complete silence.

Spread a picture of your beloved on the table, and place a candle at head level. Twist the other two, light them, and say:

“I am the sun, You are the Earth, Together we should be, love each other. Amen.”

Light the third candle from the first two and say on the picture:

“As the sun rises in the morning, so the love in the heart of the slave of God (name of the beloved) is kindled. As the sun shines in the morning, let your love to me, the slave of God (your name) burns stronger. As the sun dries the earth, so you are drying without me, and you miss me. As people long for the red sun, so you long for me, and there will be no life for you without me, as well as people have no life without the sun and warmth. My word is firm and strong”.

Put out with your fingers the flame of the candles and hide them in a secret place. If you will want to get rid of them, do not throw them away. If you still want to get rid of them, return them to the church.

Strong midnight spell

This is a very strong love spell on a woman by photo, so use only if you want to be with this girl and your feelings are sincere. In this case, you will have to make a pact of your own free will. In this way, you will have an impact on the physical world.

Learn the magical words by heart or read them handwritten. Hold a picture of your beloved, turn to the left and say:

“On the Basurman and Russian lands the fiery prince drained seas, rivers, streams, so would you dry the slave of God (name) on the slave of God (name), so that you could not live and be without him, in 70 joints, in 77 veins. In a pure field a black falcon. I command him to fly to a clear field, to the dark forests, to the blue sea, to the high mountains, and ask the prince to give him strength to get to the maiden in the mansion. Sit on her white chest, on her ardent heart, on her hot liver, and put to the maiden (name) love to the servant of God (name), without whom she could neither live, nor eat, nor drink. Amen, Amen, Amen.”

Turn to the right and so to all sides, repeating magic words. In the process, think about the person you wish, imagining that she is now near you.

A spell on a cemetery

This is a black love spell, so do it as carefully as possible and only if you have the necessary experience. In a graveyard, go with an image of a woman and find a grave where she was buried. Find a grave where a namesake of your beloved is buried. Look at the picture and say:

“On a plank sat three sisters, young maidens. You will see a board, and under that board, there is a yearning. If you want to become a wife of your beloved, write your secret and sincere wishes on a piece of paper and give her a piece of paper with a secret image.

Bow and cross yourselves. Immediately go home holding a photo to your chest. In the morning, with the photo, go to church and put candles for the health of yourself and the riddled girl. If you did not make a mistake, within a week you will notice a positive result.

Black charm by photo

Black magic is the last means to which it is not necessary to address the beginners. The fact is that there is a violent influence on the girl’s psyche, where you force her to love herself. This means that even the correct conduction can still bring a negative backlash.

If you are not afraid, prepare three needles and five coins of five rubles. Conjure up for a week, each time using new needles. If you will have three wax candles and place them in a triangle, in the center of which will be a photo of the woman. Prick her head with a needle in the picture, saying:

“Think no more to you about your mother, or your father, or the Lord Jesus Christ. And think how you would like to see me, and how you would like to fall in love.

Pierce in the chest area, saying:

“I pierce your heart with a burning passion. You will never see your heart again. If you will have no rest and no salvation from this minute”.

Pierce at the level of the genitals, saying:

“My bed alone is desirable to you, only my arms are hot and sweet to you.”

Leave the needles in place. Turn your gaze to the flame of the candles and say aloud:

“A black bird, a black bird by the name of longing and dryness flew around the white world. Catch it old crow, and fell into a dark forest dead. The black old man, a bloody brother, picked up the raven and put it on the altar, nailing it down firmly. If you will not see the sun, you will not see the moon, you will not see the moon. Let the longing gnaw at her, bite her, break her bones, direct her to me. If you have a heart of a red maiden (name of the girl), it will be in my heart. As it is said, so it will be. And so it will be. Amen.

Put out a flame of a candle and let the photo with needles stay on its place till morning. Repeat for 7 days, putting the used needles in a separate box. On the last day, burn the image of the woman. Go to a crossroads and leave there used objects, 5 coins and say:

“To me is your service, to you is my payment. What I give you, you shall take, and ask nothing more of me.

Potential consequences

If you correctly perform a white love spell on a woman by photo, you will be able to attract her attention, fall in love with her, accommodate the person and create a happy relationship. A mistake or the use of a black love spell is always fraught with negative consequences and backlash.

What does this manifest itself in? These are problems in all spheres of life, the risk of alienating the girl even more and causing in her a negative attitude towards yourself. Also, various troubles and a black streak of bad luck. Therefore, use magic only as a last resort and do everything according to the rules.

A strong charm on a woman – Read at home at a distance

Men often resort to magic in order to enchant this or that lady of their heart. And in such a case, a strong love spell for a woman, which can be read at home, and it will work at a distance, can come to the rescue. About such love magic is written a lot, but we will consider the most effective and efficient.

Features of distance rituals

If we talk about how to charm a girl at a distance – to apply one of the rituals discussed below. But regardless of what you choose, it is worth taking into account a number of basic points and rules.

