How to captivate a man a lion?

How to captivate a man a lion?

The lion – the main one among the animal kingdom, but this fully applies to the glorious representatives of the stronger sex, who were born in this zodiacal constellation. The male lion likes to be in the center of attention and to demonstrate his many virtues. He really has a lot of them.

It is not surprising that sweet ladies, after getting to know this charming man, are interested in how to fall in love with a man-lion. Let’s say at once that the difficulty lies not in how to conquer this person of royal blood, but how to keep him close to you.

Characteristics of the male lion

A man-celebrity – this is how they talk about the Leo. The main thing he needs in public life is the attention of others.

If there is a lull around, he will arrange his own carnival, to which he will invite the household, friends – everyone who appreciates his virtues and puts up with shortcomings.

So, it is extremely important for the royal predators to feel their own importance and to receive signs of love and admiration from people.

Leo is trying to find a life partner, which would have listened to his stories with round eyes, indulged his narcissistic behavior, and put up with the many vagaries.

However, this does not mean that he likes silly women. No! A woman needs to meet the highest standards, because she will have to be around the proud and powerful Leo.

A man born under this powerful sign is bossy and emotional. Like a real king, he does not like discussing his own words and disobeying his commands (a softer version – requests).

A wise woman is able to temper the royal roar with an admiring look and intricate flattery. A little cunning – and next to it sits a purring huge cat.

Possessing an incredible charisma, Leo brings a positive mood wherever it appears. He is able to ignite their own frenzied energy the rest of the people, so the representatives of this zodiac sign out great managers who are respected by superiors and loved by co-workers.

What kind of women do Leo like?

Astrologers are sure that it is not so difficult to win such a man to a good-looking and intelligent woman. The reason for this is the love of dizzying novels and dislike of loneliness. Do you want to attract such a guy to you? Match him. What else will help in the business of winning Lions?

  1. Dress and behave in a way that you are admired. Subconsciously Leo treats his woman as a business card. Once he considers himself important, significant, elegant and regal, then his girlfriend should fully and completely fit this description.
  2. Beauty alone is not enough for the girl, because a man of this type would rather be attracted to a well-groomed young lady than a stunning beauty. In addition, he is more likely to give his heart to a girl with good manners and numerous virtues. After all, he is sure that she will not be able to outshine him.
  3. To win is one thing, but to remain the only one is an entirely different task. A woman in love with the restless “predator” will have to forget about such concepts as malaise, ill health and fatigue. Leo will drag his chosen one to the club or to a party, despite a migraine or fever. At the same time, he expects from her flawless appearance and behavior.
  4. Since Leo is considered to be an ardent possessor, a woman needs to remain above suspicion. Such a man will not tolerate not only innocent flirting, but also friendship with other members of the stronger sex. Any innocent conversation can become compromising, which threatens not just a reprimand, but also the breakup of the relationship.

Thus, a woman who dreams of winning a proud lion’s heart should meet the highest standards. However, don’t count on compliments, presents and a glowing look of passion to be a sure sign of falling in love.

Talk about deep affection is worth it if the hot Leo is gradually turning in private with his beloved woman in a big house cat.

How to conquer a man-lion?

The choice of method to conquer the male Leo depends on what zodiacal constellation refers to the fair sex. Consider each of the possible options in detail.

Aries woman .

The girl of this zodiac sign usually immediately attracts the attention of the royal person, as Aries are bright, noticeable and brilliant. An obstacle to the further development of the relationship can be the independence and autonomy of a woman who does not want to become a shadow of Leo.

To keep the king of beasts by his side, the Aries needs to try twice. First, to be bright and delightful, and second, to give the leading role in the relationship to the man.

A Taurus woman

A woman of this sign mistakenly thinks that she will be able to win and keep Leo with her own homeliness, household approach and rationalism. However, a man born under this constellation does not consider such qualities to be the main female virtues.

If you want to win a man’s heart:

  • Give out compliments, admire and show more emotion;
  • Take the initiative to get to know him;
  • Do not show doubt about his masculine qualities.

Gemini woman

It will not be difficult for a Gemini woman to conquer the heart and win the thoughts of a representative of this fiery sign. To do this, she needs to play along with the royal nature of the guy, to portray submissiveness and admiration – and the predator will fall into the trap. Moreover, a man will think that he is in full control of the situation.

In order not to let go of the reins, a woman should remember about the constant compliments, mentioning the positive qualities of his chosen one.

