How to behave with a Scorpio man in bed?

How does the Scorpio man in bed

Scorpio man even in ordinary life radiates mad passion and sexuality, which he will not be able to hide if he wants. Representatives of this zodiac sign are endowed with charm, which attracts a large number of different people. Scorpio is an experienced lover who begins to hone his skills in early childhood. To build a harmonious relationship with this sign, a woman must show her submission and show her feelings. There is one small disadvantage of Scorpios, they can not always control their anger. This may be the cause of the loss of the beloved woman. The representatives of this zodiac constellation tend to conquer any girl that they like. They have a strong energy and just a crazy sex horoscope.

Scorpio man even in everyday life radiates mad passion and sexuality, which he would like not be able to hide. Representatives of this zodiac sign are endowed with a charm that attracts a large number of different people. Scorpio is an experienced lover who begins to hone his skills at an early age. To build a harmonious relationship with this sign, a woman must show her submission and show her feelings. There is one small minus in Scorpios, they can not always control their anger. This may be the cause of the loss of the beloved woman. The representatives of this zodiac constellation tend to conquer any girl that they like. They have a strong energy and just a crazy sex horoscope.

Scorpio man in sex

In bed with this representative of the zodiac constellation, women usually get more than they intended. Scorpios know the female body very well and have a wonderful erotic imagination. There are no barriers for them, there is nothing forbidden in intimate relationships. From every encounter with a beloved woman, they strive to get the maximum pleasure. Scorpios are energetic and insatiable.

Scorpio man in bed is demanding and insistent, he wants to completely dominate his partner. His sexuality, he brings to a strong excitement of his woman.

In a fit of passion, he is able to cause pain to his chosen one. And for him there is nothing wrong with it, because he expects from her only obedience and performance of all his desires.

The Scorpio man may have a taste for violence . In sex he tries to stretch the process of obtaining pleasure. Loves experimenting in bed and wants to try everything.

Attitude to the partner.

The partner should have:

  • patience;
  • Passion;
  • Devotion.

The attitude of a Scorpio man to his partner directly depends on her. If she does not show her leadership, is modest and delicate, does not demonstrate her experience in sexual relationships, he will love all these qualities in her, she will become for him not just another mistress. He will treat her with tenderness and awe, trying to give her maximum pleasure.

The anatomy of the female body is an open book for Scorpios. They know very well where to kiss, how to move and where to apply pressure. If the partner will allow herself to fully trust him, she will receive an unforgettable pleasure.

How to amaze a Scorpio man

In order to amaze Scorpio in bed, you need to think carefully about this issue. Surprise him with the help of special methods. He does not tolerate uncertainty and any doubt of his partner is a signal of danger for him.

Scorpio man is very critical, he subjects everything to a thorough analysis, intimate relationships will not be an exception. To seduce him, the usual methods will not work. It is important to know the erogenous zones of the Scorpio man to give him the maximum pleasure.


Surprising the Scorpio man is very simple. A woman just need to give up all the principles and conventions of upbringing, give up your feelings completely, give him not only your body, but also your soul.

Looseness and desire will cause the partner a pleasant surprise and a desire to stay with such a girl forever.


In order to excite and surprise Scorpio, you can resort to different costumes. Only it is worth carefully considering the option of an outfit. You should choose something unusual, disconcerting.

If there is a desire, you can choose something fabulous (costume of Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.). He will be happy and grateful for such attention from his woman.


Scorpios love to talk to his partner about intimate topics. But for him to be really interested, a woman needs to come up with such an erotic topic, which he will be surprised and satisfied with.

As an option, you can tell him about your secret desires, fantasies. Only it is worth knowing that it should be sincere. Scorpio does not tolerate pretense in this subject.


During intimacy with a man of this zodiac sign, a woman should behave loosely, but it should not look vulgar. She can unobtrusively nudge him towards intimacy. This can be all of the above methods together or separately. The real reward will be the improvisation of the partner.

He will be pleasantly surprised by the actions of his beloved. He will certainly want to reach the peak of pleasure with her and achieve complete harmony in intimate relationships.