  1. First of all, the woman herself must be free, but if it is your ex – since the breakup must be no more than a year.
  2. It is necessary to know the woman personally, as often as possible contact with her, treat her sincerely – it is impossible to make a spell on a stranger, for example from a TV screen, to whom you have any feelings.
  3. Do not make a spell for fun or if you do not believe in love magic itself – the higher powers do not tolerate neglect.
  4. Read the words clearly and easily – it is optimal to learn them by heart without being distracted by extraneous matters.

And as practitioners advise – optimally carry out the ritual on Friday, because exactly on that day of the week, the result will be more effective.

But when the ritual will not work? Here there are moments:

  1. First of all, you don’t believe in magic and also perform the ritual out of feelings of revenge and other negative emotions.
  2. The girl on whom the ritual is carried out loves another and those feelings are sincere. It is this sincerity that will protect her from extraneous magical influence.
  3. If a woman has a positive, strong energy and she can resist magic – it happens, but not very often.
  4. If your beloved has already been bewitched, or she has already learned about your ritual, it will weaken the effect of magic and will not bring the desired result.

And in conclusion – the ritual will not work if you made a mistake in a sequence of magical actions.

A spell with the help of knots

In the beginning, before carrying out this spell, you need during a day to observe a strict diet and drink only water – it will strengthen the effect of the spell.

In order to make an incantation, it is necessary to prepare in advance three wax candles, bought in a temple and a long, red woolen thread. In this case, the curse will be carried out after sunset – shut a window in the room – it should not penetrate the light of the moon and street lighting.

Put candles on the floor in a shape of a triangle – it should be big enough that you could sit in it. Light the candles and turning your face to one candle, tie a knot and say:

“Tightly I will tie this knot – …name… to myself tightly. If she misses me, she won’t know any other man. Until this knot is untied, your passion will not rest.”

In this way, you will be able to use a candle and a candle for a long time, to make a candle for you. In this way, you will have three knots. After attenuate the candles and put the thread under a pillow, and already next day – put the thread in your pocket and carry with you.

Make a black candle for your beloved.

If you will give a gift to the girl, you can talk with her, not only having positive emotions, but also to induce a feeling of love. Prepare a gift – sit at a table and light around it three candles bought in a temple, arranging them in a triangle. Place the gift in the center of the figure and mentally imagine yourself and the girl together, and then utter the gift:

“Let not present a gift – from heart to heart I tread a road, let me send you my bright love. Let it not be extinguished from now and forever.”

In this case, you must not forget that all these magical rituals are energetic and secret and not necessary in any way. And if in the near future she will show initiative – accordingly, the love magic worked.

Ritual for returning of your beloved

Often men as well as women have a question: how to return your loved one? In this case, you can resort to the help of a love charm for the return. Remember, you should not apply it if the girl is already in love – it is strictly forbidden to destroy the existing relationship.

In the beginning, light a candle and draw on it a needle the name of your beloved – put it in front of a mirror. Sit near the table so that to see the mirror, but not to be displayed in it and utter the following words:

“The fire of my destiny in your breast kindles love, the forgotten feeling returns – may the slave of God …name …be mine again, may this union be secured forever.”

Say it three times. And then turn your back to the mirror – and three times say these words:

“If there is an enemy – take away his fire. Let forever the feeling of the servant of God …name … to me bind.”

Then turn again to the mirror and say three times:

“Sacrifice you a fire – I wait for the fulfillment of my wish.”

After that, burn on a flame of a candle any thing of your beloved, and divide collected ashes in the wind, and even better – sprinkle them on a threshold of your beloved.

The same thing is true if you do not know what to do with it.

All feel easy and happy if there is peace and tranquility in the family, love and mutual respect. But it so happens that the relationship for one reason or another do not develop. And in that case, rituals and incantations for love will help you.

Method 1

From this point, the main thing is that the photo of the chosen one should be taken not so long ago. In addition to the photo, you will need two wax candles bought the day before in a red temple, a silk or satin ribbon.

When the moon rises in the sky – sit down at a table and light a candle, write the name of your sweetheart on the back of the photo and encircle it in a heart. Then wrap the photo in ribbon, be sure to cross over and say, tying a knot:

“As I the servant of God …my name … this ribbon red cross to cross – so also my destiny yes with destiny of the servant of God …name … from now on and for ever tie. Let our love be eternally tied – hidden from the human eye, indissoluble in heavenly wedding.”

If you want to receive a magical potion, you must throw the wax of the magical potion into a mirror and redden it with a red ribbon.

Method 2

If your girlfriend adores sweets – a spell can be made on a box of chocolates. If your beloved will not be able to see you, you must be able to see you in the right way:

“As sweet as this candy is, so shall I be sweet and pleasant to you. From now on and forever.”

After that, treat your beloved with the incantation candy. If you want, you can also conjure a drink – simply say on it the following words:

If you want to get a cup of coffee, say: “Get up the servant of God …name … and bless me, I will go from the doorway crossing – from door to door, from gate to gate, and I will go out into a clear field. In that field there’s a golden throne with the Virgin on it. I’ll ask her for help in matters of the heart.”

If you do not know what to do and who to do it with, do not try to do it with your beloved.

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