How to build a relationship with a girl?

How to build a relationship with a girl

In this article I will not dwell on aspects of family psychology, which we will talk about below, but will reveal the basic patterns of the initial stage of a relationship, which I have learned from my own experience.

Of course it is blasphemous to invent any rules in human relationships, but in the course of the seminars “Developing Relationships for Men” I became convinced that any material is better absorbed if it is presented in the form of drawings, lists, rules, formulas and schemes. So here are the rules that I believe are necessary to make sure that your relationship with a woman does not end before it begins:

Do NOT have an affair with a woman who has more problems than you do. You see, what makes a grown man different is that he is very difficult to change from the outside. For this reason, if you meet a woman who has problems with relatives, a tendency to depression, mental illness, etc., etc., think several times before you get attached to her. Her problems are something you are unlikely to be able to change, and even if you can, it’s not at all certain that this woman will stay with you.

DO NOT call often. This gives away your unreliability and thirst for attention. Many women will incline you to make frequent phone calls. If your experience with women isn’t much, infrequent calls will help you keep the mystery, keep the intrigue, keep the game alive. Let your every call be a surprise to her. Rekindle a woman’s desire to meet with you.

Meet with a woman NOT more than twice a week. Give a woman the opportunity to miss you! Have you noticed how obsessed a man can be with wanting something, and how indifferent he can be to the object of his desires when he gets it. Not too frequent meetings awaken in a woman the need to fight for you, to conquer you. In addition, if you see each other less often, you will really like her behavior, not only in the home, but also in bed.

Relationships should NOT develop too rapidly. Most relationships fall apart because people rush into them too quickly. This happens for several reasons. First, they don’t get to know each other well enough. It’s only later that they find out that they can’t stand each other, and it destroys their union from the inside out. Secondly, the suddenly erupted passion takes a lot of physical and moral strength, and in a few weeks he can not withstand such a frantic pace, tired and exhausted. Thirdly, the impetuous relationship forces people to rush headlong into it. They forget about their relatives, their friends, their difficulties at work, their problems at home. They simply turn off logical thinking and “run” all their affairs. Sooner or later they encounter everything that has piled up during their affair, and then the mind begins to actively protest.

NO dedication at the beginning of a relationship. Absolutely not. This is the moment when your help and assistance can completely destroy her interest in you. This is the time when you need to think of yourself, to make her respect you. And with your sponsorship, psychological support, etc., you risk getting an opening for her to be just another girlfriend, a dumpster for her problems.

Punish a woman for disrespecting you. This is a style of behavior you need to adhere to from the moment you first saw her lips in motion. Literally from your first contact, you need to be ready for her checks at all times. CONSTANTLY! Otherwise, you’ll look too needy, and she’ll at best be holding out on you for the collection. If a woman has learned that she can mistreat you, it’s very hard to convince her otherwise. PREVENTION IS ALWAYS EASIER THAN CURE.

In a healthy relationship is healthy jealousy. Don’t judge a woman for making eyes at other men. On the contrary – do the same. Expand your social circle, flirt with all women without exception, pay them compliments, woo them. Keep in mind that if the reasons for jealousy are not confirmed – the relationship is not destroyed, but only strengthened.

Experiment in sex. Nothing alienates people like monotonous intimacy! I’ve said before that all women are attracted to adventurism. And that’s especially true of sex. If you’re used to being gentle in bed, try switching to rough and vice versa. Look at the bed as the last place you would want to have sex. Try new places, new possibilities, new techniques, new positions. However, you can read about it in specialized books. Fortunately today on the shelves of stores sexy literature – at least in abundance.

Do not pay attention to the words. Sooner or later everyone comes to the conclusion that words are of secondary importance in this world. Judging people and relationships by their actions is the telescope through which you need to watch the woman next to you. Think about whether her words really match what she’s doing. And be careful with declarations of love. In the first stage of a relationship, such confessions can greatly diminish the interest of either partner.

Both partners must invest in the relationship – otherwise it will collapse. This is probably the most important rule of thumb. In order for your relationship with a woman to find its development, you both have to be able to both receive and give, you both have to be proactive in asking: What can I do to make our relationship even better? The reason any union breaks down is usually because at least one of the partners has let the relationship go to waste. Don’t make this so common mistake. Find a woman who will also go out of her way to help you.

