How to behave with a Libra man in bed?

How a Libra man behaves in bed: than his surprise and conquer

For men born under the constellation Libra, harmony in all spheres of life, including sex, is important. This sign is not peculiar to deep feelings, from love relationships, he expects a sense of ease and some inaccessibility of the partner – only in this format, a long-term and strong union is possible. In sex the Libra man is not prone to unexpected experiments, the main thing for him aesthetics, beauty and sensuality. At the same time, he does not really like the sexual initiative of a woman, she must remain mysterious, unattainable and elusive. The value of sex with such a partner increases tenfold and gives Libra the most vivid and memorable emotions.

Libra in sex: characteristic

Libra is the most contradictory zodiac sign with a fickle mood and incomprehensible line of behavior. This is due to the fact that they are looking for balance in everything – if one cup at least slightly outweighs the other, Libras feel uncomfortable, disappointed in the partner and begin to disappear without explanation.

Many Libra men do not imagine themselves in a permanent relationship with one person and may spend a lifetime looking for the perfect woman. Long-term relationships bore them, sex with the only partner becomes dull and boring. Some representatives of the constellation Libra accept this situation or try to establish a relationship with their woman, while everyone else starts looking for sex on the side.

This sign of the zodiac can not be called faithful, between his pleasure and a sense of duty the guy, without hesitation, will choose the first. And no remorse Libra in this case do not feel, considering the campaign on the side of a normal and natural phenomenon for men.

Erogenous zones of men of Libra

To understand the behavior and preferences of a Libra man in bed, you must first of all explore its erogenous zones. First of all, it is the back and especially its lower part. The guy will appreciate the erotic massage with light stroking as a prelude to sex. Such manipulations turn a Libra man on and induce him to be active.

Strangely enough, but another sensitive area he has is his hands. If you want him to get aroused, use a simple trick: look into his eyes and lightly touch his palm with your fingers. The touch should be smooth and subtle.

Neck kisses also make his heart beat more often, especially if the partner alternates them with gentle touches to the face and ears.

Sexual preferences

If you want to know how to satisfy a Libra man in sex, first of all behave naturally. Representatives of this constellation have an excellent flair, they instantly read the partner’s game. Libra does not like aggression and harsh behavior in bed. A man is unlikely to regularly force his girlfriend to use handcuffs, whips and other similar accessories in sex. Nor should you expect him to want to make love in an elevator or any other unexpected place. On the contrary, he prefers a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where there is:

  • A comfortable bed;
  • beautiful quality bed linen;
  • dim light;
  • pleasant aromas, etc.

Libras are absolute aesthetes; they want everything to be perfect. If this is your first sex, you must prepare for it carefully, otherwise it may be your last. Choose beautiful lingerie in pastel colors – vulgar prints and garish colors Libras can’t stand. Pay attention to every detail so that nothing will distract the man’s attention from you. There is no need to do fancy haircuts and evening makeup. It is enough that the appearance was well-groomed: clean hair, neat manicure and a pleasant fresh body odor.

Do not show excessive initiative and do not pounce on your partner in a passionate rush until he himself takes action. The ultimate delight Libra is only if the long sought after girls and made a lot of effort to be with her in bed.

In sex, a man of Libra is devoid of selfishness and tries to give maximum pleasure partner. If necessary, he will work tirelessly for you all night. From a woman, the guy also expects dedication, emancipation and sensuality. Don’t try to be an actress with him and give feigned reactions – the romantic mood immediately goes away as soon as Libra senses lies and insincerity.

You can safely tell him about your sexual fantasies – these men do not seek sexual experimentation, but for the pleasure of the partner will support any of her preferences and even agree to role-playing games.

Libra lovers – professionals in the preliminary caresses. They do not like to rush events and enthusiastically indulge in foreplay. They like to drive their ladies to the point of exhaustion and stretch the pleasure. Do not try to speed it up or rudely interrupt the process. Libra does not tolerate aggressive behavior of a woman.

