How to build a relationship with a girl?

10 tips to help strengthen relationships

At first, a relationship seems like some kind of game, flirtation, conquest to you. Then you start to enjoy it, you’re relaxed. You’re doing well, and you don’t need to do anything for it. After that comes the moment of lapping it up.

Often, over time, things slip into domesticity and habit. Partners are just comfortable living together, and no one wants to start all over again. So it’s better to have an incomplete relationship than no relationship at all. But the relationship just needs to be strengthened.

If you are not satisfied with this model, you need to understand and accept one fact: relationships are work.

I will give you 10 tips that will help strengthen the relationship, take it to the next level and get rid of boredom and banality.

10 tips to help strengthen relationships

When you shouldn’t start a relationship:

  • Pressure from friends or family. If everyone keeps telling you that it’s already time to start some kind of relationship, you shouldn’t give in and get caught up in the opinions of those around you. It does not matter how old you are. You have to remember that this is your life. And you don’t owe anyone anything. You don’t have to live your life the way other people want you to, even those closest to you.
  • Loneliness. In those moments when a person is very lonely, he tends to think that it is a new relationship that can save him. Another fairly common mistake. You will never close that void with just another girl. You have to find the reason in yourself and figure out why you’re having this feeling in the first place. Maybe you’re leading a passive lifestyle. And you lack new colors and emotions.
  • Naive infatuation. Or in other words, shifting responsibility. Let’s say something in your life isn’t working out. In general, everything goes wrong. And suddenly you think that love can save you from all the troubles and disappointments. My advice: solve all the problems, fix those moments that cause questions. That’s not what strengthens a relationship.
  • Complexes. You’re trying to numb your complexes with the help of another person who is in love with you, admires you, feeds your ego. This is the wrong approach from the very beginning. It only tells you that you need the other person to be okay. It’s better to work on your self-development and try to get over your insecurities.

1- Be realistic.

Know the difference between love and falling in love and euphoria. It’s only at first it seems that it has no flaws. A little later you’ll realize that not everything will be so easy and cloudless. That sometimes she can be in a bad mood or have problems in life. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship; your connection can come with unexpected surprises.

Sometimes it will eat away at your nerves. But if it’s your loved one, you need to be prepared for such unpleasant moments, cherish your connection. You’re a guy, a man – be wiser.

Yes, it’s not as magical and fabulous as it seemed in the beginning. But it’s honest and mature. Don’t be afraid to take responsibility. Be ready to solve not only your own problems, but also the girl’s problems. In return, you will get the same support and complicity.

2. Respect your partner.

This is what a strong relationship is based on. Quarrels and scandals will test the strength of your couple. And, if you pass it, things will stabilize later on. This is when it is extremely important to show respect for your girlfriend and not to cross the line.

Another important point is self-respect. If you don’t respect yourself, who will? You will be constantly striving to prove that you are worthy of a girl’s love and attention. That’s not male behavior.

Don’t complain about your girlfriend. If you don’t like something about her, tell her about it.

Show respect for your girlfriend’s hobbies. You’re two completely different people, so it’s logical that your partner may have completely different interests.

Respect your girlfriend’s opinion. Don’t decide everything alone and think that making absolutely all the decisions for two is a good thing. Respect her opinion, listen to her. Be a team.

3. discuss problems.

You’ll never solve problems in your relationship if you don’t talk about them. There has to be trust between you and the girl to do that. If you don’t have it, arguments will turn into a vicious circle. If you’re not happy with your girlfriend’s behavior, talk to her about it quietly.

Share with her fears and doubts. Even the ones you don’t tell your best friends. Believe me, she’ll be able to understand you and be able to find the right words.

Always keep all your promises. Do not turn into a windbag. Keep your word.

Don’t think you’re right in every conflict. Try to put yourself in the place of the girl and try to understand her dissatisfaction. Often in any conflict both are wrong.

4. Don’t try to control your girlfriend always and in everything.

Total control – this is what can ruin even the strongest relationship. She doesn’t have to give up something all the time to keep you calm. One day she will get tired of it.

Likewise, you shouldn’t report back to her. You shouldn’t check her phone, social media, don’t let her go out with her girlfriends, and so on. Would you like that kind of attitude?

If you’re afraid to give her complete freedom of action, it just shows that you’re not confident in yourself. Deal with your complexes and your paranoia will go away.

5. Be prepared for both of you to change.

You can’t know what a girl will be like in a few years. And what you will be. This is one of the main problems with many couples. They are not prepared for the changes that are happening to them.

They don’t understand that it’s absolutely normal for a person to change their appearance, beliefs, outlook on life, circle of friends. And they demand that the partner be the same as the moment they met. Such a relationship will not last long.

It is unrealistic, and you should clearly understand it. In order to be better prepared for these changes, you need to take more interest in your girlfriend’s life, her hobbies and hobbies. And most importantly, it is to be respectful of everything that happens in her life.

