How to catch his wife in the act of cheating?

How to catch his wife in adultery

If you have doubts about his wife’s fidelity, but she denies everything, we will have to get proof of infidelity. There are simple ways to catch his wife in treason. It all depends on her habits and your skills.

Do you want to know the truth?

Before you take your wife out into the open, think about whether you are ready to get confirmation of your hunches? After all, if you get proof, you can not live as before in a happy ignorance. You will have to make serious decisions.

Empty suspicions spoil the mood, of course, but proven adultery will ruin your marriage and even life. You will have to divorce or live with the knowledge that your wife cheated. Divide the jointly acquired property, part with the children, go through a terrible stress.

You can, of course, continue to live with the cheater and continue. But your family life will not be like before.

So before you find his wife in adultery, think seriously – and you need it?

All the ways to catch his wife in adultery

There are many different ways to find out about his wife’s infidelity. It all depends on your relationship, the characteristics of the household, habits and character of the wife.

Try not to go overboard in your search for the truth. Don’t do anything you will regret later. Phone hacking, surveillance, spy stuff is a violation of your wife’s privacy, and in some cases, the law.

Using your phone.

Modern smartphones can tell a lot about their mistress. For example, you can spot hints of infidelity:

  • there is a password on the phone, although there has never been one before;
  • She doesn’t part with the device at home, constantly checking her messages;
  • goes to talk to someone in the shower or on the balcony, so it was not heard; , laughs and is fully immersed in a virtual communication.

But these actions are too polysemantic, so it is impossible to say anything for sure. To catch the traitor on the betrayal through the phone, you need a more decisive action. Ideally, if you have access to it.

  1. Order printouts of calls from the operator, and see what numbers most often calls his wife.
  2. Review from time to time the list of outgoing and incoming calls, SMS messages, chats in messengers, conversations in social networks, and browsing history. Someday she may forget to clean up the information, and that’s when you catch her.
  3. Turn on the GPS tracker, so you can see the movements of the phone on Google maps. To do this, go to “Chronology” and select the desired date.
  4. Install special apps on your phone to track activity. There are many different spyware programs that can record conversations, save correspondence, and send data about the user’s movements.

Unfortunately, more often than not, unfaithful wives monitor their phone too closely. You can’t take it discreetly and perform the necessary actions – the password gets in the way. You can try to unlock the phone with her finger in her sleep, but if she wakes up – you’ll have problems already.

Via computer

Modern families often have one computer for everyone, so it will be easier to get to it. But the possibilities are much less, especially if the woman rarely sits at it.

  1. View the search history and sites visited. No dating sites or a hotel site on the outskirts of town where the wife has booked a room.
  2. Log into your spouse’s accounts. You can see saved site passwords in your browsers, so you can easily read social media messages, mail and other sites.
  3. Read messages in messengers. Modern technology allows you to save the history of correspondence and on your phone and computer. So by running Watsap or Telegram from a computer, you can see your wife’s correspondence live. Who knows who she will be chatting with at that moment.

Computers are rarely used to communicate with lovers. The phone is more compact and less likely to be hidden from your husband.

With the help of modern technology.

There are many gadgets that can help you expose your wife in no time.

  1. A listening device installed in the car, planted in your purse, left at home. There are models that go off when someone is talking. You won’t have to skip hours of silence.
  2. Watch your DVR recordings – they’re often forgotten about and don’t hide from their watchful eye. You can see the man walking her out, the man getting into the car, and sometimes hear their conversations on the tape.
  3. Tracking device. Shows where the wife is during the day. If she suddenly left the office and stopped at an apartment building, then you can visit there.
  4. A recorder or camera left at home. Relevant in case the lady stays in the apartment alone. Either you are on a business trip, or she doesn’t work, and you come back late.

Such methods will help to obtain unequivocal evidence of adultery. However, hide the devices well – if your wife is faithful to you and finds them, there will be a very serious scandal.

How to catch his wife in flagrante delicto

As a last resort, you can go to extreme measures and watch your wife. For this you can even take a vacation, so that nothing prevented and distracted.

