How to build a relationship with a Virgo man?

Virgo Men in Bed and Relationships

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The Virgo man in bed, love and relationships is very conservative, stingy with emotion and reserved. Transient, casual relations will not interest this man. He needs a serious, honest, trusting relationship with a girl. However, an outwardly attractive, interesting and mysterious guy can repel with his secrecy and restraint.

If a woman is not afraid of difficulties, she will be able to see how gentle and sensual her chosen one can be. And if she is also ready to put up with the shortcomings of Virgo, he will try to become a wonderful life partner for her. Let’s tell you what an intimate relationship with this earthly sign can be like.

Character of a Virgo man

The main characteristics of a Virgo man in love and in bed can be called discretion, politeness and seriousness.

The main characteristics of the Virgo man in love and bed can be described as prudent, well-mannered and serious. He never rushes headlong into a maelstrom and above all thoroughly examine his chosen one. It is important for him that his partner was sincere, genuine and open with him, she must see him as his companion, and not an object for his own benefit. The relationship to his other half in a Virgo man is serious, he will not waste his attention and time on frivolous infatuations. In addition, it is important to him that his beloved possessed a number of traits that are inherent in himself.

In the process of acquaintance, the representatives of this zodiac sign behave very restrained and aloof. On the outside it may seem that the girl did not interest him at all, but this is not always the case. In most cases, such behavior is a defensive reaction, a mask of a cold and secretive man, thanks to which he can conclude how important he is for his potential soulmate. By nature, a man-Devo vulnerable, sentimental and sensitive man who hardly tolerates ruptures and refusals from women.

Make such a man his own is very difficult. The partner must have incredible patience and equanimity to break through the barrier of disbelief and secrecy. You will not wait from men Virgo first step, at least until he is sure of the feelings of his chosen one. The decision about the relationship he takes slowly, dimensionally weighing all the options and accepting the fact that his life will be different. Such men do not like changes and surprises, it is important for them to be ready for anything.

Attracting the attention of a Virgo man

A complicated man like Virgo will never believe that a person can be perfect, so in the process of communication, don’t try to dust your eyes and build yourself up to be something you are not. He will look for a catch and flaws in you, and believe me, he will find them. Sincerity, kindness, naturalness – something that will help put a man-Devo to himself and keep his interest. Keep in mind, he will not accept a woman who wants to be the center of attention, he wants modesty and calmness.

In cohabitation, be prepared for the fact that a Virgo man will demand that you live by his rules. Usually representatives of this sign of the zodiac have golden hands, they are great hosts and family men. Do not destroy these qualities in him, give him the will: let him quietly repair, assemble and build everything in the house. This will make him feel needed and important, and the potential hidden under a layer of uncertainty will be revealed. Give him the opportunity to lead the couple, you’ll see how much you will love the Virgo man, giving himself all the rest. Try to support him in all his endeavors and manifestations, and you can do this in words, and joint participation.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are important to feel an emotional and spiritual connection with their partner, and their inner sentimental child needs attention and praise. In addition to the excellent compatibility of a Virgo man in bed with his partner, this connection guarantees his endless love and admiration. He will be good next to the woman with whom he can talk and philosophize.

A Virgo man is a very caring and attentive partner.

Even knowing all of your weaknesses, he will never use that knowledge to get back at you, to teach you a lesson or to hurt you. Generosity is one of the hallmarks of a Virgo. Understanding between partners occurs at some intuitive and mental level, so, having met such a man, take care of him and never let him go.

In a relationship with such a man, you should show your affection and love, despite the fact that you will have to be patient before he makes his next move. Remember that he should not be rushed and deprived of independence. The Virgo man is accustomed to making decisions thoughtfully and seriously, and making a couple is no exception. He will manifest himself only after this endless stream of emotions, infatuation and euphoria stops to take a sober look at your relationship and understand whether you have a future.