Sexual relationships with other zodiac signs

Compatibility in sexual relations of the Scorpio man with other zodiac signs:

Scorpio man in sex

The Scorpio man in sex is a very passionate person who relies only on his desires and knows exactly how to enjoy and benefit from any situation. His emotions are off the charts, he is driven by feelings and love of adventure, they say about the men of this sign: “I see a goal, I see no obstacles!” He is not as voluptuous, but he gives off a vibe that just can’t be ignored by any woman. He can attract and entice, he’s full of inexhaustible energy that he’s willing to share with those who are interesting to him. He is not accustomed to using people, but he can be in a relationship and if he is satisfied with the physical intimacy, feelings are too serious a challenge for a representative of this sign.

Women are attracted to him like a magnet, they see his sexuality and directly melt, thus endangering themselves. Scorpio man can not bind or hold, it is very free-loving, he is in constant motion, in constant striving and does not need a suitcase called “serious relationship”. He is impossible to predict. Behavior, character, mood, everything changes with unrestrained force, he can be both dangerous and gentle at the same time, so those women who are looking for a quiet and balanced partner should stay away from him.

The unpredictable Scorpio man doesn’t change his positions in sex. You will never know how he will be with you tonight – gentle and sensitive, or strong and persistent, which is good and bad at the same time. When you cook a romantic dinner, a woman will not be able to predict his reactions. A woman will not be able to rule the relationship in a couple with such a partner, he is strong emotionally, does not listen to objections and does not listen to complaints, he is the main thing in his life and that’s it. Such a man will do anything to make sex passionate and bring pleasure to his partner. In this respect he is not selfish, he knows how to give pleasure to a woman and is not stupid in bed, so he gets any woman who has attracted his attention with his form, and maybe his mind or a sharp tongue. Not infrequently, after he has achieved a woman, he loses interest in her, preferring to leave their relationship on a friendly wave, and it is not a bad option, friends of Scorpios are reliable and awesome.

Such a man always repays the same coin, whether it is an insult or a good deed for his benefit, he will never forget it. With Scorpio it is better to be in a friendly relationship, because he will never forgive his enemy and will definitely take revenge, and in this he does not get tired. In him lives the competitive spirit, so the representative of this sign does not mind to take part in competitions. He loves to win, to prove their superiority to others, but does not like to attract too much attention. He is secretive and that says it all.

In any case and dispute the man of Scorpio goes all the way. He has his own point of view, which he opposes, even when the whole world is against him. He knows he is right, he has only one truth. He does not listen to public opinion, he does not care what others say about him, he is a little selfish to others. He likes to surround himself with an aura of a sinister and unapproachable man, although he has his weaknesses, but he never shows them to others. Scorpio therefore does not allow himself close to the women, so as not to hurt them and not to burn himself. He thinks every step in advance and likes to control any situation, and in love, as you know, very often everything can get out of control. So love is not for him.

For girls who have sex with a Scorpio man should immediately pronounce the warning that it is not recommended to fall in love with him, because the chances for reciprocity are zero. He is more of a womanizer and passionate lover than a steady partner, even in a free relationship. He loves new sensations, wants to take everything from life and try out not only alcohol, drugs, but also many women to be able to make a choice at the right moment, which comes in his adulthood.

His incredible willpower, perseverance, determination, indicate that a person born under this sign can reach many heights in his career. He does not like to work physically, but can perform any mental work, as well as routine, because he knows how to focus on one subject and do not switch until it is brought to its logical conclusion. He knows the value of money and knows how to earn it. Man Scorpio is enterprising enough, he will take a risk if he thinks the game is worth the candle, so very often, it is thanks to the risk, is in a profitable situation that solves his position in society.

He is used to solving all their problems immediately, approaches the matter cold-bloodedly, which affects his relationships, because if something is baffled, everything else recedes into the background. He does not know and does not accept rejection in life, much less in a relationship, so choosing Scorpio, you will have to put up with his commanding tone and fully dedicate yourself only to him, otherwise the union is simply doomed. The only place where you will be able to express yourself as a woman of your partner – the bed, and then you should do it unobtrusively, giving up completely, not playing, because he immediately sees lies and will not tolerate them in his environment.

As a rule, the most passionate lovers and ladies’ man are derived from such men, who collect girls, use them and throw them away, considering them a spent material. Scorpio man will definitely pay attention to a bright, charismatic and sexy girl that many people dream about, he will achieve her and put another check mark in the column of his achievements. He does not pretend to the hearts of his girls, he needs only feelings, so in sex, he often likes to experiment, not averse to doing it all night long. He is a tireless lover, attractive and skillful, able to bring the girl to orgasm, to drive her crazy with his lips, hands and everything else.