6 tips on how to start a relationship with a girl you like

It seems that there is nothing unclear: saw, met, began to date. But in reality everything is more complicated, especially if you used to look for women only for one night and did not consider yourself as a faithful guy at all.

6 tips on how to start a relationship with a girl you like

Of course, in general, it’s hard to figure out how to properly build a relationship with a girl if you’re not sure you’re fuckable. But here’s the thing: while you’re figuring out which mare to ride up to a girl, a bolder man might steal her away. So remember once and for all: Act quickly and efficiently.

I, as the mastermind behind AKLONI, have prepared some interesting tips for you on how to start a relationship with a woman.

Personal qualities

Much depends on the age of your chosen one. For example, young females are all about the bad boy with the languid eyes. They don’t give a fuck about the rest. So if you’ve got your eye on one, you’re gonna have to be a fucking alpha.

Yes, there are pluses in relationships with hotties in their 20s… young body, inexperience. All in all, you can try to bring up the perfect woman for yourself. But there will come a point when you won’t be interested in her and she will be bored with you. So you have to have feelings between you on the maximal for something to work out.

Learn to distinguish between ordinary sexual attraction and real feelings, and you do not have to think how to build a relationship with a girl. Because essentially, a harmonious relationship between two mature and self-sufficient partners begins on its own. You just meet, like each other, start spending more time together.

If you notice a status woman and want to pick her up, you have to “grow up” to her level. In fact, if you’re developing, pumping yourself up, your mindset, you’re not surrounded by other women. When you start to value your time and comfort, the desire to run after unavailable queens disappears on its own.

So the best thing you can do for a normal relationship – to pump yourself up. Become the man around whom a woman will feel feminine and desirable. And you will no longer have to think about how to build a relationship, they will develop naturally.

Learn more about women

To understand how to build a relationship, you need to know more about your partner. You don’t have to hire a detective to do this, you can just ask. Let’s say you met in a cafe. If she came on the first date, it means you are interested enough in her.

So ⅓ of the job is done. Now you have to not screw it up. If you’ve read my past articles, you know how a pumped up man should behave on a first date. But here’s what you should look out for in her behavior – read below:

  • So, she’s here and that’s a great sign. She’s interested in you.
  • Women will never directly tell a man that they like him, so open your eyes wide and watch for her hints.

Her body language will show you how she feels about your company. If she’s comfortable, her posture will be open, she won’t try to cover herself with her hands. She won’t be tense and, most importantly, her body will be turned in your direction.

It’s simple: if you’re sitting across from each other and she’s pointing with one foot toward the exit and winking at the waiter with her left eye, it means she insistently wants to get off, but her drawn clock doesn’t yet show the right time.

In the course of your interaction, find out more about her interests. A person will always be happy to talk about herself if she feels comfortable in your company. And remember, even if you found a soul mate, starting a relationship with a girl just during the first meetings will only scare her.

Be patient at least until the third meeting. Then you’ll get to know each other better and, most likely, you’ll have sex already. So you’ll know for sure if it’s just carnal attraction or the beginning of real feelings.

Frequent Meetings

If you’re comfortable with each other’s company, you’ll see each other as often as possible. No man will want to waste his time on a partner he’s not interested in, so if a woman agrees to a meeting offer, you can say that you’ve already started dating.

It is appropriate to think about how to start talking about a relationship with a girl in only three cases:

    You are 15 years old and the start of a relationship with a girl begins only with the phrase, “Will you go out with me?” At puberty, we don’t yet know how to read our partner’s desires, so this phrase is extremely important.

There’s a lot of crap going on in your relationship. You’re kind of together and kind of not. You can not understand how the woman feels about you.

Then it’s worth taking a moment and start talking about your status for each other.

In other cases, the relationship starts on its own: you see each other more often, you’ve been to her house and she to yours, and maybe your toothbrushes are firmly planted in each other’s dwellings.

Yes, there are little bells and whistles to pay attention to. For example, if you’ve been together for over six months, but you’ve never seen her friends, it’s worth checking with the girl to see what the reason is. Maybe you’re the only one who thinks this relationship is serious?

