How to change a man’s attitude towards himself?

How to change a man’s attitude for the better

To understand how to change a man’s attitude to himself, first you need to decide on the goal. Do you want a man began to respect you? Or unconditionally in love? If the priority is the second option, then you have to upset a little: true love is not possible without respect, so we have to act gradually.

But there is good news. Ways to get what you want, there are – and even in large numbers. The main thing is to use them correctly. That is, you should do everything as carefully as possible and in the right situation. Otherwise, in spite of all the efforts made, your efforts will not succeed.

How to change the attitude of men to themselves: from condescension to respect.

From men who you regard as a partner for a long and happy life, in the first place should seek a respectful attitude. Otherwise, you can hardly count on a lasting union, rather it will be a short-term date. Any psychologist will tell you that love is only where there is respect.

Take care of your appearance.

Do you want to change the attitude of men to themselves? Then first of all, try to always look good. Let your man every day sees in front of a woman who dreams.

Set the boundaries of the permitted.

This is an important point. Be sure to indicate the permissible behavior of your partner boundaries. In each couple they will be different, but the main thing – their presence and compliance. The man must know that you can not insult, infringe on your freedom, behave selfishly, betrayal, etc. These are a few basic rules for showing respect to a woman. If a man does not understand this – then he simply does not respect you. Chances are he is a jealous man and a tyrant who will subordinate you and will not let you live a full, peaceful life.

Show firmness.

This will not only help change the attitude of men to themselves, but also to raise their self-esteem. For example, you demanded that a man does not talk to you rudely in front of strangers. He promised, and a few weeks later he repeated his mistake. Be adamant, don’t just try to threaten and do nothing.

Do what you promised.

Just so little familiar person will not suddenly appreciate you. You want respectful treatment – keep your promises. Know that men take this very seriously. This is with his girlfriend, you can just chat about that you decided to go on vacation to lose six pounds. And he has already mentally imagined that you will be after this, and is looking forward to the vacations.

Do not be afraid of responsibility.

Guys will appreciate the courage, determination and independence. When you say something, or make an important decision, do not be afraid to answer for the consequences. If you do not learn how to do this, it is unlikely you will be able to change the man’s attitude for the better. Do not be frightened if it does not go well right away. It is better to make a mistake and gain experience, which will be useful in the future.

Do not be scandalized.

A man prefers not to get into conflicts and solve all differences peacefully, unless of course he is a fool who proceeds to shouting with his fists (such a man is not worthy to be called a man). Women, ready to start a scandal over nothing, the stronger sex can not stand. So learn to control yourself and do not squeal on and off.

Show respect for others.

No one and never allow yourself a manifestation of rudeness in dealing with a person who is the most respectful to others (family, friends, colleagues). People feel such moments and one day stop communicating with those who can humiliate, insult, offend by their behavior.

Engage in self-development.

This, too, will greatly help change a man’s attitude towards himself and raise his self-esteem. The ability to communicate freely and interestingly will be a big plus for you. So be sure to educate yourself, read books, follow developments in the world, be ready to discuss the news (men, by the way, love it).

Learn the culture of speech.

Men want to see girls as sweet and gentle creatures. This is an image instilled since childhood (both boys and girls). And a lady, sprinkling tough words, ceases to be like a lady. However, even a man is not beautiful when foul language comes out of his mouth.

Learn to be quiet.

Believe me, a man can not resist a girl who listens carefully. Meanwhile, the favorite activity of many women – a lot of talk the mouth. Well, among those around you, learning to be silent, you will be just a queen in the eyes of the stronger sex.

Do not be a gossip.

People do not like and do not respect gossip mongers, dissolving rumors and all kinds of slander. However, there are girls for whom “rehash the seeds” surrounding them (and men, including) – a favorite pastime. Attractive in this little, so you just lose friends and get a reputation, to put it mildly, not very smart.

Try not to get into an addiction.

