How to behave with a man after the first night?

Rules of bed etiquette: How to behave so that you were not thrown immediately after the first night

In order not to “go to the reserve early” and not to remain only a pleasant (or not very) memory for a man who you really like, you need to adhere to some unspoken rules. And it is not a question of mannerisms (although it is certainly important, too). tells what rules of sex etiquette is better not to break, if you do not want that the first night with a new acquaintance did not become the last.

“So how do you know what you can or can’t do if sex etiquette isn’t taught anywhere?” – might ask those who, for whatever reason, have novels end barely begun or expectations of unearthly pleasure turn into torture or a pointless process. How not to become a predictable boring person, intimacy with whom promises nothing good? Or, on the contrary, too intrusive lady, from which you want to escape almost immediately after meeting?

Safety comes first.

No matter how much you want to tear off the clothes of your partner and indulge in passion right here and now, first make sure that everything will be safe and comfortable. Experts remind that unprotected sex can damage your health, so do not neglect the basic rules – before the date be sure to stock up on contraception (do not forget that birth control can protect only from unwanted pregnancy, but not from sexually transmitted diseases, so have in your purse a few condoms necessarily). Some ladies naively believe that the partner will take care of this, but according to men themselves, they are much more pleasant to feel the chosen one, and not the “latex”, so they will refuse to use rubber products under any pretext. Do not fall for these tricks, because in the end you yourself will have to destroy the negative consequences. Sexual safety – the concern of both participants in the process and an opportunity to emphasize once again how responsible you are in the matter.

Avoiding Conflicts

The ability to get out of any situation (including romantic) with dignity and time to extinguish the impending conflict – is worth a lot. This is another rule of sexual etiquette, which must be followed if you want to keep the relationship with your partner. Try to treat with humor some awkward moments during intimacy or do not focus on them. In addition, do not dare to interrogate or find out the naughty details of the personal life of your chosen one. Wanted – he will tell, and do not consider it necessary, then do not take offense or scandal. Sex – it’s fun, and once again an opportunity to find out who is right and who is wrong.

Better moderation than unnecessary questions

To prevent your romantic date from turning into a misunderstanding, try not to show off all your skills right away (even if you really have something to show off). Do not be like actors from adult films, because what looks tempting on the screen, in real life can harm you or your reputation. After all, the more you play the “experienced lady”, the more questions your chosen one will have. According to the men themselves, they immediately begin to scroll through the head of juicy scenes, try to figure out how good they are in bed, and at the same time – how many gentlemen you have, since you are so good at coping with the most difficult positions. And even if they don’t ask you directly, they will still torment themselves with questions about the number of their predecessors. And here the excuse that you just watched thematic movies or attended educational training will not help – your partner may decide that you lead him by the nose and even better than trying to outdo you, it is better to find someone who is closer to them by experience and temperament, to study together Kama Sutra and improve particularly tempting options.

No mention of exes.

Just remember that discussing your past affairs in bed is taboo. Period. Do not dwell on the past, even if “Kolya did it a little better, and here Peter could even spend hours giving me pleasure. Stop comparing your partner with his predecessors, because you can inadvertently hurt people and spoil the impression of himself. And who then will want to continue the relationship, if one of the partners fixated on his past and can not cross out the former. According to statistics, usually ladies sin by it, seeing nothing wrong with motivating their loved one to perform feats in bed, because “Seryozha kissed me so that the ground was swimming out from under me, and Igor knew all the erogenous points on my body and skillfully used it. Alas, but you do not motivate the gentleman, but on the contrary, make him run away, not even to show off all their skills and talents. As men admit, for them it’s like “dragging someone else into bed. Why all these “ecstasy” if there is you, he and the passion that is difficult to curb.

Play, but do not play games.

Not superfluous would be to remind you that you should not imitate the actors in adult films and try to repeat everything you have ever seen on the screen. Remember that men can easily detect falsity and the desire to seem better than you are. Why? You are already beautiful and you are already in the arms of the beau you like. Just be yourself and enjoy the moment, because there is nothing more sexy than a sincere desire to please your partner. Believe me that it turns on a lot more than trying to surprise or impress your favorite favorite talent.

