How to break up with a Taurus man?

Breaking up with a Taurus man: everything you need to know

This is a battle in which you will probably lose, because this man is likely to keep his cool and blame himself.

Those who want to break up with a Taurus man should just start fiddling with his habits.

They may move furniture around the house because these signs really hate change. What’s more, they no longer want to visit their partner’s favorite restaurant and even surprise them every time they are both about to leave the house for the night.

Five things to know about breaking up with a Taurus man:

  1. He won’t change anything about his choices or attitude.
  2. He won’t look like he’s too excited about what’s going on.
  3. Be careful not to make him angry or let his temper go.
  4. He will challenge himself to move on as quickly as possible.
  5. Over time, he can really turn into a trusted friend.

It takes a long time for these men to let go of their partner and break up. However, once the decision has been made to go their own way, Taurians will no longer go back.

How to Break Up with a Taurus Man

It is not easy to break up with a Taurus man because no matter how uptight and depressed a woman may feel in a relationship with him, he would already be someone stable in her life, so she is likely to be heartbroken when she tells him about the ending.

It’s also very likely that she will also have to give up where she lives, the people she’s interacted with while with him, and even his lifestyle, not to mention that she may miss him, no matter how demanding he is.

But if she chooses to, she’ll be fine, especially if she’s already played her cards right.

There are many ways to get a Taurus man to break up with his girlfriend. For example, he couldn’t stand her being naughty and not coming home at a certain time.

She could change the apartment and cook anything he didn’t like. If she could find new recipes for things she was convinced he might hate, she should cook them every night.

He will probably ask for a breakup himself after just a few months or weeks of this treatment. Those who don’t want to end up hurting him badly and are more compassionate should try a different approach and work with his stubbornness.

However, they should be very careful not to make him angry and let him out of his temper. So they need to start treating their ex kinder and more respectful and talk about it over dinner.

As stated earlier, caution is needed here because while he is very patient and calm, he may start violent wars when he gets angry. If fighting for custody or propriety, these signs will be very difficult to defeat, which means that settling things with them would be better.

It is also advisable to remain calm in their presence, because they will stay that way and not get angry.

Those who are wise will never deceive these signs. The Taurus man seeks honesty when he is informed of a breakup because he is strong and can put up with anything, no matter how much it hurts him.

It seems that the Taurus man is destined for a relationship , so his ex shouldn’t worry too much, because he will quickly find someone new and become happy again.

Therefore, after telling him this news, his partner should try to offer to do something together, so that the strange post-period will go easier and their separate lives can gradually begin.

If she happened to see him every day, they should start seeing each other once a week for a while, on the same day and at the same hour.

When things start to fade, she should make sure that they are still friends, because he can still be a reliable friend who doesn’t mind lending her a helping hand in times of need.

One way to make this man think about breaking up is to make him angry every single day. Constant frustration will make him wonder how much longer he can take it.

Also, he doesn’t like irresponsible people who don’t have stability in their lives, which means that a wilder attitude can really upset him about his partner.

He has simple tastes, softness and unmatched sensuality, so he wants his lady to be stylish and gentle, almost like him.

A slovenly woman will never hold his attention for too long. He is a creature of feeling and touch, so when he takes his sweetheart to his favorite restaurant, he wants her to order steak, not salad.

Moreover, a woman who wants to break up with him may try to change everything about this man. Being as stubborn as he is, he will begin to feel the ground falling beneath his feet.

He will never change, but the stress of it can really make him think about separating from the woman who is doing all this in his life.

He hates people without common sense and thinks it’s more important than intelligence. Reckless actions can make him run away for good.

Being strongly controlled by his feelings, he wants everything to smell good and his surroundings to be enjoyed.

A woman who starts decorating with plastic flowers and buying kitschy things for the living room will not stay in his life for long.

This man is very patient and does not like to be rushed. He plans for the future slowly and gradually, so a woman who will push him to do things faster or make decisions will definitely not become his wife.

Loving the feminine look and soft materials, he will always resent big jewelry and scratchy clothes. Also, he really dislikes a woman who spends a lot, because he is very interested in how much is in his wallet at any given time.

If you are with a man who starts taking too much of his money and too much of it, he may seriously start looking for someone else as his partner.

How does the Taurus man experience a breakup?

The Taurus man can be greatly affected by a breakup in his life. In fact, he’s the kind of man who locks himself in and cries in his pillow if that’s what his heart tells him to do.

After agreeing not to be with his partner anymore, he may struggle with the pain for some time and think about what may have led to this event.

He will wonder if his ex ever cried over him, if he forgot something important about their relationship, if he hurt her, or if there was anything he could have done to prevent it from ending this way.

For him it is very likely that he regrets the separation and will relive every moment when he was with the woman he loved.

He usually spends more time than men in other signs when mourning a relationship. In fact, if he relaxed after the breakup, it could indicate that his partner was working on the ending that came before.