Relationships with a representative of this sign – a complex game, which should be held exclusively by his rules. He can be quite selfish, self-righteous and even impudent, but this all changes dramatically when he meets the true love, which he is afraid to lose and hurt. Although it is unlikely that he himself will tell her about it, but he will have a hurricane raging in his soul.

Sexuality of the Scorpio man

Any woman during sex, the Scorpio man is able to strike down. Like a graceful tiger, he will gently and softly tread on your body, and then sharply and aggressively signify that you are just his and it is useless to resist. Sex for him is a game that must happen only by his rules and you are his prize, his property, with which he can do whatever he wants. But this is not bad for the partner, because the expectations of the intimate plan will be fully justified and even exceeded, because who-knows-who, he knows the anatomy of the female body and likes to watch when it wriggles in his experienced hands.

Scorpio man is not ashamed of his desires, he speaks directly about what position for sex he would like to try at the moment, he can offer to have oral sex on the first date and in any case he is a supporter of every intimate activity that brings him the maximum amount of pleasure. He has great stamina in terms of intimacy, so a woman may get tired of such pressure, but he will stop only when he feels his own satisfaction. In principle, he is quite a caring partner who pays attention to his woman and wants her to remain satisfied. But he does not need foreplay, he is always ready for intimacy with a woman who attracts and excites him, so even kissing and stroking the body, rather a performance for his partner. He himself gets pleasure from tactile contact, from having sex at an active stage, when coitus takes place, when bodies move and he can discharge his energy.

During sexual games, the Scorpio man loses control over himself, he can hurt his partner, bite or spank. Very often, Scorpios do not mind playing masochistic games, which is not alien to them. He can be gentle, but to do this he needs to feel affection for his partner, not just passion, but ideally – love the woman, then intimacy will not be like a marathon, where he catches up with his victim and tries to prove her superiority.

Lover of risk, the Scorpio man in sex rarely uses condoms, he wants real sensations, and risk is one of them, when feelings are on the edge and everything seems so dangerous. Perhaps with his attitude, his sexuality and charisma, this guy achieves that a woman even before the start of intercourse, is ready to go with him to the edge of the world. Although she does not even suspect that he absolutely does not need it, he is unlikely to appreciate the desire to make him breakfast, but the screams and moans during sex, will mark as a positive quality of this woman, and possibly one day knock on her door again.

Every man of this sign, a restless experimenter in sex, he likes to subjugate his woman, dominate her and do whatever he wants here and now. If a woman begs him for something, he enjoys it because he feels his power. It is worth repeating that the representative of this sign is a true connoisseur of emotions and feelings, no matter bad or good, this is his food, without which not a day passes.

The erogenous zones of the Scorpio man

Scorpio man does not need foreplay and stimulation of his erogenous zones before sex, he likes to have sex and enjoyment brings him the process itself, so the thought of it excites his desire. He himself and his body – solid erogenous zones, which necessarily respond to caresses of the partner. But because he thinks and feels it only in one place, then if you want to excite him to the limit, simply give him a passionate and deep blowjob with penis swallowing.

A representative of this constellation loves sex, he simply loves to do it, and a relationship without a bed is impossible for him, but a bed without a relationship is quite logical and usual for him. He knows how to wind up at half speed, his self-confidence, behavior, and a certain emancipation, very much attract the opposite sex, so for some incredible reason, they get turned on just from the thought that now they will make love with this unrestrained and stubborn man.

In some ways, the Scorpio man even uses sex as an encouragement or punishment. If he wants to thank his woman for her good behavior, will be gentle and affectionate with her, but if she has offended, he will feel his wrath in bed, because he will find a place that will surely sting at the most unexpected moment. All this is possible precisely because this man is a very sensual nature, which feels his partner and himself feels every touch, every movement, receiving from them a lot of pleasure and unearthly satisfaction. A representative of this sign likes to experiment in bed, he likes to change positions, partners, and most likely, he himself will not be able to answer what his most erogenous zones are, because he refers to the foreplay rather casually. But his favorite position or his fantasy, he knows for sure, he is not a theorist, but a real practitioner with his quirks and inexhaustible supply of sexual energy that is felt by every woman who is in the same bed with him.