Tips for a Libra partner

For women who want not only to be in the same bed with a Libra man, but also to build a strong relationship with him, there are several important recommendations:

  1. At the beginning of the relationship, try to keep your distance, be interested, but remain unavailable.
  2. Avoid frank conversations if you have not had sex yet. Don’t discuss your sexual preferences or send intimate photos.
  3. If you are already dating, do not run to a man on the first call, so as not to reduce the relationship to a “no commitment” format. When Libras realize that a woman is ready to do anything for him, they instantly lose interest.

Going on a romantic date, refuse frank outfits with deep cleavage and short skirts – Libras prefer elegant women with good taste.

At the stage of acquaintance and rapprochement, don’t try to look like a femme fatale, don’t invite him to your home on the first dates and don’t agree to go to his place.

If you want to know how to surprise a Libra man in bed, take note of what excites him:

  1. A harmonious feminine image with well-chosen clothes – preferably that it delicately emphasizes the advantages of the figure, but does not open them to public view.
  2. Self-confidence, calm demeanor, ease of communication.
  3. Long well-groomed hair.
  4. A soft velvet voice.

This may also include a quiet romantic atmosphere with good wine and relaxing music.

Appearance is important for the representatives of this zodiac sign, but it is not a determining factor. Libras may be interested in a girl who is far from the standards of beauty. The main thing for them is natural femininity, good manners and the ability to behave confidently in society.

Quality sexual relationships with this sign of the zodiac are impossible if you do not attract him as a person. The inner world, erudition, intelligence, similarity of views are of primary importance for such a man in his chosen one.

Being in a relationship with a Libra guy, do not impose sex and do not ask for a date, if he does not burn desire to invite you. Try to do so that your partner was able to miss you and think about meeting more often.

If you find yourself in bed with him on the first date, most likely dating is over. Another option is also possible: the guy will periodically call you and invite you to his place. This man may have several sexual partners at the same time, sometimes even being married. If you do not give him freedom and press your attention, it is likely that he will look for a breath of air on the side.

Compatibility in sex with other zodiac signs

The behavior of a Libra man in sex depends on the woman and what emotions he feels for her. The zodiac sign of the chosen woman cannot be a determining parameter in the relationship, but you should also pay attention to it:

  1. Aries. In contrast to the subtle and sensitive Libra, the Aries is more down-to-earth and pragmatic. Opposite characters can provoke a bright spark and be the beginning of a stormy passionate romance.
  2. Taurus. Both partners feel each other and without words understand all the desires and preferences. Such a relationship can be the key not only to good sex but also to a strong long-term relationship.
  3. Gemini. They are very similar in character, have a strong emotional attachment and understand each other perfectly. In sex, these partners rarely have bright and unforgettable moments, but they can become good friends.
  4. Cancer. Such a girl attracts him by her femininity and at first a great sexual interest. If in the future she will not be capricious and demand eternal love, a strong union is possible.
  5. Leo. Leo women can be selfish in bed, not giving proper attention to the partner. For Libra this option is unacceptable, sooner or later he will feel uninterested and to avoid complexes he will hurry to leave – comfort and balance are more important to him.
  6. Virgo. For these girls sex is not of paramount importance. They will not show excessive sexual initiative and will attract the attention of Libra by their independence. These signs are similar on an emotional level, and in bed there is complete understanding between them.
  7. Libra. At the very beginning of such an affair is accompanied by bright sexual emotions, because these people understand better than anyone else what their partner needs in bed. Both like freedom, so the relationship may be unfaithful and painful breakups.
  8. Scorpio. Sexual and liberated Scorpio does not tolerate any restrictions in bed. An aesthete Libra will not be able to give her the full range of emotions that she expects.
  9. Sagittarius. Sex in this relationship is often the main connecting link. Representatives of these zodiac signs can often quarrel, but making love always reconciles them and allows them to keep the connection for a long time.
  10. Capricorn. Between these zodiac signs there is no strong attraction. Such a union can be called business or friendly, but a strong passion between partners happens very rarely and only at the beginning of an affair.
  11. Aquarius. These partners have a deep emotional and spiritual connection. Sex gives pleasure to both, even after a long time they remain interesting to each other.
  12. Pisces. There is a strong sexual attraction between them until Libra begins to fade and a Pisces woman begins to be capricious and demand attention.