Virgo men are skeptics and realists by nature, so even after creating an alliance with you, he will not once remind himself, and you, that nothing in this world is forever, including your relationship. The more time you spend together, the more you will be able to achieve this, the better your relationship will be. The more time you will be together, the sooner he will give himself up to his feelings, ceasing to see fickleness and calculation in everything.

A Virgo man can be a great listener, but it is important to make him put aside his business and really talk to you. He will be glad if your story will be devoid of excessive drama and “water”. In any case, the representative of this sign of the zodiac will give you his shoulder without a doubt and provide any possible support. In addition, he should not wait for a catch or deception, these qualities are not inherent in its nature, but if you still noticed him for such a “sin” in the beginning of communication, do not show it, forgive him this oversight.

Man-Devo in bed and love

Virgo Men in love and in bed are serious and collected, as well as in normal life. He will not pursue some illusory peace and satisfaction, and short-term flirting is clearly not his element. In his arms will be only that woman who will suit him in all respects. Even enveloped in feelings of love and admiration, the man-Devo in bed does not lose his temper. He always thinks with a sober head, seeing the picture ahead.

Do not expect from him a violent demonstration of feelings and emotions, in this respect, he is quite stingy. However, you will not once see what a caring, attentive companion he is, ready to provide you with comfort, peace and stability, if you turn out to be the one. The horoscope of the male Virgo indicates that in bed he does not show strong activity, referring to sex, rather, as a pleasant but burdensome process, but for the sake of the beloved woman will be ready to make an exception and behave as a passionate lover.

Men of this zodiac sign are very responsible to the details. They will never forget the important dates of your couple, always prepare a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your partner’s birthday or at any time bring her medicine when she is sick. In other words, the main characteristic of a Virgo man in bed and in love is to take full responsibility for his partner’s comfort on his shoulders.

Virgo men are characterized by a sense of possessiveness.

They will jealously guard their soul mate, never betray and do not tolerate treason. They also can not tolerate the manifestation of feelings in public, vulgar behavior and vulgarity. Never put up a fight, and if disappointed in his partner, just go away, cutting off all ties. They take any termination of a relationship to heart. During this period they become especially withdrawn.

If we talk about what a Virgo man is like in bed, you can describe him as a calm and passive partner. He is not characterized by inventiveness or eccentricity. A man of the Virgo zodiac sign will never experiment in bed and come up with something new to satisfy sexual needs. Of course, he will try to please his beloved, give her attention, give her pleasure, but he will hardly be able to satisfy the “non-standard” needs of his partner.

What does a Virgo man like in bed? Traditional techniques. However, with the right approach, the “hot” partner will be able to teach the Virgo conservative something new and interesting, share his fantasies and push him in the right direction.

If you are not satisfied with the monotony of sex with a Virgo man, make variety in your intimate life carefully. Do it so that your conservator feels exceptional and special, otherwise your night, full of romance and sensual caresses could turn into a soothing and self-esteem-raising offended lover. Start small, such as the use of lubricant or a particularly thin rubber contraception. A man of this zodiac sign is distinguished by his responsibility and care for his partner, so he is likely to agree to such small aids.

A Virgo man is the type of person who positively accepts the dominance of a woman in bed. Sometimes this position of the partner makes them feel comfortable, and at the same time everyone remains satisfied. A girl with such a partner feels bolder and more confident, and a guy tries to impress his beloved and exalt her to the top of bliss. However, it is worth observing a measure in everything, if the lady overdo it with pressure and influence, it can cause the partner to be disgusted and abandon the relationship.

What kind of women like a Virgo man

A Virgo man cannot boast of a huge number of novels, but this is not due to his modesty, rationality or reticence. He is simply a faithful partner and lover. A representative of this sign will not be changed over the trifles and seek oblivion in hundreds of women. Any rupture he endures painfully and subsequently begins other relationships with great care. At times it takes a lot of effort to melt the frozen heart of a man. A striking representative of such Devs is Keanu Reeves. He does not have an impressive list of partners, but he has shown himself to be a loyal and faithful man.

