How to break up with a girl that she did not suffer?

How to break up with a girl painlessly? Three ways to leave a girl without scandals and tantrums

Once upon a time you thought she was your one and only. But time passed, and you realized that you are no longer on the way. It happens, but deciding to break up is difficult. Especially if your lady loves to make a drama out of even the smallest things.

But how to do it competently and with minimal stress? There is no single right answer to this question. Because some may react quite adequately and take an unpleasant situation firmly. Others begin to throw tantrums, blackmail, threaten or beg. So you should always take into account the character of your girlfriend, to prepare for the breakup.

How to break up with a girl painlessly? Three ways to leave a girl without scandals and tantrums

I will share with you the basic rules on how to painlessly break up with a girl so that she does not hurt. Try to follow them carefully and not to do something stupid.

When should you break up with your girlfriend?

Everyone has problems in a relationship. But how do you know that it is impossible to continue? Here are a few reasons when the only way out is to break up.

  • If she cheated on you. Unlikely you will be able to treat it the way you did before, if you know that she betrayed you. You can convince yourself that it meant nothing, but living with the thought of her infidelity will be very difficult. It is better to end the relationship once and for all.
  • If you haven’t “got it on” yourself. You can cheat on both her and yourself, but what’s the point? If you realize that you want to lead a completely different lifestyle, you should listen to yourself. Swearing fidelity to her and then leaving the next day is undignified. At least you will have a chance to stay in a normal relationship, and not hate each other for the rest of your life for the eternal deception.
  • If your plans for life are radically different. You want to go to another country and build your business, and she demands that you move to Mukhosransk to her parents. You want to live for yourself for now, and she needs to have children right away. There can be many examples. Yes, one of you may make concessions and agree to the demands of his partner. But will you be happy? If a compromise can not be found, there is no other way but to leave the girl.
  • If the love is gone. Torture her and drag her with such a confession is not worth it. The further the situation worsens, the harder it will be to break off relations. Do not stay with her out of pity – it’s humiliating.
  • If she’s constantly bossing you around. You’re a man, after all, and you should be responsible for your own life. When she is constantly picking your brain, setting examples of more successful men, belittling your merits, telling you what to do or not to do – this is moral abuse. And you should not tolerate it.

If you are faced with these situations, you need to pull yourself together and make the decision to leave the relationship.

What shouldn’t you do when you break up with a girl?

How do you tell a girl that you want to break up? Remember a few rules about what you definitely shouldn’t do.

  • Let her know about the breakup over the phone or on social media. Only pimply brats who don’t have the courage to look her in the eye and tell her the truth. You are a grown, responsible man, not a child, and to stoop to that level is just shameful. So you have to do everything in person, face to face.
  • Intentionally cheat on her or pretend that you got another one. Well, if you do have a new lover, that’s another conversation. But if you just want to stop the relationship, you should not flirt in front of her with others, to show interest in other women. That’s the way to do it for the worst assholes and wimps who don’t want to take the burden of responsibility. Like, she’ll see that I cheated, and she herself will leave me. She will. But how would that make you look?
  • Pulling the cat by the balls and waiting for something to happen by itself. If you’ve realized that your relationship is at an impasse, and it’s time to put a stop to it, go ahead and do it. Don’t waste your time, yours or hers. In the time you’ve been ruining each other’s nerves, you’ve both been able to get over the breakup and build a new life. So putting it off is pointless.

How to leave the girl so she does not suffer? You can’t. Just accept the fact that either way in her eyes you’ll be the asshole who dumped her. Of course she’ll be hurt and resentful, there’s nothing you can do to protect her from that. Unless, of course, she’s long overdue for a breakup herself. So just accept it.

Three ways to break up with a girl.

But still, just silently walking off into the sunset is not the answer. You need to properly prepare the girl for the breakup. How do you do that? Here are a few ways.

1. three dates in reverse.

This is one of the gentlest ways to hint to the girl about the breakup. By acting on this scenario, you unobtrusively cause your partner to want to break up with you. Remember how at the beginning of your relationship you were gradually winning her over, showing activity, taking the initiative and going above and beyond on the stages of your rapprochement?

Well, now you have to do it the other way around. Turn off your initiative, avoid communication, look for reasons to do something else. You can even gradually give up sex, or not be too active in the process. Avoid talking and cuddling afterwards, just go to bed.

Don’t call her first either. Show her that you’re not interested, and there’s no desire to talk to her.

Eventually she’ll realize there’s something wrong. It is unlikely she will like such a change in you. She will either leave by herself, or take you out for a frank conversation to find out what the reason for your behavior. And then you’ll be able to tell her directly that you no longer have any desire to continue a relationship with her.