Sensitivity and tactfulness

Try to smooth over sharp angles and translate some negative moments into jokes. Immediately discuss the boundaries that in no case can be broken (and at the same time come up with the so-called “stop word” that will stop the process at the first request). Act gently and tactfully, guide and encourage your partner, and then your chosen one will be looking for a meeting with you again and again.

How to behave after intimacy with a man

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Walks and rewrites, a couple or three dates – and here you are with a good-looking man in bed. Despite the apparent simplicity of the situation, many girls are seriously puzzled by the question, how to behave after intimacy with a man? Is it worth to stay with him, what to talk about, whether compliments are appropriate and when to wait for the next meeting – the secrets of lady success you can learn in this article.

What does any man want after intercourse?

If a woman after sex wants tenderness, mass communication and compliments, men are much more simple. They spend much more energy on intimacy, so after it the strong half of mankind is banal to sleep.

The second important point for any man – he is flattered by the words about how good he was in bed, what she liked most of all. Any man subconsciously waiting for this, so that after such words to feel like a hero and assert himself. Do not unfold a long monologue, a couple of compliments will be enough.

A shower or a bath is an important component that you should provide to your partner after sex. More than half of the men put this desire as a priority, to get yourself in order. And after that you can praise the strengths of men in bed and then let him sleep on it.

The most popular women’s mistakes immediately after intimacy

Analyzing how to behave after intimacy with a man, you can not make annoying mistakes that could make sex with this man to the last. Modern representatives of the stronger sex are repulsed:

  1. Trying to immediately stay overnight at a man’s place and win him over if the sex was on his property. It is best to make it clear right away that you plan to leave – if the man wants to, he will offer to stay with you himself.
  2. Subtle hints about the development of the relationship, especially talk about marriage – it is unlikely that a man after a stormy night will immediately begin to prepare for the wedding.
  3. Excessive fuss (is the man comfortable to sleep, what he would like to change in the next sex, what to cook him for breakfast …). Don’t clog a man’s brain with too complex questions, all of this can be done quite well after a sound sleep.

Was there a boy: how long to wait after sex and will there be a sequel?

Another important question on the subject of how to behave after intimacy with a man – whether to wait for further development and what period is acceptable. As studies by psychologists show, the optimal time to make a decision is a week.

Interested in continuing the man will make himself known almost immediately after intimacy. But not uncommon situations where the partner changed after sex and even disappeared after a night of love. This is often the case for the ladies’ man and the alphonse, for which sex is not exactly the reason for a serious relationship. A standard man either doesn’t show up at all (if he doesn’t like the girl) or will get in touch in a couple of days.

A lot of the feedback will depend on the quality of the intimacy. When a man saw a woman’s true pleasure, heard her moans, and even received compliments to himself afterwards – he is very likely to try to “score” the girl that he made an impression on.

An important subtlety: after intimacy to the girl, you can look at how the guy said goodbye to her. If he left her a passionate kiss, was attentive and mentioned the possibility of the next meeting – it will surely happen. If the gentleman just got dressed and left, throwing a couple of duty words goodbye, most likely, the woman just wasn’t particularly interested in him or sex was his only goal.

A clever woman’s move

Any girl after intimacy wants to be specific and understand whether to continue to count on this man and whether the next intimate relationship is expected. To make it easier to determine whether your partner fell for you after sex, you can take the easiest way and a couple of hours after the rough night is over and you say goodbye, send him a text message “Thanks for the hot night, it was great”. If your object of desire responded and gave a response, that’s a good sign.

Another option is to wait after intimacy for a couple of days and send a simple text with the words “How are you, how are you?” Having received a neutral response (fine, everything is fine and no counter-questions), you can assume that the man is not particularly interested in you. Even if a woman manages to untwist him for further meetings, there is little chance for a real continuation.

If your question received a long or atypical answer, an apology for the long silence – it’s not so bad. It is worth taking into account these men’s words and continue communication.

Uncomplicated secrets and rules of conduct with the representatives of the stronger sex after intimacy is a great chance for the lady to develop further. After all, everyone is well aware that the relationship is always led by a woman. And a wise woman does it discreetly, subtly and delicately.

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