Virgo is a fairly complex sign of the zodiac, and not every woman can withstand his temper.

Virgo is quite a complex sign of the zodiac, and not every woman will be able to stand his temper. In addition to a sense of tact, benevolence, softness and sensitivity, his chosen one must have infinite patience. If you are not able to accept criticism from his man calmly and spitefully, you are obviously not on the way. In such a pedant, like Virgo, nature put all the details to review and bring to perfection. If you are ready to put up with it and accept this side of your partner, your union has a chance for a long existence.

Of all the zodiac signs, the best compatibility in bed and in love between a Virgo man and a Capricorn woman. In addition, long-term and harmonious relationships Virgo representatives can build with Taurus. With fiery Leo and passionate Scorpio, you can create a trusting tandem, if you make some effort. If next to a man-Devo you feel comfortable and understand that he is ready to take you for who you are, be sure – you have already conquered him and took a special place in his heart.

Sexual compatibility of the Virgo man with other signs

Virgo man and Aries woman in bed are poorly compatible. They are two completely different people. They have no common value system, and their approaches to life are also significantly different. Even despite the interest that the Aries woman arouses in a man, he will not be able to meet her needs in sex. She needs passionate action and initiative, while he needs tenderness and emotional connection.

The Taurus woman and Virgo man have a fairly high sexual and love compatibility. Thanks to similar characters and views on what is going on, mutual understanding will reign in their pair. However, a man needs to moderate his predilection for criticism, because Taurus does not like it.

The compatibility of male Virgo and female Gemini in love, marriage and bed is very contradictory. The fact is that Gemini are windy signs that are always in search of themselves and something new, they are impulsive and unpredictable. On the one hand, such superficial traits of character will attract the man-Devo, but on the other hand, they will piss you off. Eventually, the flow of criticism from the man is so annoying to a Gemini woman that their relationship will be exhausted. Marriage between them, even if concluded, is doomed to rupture.

Male Virgo and female Cancer in bed will be quite happy with each other. Sex between the representatives of these zodiac signs will be interesting and passionate, and the marriage is strong and lasting due to the deep connection between the partners. A female Cancer will feel safe next to such a man, and he, in turn, will feel peace and tenderness next to her.

Virgo man and Leo woman in bed are not compatible very well, because the partner is a passionate and confident person who needs a man to satisfy her needs. Virgo, on the contrary, prefers a quiet and measured intimate life. In addition, a representative of this sign of the zodiac will not be able to refrain from harsh criticism, which will cause the Lioness resentment and irritation. To create a strong union, partners must be willing to compromise and make concessions.

Male Virgo and female Virgo in bed, marriage and in love are not the most successful union. They are both withdrawn and shy, so, apart from boredom, they are unlikely to experience anything else in intimate and joint life. It is important that at least one of them adds some “spice” to the relationship, but it will not be easy for them to do so.

A good compatibility between a Virgo man and a Libra woman in bed is unlikely, because they are people from different worlds. Women-libras may sometimes be overwhelmed by unbridled passion and desire for sex, which will be incomprehensible and unacceptable to Virgo. In addition, the tendency to criticism and isolation, because of which a man can not assure his partner that she is the most beloved, will be very hurt the delicate nature of Libra. The relationship that arises between these two will be short-lived and marriage will be impossible.

If the Virgo man is willing to listen to his Scorpio woman in bed, their union can be very successful. As a couple, they have a great understanding and similar outlook on life. They always have something to talk about, and they will always figure out how to spend their time. If the Scorpio woman has a leading role in sex and the Virgo man in life, their union will be strong and long-lasting.