Everyone probably knows in person or have heard of these girls who believe that the ideal life is an opportunity not to work and be fully supported by men. Meanwhile, life shows that in 95% of these situations, a woman begins to depend on the man in everything, ceases to develop and becomes totally uninteresting. Of course, love and respect from men begins to fade.

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Perhaps he will still somehow consider his wife’s opinion, if the family has children to raise together. Although this is no guarantee that the husband will not always decide everything himself (even pick a woman’s closet). But if there are no children, and initially the girl was dependent on her partner, then a little time will pass, and he will forget what respect is.

How to change a man’s attitude towards himself: from indifference to love.

Of course, love is a feeling that originates and develops gradually. Both partners must constantly work on the relationship, to build mutual understanding, to become closer. In this case, many women are interested in the question of how to change the attitude of a man to a more serious? What can you do to make favorite gentleman to fall in love? In general, there is no ideal “recipe”. But there are some rules, adhering to which you will certainly be able to dispose to a man and even really like him.

Attractive appearance.

It sounds banal, but, nevertheless, it is important. Unfortunately, everyone remembers, but not everyone takes seriously the proverb: “Clothes first. Many girls have a strange idea of beauty, to put it mildly, either to strip too much, or to put on the best all at once, so that it would look “rich”. This, of course, catches the eye, but a serious man on such beauty certainly will not bite. Will stick or someone not very smart, or an admirer for one night.

Benevolence, the ability to listen.

Any person, one way or another, needs someone who will support in a difficult moment, able to understand. For men it is also extremely important, and they like kind, sympathetic women, and not those who are constantly embittered at everything around and can only discuss their own problems. Psychologists’ studies show that the masculine sex want understanding and support from the girls. Eternally whining people are not interested in anyone. And here are qualities such as positivity, attentiveness, goodwill – always in value.

The technique of mirroring.

Here the laws of neurolinguistic programming come into force. Mimicking involves the repetition of gestures and movements of the man during the conversation. Cross your arms in the same way as he did, put your leg over his, if the interlocutor did so, etc. As a result, the man will feel an affection for you, and quite unconsciously. Of course, you should do this completely imperceptibly, otherwise your behavior will seem incomprehensible and stupid.

Manifestation of tenderness, femininity.

Show how you know how to handle ambiguous situations. Do not be rude to other people (even if, for example, you were followed by a beggar, or someone behaved inappropriately). Be able to put down the boor, but not in the same manner, but calmly, politely, and firmly. Let your man see that whatever the circumstances of life, you do not turn into a rude, and show their best qualities as a woman.

Believe me, a man in love is not so important that his chosen one on the move “stopped the horse”, after all, to be strong – it is his job. He himself wants to see that you need his protection, a strong shoulder.

Developed intellect.

It is not uncommon to hear the notion that smart women scare men away. This is probably a misconception. If a man himself is not stupid, he will never start a long relationship with a shallow girl, because living with her will be unbearably boring and uninteresting. But often women with this happens too much, that is, they relentlessly seek a straightforward, fierce intellectual development for some reason (childhood trauma, the desire to surpass male colleagues at work, etc.). Such a lady by inertia and in personal communication tries to actively demonstrate her intellectual superiority to her companion, and this will not please many people, even more likely to scare them away. So here you should learn to act without fanaticism.

The search for new and development of existing talents.

A man will not want to lose a girl with whom he is constantly interested. Any creativity attracts and at the same time causes positive emotions. So it is good if the girl is trying to develop some of her own skills and still learning something new. For example, dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument or cooking unusual dishes. Such a person attracts attention and it is impossible not to fall in love with her.

A woman’s mystique.

Talk to a man more than one day and still remain a mystery to him – a great art. Be interesting for your partner, but still unread to the end of the book. Many women, trying to impress, “dump” all their best qualities and skills (and cakes I bake, and play the violin, and sing like a goddess), but meanwhile it is important to present yourself with dignity, and not try to leap over your head, hoping for attention from the stronger sex. Believe me, the man’s interest will quickly fade when he knows almost everything about you.