You can confine yourself to the standard surveillance – to see if she meets someone after work, if she goes to lunch with another man, who escorts her to the car or drives her home.

Or you can let her know you’re leaving. On a business trip, to her parents, with friends on a fishing trip – any extended departure will do. And after that, keep an eye on her reaction, on her apartment, on his wife’s life.

You can combine the latter method with spy stuff, then you can find out what’s going on in the apartment.

In conversation.

Asking questions directly is useless, she will only become more alert and increase her vigilance. It is necessary to go roundabout ways, so as not to scare her.

  1. Notice any inconsistencies. Yesterday she said she went to see her friend Masha, but today she says she feels sorry that they haven’t seen each other for a long time.
  2. Listen carefully and ask questions. Memorize your wife’s stories about the past day, and a day or two later come back to the subject, as if by chance. Will the stories of the day go together? Because sometimes it can be hard to remember your own lies.
  3. Sometimes there is nothing else to do but to take it out on her. Maybe in the heat of a quarrel she will admit that in bed she has long been pleasured by someone else.
  4. Pretend that you know everything. Choose a believable story so that she really believes – he knows! Sometimes this can make the wife confess to cheating: at the very least, the woman will panic and may let it slip. And in some cases she will admit to cheating and start to make amends. This is where you will catch her.

For this kind of communication you need to have the actor’s skill and psychological skills to determine the lie by her reactions and responses.

Baiting the bait

Surely your friends and acquaintances will include a man that your wife has never seen in the eyes. Use him as bait.

He should be the taste of your wife. Ideally, if he is an alpha male, who easily wins women’s hearts. The task is to try to captivate her, to test her fidelity.

If there is no acquaintances or you do not want to lose face because of the infidelity of his woman, do it yourself. Make a page in the social networking site where your wife usually sits, and try to get acquainted with her.

Again – the account should belong to an individual who is exactly your spouse’s type. Create the perfect suitor for her and test your spouse’s fidelity.

Physical evidence.

The unfaithful wife’s body leaves signs of vice that can be detected:

  1. Facial irritation – stubble from kissing traumatizes delicate skin.
  2. Swollen lips, disheveled hair, crumpled clothes – probably the consequences of passionate sex.
  3. Men’s scent – it is impossible not to pick up the scent of men’s perfume during close contact.
  4. Bite marks, bruises from passionate movements, scratches, hickeys. This can be detected while taking a shower together, just offer to rub her back.
  5. Traces of semen on her clothes and underwear.

You won’t be able to catch your wife in adultery with only these signs, they are still indirect. But sometimes a direct question can put the adulteress in a stalemate, and she just can’t find anything to answer except the truth.

Your own man.

Try to make friends with her friend or colleague from work. They might have a better view of her affairs.

You can start a conversation about a gift for your wife – you want to make a surprise, you need help in finding something appropriate. Optimally, if among her acquaintances there is a lady who caught her husband cheating with another woman. She will better understand your fears, and may go to the meeting.

Other evidence

In addition, you can find evidence of cheating in her car glove compartment, purse, pockets, or in her nightstand.

  • Contraceptive pills, even though you protect yourself with condoms.
  • Checks from a hotel, dinner for two from a restaurant, vacation tickets.
  • Gifts, souvenirs, notes, and other things from your lover.
  • A bunch of unfamiliar keys.
  • A joint photo with another man.
  • Men’s things – gloves, scarf, ring, etc.

Don’t just catch her eye while rummaging through her personal belongings.

Frequent Detective.

Understandably, not everyone gets to detect their wife’s cheating, as simple as that may sound. Sometimes it’s better to turn to a professional. He knows what to do, has experience and the right tools. And the wife does not know him, so she will not realize that she is being followed.

So you can get your wife out in the open in no time, and with proof. Show her the pictures and she can no longer deny her guilt.

What to do next

With such an arsenal of tips and techniques, you will definitely be able to find evidence of your wife’s infidelity, if she is really unfaithful to you. And after that you will have to make a very difficult decision:

Nothing will be like before, so before you bring her out of the shadows, think about the consequences and your further actions. Sometimes it is better to guess rather than know for sure.