Perhaps the union between a Virgo man and a Sagittarius woman is the most impossible and failing of all possible. Sagittarius will never make concessions or follow the rhythm set by Virgo. They are completely different in sex: she is hot and passionate, he is cold and uninitiative. In the end, the dissatisfaction, which will be experienced, the Sagittarius girl will quench somewhere on the side, and the Virgo man will not tolerate and forgive this.

Male Virgo and female Capricorn can create a beautiful couple, the basis of which is respect, understanding and honesty. They have similar characteristics, both are characterized by calmness, insight and restraint. All this is reflected in their measured intimate life, which at one point may seem monotonous and boring to them, but this is not something for which they will be ready to break up their happy relationship.

How to behave with a Virgo man

It is not easy to get along with Virgo men – everyone who has had time to deal with the heavy, irreconcilable character of representatives of this zodiac sign knows this. Authority, intolerance of other people’s shortcomings and desire to play “first fiddle” in a relationship often makes girls sob in the pillow at night. But, despite all these shortcomings, few women are willing to give up on a Virgo man in good faith. A paradox? Not at all. It’s just that these tough guys are given one incredible quality: they can make their favorite ladies feel like princesses from a fairy tale, who are cherished and pampered. Even if not always, even if in between quarrels and moralizing, but they do.

A strict and implacable in everyday matters, in love a guy born under this sign of the zodiac, turns into a real prince on a white horse: he is tender, gentle, caring. Few beautiful ladies can resist his advances – the defense melts with every declaration of love, with every compliment and sign of sincere attention. Letting into the heart of a man with such ambiguous character, to cope with himself and get rid of it is difficult – not enough strength or desire. How to behave with a man-Devo, how to cope with his leadership ambitions and make him accept himself as an equal partner?

Character of a Virgo man

Man-Devo is very hardworking, he seeks to create ideal conditions for a comfortable life for his family. Coming home after work, he will easily fix the vacuum cleaner or paint the windows instead of a well-deserved rest on the couch. But do not expect that he will allow you at this time to relax in front of the TV: if he works, you have to work as hard as he does. Accuracy, pedantry and excessive attention to detail can drive anyone crazy, but if you want to win this man, you will have to develop these qualities in yourself.

These men are very punctual and can’t stand those who are constantly late and forget about appointments. If for some reason he can not come on the date – be sure he will warn you about it in advance and detail the reason for what is happening. More man-Devo is very conservative in their views on women’s decency and honor. Although he sometimes behaves frivolously and may have nothing to commit to an affair with a married woman, but this lady will be treated with the share of internal condemnation and hostility. Representatives of this zodiac sign, more than anyone else, believe that one of the main virtues of a woman is faithfulness to her husband.

Virgo guys have an amazing ability to adapt to any situation, they can succeed where other men inevitably fail. With age they “acquires” the necessary connections, and even their friends by “pure chance” are people who can help in this or that situation. Nevertheless, these people treat the concept of “friendship” very responsibly: if they call someone a friend (no matter for what reasons), they will sacrifice a lot in order to help in a difficult moment. They expect the same attitude towards themselves, and if they do not receive it, then for a long time, they are sincerely worried.

Men of this sign have a wonderful sense of humor, they can make people laugh even when the eyes are full of tears. This ability often serves as a major trump card in winning a lady of the heart – girls adore those who can make them smile and enjoy life. In addition, Virgo are talented leisure organizers. For them, it costs nothing to come up with an amazing leisure program with friends and bring it to life. And for the girl he loves, a pragmatic kind of Virgo is able to arrange such a romantic date, which she will brag about to her girlfriends for a long, long time.

What girls like a Virgo man

In order to win the heart of a Virgo man, you have to try hard. If only because of his very high requirements for his soul mate. He is not one of those who are satisfied with the expression “Love is evil …” – sequel you know. His beloved woman should be practically ideal, and the list of requirements can be written on hundreds of pages.

