How to behave with a married man to make him fall in love?

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Win the heart of a married man is easiest if there is at least a hint of sympathy between you. Use proven ways and avoid common mistakes to win the object of your love.

Love is sometimes so strong that girls do not stop the presence of the legitimate spouse to the object of admiration. Fall in love with her husband is possible, but before you do it, think about the consequences. Not everyone in a moment of blind infatuation realize that there are types of men who easily fall in love, and just as quickly cool down, leaving a disappointed girl with nothing.

1. First, you should use your natural gifts and lure a man with your beauty. Carefully choose your closet and makeup to lure the man you like even more. Be irresistible, so that the man was pleasant to look at you. If the lawful spouse does not take care of herself, you will win on her background.

Be mysterious, because men appreciate it. Allow him to pursue you and gain attention. The excitement will wake up in him, and then you can congratulate yourself on another victory. Do not be easy prey, because a man in a marriage, want novelty, which means it is important to show your best side.

3. Fall in love with a married man can also be with the help of conversation. Male representatives admit that often have affairs on the side, because they do not have enough simple communication. Listen to the object of his love and try to give him what he lacks: a conversation and participation in his life. Do not forget about the erudition, which is sure to please a man.

4. Do not be shy during intimacy, because a man is looking for something in you that he missed at home. If you really want a relationship with him, then arrange him a holiday, which he never waited within the walls of his own house.

5. Enamored with the man will be able to the woman who refuses to lecture. At home he had enough of his wife, who after many years of marriage together turned into a “saw” and presses the constant complaints and admonitions. Let the man know that you like signs of attention, praise him and give him compliments that are sure to melt a man’s heart.

6. Under no circumstances pry into his affairs and do not ask about what he is trying to hide. Any careless phrase about his personal life, spouse or child can repel, so enjoy what you have, and do not bring up the “baggage” of his choice, unless he is the first to talk about it.

7. Find out what the man you like likes and give him gifts. Perhaps he has a hobby, and then you can give him a gift with a certain theme. He will be reminded of you every time he uses the gift.

8. Leave a reminder of yourself in the form of a forgotten tube of lipstick in the car, a jacket or a bag of things in the trunk. This way you won’t let go of his attention, and the man is sure to make a new appointment to return what you forgot.

9. “Get your man hooked on a new hobby. This can be equestrian sports, trips together on excursions, dancing or other leisure activities that you can spend together. Gradually there will be a window in his schedule, which he will fill with what you offered him. Naturally, in your company.

10. Never give a man ultimatums if you want him to fall in love with you. Forget about forcing him to choose between you and his family. Don’t claim him during the big holidays, especially if it’s his child’s birthday. Moreover, you can pass on a gift with him to please the little one. No matter what he says to his spouse, what is important is that you took care and gave the child a loved one joy.

Take a man out of the family or not – a difficult decision, which you need to make yourself. Remember that you too can be in the place of the former spouse, because a man, once betrayed, can repeat his “success” is already with you.

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How to seduce a married man: strategy and tactics

Professional copywriter with a degree in philology. I have a wide outlook.

The expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For 8 years I have been saving “family units” from collapse. I help couples regain love and understanding.

Man – this predator. And not just from a biological point of view. Predatory tendencies also manifest themselves in the desire to conquer what initially does not belong to him. He is also a thief. Because stealing something from under his nose is a holy thing. It is not only men who engage in marital poaching, but women as well. And ladies are much more sophisticated in the forbidden hunting. Over the question of “how to seduce a married man” every second lady was thinking. And every third woman goes hunting.

Each predator has her own reasons and goals. But in order not to have another poacher in her head, she must understand that the man may have his own ideas about the values of the family way of life.

Sex, and nothing personal

Before seducing a married man for sex, the lady must clearly define the boundaries of what is allowed. If all you want from a man is pranks, then you should not allow the violation of emotional boundaries. Sports interest and lovey-dovey are incompatible. So you need to be sure, first of all, in their emotional stability.

There are no special techniques in seducing a married man for sex. Enough sweet coquetry, frank flirting, unambiguous hints. And, behave as if “Turgenev’s young lady” is not necessary. In this case, the “mimicry” is not to the point. Men easily give in to the provocation of hard seduction. Of course, if their moral stability is not particularly iron.

The funny thing is that many are scared of such a frank pressure, and while they are in prostration, you can take them warm. Sometimes men are blatantly stupid and flap their eyes in confusion. They really do not understand what they want. In this case, you just need to tell him directly and frankly about it. Men love frankness and quickly surrender their boundaries if you put them in front of the fact.