All of this, of course, can take time. But you will have a chance to think about the situation and understand whether you want to break up at all.

2. A Heart to Heart Conversation

What’s the right way to break up with your girlfriend if you’re confident in yourself and your decision? Talk to her directly. Call her to neutral territory and tell her frankly that you have made the decision to leave. Explain that your feelings are gone, that you have other priorities, that you have nothing more to invest in your relationship – depending on your motivation. And yes, your paths are now parted. This is the normal way for a man to end a relationship – it’s honest, courageous and decisive.

Prepare ahead of time, think things through well, and roughly craft your speech. If you’re going to mumble or beat around the bush, it will not be better for anyone. Pull yourself together, calm down, and tell it like it is.

You need to be confident in your abilities. You don’t want to raise your voice or scandalize or convince her that you’re right if she argues. Control yourself and your emotions, control your desire to tell her to fuck off and slam the door loudly, even if your now ex is throwing a tantrum and insulting you.

Don’t stoop to that level, save your dignity and reputation. You have to leave proudly and beautifully.

3. The fight before the breakup

The easiest way to break up with a girl is to have a big fight with her and tell her you’re leaving her. But just be careful! You don’t have to insult or provoke her. Otherwise, that vicious fury will want to find you and unscrew your balls and hang them up like a key chain. What do you want?

Of course, you don’t have to deliberately provoke a scandal or cause a showdown. But if you have already decided to break up, then you have accumulated claims and grievances that can no longer be tolerated. So when the opportunity arises, you can announce that you’re sick of it all, and you’re leaving.

Just drop the loud phrase is not worth it. Ideally, you should immediately use the previous method – to talk to her calmly and frankly. Argue your decision and keep your dignity. Although, if you do not want to do this, no one forbids you to just take and leave, without explaining anything.

How to break up with a girl: important tips

In any case, to break up so that she was not hurt, will not work. She will feel insulted and abandoned, but believe me, in time she will recover. But to soften the blow and not to do something stupid, listen to my advice on how to break up with a girl so that she won’t be offended:

  1. Don’t make a decision in the heat of the moment. Think about it for a couple of days and make sure that wanting to break up with her is not a momentary whim.
  2. Make sure it’s your final decision? Start preparing your speech. You can even write down all of your claims and grievances, so you can clearly voice them later.
  3. Start talking about the breakup is better before the weekend, so she had time to splash out the first emotions. Of course, she will cry or get angry, so it’s better if it will be days off from work.
  4. If she listened to you silently, just turned around and left, catch up with her. You need to make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid. You can hug her and wait for her to calm down. Anyway, you’re not strangers, and you need to take care of her.
  5. Give her a chance to comprehend your words and be the first to start talking. Even if she yells and accuses you, she has a right to. Don’t give in to provocation, listen to her and only then answer, but confidently and calmly.
  6. Don’t take back what you said. You can’t say you’re breaking up and then change your mind and pretend it never happened. If you decide to walk away, then walk away. Yes, you may feel ashamed or hurt, but you need to keep your words.
  7. Don’t leave false hopes behind. The goodbye sex, the shared pics on social media, her number on speed dial, all make her think you’ll want to come back. Don’t deceive her or yourself.
  8. Don’t demand gifts back and don’t give back what she gave you. It’s humiliating, you’ll look pathetic. You don’t want her gifts? Okay, throw it all away after the breakup. She can do the same if she wants to. But demanding back what you gave her is unworthy of a normal man.

Either way, breaking up is difficult. But if you’re a confident man, if you’ve pumped yourself up and are firm in your decisions, act! Don’t wait for the situation to somehow change on its own, take responsibility for your life and do what you think is right.

How to break up with a girl without hurting her

Breakup is a painful and difficult process for both partners. Not everyone can find the right words, do not know how best to behave, what to do afterwards and how to survive emotionally this breakup. Yes, you can look for information on the order of action during the breakup, but you must understand that no one knows you and her like you do.

Making a decision

How do you break up with a girl? To make this important decision, you will have to think on your own. If this is difficult, you can go to a psychologist and work through this desire with him, or try to do it yourself. The method is this:

  • You take an A4 sheet of paper and a pencil. You draw it into two columns;
  • You write at the top of each column: “relationship pros” and “relationship cons”;
  • Thoughtfully sit over the sheet and start writing out item by item;
  • Compare what outweighs it.

You can also do a couple of columns with the caption: “Heart” and “Mind.” But usually in the process and even before that in the back of our minds we already have the answer.

Sometimes the fear that we won’t be able to find someone better, that we won’t get that sweet, bitter taste of love anymore, stifles us. But here’s the thing: these thoughts are usually false and people literally find a new partner within a year.