Virgo needs an intelligent, decent, erudite and hardworking woman who will talk about painting, politics, and cooking recipes. And not just talk! It takes a lot of talent to keep this shrew down. This is especially true in terms of homemaking. If you belong to the category of cute women who can not stand cleaning, cooking and ironing her husband’s shirts several times a day, then get ready: life with this guy will become an eternal stress. He is not ashamed to accuse you of being a lousy hostess and that life with you – the torture for any homo sapiens male. And believe me – it will be the most innocuous words to you.

So, if you really want to charm a male Virgo, then try to show the best side of the household: keep the house in perfect order, cook delicious dishes and diligently sorted socks in a special drawer for laundry. And in general, the more meticulous and neat you are, the more chances to win his true respect. And otherwise you just do not get along with this guy.

But what if you can neither be called a hostess, nor a polymath? What to do, if the heart is given to a man, whose demands go beyond your own abilities? Do not despair. In fact, you have a chance to settle forever in his rational heart. Of course, you will have more difficult, and there will be more conflicts, but if you dare, then everything is possible. The main thing – to be a strong, confident woman. After all, if you meet all the ideal requirements, but you can not resist his desire to suppress and dominate, then very soon you will lose any value in these beautiful, haughty eyes.

In order to live with a Virgo man, you need to have a strong character and the ability to put in place an arrogant man at a time when he begins to consider himself the center of the universe. We must be able to cool the ardor of this “narcissist” in time to his thoughts and feelings come back to normal. Until the moment of awareness of his own “earthiness” Virgo will harass you with reproaches, most often – unfounded. And do not be afraid to argue with him! Oddly enough, but submissive and all-forgiving, megapatient woman bore him much faster than that with a predatory fire in his eyes will assert their right to independence.

What is a Virgo man in bed?

In sex, the Virgo man is inventive and tireless. But … as any “narcissist”, he always needs verbal confirmation of his exclusivity. “Oh, darling, you are the best. “, “I’ve never had such an amazing man before!” – You can say that to him relentlessly, you won’t miss. Even if these words will serve as overt flattery, you will not make a mistake: on the contrary, after dithyrambs Virgo will redouble his efforts and try to prove the rightness of the compliments.

And in general, in bed, men of this sign of the zodiac are trying hard to give real pleasure to their women, sometimes forgetting about their own needs. In sex for them there is no sweeter sound than the moaning orgasmic woman. Therefore, few of the ladies are able to lay claim to this man in matters of intimacy. Moreover, the guys are not lazy to read erotic literature and always know how to behave in bed with ladies. They know exactly where to look for the mysterious G-spot, which erogenous zones should be stimulated and in which positions a woman can reach the most vivid orgasm.

It would seem that such pedantry is somewhat embarrassing, after all, sex is not an exact science, it requires spontaneity and feelings. But how much pleasure these well-read men can give to women who long for attention and accurate knowledge of the female body! However, do not forget that an important role for the male Virgo is cleanliness partner in matters of intimate hygiene. A neat intimate haircut and the smell of freshly washed body are the best aphrodisiacs for representatives of this zodiac sign.

Another definite advantage of Virgo men can be considered the fact that they are extremely discreet about their love victories. You can not fear that after a stormy night of love, the environment will know the details of your sexual preferences. All that was between you and will remain a secret for two – these guys prefer to save the experience inside, rather than splash it out in front of everyone.

But if for some reason you decide to defame him in the eyes of his friends, he is not ashamed to pay back the same coin. So try to keep your mouth shut even if you strongly resent him: annoyance may soon pass, and the unpleasant talk about your relationship will not subside for a long time.

Becoming the one and only for a Virgo man is not an easy task, but if you have coped with it, a bright, interesting life awaits you. A man born under this sign of the zodiac will never let you get bored and will love as it happens in movies and love affairs. But in return, he will demand complete dedication, loyalty and the ability to cope with conflict situations. And without them, alas, it will not work, because the desire of Virgo men to make their women be perfect is unfathomable and endless.

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