Cancer woman

Women born under the sign of Cancer are considered homely and calm. To conquer the lion’s heart, these lovely ladies will have to break their own character. The lion likes to be in sight, accompanied by a brilliant companion, so Cancer needs to become a social lioness.

Important! Cancer women should put up with the crowds of admirers surrounding Leo, and extinguish jealousy and feelings of ownership. Think of it as an unavoidable evil.

The Leo woman

The Lioness is both easy and difficult with her “counterpart.” At first they are attracted to each other, and then the difficulty begins. The man is confident in his chosenness (because he is a star!), but exactly the same thoughts swirl around in the beautiful head of the Lioness.

To stay close to her chosen one, a woman will have to recognize the priority of the king of beasts. Recognize his superiority, and the man’s heart will belong only to you.

Virgo woman

Conquer the heart of the man-lion Virgo will help her inherent wisdom. A woman should moderate demanding to others and try not to make harsh remarks beloved. Otherwise, not accustomed to such behavior Leo immediately cease all communication.

Show your weakness and femininity so that the man wants to protect you and surround you with all kinds of attention. Then you will be able to direct in the right direction almost any of his aspirations.

A Libra woman .

Exceptional diplomats are born under this zodiacal constellation.

It is easy for a woman to charm the Leo, who is hungry for compliments, throwing a few admiring glances and heartfelt phrases. Then she will just need to consolidate the result:

  • by tempering her criticism;
  • by demonstrating how much she appreciates his love;
  • by continuing to seek compromise.

The Scorpio woman

The mystery and irresistibility of the Scorpio woman will help to snag the heart of Leo. In your gaze, the guy will notice hidden emotions, mysterious signs. Pride and self-love will make a man uncover your mystery, and to do this, it is he who will proceed to the conquest of an impregnable fortress.

Since Leo likes communication, a woman should be more talkative and know how to make small talk. If you want to be near your chosen one, you need to overcome your inherent reticence.

A female Sagittarius

“Archers” are considered to be natural-born individualists, so they are little interested in the opinion of others. Such young ladies attract regal “predators” with their natural behavior, indifferent attitude to gossip and rumors.

After the first positive impression you need to attract the lover to your activities. The seeming incompatibility will only attract Leo, and the common cause will hold him close to you.

Capricorn woman

Capricorn is a hard nut to crack for the king of the beasts. The surrounding people prefer to look at the cold and majestic lady, and Leo will need to put a lot of effort to return the attention of society to his person. But the inaccessibility of the “prey” excites in a man a lot of interest.

It is important for a woman to maintain his excitement, showing their own interest, then hiding behind a mask of coldness. Only by such means you can permanently attract the attention of the royal person.

Aquarius woman .

Aquarius women are characterized by an eccentric behavior and unconventional actions, and there lies their zest. Leo will be attracted to your fickle character and ability to carry on a conversation.

However, you shouldn’t show ostentatious indifference. You can’t fool the Leo, but you can alienate him from you. Try to continue the original communication, in this case, every minute he will become more and more attached to you.

Pisces woman .

Girls born under this constellation like to show infantilism and a certain insecurity. This will help create the interest of Leo, who needs an object for guardianship and protection. Getting acquainted with a man can start with a request – let him help you figure out a certain issue.

To prolong the interest of the royal person and win his heart, it is important for a woman:

  • avoid critical remarks;
  • Not to compare him with other men;
  • Do not be demonstratively stubborn.

Thus, dreaming to win the heart of a man-lion, a woman in love with him must always be on top. If the guy makes sure that he found his love, he will not delay with the long-awaited proposal. However, it is impossible to put pressure on him, and even more so to blackmail him. Let Leo himself make this decision and take all the necessary steps.

How to fall in love with a Leo man to the point of insanity: ways to achieve and attract attention

Man born under the sign of Leo like the female sex, not wasting strength and charm. Loves to be the center of attention, compliments, knows how to shine in front of an audience, to present themselves in a favorable light. Date plan includes an exquisite dinner, seasoned with admiration, notes of adoration, worship.

The deed is done – in front of you is a tame kitten, swamped with flowers, messages, soft toys. There is a lot of passion in the relationship, but the king of the zodiac perceives the chosen one as property, jealous of every pole. How to win a male Leo for life – love , admire.