This man is known for being calm and sweet and rarely losing his temper. However, if he is irritated, he can be really intimidating and surprising.

Few people really know how he can act when he is angry and what he can do in such moments.

What people should understand about him is that he is very down-to-earth, so he may not accept other people’s ideas. The fact that he thinks others don’t make sense can sometimes get him into a lot of trouble.

Those who get in his way shouldn’t bother him so much because he can unleash his dangerous anger when he gets cross, which means he can make a woman feel like she has no pride or dignity left after telling him that they should break up.

Although her self-esteem may be damaged, he will be very frank about what happened and will never spread rumors that she may have done something wrong.

How to Break Up with a Taurus Man

How to break up with a Taurus man? The Taurus man categorically does not tolerate when you humiliate his manhood. To break up with a man Taurus, you need to constantly remind him that he is unproductive, that help him like a goat’s milk, and that you are perfectly capable of doing yourself. To break up with a Taurus man according to the signs of the zodiac, a woman must turn into a workaholic, put her beloved on a diet, stop washing dishes and he will find a way to provide himself with a meal without her.

Also, be sure to regularly demonstrate with all your appearance that you are not interested or even uncomfortable with sexual relations with him. The last straw for him will be if you stop looking after yourself, and from a well-groomed, elegant lady into an unkempt hippie. That kind of woman he does not want to see in his dreams, so it is easy to give you freedom and independence!

How do Taurus parting

In the parting of Taurus are very sensitive and can experience the loss of a loved one for a relatively long time. To push a Taurus to break up, it’s enough to do nothing to keep the house cozy, work hard, and not give him the attention he needs. In addition, to find out how Taurus breaks up, you can start spending money and buying unnecessary things. Such actions will push him to the end of the love story.

Stage one. Caution

In general, Taurus is slightly less nerdy than Capricorn, so he can be content with himself and his partner until his partner comes at him with a knife to his throat, trying to encourage Taurus to do something he is not yet ready for. Get married, learn to cook “like Svetka,” have a second child, change your favorite job to one that pays well, etc. Since Taurus is an unhurried creature, living in its own mode, he does not like it. But, having an innate intelligence, for the first time Taurus will say nothing, will not even quarrel, and even, and here is a baffle, his partner will not stop.

But it will leave a residue. If it is one of the first “I’m leaving, I can’t do anything, let’s do it wrong” squabbles, Taurus will pull away after that – a centimeter, barely noticeable. If on the subject of “what’s going on, explain” – two centimeters. If at this point, the partner is twisted by an attack of throat paralysis and he accidentally stops talking, the Taurus will quietly cross himself and exhale.

Then, good soul, close again, because well, it was good. But it is good. But he will be careful, because is it good? Therefore, Taurus, imperceptibly for himself, tries not to get up, to preserve the existing balance. In case of a conflict, he explains, excuses himself, demands to stop, and, by and large, apologizes and asks for forgiveness if he is even a little bit wrong.

Stage Two. Attempts

If nothing changes, Taurus, as a born educator, decides to gently educate the partner. Well, or at least try. From this point, he can stop making excuses and starts to attack back, and then he disappears from communication for a while. If you started every morning with his affectionate greeting or kiss, it’s getting harder and harder to make up with him now after the night’s showdown, and before you know it, both kisses and “good mornings” will start disappearing from your life.

The catch is that he doesn’t fight or argue. There is no overt conflict at this stage. But there is virtually no Taurus either. He gets himself in and engages you in a vicious cycle: you rage at his cooling off, he withdraws even further, you rage even more, he rages even further. But since Taurus men are generally quite sane, the first changes in your behavior for the better make the relationship immediately warmer. But remember about the sediment and wariness. Taurus, like some hoarder, does not throw anything away, everything is saved up and remembered. At this stage, he does not leave attempts to tell you in different ways that you can’t do this in his world, his world has different rules. he is ready to listen to your rules, tell you about his own, find a compromise.

Did you hear him? Fine, you just have to survive the rather frequent recurrences of Taurus jumping into the bushes at the slightest danger, and everything will be perfect. But if you scare yourself and scare him with various punishments, the process goes on.

Stage three. Hide and Seek .

You return from a vacation, from the store, from a walk, and Taurus is nowhere to be found. Nowhere. This means that he clearly understood: one more quarrel and you will lose him, he will not be able to cope with himself and disappear completely, and he needs you, he does not want to be disappointed in you, and therefore hides.

That’s a good explanation, a rosy one. The bad one is that you got to him (her) so that he can’t see or hear you anymore. Today, tomorrow, a week, he doesn’t know when he’ll come around. He hides no matter where. It doesn’t even matter how or with whom. The wife who has gone to her neighbor’s and is stuck there all night, and doesn’t want to go home. The man who suddenly went somewhere, sits there, answers the phone and texts, but won’t come out of the bunker. Your friend or girlfriend who was-there, laughing, arguing a little, asking quietly for something “don’t do that, or I feel bad,” and then suddenly it turns out that they have other company and the vacation this time you spend separately.