Common interests.

Look for common ground. This, too, helps to change the script of the relationship with men. Yes, members of the stronger and weaker sex look at the world differently, but the presence of common hobbies incredibly close. Of course, no one calls suddenly to become a soccer fan (like him), or, having the will in the fist, to drag with him on a winter fishing trip. Think, look, there is always something that will be equally like you both, do it sincerely and proceed from what you are really interested.

Ask for advice.

Any person, giving advice to others, feels a certain importance and significance. Well, give your chosen one such opportunity. Want to change the attitude of men to themselves – often ask for advice. But, again, within reason. Sometimes it can play against you and cause the opposite of negative. For example, if you ask for professional advice on a very complex problem (from the field of activity of a man).

The contrast effect.

This is a good technique, when there is a certain lethargy, stagnation between you and need to change the man’s attitude for the better. For example, arrange an unforgettable, passionate date, and then disappear from view for a while at all, or become deliberately cold.

Experiencing love enthusiasm, the man will be waiting for something else like this. And you keep your distance, let him suffer, wait longer.

The point is to make him think about you constantly, to replay the pleasant memories in his head. So the attraction to you will increase, and at some point the man will feel that he can’t live without you, and what is it then, if not love! But this should not look like some kind of resentment. Explain everything with a heavy workload, it will be believable.

There is nothing wrong with flaws.

Do not try to seem perfect super-woman. Flaws are absolutely everyone, and this is normal. Let the man sees that you are not a robot and not a doll, and a live person with some weaknesses. Do not be afraid of it. Again, there is no call to quickly and immediately demonstrate all your weaknesses. Just do not be ashamed of yourself, because you are an ordinary person, who has a right to be awkward in some way, not perfect. There is nothing wrong in this, so you just show sincerity in the relationship.

Tune in to the fact that you will receive from the man all the good things.

In psychology there is a term – the Pygmalion effect. This is when you form in your head some expectations, and then project them onto the other person. And believe me, it works. As long as you think the person is a fool, he’ll act like one.

There all works on a subconscious, and the companion shows himself in communication with you (and with other people) exactly as you “thought”. Do you want to change the attitude of men to themselves? Expect only good from him, and then you will get it.

Improving self-esteem as a sure way to change a man’s attitude towards themselves

To change a man’s attitude towards yourself, you must first of all raise your own self-esteem. Think about who will be able to treat you with respect, if even you do not know how to do it?

Do not criticize yourself

Even if you don’t like something in your own behavior, don’t voice any criticism aloud. Learn to give yourself a fair but high enough self-esteem, do not scold and do not judge yourself. Style treatment of others set yourself, and no one will respect the man, constantly criticizing himself. In personal communication with men, everything works the same way.

Accept praise with pleasure.

The more so that the compliments are always nice. For example, someone really admired your ability to keep up with everything (and at work and at home). Maybe you think that you do not do anything special – still do not admit it, do not diminish and do not reduce the “no” those qualities that others notice in you. Otherwise, even the one who praised, will think that he did it in vain, undeserved.

Do not neglect self-inspiration

This refers to the use of special affirmations, assertions. Such practices are very helpful to raise self-esteem, and thus change the attitude of men to themselves. How is it done? During the day several times, enumerate aloud their strengths, do not be shy, even slightly embellish them – it’s not terrible. So you not only set the right mood for the whole day, but sincerely believe in yourself. And for others it will not go unnoticed.

Create a pleasant atmosphere around you.

What you listen, watch, it certainly affects your mood and life in general. The negativity, pouring down from the screens of TV or smartphones, only spoils the atmosphere, makes you pessimistic, makes you nervous and angry. Therefore, try to pay more attention to something pleasant, watch programs about self-development, channels that make you happy with their content.