What kind of women like a man-Lion

A Leo woman should have an incredible beauty. The sign of fire takes it as a trophy, a prey. Forget the word “should. The Leo man makes the only right decisions and commits the right actions. The chosen one should recognize it, see the master of destinies, the conqueror of the world, the ruler of the universe.

On her shoulders keeps the home – the king is not adapted to the household, but will gladly cook, take breakfast in bed, pay the bill, if praised.

Important rule: temper temper, not bothering nagging, not fighting for leadership. A sure way to drive his beloved to madness – to outshine him. Job lover – to have a beautiful appearance to make him proud, silent in public.

The partner is not distinguished by manners , hurts without thinking. If the lady has a vulnerable, sensitive character, the situation will lead to a nervous breakdown. Man – emotional, passionate, partner need to skip the words thrown during a quarrel, not trying to understand, to unravel the meaning.

The cherished desire of the zodiac king is a lot of delicious food, without lecturing about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle. The conquest lies through recipes for culinary dishes: meaty, spicy.

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How to attract a Leo man

A cute, uptight simpleton with low self-esteem, a victim complex will not be around. He will look towards the proud girl, surrounded by attention, the queen, the treasure. Those around him should be envious, admiring. The ideal chosen one is an educated companion, a friend, supportive, inspiring, sharing values, aspirations.

A harmonious couple:

How to win the heart of the Leo man: 5 tips

Here are tips for winning the king:

  • If there is a desire to be around – makeup, hair, figure, nails – immaculate. A man is looking for a companion with whom there is something to talk about – forget the vernacular, rural slang.
  • Praise, flatter, so it doesn’t look fake.
  • Forget the games – he can’t stand the pretense of picture manipulation.
  • Don’t allow yourself to make remarks toward family: brother, sister, mother.
  • Lions are a rare type of chosen one who can appreciate sentimental individuals – you can cry over the death of Jack from Titanic.
  • Remind him of his exclusivity at every opportunity, praise him for the gift of a flower, a delicious sandwich and a cute card, fixing a chair, door, closet.

How to make a Leo man fall in love with you to the point of insanity.

To have a companion that is entirely yours – show he is the leader, always right. Allow him to lead the alliance, measured, without rushing. He must be sure that it is him who takes the initiative.

Feeling strong, the partner will keep the love for a long time, the result will be a family. Give a small but unusual gift, which can be demonstrated to the served. Respect, praise in front of girlfriends, mother, sister, notice the little things. Agree to remain a prey, let him think that he is the master of the situation. A wise move that allows you to win.

How does the Leo guy in love behave?

The man-proud, in love becomes a knight, fighting for the favor of the princess of his heart.

Signs of being in love:

  • Demonstrates , affection, passion, romanticism, counting on reciprocity.
  • Nervous when others pay compliments to the girl, but he is pleased to realize what a gorgeous woman has become his chosen one.
  • Missing for three weeks, not answering calls and messages, and becoming active – be sure he is in love, rushes from extreme to extreme.
  • Does crazy things, showing positive qualities, becomes kind, trusting, affectionate.

Proposal of marriage makes unexpectedly, beautifully long gathering, figuring out feelings. He shows respect to his potential wife, listens, and appreciates.

How not to behave with the Leo men

Forget buddies, childhood friends, classmates. The Leo woman is personal property. He – the center of the universe, about fitness, girlfriends sea of interesting projects have to forget – the chosen one should look at him with admiration. Do not rush into extremes – Leo likes girls who love themselves, but insolent, assertive, cold behavior will push away.

Will appreciate emotion, passion, openness, romance, role-playing. Snow queen, uptight, disinterested in sex will not make an impression. You – a strong , a girl who prefers to make decisions on their own? The relationship is not yours. Man will not give leadership.

If you do not want to lose, forget exes, do not compare with the husbands of friends – attack your self-esteem, self-respect. Wait until the elected one to offer to buy a gift, do not beg. Do not play modesty Leo see this as a hint of failure, poverty, inability to provide for women.

There is no need to make an effort, to cheat, to lie in order to get married. When a man is in love, he will do anything to marry show the exclusive right to own a spouse. Be patient, don’t rush him, let him develop the relationship with regal slowness, let him conquer the ultimate trophy.

Give up the right to be in charge so that you can live peacefully with a strong, partner, loving, romantic spouse a caring father. Fall in love with a married man will not work – the man values the family, the spouse, remains faithful. Married once, for love.

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