How to catch an unfaithful wife in adultery: tips for men

When a man suspects his wife of betrayal, doubts do not leave him. To be sure of the infidelity of his beloved, you can use modern technology or use the help of a detective, as to catch the smart wife for treason yourself will not be able to. But what to do with an unfaithful wife after the exposure, it is up to the man to decide, but with the advice of psychologists to survive the deception it will be easier.

Why wives cheat

In order for the spouse to decide to cheat, the husband must ignore her for a long time. When a man does not pay attention to his soulmate, constantly disappears somewhere, does not communicate with her, does not pay compliments, it begins to upset a woman. To raise your own self-esteem and feel needed, loved, she may seek solace in someone else’s arms. The most common reasons for women’s infidelity:

  1. Sexual dissatisfaction. A woman does not have enough sex or is not satisfied with its quality.
  2. Lack of emotion. If the spouse does not pay attention to a woman, does not please her attention, gifts, then she does not feel loved, she lacks positive emotions.
  3. Revenge. When the husband himself cheated, the woman could not forgive this and decided to take revenge.
  4. Entertainment. Girls, like men, like to relax, can afford an affair on the side.
  5. Self-assertion. If the wife does not feel attractive, then she may try to raise her self-esteem and make sure that someone is attracted to her.

How to behave so as not to give away your suspicions

When a man does not trust his woman, believes that she has another, it is important not to do something stupid, because it can ruin the family. Before you start surveillance, think about what you will do if you are convinced of adultery. Are you ready to lose the woman? Will you be able to forgive her?

Assess the suspicion.

Make sure there is definitely a reason not to trust your partner. Maybe your accusations of cheating are related to dissatisfaction in some other area of the relationship.

Be careful

If you’ve already decided on your own to accuse your spouse of cheating, make sure no one notices. When your other half catches you with her phone in your hands, you won’t be able to prove anything and you’ll be at fault yourself.

Talk to her.

It’s worth it to be honest with your wife about your suspicions first. Ask your spouse to show you her social networking page or phone. If she will start to quibble, hide phone, sharply close all the tabs on the computer, then she has something to hide.

Trust the experts

In order not to harm your family, you need to trust a professional. He will be able to do everything inconspicuously.

Ways to catch your wife red-handed

Modern technology allows you to catch your girlfriend in treason very quickly. To do this, you need to navigate in the world of modern detective stuff and know the necessary information about your spouse.

Hire a detective

To expose your girlfriend for sure in adultery, you should contact a specialist. A private investigator will be able to discreetly follow your wife and then provide real evidence. Turn to a detective should be in two cases:

  • Infidelity is obvious, but there is no evidence;
  • If you want a divorce and need documentary evidence.

The process of surveillance may take some time and will cost a lot – up to 100 thousand p. Keep in mind that you will have to give the detective your wife’s passport data.

If surveillance is discovered, he is not allowed to tell your spouse who he works for.

Tracking in person

If you decide to expose your woman to infidelity and to see for yourself if you have a lover, then proceed with caution. Take into account all the rules of surveillance, which are practiced in detective movies. The first thing to do is to purchase clothes that you do not have. Do not conduct surveillance in your own car. It is better if you follow the woman from outside the house. Follow her as inconspicuously as possible, preferably on the other side of the street. It is good if you have an assistant.

Unexpectedly come to his wife at work.

If you often go to his wife at work, then no problem to surprise her with a check-up. This will be relevant when your spouse is running late. You can tell her you’re here to pick her up. If you rarely go to work at his wife, then you should think of an important reason why you needed to come to her. Such a pretext may be forgotten keys from the apartment or a surprise. In any case, the reason should be a good one.

View your browser history, emails.

The main method of how to catch your beloved wife in a prolonged adultery is to examine the information in her computer. This is where you can read email correspondence. But if the woman is really communicating through her computer, she is likely deleting that information. You’ll need some software to find out what kind of files she deleted:

  1. Password matching.
  2. Password recovery.
  3. Electronic database cracker.
  4. Recovering deleted information.

Surveillance Camera.