Hunting a stubborn man

There is a category of men who live by the concepts of the institution of marriage. They are not the standard of fidelity, and they do not go “to the left” just because it is not accepted. They have their own attitude to marriage: if you get married, live with your wife. There may not be love in such a marriage, they just feel good and comfortable in such a relationship. They can have a full family, but they furtively, and sometimes openly, depending on the character of the spouse, look at other women.

At the same time waving the flag of fidelity in all directions. To seduce such an easy, but it is important to combine some factors. First of all, this type of man must be in a long-term relationship. That is, he must have been with this woman for a very long period before marriage. Secondly, such a man must have such a character trait as constancy.

Thirdly, his wife should not meet the conventional canons of femininity. Meaning a floating figure, “clumsy” in nature, agreeableness and a degree of indifference. Of course, starting to hunt for such a comrade all of this you may not know, but in the process of seduction all of these factors will emerge, and then it will be much easier.

Seducing such a man, you need to apply the following techniques:

  • Friendship. You will have to work hard to gain his confidence. You can not go anywhere without a frank heart-to-heart talk, as their further tactics depend on it.
  • Goodies. As a rule, these men live in families dominated by children’s menus or the laws of proper nutrition. Celery and steamed patties already bored, and the soul demands a delicious, homemade cake. A couple of bowls of cherished goodies, and half the job is done.
  • Comfort and safety. Such men value their reputation very much. To seduce such a specimen will have to work hard in providing the rear.

The best time to start active action is some kind of holiday. For example, a birthday party. He is invited, a little tipsy, and then it’s a matter of technique.

What can you count on with such a “wuss”? Only hot sex. It’s unlikely he’ll get active. Men like that don’t break up their families for a mistress. They will not leave their comfort zone. The maximum they can agree to: intimacy, comfort, dinner. Since they are constant, their connection on the side can last for years.

And the mistress will be the same. They will be madly in love with this woman, lusting after her, dreaming of living with her. And the conversations will be sincere, but unfortunately, everything will remain the same. You can try to steal him away from the family with the help of an imaginary rival, but that’s also doubtful. There is a high probability that he will pick his brain with a teaspoon of jealousy, but he is unlikely to divorce.

An Accidental Marriage

How do you seduce a married man by accident? It’s easy. These men are some walkers. They will spend their whole life looking into someone else’s stall. It’s easy to pick one up. With them work the same techniques that work with the single: coquetry, flirting, hints, pressure. Moreover, the more play and fun, the better. In general, ease and relaxedness are the two components of successful hunting. The only thing to consider is the lack of durability of such relationships.

Such men will never treasure their mistress. They just don’t need her: there are plenty of people around who will agree to have sex without commitment. Count on the fact that he will leave the family… well, unless his wife burns his “carousing” and throws his suitcases out the door, and he will not divorce voluntarily. And even then, most likely, after the divorce, the huntress won’t see anything. This “rabbit” will “whore” all his life.

Top flight: the “holier-than-thou.

What if you have a pathologically faithful specimen? In theory, nothing. To infringe on such a “swan” in human form is blasphemy. But if you really had to do it, then you will need hard work, which will take a very long time. It will be necessary not only to gain his trust. It is important to shadow this person. He must get used to the fact that next to him is a kind of “Decembrist”.

This is the only way to lull his vigilance. Act carefully. This man should not suspect anything. If flirting, it should be under cover. If flirting, then very subtly. In general, to seduce such a specimen under force very few. But, if this happens, and he will really fall in love, then 99.9% of the time he will leave the family. His pathological honesty will not allow you to “fool around” with his wife.

The arsenal of a successful huntress

To seduce a married man you will need an impressive arsenal.

  • Appearance. She must be outstanding. Being just nice is not enough. A married man’s wife is cute, too. You have to be stunning. Makeup must be as natural as possible. No false eyelashes or pouty lips. The maximum that can be artificial is a manicure. And then only because in this matter, men do not understand. Everything must be natural.
  • Clothing. Men who already have a stamp in their passports, as a rule, are very self-sufficient. And they cannot be bought with a skirt on the ears and a transparent blouse. Such men prefer calm classics. Before them, you can appear in jeans and a T-shirt, but only when the situation allows it, for example, a picnic. In all other cases, only business style. There should be no vulgarity.
  • An uncommon mind. Have to shine in many areas. Before you seduce a married man should know almost everything about him. And only after that explore the themes close to him, in order to shoot down his knowledge in the field of tank construction, for example.