Before breaking up, how do you find out what a girl wants?

Only in person, not over the phone, not in correspondence, not by telegraph, Morse code or carrier pigeon.

If she’s in your town, it’s easier. Meet her in a quiet place, a quiet restaurant will do, but it’s a bit of a questionable option, because if she’s not ready to break up, she may be overwhelmed with feelings and she’ll cry, or scream, or God knows what else. If it’s a summer day, go for a walk in a secluded place, and talk in nature. In the winter, you can meet at one of your houses.

If the girl is in another city and you decide to break up, fly over to her place. Tell her in person, listen to her. Learn, in the end, to close the gestalt nicely and on time.

And only then answer. If the situation is difficult, she’s likely to share her thoughts and experiences with you about it. You may decide that you need to give the relationship another chance. It’s all individual and depends on the situation. But remember: breaking up because you think they don’t love you (even though they really do, but your low self-esteem can’t hear that) or are too lazy to work is not the answer. It will lead to the same end in a new relationship.

No way. Yes, a simple and honest answer. But it succinctly expresses the essence of the question. With mutual love or one-sided love only from her side, the breakup will be like a blow to her, painful and leaving a mark.

So don’t try to think that you won’t feel guilty. It will eat away at you for a while. But then it will subside. Like her resentment, so will your guilt.

The most important thing is confidence that you are right. If you don’t have that, your story won’t end. You’ll be coming together and separating for years. If that’s what you want, there’s no question, but if you’re undeterred, then act decisively. And remember, there are no options on how to break up with a girl without hurting her. Ah, there is one: if she does not love you.

How to break up with a girl?

The perfectionism of some people is surprising. They think that there are some rules for all situations, especially concerning feelings. But life is such that it is unlikely to let you do the same thing twice and get the same result. The universe of relationships doesn’t accept beaten paths.

But when it comes to rightness, there’s not much to say. Love is not subject to any laws. There is no right and wrong in its field. Everyone is right and wrong in his own way, everyone sees the situation with his own eyes.

How can you make it easier for the girl, and for yourself as well?

Maybe the girl should not be disturbed at all. Do not put salt in the wound, as they say. Because when you, conventionally, cut your hand, and then every month for two or three times they tear the stitches and cut the wound again, it is unlikely it will heal. Wouldn’t it?

What if you realize you’re not ready for a relationship?

And yet you do not want to break up, but out of nobility decided to do it so as not to waste the girl’s time? How to break up with a girl in this case?

If you started a relationship, but you want less than she does, your global plans for life do not coincide, or you are just a coward, you will have to tell her about it. It’s better to be honest. As it is.

For example: “I’m sorry, I realize I’m not ready. I’m afraid to take responsibility for our future and I’m afraid you’ll leave me. Or maybe you want me to…” Basically, describe to her all your fantasies about what’s bothering you, see her reaction, and walk away. It’s better to go quickly and without turning around.

How to break up with a girl beautifully?

Beautiful is not the right word. Beautifully to break up – a loud, but stupid expression that has nothing to do with the truth. It is impossible to break up beautifully. It’s always ugly because it hurts one or both partners. Or hurt. Or they feel angry. Or the whole gamut of feelings all at once.

Just say goodbye tactfully, without too much pathos, and or live your life. Let her live her life. Don’t monitor, don’t ping, checking to see how she feels, whether she’s thinking about you. Get a job, an education, or better yet, spend more time playing sports. It not only calms you down, it makes you stronger mentally and physically.

What to do if you told your girlfriend about the breakup and she got angry?

First, understand that she has a right to do so, in fact, so do you. Stick to the rules:

  • Don’t be afraid of your anger;
  • Don’t be afraid of your partner’s anger;
  • Complacency leads to a dead end.

Showing your true feelings, including anger, is not shameful, but right and natural. Even if she reacts noisily and attracts the attention of the people around her, nothing awful will happen. Don’t punish yourself if you drove her to such a state with your words or went out of yourself.

If, in the face of such a reaction, you start making excuses or take back what you said, then your decision to break up will turn into a circus. Be firm and convincing. Make it clear that you’ve made up your mind clearly.

And even if it seems like the whole world is against you now, remember, even if you fail you can always get something good.

How do you show empathy?

If the reaction to your proposal to break up was tears, then try not to leave her alone in that moment. Showing emotion is normal, tears can help release the tension.

Just keep in mind, sympathy, which implies real help, is relevant only when you really feel affection for the girl. Only then can you get into her situation. Because if you are still close, her tears will hurt you just as much as they hurt her. Only then will your compassion help her and make sense.

