How to behave with arrogant people?

6 rules for dealing with an arrogant person who does not appreciate you

Approximately 1% of the world’s population suffers from delusions of grandeur, so you inevitably encounter such people.

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Every one of us has, at least once in our lives, interacted with someone who acted like they were so much better than everyone else around them. And, let’s face it, that kind of behavior is annoying. Such people can make you feel worthless.

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Maybe you accidentally met this person in the company of mutual friends, and a few minutes later he tells you how successful he is, why he is so important. But why should you suffer from the society of someone who has delusions of grandeur? After all, that very mania is their problem, not yours.

A person suffering from megalomania will believe that he possesses superior qualities to the average person. In many cases he deceptively claims to be famous, rich, or even a genius. Because he has convinced himself that he truly possesses these qualities or traits, he can be extremely persuasive when speaking to others.

It is estimated that 1% of the population suffers from megalomania, so you inevitably encounter such personas on a regular basis.

If you don’t know how to deal with arrogant people, you will notice that your self-esteem drops every time you interact with them. It could be a simple domestic situation when you are standing in line for a train ticket. Mr. or Miss Arrogance is deliberately pushing ahead. Not wanting to cause a scandal, you allow him or her to treat you as an unimportant and inferior person.

People who suffer from megalomania can greatly overestimate their importance and uniqueness. They always think they know best, and they hope to get their way every time.

To find out the truth, ask the person questions. For example: Tell me more about your company? Where can I learn more about your inventions? Can you demonstrate your superpowers?

If you ask the right questions, you’ll have a good chance of determining whether this person is really who he says he is. Once you’ve figured out the megalomaniac, there are a few rules to keep in mind when dealing with him:

1. avoid them at all costs.

Once you realize that you are dealing with such a person, the best advice is to stay away from them. The alternative is to be sucked into his imaginary world where he has undivided power over others, including you!

2 Stay Positive

When you hear derogatory remarks about you from an arrogant person, you must remain positive. They thrive on your pain and stress, so staying positive will not achieve their goals.

3. stay on track.

Don’t let an arrogant person undermine your confidence and destroy your dreams. Be above their comments and stay firmly on top of your personal goals.

4. Keep a sense of humor.

Condescending and negative behavior toward you can make you feel unhappy. Don’t let that happen. Remember that they have a problem. Keep a sense of humor and come out a winner in this situation.

5. Know your worth.

One of the best defenses against an arrogant and patronizing person is to develop a strong sense of self-worth. By doing so, you will push away derogatory comments. You will be prepared to face the most arrogant and abusive people.

6. Ask them the question, “What will people think?”

People with megalomania don’t feel guilty, but they can feel ashamed. They always want to maintain authority and importance. If you ask them, “What will people think?” they may change their behavior to protect their reputation.

These ways will help you feel more confident in dealing with someone with delusions of grandeur. Often their hurtful remarks are simply a sign of their lack of self-esteem. Stay above their level.

How to communicate with people who think they are better than others: tips from psychologists family centers

How often do you catch yourself that communication with a person does not bring joy? Moreover: after the conversation you feel humiliated, and your mood is spoiled. The reasons may be different, and one of them – you communicated with an arrogant person. How to behave with this category of people and understand the nature of their arrogant behavior, says psychologist family center “Bereginya” Nina Andronova.

I am an ideal!

Arrogance – it’s exorbitant pride, arrogance, selfishness, when a person considers himself to be the highest ideal.

Everyone knows a fairy tale, in which the queen asks the magic mirror: “My light, mirror, tell me the whole truth: am I all the more beautiful in the world, all the rosier and whiter? When the mirror answered in the affirmative, the heroine was pleased. But as soon as she heard the criticism and the message that there is someone more beautiful and better than her, she became indescribably angry and broke the truthful mirror. This is what arrogance is.

An arrogant person behaves as if he is better, smarter than others, his opinion is more important than anything else, his behavior is dismissive of other people. He does not take into account the interests, thoughts, feelings and abilities of other people, everywhere he imposes his opinion and demands its fulfillment.

How to recognize such people:

  • Contemptuous attitude toward others and their needs;
  • puts their own interests above other people (colleagues, friends);
  • Conviction only in their opinion, the rightness;
  • manipulation of people;
  • exaggerated inadequate self-esteem;
  • Lack of empathy, ridicule;
  • high demands on others.

When there was a lack of love and sincerity.

A person who grew up in an atmosphere of “artificial” love, praise and flattery is unlikely to consider the feelings of those around him. Expressed self-centeredness in communication can be explained by the fact that in childhood the child was given everything he asked for in the material sphere, but the most important thing – the joy of independently achieved results – he did not get.

Hyperopedic treatment restrains a child’s freedom and will, and in adulthood it reveals itself as inner dissatisfaction with oneself. A person who has a lot of complexes is prone to create conflict situations, often hurting other people’s feelings in order to assert themselves.

Avoiding conflict

An unsatisfied person is ready to enter into an argument with all the people around him in order to avoid conflict with himself. Of course, it is easier to ignore him, but this will not solve the problem if you work or live with him.

You need to become the exact opposite of an arrogant person, namely:

  1. Be confident.
  2. Be benevolent.
  3. Treat such people not with malice, but with the acceptance that they lacked positive emotions as children.
  4. Create intelligent communication, not emotional, but calm, with arguments.
  5. Do not overstep the bounds of personal space.

The main thing is to understand that the sense of superiority inherent in an insecure person, bragging, inflated ego is the first signal that there is not enough attention: perhaps he is lonely. To enter into conflict – a waste of time, but to make friends and really get to know him better – a trait of a strong man. So the answer to the question of how to communicate with people who think they are better than others is simple: accept their opinion of yourself and show that you are on equal footing, through cooperation and partnership. When communicating with an arrogant or haughty person, you should understand that there is a big, deep inner problem behind it.

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