Armed with such a weapon, you can go hunting.

Practical Recommendations for the beginner hunters

Love is evil: you will also fall in love with a married man. Everything happens in life, and no matter how “clucking” with a cherished stamp, each of them is under threat of treason her husband. But we are not talking about them.

In order to seduce a married man needs a clear plan of action:

  • To gain his trust. Men are prone to the proverbial friendship of a woman. As one famous character said “friendship between a man and a woman is possible, but only if they are former or future lovers.” So it is. In this case, friendship precedes a love relationship. To develop this friendship, a difficult task. For example, trust will emerge only after the huntress herself tells a heartwarming story over coffee and asks for advice. Men, even impossible brutals, are very gentle and sympathetic creatures. They will not just get into a situation, but will be able to give sensible advice. And if at the same time they themselves go to the revelations, then “it’s in the bag”.
  • All-round development. This is an easier one. It is necessary to know the interests of the victim. And then study the necessary topics. You will have to work for many days, but it will be worth it. If the girl’s on the same page as the target, he’s already halfway done.
  • Appearance. Always the best. But you have to forget about perfume. Married men are very sensitive in this matter, because there is a “sheepdog” at home who smells “Chanel № 5” a mile away. So just a light scent of body lotion and nothing more. Even if his wife has a runny nose, men still do not really like women’s perfume, so, in confidence. Makeup is a must: “matryoshka” without a shadow of cosmetics in his house sits, boils borscht. And he, like any man, is no stranger to the concept of aesthetics. One “but”: makeup should be calm. No blue eyeshadow and glitter. Men prefer tenderness, not vulgarity. And there must be a time and a place for red lips.
  • Behavior Pattern. Flirt! Without it there is no way. Correctly flirt can not everyone. Flirting should be subtle, thinly veiled. He should be read in the slightest movement of the body, eyes, lips. For example, the movement is smooth and imposing, as Bagheera after a hearty meal, while walking gently swaying his hips, playing with a lock of hair or a pendant. A smile that does not have to be full of 32 teeth, a grin is enough, but calmly, without the shadow of superiority or condescension. It is important to play with the look: eyelashes half-lidded, slightly embarrassed, or conversely playful. She looked and looked away, looked and looked away. In general, the game of “peeking over” works well. Voice: low, chesty, with a slight huskiness. No squeal or childlike intonation. Even if nature has awarded a high tone means to muffle it as much as possible, to speak softly and measured, but not to chew speech. If you start a conversation, you need to look at the man directly, eye to eye.

Lessons on seduction at work

In the workplace there are two categories of men to seduce: the boss and a colleague. The top flight is the boss. A common option is the coworker.

With an ordinary employee, everything is simple: lunch, coffee, casual conversation, and all the other techniques that are described above. The only place where you have to “hold your horses” is emotions. Here they need to be carefully masked, because gossip and rumors are not helpful.

The task of “how to seduce a married boss” is more complicated. First of all, will have to put out to the maximum. The clear performance of all instructions, outstanding abilities, a clear mind and intelligence, willingness to work at any time of day and night, professional commitment. And even if the seduction does not work, then you can definitely get a promotion.

Everything should be carefully calculated. Managers rarely go for foolishness and fleeting communication. They are too precious and their reputation, and their place, and their marriage, on the presence of which a lot depends.

Therefore, in pursuit of the chief, there is a risk not only of becoming the object of gossip, but also of being kicked out of work. This is possible if you behave brazenly, defiantly, vulgarly.

What they lack

When a married man decides to commit adultery, it begs the question, “what does he, the bitch, lack?” A clean house, borscht on the stove, kids on the job, a smart, beautiful wife?” Yes, it’s very simple – he lacks drive, adrenaline. He stopped feeling like a man. He is anything: a husband, a father, an earner, but the spirit of the conqueror died quietly among the diapers and bags.

His wife has calmed down, sits on her ass, lets her ass grow. And all kind of shows that no one anywhere to go. In general, actively “builds the nest” and forgot to think that her husband might be the object of the hunt. These are the types of specimens that are caught in the net of the skillful hunters.


The topic “How to seduce a married man” is actually very sharp. Married men are like an open book. Everything is already clear with him: he is reliable, he is self-sufficient, he is damn attractive. But before you read the laws of seduction married men, it is not bad to think about the consequences. Often reality and expectations do not coincide, and the disappointment can be very severe. So before you seduce a married man, you need to think hard,” but whether it is worth the cost.

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