6. Learn to fight.

It probably sounds very strange to you, but it’s the right fights that can not only strengthen, but also save your relationship. What can make a relationship fall apart:

  • Criticizing your partner’s character (insults, switching to personalities rather than evaluating actions).
  • Shifting blame (everything and always the other person is to blame, but not you).
  • Insults (the fight can be over in a few minutes, but the words that were said in a burst of anger will stick in your head for a long time).
  • Walking away from an argument (when you hold back negative emotions and carry it inside, then it leads to a much more serious problem than just another conflict).

7. Learn to forgive.

There’s no need to delude yourself with the illusion that you’ll be able to change a girl. She is an adult and mature person. Accept the fact that you are different people. All you need to do is learn to forgive the girl for all her imperfections.

How to learn to forgive:

  • Once the fight is over, you don’t have to think and analyze who was right. Learn to leave all negative memories in the past. Don’t bring up grievances and resentments you’ve already talked through the next time.
  • You don’t have to do any good deeds, expecting your girlfriend to return the favor. That’s not manly. If you do something, do it gratuitously. And don’t expect anything in return. Make up first without expecting her to do the same.
  • If your girlfriend did something wrong, it doesn’t mean she did it on purpose. Everyone makes mistakes, you shouldn’t take it too seriously. Ask what caused her to behave this way. State your grievances and close the subject.

8. Be pragmatic.

There is no such thing as the ideal and you should forget about the “perfect relationship.” Such things exist in romance books and movies. You have to be pragmatic and understand your and her strengths. Based on this knowledge already try to properly allocate responsibilities.

Beyond that, there are issues that are worth discussing at the beginning of your relationship. For example, how will you determine where and when to go on vacation? How to divide expenses, who is ready to take on what area of responsibility? How much can you and your girlfriend spend from a shared budget without consulting each other?

This may seem silly and trifling, but after a while, you’ll realize that this is what saves your relationship.

9. Remember the little things.

Think back to the very beginning of your relationship, you were courting your girlfriend, giving her flowers, giving her compliments. Then all of that was no longer necessary. The mundane moments knuckled up.

It is very important, after a certain time, to pay attention to the little things and try to please your girlfriend. For example, you can ask her out on a date, go to the movies together or have dinner at a restaurant. It is also important to try to spend as much time together on weekends. But not lying on the couch, but to go somewhere together and be active.

It is these simple tricks can save and restore the relationship, no matter how long you are together.

You also need to pay proper attention to sex. Sexual intimacy several times a week not only promotes harmony in the relationship, but also improves physical well-being.

10. Learn to catch the wave.

Waves in a relationship are the ups and downs you go through together. And that any normal couple goes through.

Some of these periods may last a few days, some may last a couple of months, and some may even last a couple of years. There’s nothing wrong with that. You have to accept this condition and learn to live with it. Support your partner and look at the problems as something that is passing, something you have to work on together.

A huge number of factors can affect each of your lives: job changes, quarrels with friends and family, moving, difficult financial situation. You need to be as loyal as possible to such changes in life and try to support each other.

How to Develop a Relationship with a Girl

Before you develop a relationship with a girl, you have to make sure you make the right choice. Otherwise, instead of the union of your dreams you will get a lot of stress, and if you decide to break up, you will even get to know the girl from a completely unattractive side. There’s no need to rush into a relationship, but you shouldn’t slow down, especially if you’re serious. In this article you will learn how to strengthen a relationship with a girl, but if this is not enough for you and you want to know everything about seduction and female psychology, then use my online courses on seduction. They will help you always stay the leader and never hear “no” from beautiful ladies. But speaking of relationships, it’s worth looking at exactly what you’ll have to work on first.

Article content: “How to Develop a Relationship with a Girl.”

The main areas to develop in a relationship

If you’re thinking about how to keep a relationship with a girl and develop it, it’s important not to miss important nuances. You can emphasize the sexual part and feelings, but forget about other important things, which will eventually lead to difficulties. There are a few basic components of a union to consider when working on a relationship:

  1. Recreation together, interests, doing household chores. If everyone is on their own, and you will meet only in bed, you will soon find that you have nothing much to talk about. Romance and displays of affection can be in simple domestic situations.
  2. Similar views on relationships, life, the future. If you are categorically not ready in the next 5 years to have a baby, and the girl already sees herself as a mother, it will be a problem in 9 months. It is important to talk regularly with your girlfriend about how she imagines your relationship, what she expects from it, what she lacks.
  3. An intimate relationship should suit both of you. She may be uncomfortable saying what she wants or what she doesn’t like. Try new things, monitor her reactions. People change and periodically you need to make changes in intimacy as well.
  4. Relationships with family, friends. It is worth establishing communication with relatives and her close friends.
  5. The household also needs to be worked on, as well as the distribution of responsibilities. If you already live together, you have to be more demanding of yourself, not just to her. If your mother used to do your laundry, cook and clean, combining several jobs, you are unlikely to get that in a relationship from a girl.

That said, don’t immediately think about how to improve your relationship with your girlfriend on all fronts. Solve problems as they arise, but before they cause consequences. Each stage of the relationship has its own challenges.