So, you are in love and want to know how to satisfy a Libra man in bed and create a strong harmonious union with him. First of all, you will have to be patient and accept the fact that these men are prone to doubt. After the first sex, the guy may disappear for several days or weeks to think everything over and to understand his feelings. During such a period, you need to leave him alone, not in any case do not call and do not impose your attention. In this case, you have a great chance to interest Libra and move the acquaintance to another, more serious and trustworthy level.

Male Libra in bed: the secrets of a perfect relationship

The Libra man in bed and love tends to go to extremes. The search for the ideal partner can drag on for a long period. This man is an aesthete, but not an egoist. The happiness of a beloved woman is a valuable prize for him.

Characteristics of Libra men in love

The element of the sign – Air, so the romance with this man is not strong and unencumbered by commitment. This does not mean that it is impossible to build a serious relationship with him.

In love with a Libra it is important to keep a balance and a balance. The main person in the couple is always the man. If a woman agrees to his scenario, then a fabulous and enchanting romance awaits her.

Signs of falling in love

Libras are hesitant people. It is difficult for them to make a decision, to take the initiative. A man in love constantly looks at his watch and tries to look away from the object of admiration. The timid guy gives romance when he gets to know the girl well.

When a Libra man has made up his mind, he displays his feelings very vividly:

  • makes compliments;
  • Wants to be near, constantly calls and sends messages;
  • Establishes contact through hugs, touches and physical intimacy.

Having fallen in love, he is ready to carry the woman in his arms. Attention and adoration continue throughout the relationship, if the partner does not disappoint him.

How he courts.

Gallantry and refinement are the hallmarks of Libra. His courtship is diverse in its manifestations:

  1. Romance. Dinners on the roof under the starry sky, original gifts, romantic quests he has at his disposal during the conquest of his beloved’s heart.
  2. Openness. He is ready to shout about his feelings and a girl, and the whole world. In love confesses with special sincerity and tenderness.
  3. Acquaintance with parents. The guy is very attached to his own home and mother. If he decided to introduce the girl to her mother, it means that his intentions are more than serious.
  4. Travel. This is an active and cheerful man. His interests and lifestyle should find support.
  5. Acquaintance with friends. He will present his beloved at a party to his entourage with special pride.

Libra is an attentive and affectionate man. He knows how to bring novelty, beauty and intrigue. Men of this sign are dreamers and romantics.

Ideas about the ideal wife

Libra men have a refined taste. A woman who will conquer a representative of this sign has a special beauty. She is a star, a cherished dream of many men, which got exactly to him.

The ideal woman for these guys is unique in manners, looks after herself. The content is no less important than the form – your favorite Libra always differs erudite.

In addition to appearance and character, the ability of the girl to manage the household is important for Libra. Coziness and cleanliness in the house are necessary attributes of comfort of this man.

What kind of husband is he

A representative of the sign will marry a girl if she completely corresponds to the image of his ideal life partner. The very proposal will be original and romantic.

In family life, the sign occupies a dominant position. He earns money, spoils his beloved. In return, he hopes for support and warmth, the performance of household duties by his wife. Despite this scenario of the love relationship, there is no place for suppression.

What will make him fall out of love

The man has an easy character and peaceful nature. He is loyal to all people, but he will never be won over by a girl:

  • Slovenly and untidy;
  • rude and foul-mouthed;
  • fake, insincere, and prone to adultery;
  • taking over a man’s duties.

A man seeks support in a relationship. To get him, you need to monitor behavior, praise, and have soulful conversations in a quiet environment.

10 criteria for an ideal relationship

The Libra man in a relationship with a woman values freedom and takes a long time to choose the right companion.