If your husband thinks his wife is cheating on him at home when he is at work or on a business trip, you can install video surveillance. There are many models of miniature devices that cost little and support real-time video communication. When a girl cheats in her own home, it is easy to establish this fact. But if there is no evidence in the video, it does not mean that the spouse is faithful, because it is possible to meet with a lover in a hotel or in a rented apartment.

If she has her own car, she can use it to get to the meeting place or cheat right there.

Before you start videotaping, be prepared for the fact that what you see will upset you.

Listening Devices.

This technology has a simpler setup than a video camera. If you want to know what your spouse is doing while you are away, then you can install a listening device. Either way, she will be talking to her girlfriends or her lover, so you will know what is really going on. Be prepared that if your wife is faithful to you and discovers what you are doing, she will be very unhappy.


When thinking about how to expose your wife for cheating, use her phone.

Look at the most frequent calls, messages. Choose a good time when you won’t get caught.

If your soulmate deletes all calls, then you should register her number on the operator’s website and order the service to your email. Then you can watch the duration and frequency of calls and detect the suspicious number.

It is possible to expose your wife in adultery with the help of a cell phone. Installing special programs on your smartphone will allow you to read your correspondence, listen to conversations and find out the location of your phone. You can also view photos, history of visits to websites. In order to install the program, you need to have access to your wife’s phone. Your number will receive all the data on sent and received messages and calls. These programs are paid, to make them work correctly, you need to spend money.

Through social networks

These sites allow people to communicate and quickly find each other’s interests. Many people get acquainted in social networks, here appears sympathy, and communication begins. A virtual admirer can discreetly convince a woman to meet him. To detect messages from the lover, you need to find out the password from the account of the spouse or trace who puts the likes under her photos and posts.

What to do after exposure

Here you have used ways to expose your wife in adultery, and you managed to catch her red-handed. At first there will be confusion, you do not know how to act. For this, it will not hurt to read the recommendations of psychologists.

Find out

Beginning to suspect his wife of cheating without evidence, the man accuses her than provokes a conflict, the relationship cools down. If a woman began to pay attention to herself, maybe she really took up a new hobby. You have to find out everything first.

Give yourself some time

When you are stunned by the thought of your wife cheating on you, the first thing you want to do is get revenge. Don’t give in to your emotions, you may yet be able to repair the relationship and keep the family together. Maybe you will realize that in what happened there is a share of your guilt.

Share the responsibility.

Everything that happens in the marriage is a credit to both spouses. If you feel that only the wife is to blame, then think about what made her find the other. Whether or not to forgive your spouse is up to you.

Don’t let these situations happen again.

You love your spouse very much and decided to forgive the betrayal. In order not to repeat the betrayal, find out what made her to change, then you will be able to prevent it in the future. When you know the exact reasons, you want to save the marriage, learn to negotiate and find compromises.

How not to do.

You managed to catch your beloved on the hot seat, you personally saw your wife cheating, so anger and resentment fill your soul. Low action was committed by another person, you should not stoop to his level. Go out of the situation with dignity will help psychologists tips.

Suppress emotions

You will set yourself up that nothing happened, to pretend that all is well in the relationship, but then you just snapped. It is important to understand that you are stressed, and all of your negative emotions are natural.

Forgetting about your children.

If you choose not to communicate with a woman, you should not allow your children to suffer. They need attention, just like before. They are not to blame for adult problems.

Don’t be humiliated.

When a woman does not regret what she did, decided to leave you, do not ask her to come back. Respect yourself and do not wait for another betrayal.

Do not take revenge

You want to even the score – do not rush to do so. You need to be sure that your wife is cheating. Even if it is confirmed, maybe time will pass and you will forgive her.

If you doubt your spouse, you can convict her of infidelity by phone, computer, detective, wiretap, video surveillance. Checking will eliminate distrust and prove that your marriage is not in danger, or confirm your wife’s infidelity.

Specialist in personal development and family relationships, practicing psychologist. Work experience of over 15 years.

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