Sexual compatibility of the Scorpio man with other signs

Scorpio man in sex with an Aries woman. Both signs are very ambitious, emotional and demanding of their partner. She is more calm but stubborn, will bend her line in any situation, which is simply not acceptable for him. He will appreciate her desire to surround him with care and stability, but cannot give her peace of mind and consistency. Connection is possible, because the emotional signs will converge in the intimate plan, but the duration of the relationship is equal to two weeks, because it will find a bone for a stone.

Scorpio man in sex with a Taurus woman. She will not be able to put up with the fickleness of her partner, she is too sober-minded and not far sighted to keep up with this guy who is in constant search of something. And he will be bored with such a girl homebody and terribly jealous, although in bed, both partners will try to satisfy each other, in addition, Taurus does not particularly need foreplay. It is better not to get married.

Scorpio man in sex with Gemini woman. Both signs love new emotions, impressions they can make good friends, lovers, but a serious relationship is possible only at a mature age. These signs relate too frivolously to relationships, they are fickle, and at the same time jealous. In intimate terms, they will get together perfectly, but in life they can only be united by a vast experience under their belt.

Scorpio man in sex with a Cancer woman. In this union, there are all the prerequisites for building a strong and harmonious relationship, because both signs can complement each other, but she will have to constantly smooth over the corners and give the laurels of primacy to her partner, getting used to his outbursts of anger and changes in mood. In intimate terms, very good compatibility, the marriage promises to be long and stable.

Scorpio man in sex with Leo woman. The only reason that can be decisive in building a relationship between representatives of these signs is unrestrained and all-consuming passion. They are both extroverted, like to experiment and have the same temperament, but when it comes to domestic problems, the relationship turns into a constant struggle, where neither is ready to cede the reins. A very emotional union, there may be physical violence in the background of nervous breakdowns. It is extremely dangerous to marry.

Scorpio man in sex with a Virgo woman. Criticism of his beloved, he just does not perceive, he is reeling, and just with each time he will move further and further away from her. She, on the other hand, is too selfish for him, he likes more emotional women, so the union is quite a failure, although they could find common ground in an intimate way. Marriage can be too boring and routine, with cheating and hookups on the part of the passionate Scorpio.

Scorpio man in sex with a Libra woman. For his emotional and spontaneous nature, the somewhat indecisive Libra can be a burden he won’t want to carry. In terms of intimacy, they can build a harmonious union, but life, prepare for them a lot of surprises, this girl will have a hard time, because her partner will not indulge her desires and listen in moments of depression. In addition, the jealousy of Libra will piss him off. Marriage is possible, but it will not be smooth.

Scorpio man in sex with a Scorpio woman. The sexiest signs who know a lot about love and love pleasures – the perfect combination in the intimate arena, but when it comes to everyday life, everything cracks at the seams. Both signs are too similar in their desire to lead, control and hold their ground, neither of them wants to back down, so constant quarrels, emotional breakdowns, and possibly even fights, will sooner or later lead to the destruction of the relationship. The marriage is doomed to death if neither of them loosens their grip, which is unlikely.

Scorpio man in sex with Sagittarius woman. They are somewhat similar to each other, they love to travel, they love to get emotion from adventure and intimacy. But she is too fickle, even for someone like him, so sooner or later, their roads will diverge. The relationship can even be long, but without a logical conclusion. Marriage is almost impossible, often it is a long relationship that disintegrates from fatigue.

Scorpio man in sex with Capricorn woman. An ideal combination in intimate terms, is a good ground for building a relationship. She will be able to give in the right minute to her partner, will be able to smooth out the rough edges and make his life more harmonious, peaceful. He certainly will thank her, will be able to dilute the situation and reduce the conflict to zero. Harmonious relations and a stable marriage based on respect are guaranteed.

Scorpio man in sex with Aquarius woman. He will not be able to accept her with all her peculiarities. She is too atomized in life, she is everywhere, but not at home. And he demands that all the attention be focused only on him, so quarrels in this regard simply cannot be avoided. In addition, the Aquarius girl is not a connoisseur of love pleasures, which means that there is simply nothing to unite this couple. You should not even start a relationship that is foreshadowed. Marriage is also not recommended.

Scorpio man in sex with a Pisces woman. This guy will seem to Pisces the epitome of courage and sexuality, they will appreciate his persistence and will thankfully find himself as a subordinate, with all the consequences that come with it. He needs just such a partner as a Pisces, resourceful and malleable, so the union will prove to be lasting and intense. Pisces will create harmony and comfort, and he will rule the relationship and make the nights hot.

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