Flirting, gifts, compliments

Look, touching and flirting are extremely important in seducing a girl. If you don’t show her what you want, she may take your hints the wrong way.

If at the initial stage, both partners will still be shy to openly show sympathy, that is, touches will be as casual as possible, looks indirect, then with each subsequent meeting, you will pick up the pace.

A couple of dates ago you were sitting across from each other, and today you’re sitting next to each other in an embrace. That’s a fucked-up hint, isn’t it? If you keep pestering her for six months with a little kiss on the cheek goodbye, she’s just gonna get tired of the whole thing.

How do you know what stage of the relationship?

At the beginning you both feel shy. Even you, no matter how macho you are, you feel a slight discomfort: what to talk about, how to look, where to put your dick up? With each meeting there are fewer and fewer of these moments, and sooner or later you’ll suck her normally, and she won’t mind.

So the stage of the relationship depends on what the woman allows you not only in private, but also in the presence of friends and strangers. The more time you have together, the more comfortable and personal conversations you have in your meetings.

Don’t forget the golden rule: “Women love with their ears.” For a normal man is not shameful to give a compliment, even to a strange woman. At a minimum you make her feel good, at a maximum you can get a piece of sex.

So before you build a relationship with a girl, learn how to pay them a compliment. But remember, they should be as truthful as possible, women don’t like to be bullshitted.

As for gifts and flowers, remember, for women, just like for children, gifts are another language of love. That is, your bouquet combined with a compliment will show your feelings much better than an hour-long tirade about, “How fucking great you are, Lenka!”

Yes, there are women who don’t know how to accept gifts, and they don’t want to give them, to be honest. But it’s often not their fault they get assholes who lower their self-esteem below the waterline. To real, status women, you’ll want to give gifts yourself, just to see her happy eyes one more time.

How do you start a relationship with a girl you’ve known for a long time?

It happens that the absurd classmate over the years turns into a beautiful swan. And you want to have an affair with her, but it’s kind of shy, because she knows you even before you were pumped and achieved. It seems like she’ll only see you as that pimply little brat from the back of the class.

But let’s not make assumptions. Not only does a person change over the years, but her mindset also changes. If you saw something in this woman over time that attracted you, why can’t she feel attracted to you? I mean, you’ve changed, too.

So until you ask her out, you won’t know what this girl feels for you. Remember, in any business, until you try, you won’t get results.

But don’t push too hard. She may have certain attitudes in her head that prevent her from seeing you as a strong and self-sufficient man. You can try your best, but in her eyes you’ll be that ridiculous kid from the band. In this case, you have two choices:

  1. Put the screws to the hottie and conquer another pinnacle. Trust me, there are millions of women around who want a real man by their side.
  2. Show her that you have changed not in words, but in actions. You can periodically remind yourself, invite her to coffee and send flowers to the office. Do not insist, just be always in her sight. The woman herself should want to meet with you.

What is not acceptable in a relationship?

Everyone makes mistakes: in relationships, in work, in pumping up personal qualities. But there is a big difference between the stupid repetition of the same actions that do not bring satisfaction, and work on the mistakes to improve relations with yourself and the world around you.

So in the top mistakes of men in relationships with women were the following items:

Stupid jealousy. A man who is self-confident, will not be jealous over nothing, even if he is next to Miss World 2020. Jealousy is a sign of insecurity, and why would a normal woman want an indecisive hysterical woman around who makes scandals over any fleeting glance?

You’re not paying attention to her life. Every time you go out with friends, you complain that yours has annoyed you with her stupid chitchat.

It’s important for a woman to feel that you’re not just fucking her, but that you’re generally interested in what she’s breathing. Why would she want an idle dick on legs around her when there are normal men around?

You don’t appreciate her actions. If for you a clean house, a cooked dinner and her butt next to you is a self-evident event, then don’t expect normal support from her. Sooner or later a normal woman will leave such a man.

In a relationship, it’s important to understand the value of each other’s actions.

So that you don’t have any more questions about how to start a relationship with a woman, pump yourself up. Then you will become the kind of man who can get any woman!

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