The 5 Stages of Relationship Development

Falling in love gives way to even and deep love, but not all at once – there are many difficulties and trials to overcome. If they are not, then sooner or later you will have to wonder whether there are feelings. While there is passion and attraction between lovers, conflicts are inevitable: it will take time to “fit in”. Each stage of the relationship prepares its own “surprises:

  1. Getting to know each other, getting to know each other, getting to know each other. At the first stage, infatuation reigns. Partners idealize each other, they are overwhelmed with strong emotions. Now your task is not to seem like a different person, otherwise disappointment is inevitable. Are you afraid of losing her? It’s going to happen anyway when she gets to know the real you and realizes you’ve been cheating on her. It’s different if you try to change and be someone she admires.
  2. The second stage retains the romance, but puts more emphasis on physical compatibility. Hugging, kissing, sex-your job in this is to be on the level. Feelings are strengthened when everything is great in bed and there are no problems. It’s still too early to introduce friends and family, but you should already get to know the girl as a person and try to get closer spiritually.
  3. The third stage involves not only the physical proximity, but also the emotional and spiritual. Now you need to remove all barriers as much as possible and show yourself as a real person and understand what kind of person the girl that you fell in love with is. Spend more time together, and not just on beautiful dates. Find out what kind of girl she is at home, how she cooks, what she likes to do when she is alone.
  4. The fourth stage – social. Get acquainted with friends, family. You are already convinced that you are perfect for each other, so it’s time to get to know each other’s worlds, the people who influenced the formation of each couple’s personality.
  5. Fifth is domestic. You can get married or decide to live together. The latter option is preferable: it will save you from paperwork, allow you to check your feelings, and save you from getting your passport dirty with stamps. But if you want to keep her, do not procrastinate with cohabitation: six months to a year, and then you still have to propose. The relationship has to evolve, otherwise it starts to crumble.

After the fifth stage, the relationship already develops within the marriage, within the new family. There are problems and difficulties of their own, but the basis is created at the stage of acquaintance and initial rapprochement. If something is missed, then it pops up at the most inopportune moment.

For example, the stress of childbirth and the need to adapt exacerbated by problems in sex, the realization that you do not know the person who is near. If with one trouble a couple would be guaranteed to cope, then several at once is not enough for everyone. But there are situations in which it is not even worth starting a relationship and wasting time.

Situations when you should not rush to develop a relationship

Before you develop a relationship with a girl, make sure that you both really need it. Do not jump from one stage of the relationship to another: if the girl has not yet fallen in love, then it’s out of the question about the wedding, getting to know your parents. Don’t rush into other situations either:

  1. A relationship with a girl is the desire of parents or acquaintances. Pressure from outside is not the best adviser. They may force a certain type of relationship or ideal life model on you. Familiarity may rush things, asking about children or marriage. But you should only focus on your feelings: only you two know what and when things should happen, there’s no need to adjust to anyone.
  2. Loneliness causes a desire to be with someone. In such a situation, you can ignore the flaws of the other person and waste time and resources on a girl you can’t be with in the end. Therefore, before you develop a relationship, make sure that you are really interested in the chosen one.
  3. The desire to fall in love, to have a relationship. It seems that this is as easy as getting a cat or dog. In fact, not enough desire – there must be real mutual feelings for you to be happy.
  4. Relationships are a way to get rid of complexes. The girl is in love with you, and you like that. But before you develop a relationship with a girl, evaluate your emotions as well: do you feel love or are you just happy to stroke your ego.

And at the end, catch tips on how to make a relationship better and develop it properly. No matter how harmonious the relationship is, don’t risk it and don’t make those mistakes.

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8 tips on how to develop a relationship with a girl

Now let’s move on to specific tips on how to develop a relationship with a girl. If you stick to these rules, you can avoid many difficulties. Let’s go through the points:

  1. Respect the girl if you want to get the same attitude in return. At the same time, make sure that respect is not one-sided, so do not allow yourself to be humiliated.
  2. Be realistic and don’t get caught up in the clouds. Ignoring the problem won’t solve it. Feelings can make you turn a blind eye to difficulties.
  3. Know how to forgive – you will need this to develop any lasting relationship.
  4. Talk about problems, know how to listen to each other, not just speak up and defend your position.
  5. Don’t control the girl and try not to be jealous: if she wants to break up, she’ll leave, and you won’t do anything about it. Acceptable jealousy as an element of the game, which she likes.
  6. Know how to quarrel properly without actions and words for which you will be ashamed later.
  7. Pay more attention to the little things: there are none in a relationship, every moment is important. A casual glance can both awaken feelings and extinguish them.
  8. Be prepared for changes and the fact that each of you will evolve. That’s why it’s important to constantly communicate and have similar hobbies and interests.

How to strengthen your relationship with your girlfriend and develop it, you now know. It’s not as easy as it may seem, because often not enough of your desire, and logic does not always help. Sometimes you will have to trust your intuition and let go of feelings, solving problems through conflicts, not just the “carrot”. Use the “stick” not often, otherwise the effect will be less. If you still have questions, you can always contact me, Alexander “Maestro” Galevich. I have many students and a lot of experience in helping guys become better, stronger and more experienced.

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