Remember only the good things.

You can even write on a sheet of paper all your successes and achievements. Surely you have something to be proud of. Always remember this, again and again go through the memory of pleasant moments and situations in which you were on top. This is sure to boost self-esteem, and eventually also help change the attitude of men to themselves.

Work on your behavior

Be confident in your abilities and strengths, do not doubt your success. This attitude is sure to pass to others, they will see you exactly the way you “serve”.

Especially should try to change the attitude of men to themselves, if he already had the impression that you are a weak and insecure. Show your chosen one, that you have your own interests, and they are important to you are valuable. Do not devote all of the man himself without the rest, nothing good will come of it. Women are valued and respected more when they see her as an independent, holistic person.

How to change the attitude of the guy to himself for the better

To change a man’s attitude towards herself to a more serious one, a woman must honestly answer the question: is eternal romantic spring in the forefront? Or perhaps it is feelings based on friendship and spiritual unity.

Raise your self-esteem.

The girl will have to change her behavior so that the man will consider her a serious person, not a girlfriend for fun.

Psychologists recommend that in order to improve your self-esteem you should forget about:

  • About criticism in his address. It is unacceptable to publicly belittle your own merits. Unflattering characteristics, with which a person awards himself, are remembered by others.
  • False modesty. Praise is not only pleasant, but also activates inner resources, helps to work on yourself to achieve more. If you are praised, take the compliments with pleasure and as a well-deserved reward.
  • Gray “everyday life”. To develop a personality, you need the “right” atmosphere. You should surround yourself with pleasant objects and people. And do not forget about self-development to improve self-esteem.

It is important to change your own mood, so it is important to eliminate negativity from life, to use self-infusion to maintain self-confidence.

Men prefer to build long-term relationships with whole self-sufficient natures, so a woman should have his own unbreakable world with personal ambitions to achieve high goals.

Get his respect

In order for a man to develop a respectful attitude towards a woman, she needs to become not a companion at parties, but a friend, with whom you can ask for advice, talk seriously, discuss matters. A good companion and mistress in “one bottle” – this type to the heart of the representatives of the stronger half.

Begin to seek your partner’s respect should be simple, but effective ways:

  • Always look “one hundred percent”.
  • Maintain personal space.
  • Always keep yourself in line with others, even if the opposing party allows attacks.
  • Know how to say “no.”
  • Always keep a promise.
  • Be responsible for your words and actions.
  • Always raise the bar of aspiration.

Cultivate his interest.

The role of just a friend doesn’t suit a woman who wants to build a long-term relationship and start a family. And so that the guy saw you as a future life partner, we suggest 10 steps how to become the embodiment of male dreams of a soulmate:

  1. Work on your look and appearance. Correct natural beauty attracts men more than fake glitter.
  2. Know how to listen, hear, and understand. The art of an attentive interlocutor can be learned on special courses. But even without them a woman can benefit from a natural gift of empathy.
  3. Copy your partner’s gestures. Familiar actions subconsciously cause sympathy.
  4. Do not forget about femininity. Fashion for emancipated modern Amazons passed.
  5. Develop the inner world and the intellect. Thoughtful person is more interesting than a babbling fool, fixated only on fashionable gossip and shopping.
  6. Continue to pay attention to hobbies, develop talents. Passionate person causes serious interest and a desire to get to know better. Do not brag about your talents: let the man take turns from discovering in you. “A read book” quickly gets boring.
  7. Find joint hobbies with a partner or a common goal. “Kindred” souls become not just a couple, but a single organism.
  8. Give a man the right of leadership to increase his importance. You can talk about the problem and ask for advice, to ask for comment on the exciting issue.
  9. Keep the tone. Stable quiet relationship reeks of boredom. A girl can bring variety with bright romantic dates and unexpected surprises.

A man will definitely see you as the chosen one, when he feels a deep connection. And real intimacy will help create that all-important serious relationship with your beloved.

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