It is clear that the Taurus partner at this moment is experiencing a range of feelings. Confusion: what have I done? Fear: is this the end? Outrage: in your opinion, you were in your right. Despair: you do not know how to return it. Guilt: was it so bad, and I did not notice? The partner at this point throws and kinks, Taurus enjoys life and peace, occasionally with a heavy feeling of remembering to go back.

At this point, Taurus is quite available for contact, but where there used to be real warmth, there is now affectionate politeness. This is how Taurus finally establishes the distance he needs, not yet a great distance, which saves him from getting too involved.

Stage four. Escape

After resting, gaining strength, and not yet having made any momentous decisions, Taurus at this stage still returns to his subdued partner, and if he sees that something has changed, the relationship continues further. But if everything is still the same and Taurus is again harassed and harassed in any way, he will silently and relatively soon no longer hide, but run away.

At this time, you will observe new unpleasant things: he is no longer available for contact, does not respond to your attempts of any kind, it seems that he does not care about your tantrums, your declarations of love, your entreaties and your threats. It’s not working, basta. It’s over. In his, Taurus’s opinion, he has suffered so much from you that he is ready to close off any previously available information from you. In particularly severe cases, you will be removed from his contact lists, unfriended, everything will be under lock and key friends are given a clear instruction to keep silent.

For the Taurus partner, this is the best time to decide – should you go further? If not, everyone quietly disperses, but you will be congratulated on holidays and birthdays. There may even be a momentary resumption of something. But it will be such a boring, pathetic surrogate that both will stop quickly.

If Taurus sees that you need it back in a hurry, however, he’s hoping that you’ve made at least some conclusions in the meantime. And if you make the first move, Taurus is generally quite willing to listen to you. If fate brings you together again, and things really have changed, everything will be okay, just remember that everything that was piled up in the piggy bank has not gone anywhere. And wariness, and attention to your intonations, and cold-blooded playing mini-scenario about the escape, to sober up your partner.

Stage four. Disappointment

If Taurus sees that his partner has successfully played the game of rags, but he is still sharpening his teeth, and a little by little, little by little, everything is back where it was, he is truly disappointed. Nothing has changed. She’s still harassing me with jealousy. He’s still prying into my computer and phone. She pushes me away again when I kiss her. He’s still getting offended over nothing. Unlike Capricorn, Taurus doesn’t physically go anywhere at this point. He no longer disappears. He is, by and large, always in touch now, at home, present, even cooking a delicious dinner.

But here’s the interesting thing: for some reason it’s impossible to have a showdown with him or her now. Something stops me from asking him how his day was. You don’t have to, he’ll tell you himself. Only then you find out by chance that the main thing he left out – you are no longer aware of his new ideas and projects, he no longer introduces you to new friends, he no longer brings home new movies, and does not share with you impressions. When asked “where will we go on vacation,” he answers but evasively, and increasingly uses the adverb “someday.” “Someday we’ll go to Bali.” “Someday I’ll take your picture.” “Someday I’ll tell you everything.” At first you don’t notice it, then you realize that specific dates, plans gradually disappeared from your life, and most importantly, in spite of the fact that he is always around, no action comes from him anymore, he almost never helps, almost never cares, almost never is interested, almost never asks about anything.

From this moment on, Taurus, managing to keep a semblance of well-being and not quarrel with you, establishes an absolutely iron internal distance. He practically doesn’t see you anymore, though he doesn’t outwardly ignore you. He no longer demands anything of you. He calmly tolerates everything that previously plagued him so much, only instead of exhortations, anger and decisive suppression process, he now mutes, preserving almost good-natured appearance.

Stage Five. Boredom. The End

If nothing changes, one fine day Taurus suddenly seems to wake up and see his partner in a completely new way. He is still silent. Only now he is watching to see if something moves inside. But there is silence inside. Usually it is enough for him from one day to one month to understand that you are not interested in him at all, he is bored with you, and most importantly, he is not interested in the possibility of something with you to keep, even the appearance of relationship.

He will still remain polite, he is likely to do to you as generous as possible – to some point, where your interests end and his begin. On his well-mannered indifference you can now smash your head in, which will be entirely for nothing. In response, he will yawn and dial someone else’s number. In contrast to Capricorn, who is able to leave naked in the cold in the middle of nowhere – only to immediately and radically change everything, Taurus, after the final liberation from his partner, starts circling the reserve airfields, nourished and watched over back in the third stage.

From this moment we can say that inside him all this time the aggression, well nurtured by you, has been accumulating and it will fall down on your head with some quite brutal things: Taurus has opened all the informational floodgates, not on purpose, just there is no need to hide now and you will find out how long and how much you didn’t know about him. The only thing Taurus will take care of is to keep the goodwill of your general environment.

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