In case your thoughts are occupied with the new girl and you’re showing sympathy formally, without any conviction that you should be the one to support her in this moment, then you’d better just walk away.

Why? This behavior will be noticeable, and your pointless embrace with your eyes on the phone will only irritate the girl, not calm her down. In the end, she will only get angry when she sees your indifferent mechanical smile rather than a calm smile of sympathy.

How do you break up with a girl friend?

In general, it’s best not to do it. Why not? If she loved you very much and you left her and decided to “smooth it over” by offering friendship, it will only get worse. She may agree because she is attached to you, but it will be hard for her. Especially if you find a new girlfriend and tell your ex about her.

Put yourself in her shoes and think to yourself, would you want to be friends with an ex who left you and offered only friendship? You’re looking at her new boyfriend, comparing her to yourself, probably resenting her. It’s not going to hurt like that. It won’t go away.

When you break up, say all the good stuff, but don’t go overboard, because if everything was great and she’s so great, why are you breaking up?

Just in no case do not agree to discuss what happens to you after the breakup and how you feel bad, how you cope.

How to painlessly break up with your girlfriend?

Relationships are painful. And there’s nothing you can do about it. You open up, she opens up. When you break up, there is devastation. After all, you’ve already lost your integrity. It’s most likely because it’s incredibly difficult to communicate with the person you love and stay stable without moving out into a merger. If you really loved, but something happened that prevented you from being together, it will hurt both of you.

Yes, you can try each separately to see a therapist, but he too can only accompany you with your pain. Don’t think that he will handle it for you.

The main advice here can be that you shouldn’t be too afraid of losing and think that life will end along with the event. Yes, it seems that way at first, but it’s still better if you just believe that everything is still to come. And if you both make concessions, change your inner settings, you’ll have a chance to start over.

How do you break up with a girl you love?

When your feelings have faded and you are loved, the situation is complicated. Breaking up is somehow uncomfortable, maybe even embarrassing. You do not want to hurt the girl, but you do not want to go on living like this. What to do in this case?

Usually guys take completely delusional decisions instead of talking and explaining everything as it is. Someone begins to be jealous for no reason, so that the girl gets tired and has to constantly make excuses for what she did not do. Some people even try to make matchmakers out of themselves and find their girlfriend a new boyfriend, sometimes asking friends to woo her. That, too, is stupid and undignified.

Yes, very often what people deserve and what they want are not always the same thing. And a girl who loves you may want to be with you even if you don’t deserve her.

But still, if you see that she sincerely loves you and appreciates you, but you don’t feel the same way, have the courage to tell her how you feel. It will be painful for her, but honest. Such a decision will help you keep your dignity and not to mess with the head of a good man, not to keep it in reserve, “just in case.

What is love to you?

Ask her the same question.

If you don’t know where to go with your fear of the future and your desire to be together, think, maybe love for you is just a fear of being alone in a difficult moment?

We usually think of love as manifestations of love that are completely consistent with our ideas of love. We wish that our partners would love us as we love ourselves. All other expressions of this feeling are often confusing to us.

You may think that love is when you feel happiness all the time. But it is only a guest who stops by for tea, not our relative who lives with us all the time. If someone talks about endless happiness, it’s nothing more than a fantasy, because it’s impossible to feel the same emotion all the time. It gets boring and loses its meaning. Appreciate the moments.

Think about it without words, without intentions, forget everything and remember the one moment when you were unconditionally happy. Was that girl there for you? And if so, maybe reconsider your decision to break up?

Is breaking up worth it?

The question is complicated. We sometimes do not know what to wear to work, and what to choose from a restaurant menu. How do you know whether it is worth it to destroy the relationship of their own free will?

There is a good phrase: “You’ll be surprised what you can do for the sake of those you love. And it’s really true. People quit smoking, use alcohol and drugs, make drastic life changes, fall head over heels in love, and see the beauty in the flaws. They can literally move mountains for their lovers, because love is inspiring.

Very often we don’t want to break up because we are trying to be good. But what is it to be good? Do you know how many nasty things people do just to seem good and honest to themselves? They try to appear to be right, but they don’t realize that they’re only doing it for their own person, not caring about others. Just to sleep soundly, telling themselves that they are good to others and good, worthy of love.

But in fact every person thinks of himself. He frankly doesn’t care about anyone else. And that’s part of our lives. Putting yourself first is not a bad thing. It’s bad when you stop understanding where your rights and freedoms end and the territory of the other person begins. As long as you are bound by the bonds of the relationship, you will have to behave with dignity, even if you don’t want to. Is it worth breaking up? It’s up to you to decide. But in the case of a positive response leave behind fond memories, and not break up the remains of your failed relationship.

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