In order not to disappoint your partner, it is worth following the recommendations:

  1. Maintain intrigue. There is no need to alienate yourself from your chosen one, otherwise he will simply lose interest. But being an open book is also not the best strategy.
  2. Maintain interests. Here, too, you need a measure – you can not interfere in personal activities beloved. It is necessary to look carefully for points of contact.
  3. Do not ask. This man is inventive and romantic, he will not forget to please his beloved, but only on his own initiative.
  4. Refrain from pressure. Commanding tone, insistent advice in the case of Libra will give the opposite effect and create a conflict situation.
  5. Know how to cook. He is a foodie. One of the ways to his heart really lies through the stomach.
  6. Be crafty. The psychology of this man is such that he needs help choosing. But it will be better if he thinks he wanted to do it himself.
  7. To provoke jealousy. For him, a woman that other men pay attention to is desirable. It is important to act gracefully and not to cross the fine line.
  8. Take care of the appearance. Libra appreciates a woman’s beauty and does not tolerate unkemptness.
  9. Be easy on the rise. This sign of the zodiac is air, he is an innovator and an extreme. The partner should match him.
  10. Love sex. Intimacy is very important to this sign.

To win the guy is simple – you need to be on the same page with him, to satisfy him sexually, aesthetically and emotionally. At the same time, he must see that his beloved is truly happy next to him.

What he’s like in bed.

The airy nature of Libra makes them prone to experimentation. But this propensity doesn’t go any further than trying things out. The man comes to the conclusion that the real pleasure is lacy lingerie, a comfortable bed, dim lights and romantic music. Aesthetic appreciation takes precedence over innovation.

Behavior and temperament.

Intimacy with a partner for this sign is an important aspect of the relationship. The man’s goal is the pleasure of his beloved. He acts slowly, “travels” through the partner’s body, studying the erogenous zones.

Libra likes gentle sex. Rudeness, vulgarity and repression does not cause sexual desire in this sign. As a lover, the Libra man is a hard honcho. He is affectionate and hot and pays attention to little things.

What does he expect from his partner

For Libra, forbidden fruit is sweet. Accessibility and open sexuality will not tempt them.

Being gentle and considerate in bed, the man expects it from his partner. Be too enterprising is not worth it, it is better to hint softly about their desires – sensitive partner will understand in half a word.

For these guys, it’s not just the ending that’s important, but also the process. If you keep the rhythm set by your partner and echo it, then both will enjoy it.

Addictions and secret desires

To give pleasure to a loved one, you should explore his body during foreplay, to watch his reaction. Sensual areas of this sign – the back, buttocks. He would love the hot kisses and hugs during the unhurried act. Spice up your sex life should be added very carefully.

Zodiacal compatibility with women

Libras build the strongest relationships with Aries, although it requires effort from each partner. With other zodiac signs, they converge relatively easily, but later play out different scenarios:

  1. Taurus. Not inventive enough and too lazy for them.
  2. Gemini. The romance is passionate, but fleeting. Libra gets tired of the mess that Gemini lives in.
  3. Cancer. He is too passive and conservative, but under favorable circumstances a strong union is possible.
  4. Leo. This couple looks great together, but the spending, to which both are prone, will ruin everything.
  5. Virgo. The veil of love and tenderness, enveloping in the beginning, will fade away, and the “boat of love” will prosaically crash into the troubles of everyday life.
  6. Libra. With these girls there is a risk of getting a double dose of all the extremes that both men and women of the sign are prone to.
  7. Scorpio. A union with great prospects. The Scorpio girl is not trying to get the leading role, the partner is fine with it.
  8. Sagittarius. There is mutual understanding here, but the sexual compatibility is not so good.
  9. Capricorn. The hardworking Capricorn girl will find it difficult to tolerate the laziness and superficiality of representatives of this sign.
  10. Aquarius. These are signs of the same element that are perfect for each other, but destructive dependence of one of the partners can ruin the union.
  11. Pisces. Too easy for Libra. Such a union exists for a short time.

Compatibility of zodiac signs plays a big role, but other factors also have an impact. Common interests and social status will help to build a harmonious relationship with astrologically unsuccessful “inputs”.

Libras are contradictory, but it’s easy to win them over. Recognizing the preferences, character and temperament of the chosen one, a woman will receive his heart on a platter.

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