How to behave with a guy alone?

How to behave with a man

Here, it seems, and beautiful, and successful, and smart, but decent men do not have … In what, or rather, who is it? Despite all the peculiarities of human communication, most often the answers to these questions are on the surface. So in this case, maybe she just does not know how to behave with men?

Indeed, most often, we – women, while communicating with men, we forget about one very important point – we forget how to behave with your loved one in a given situation. And in this case we should blame not on our girlish memory, but on our levity, as we are sure that if a man was caught to us on the hook, he did not skip … But it was not – it was necessary always to remember about the correct behavior.

On a date

When you come on a date with a man, it does not matter whether he is familiar or unfamiliar, you should always remember the phrase of the woman “of all times and peoples” Coco Chanel, who loved to repeat that you can not make a second impression, so during the date try to show him only their positive qualities, and his character left for your life together. So, if you don’t quite know what this is all about, here’s your second piece of advice – “Silence is golden.”

Even if you had a busy and adventurous day, it does not mean that you have to babble on and on. Majestic silence and lack of words – that’s what distinguishes women who know how to behave with men. Your ace up your sleeve is the ability to listen when your man opens his mouth. To tell you the next thing that you are not interested in. That’s how the male nature is – they love to be listened to, and believe me, on a second date, he will definitely invite the one who is listening, but not the one who was talking.

Oh yes, one more tip – do not get carried away with wine, it is possible that your chosen one is trying to blunt your guard, to take advantage of the situation later, but the wine acts on the female consciousness in a rather unflattering way – the alcohol unleashes our tongue, so you risk to shake something unnecessary. Your allies are juice, tea and mineral water – delicious and healthy. By the way, if you have sights on this man, do not refuse to eat and say that you are on a diet. Alas, but such statements are very scary for men.


Paradoxically, but it’s a fact – a woman’s behavior with her man in private should be very different from the behavior in a public place. Why? Yes, because many things you can do only in private, for example, to swear or, conversely, to show his passion and desire. So, if you are alone with a man, do not immediately throw off your mask of grandeur and modesty, and show what you really are.

Again, all your habits, habits, and positive and negative sides he will know after the wedding, but in the meantime, keep the image of chastity, modesty and shyness. Also, remember, if you want to discuss important points with your man or to show him your dissatisfaction – it is necessary to do it just in private. Naturally, alone with your man you can be yourself, but do not forget about your femininity, as well as your other positive qualities.

In the company of friends

But in this situation, everything should be completely different! If you want to know how to behave with a man in the company of friends, here’s your answer – modest, reserved and with a smile. Even if you don’t like your man’s behavior, the situation, or you have a complaint, all these issues should be resolved only in private, but not in front of strangers! “Yes, yes, we know that,” you say, but many of us always forget about it, because the feeling of outrage always takes over patience and rationality.

Also, if you are with a man in the company of friends, do not forget about modesty, as your man obviously will not like a girl who draws too much attention to herself. Also, the company should not shine with your wit or prove your case, even if you are one hundred percent sure that you are right, because upstarts do not like anywhere – that’s a fact.

On vacation.

And now begins the most interesting, because the majority of representatives of the fair sex on vacation behave with their man completely wrong. Let’s start with the most important – turn off your jealousy and stop nagging your husband on and off! Do you know that an impressive number of divorces and separations between couples occurs after a joint vacation? So he looked away at an attractive girl, it does not mean anything! Nor does anyone prevent you to admire the male tanned torso.

How to behave with a man in front of his parents.

And here in this situation, you must be especially careful, because if you are in the company of his parents, then you have nothing to do but to keep silent or to praise his beloved. Do not even try to his parents to complain about it – a waste of time. Moreover, showing claims to his beloved man in his parents, you will only worsen the situation. Remember – when parents sing songs of praise in honor of their son, alone say all that we think and try to re-educate or influence.

Summing up, the most important thing – there are no specific written rules of conduct in these or other cases, you need first of all, to look at the situation, and only then decide. Where you can say your word, and where it is better to remain silent. But in any case, do not forget that your behavior with your man in private and in public are two completely opposite things.

Moreover, you are a woman, which means you are God’s creation, which is smarter, more cunning and more resourceful than a man. So exercise your right to seductress and do not forget about femininity, silence and modesty – these qualities have always been and will be in honor with men.

Alone at home: 18 ways to spend time with your boyfriend

We’re sure you know without us what to do at home with your boyfriend. But let’s tell you a secret: romantic conversations, kissing and all of the following are not the only ways to have a good time.

Children’s World

Pull out the albums your parents have kept for a thousand years, and tell him why you were scared of the stuffed bunny in kindergarten and who you were in love with in first grade. True, with the latter be careful – if he suddenly responds by talking about himself.

Offer to recognize you in the general picture. After five minutes, admit that you watched SpongeBob at home that day.

Long and happy.

Get comfortable on pillows and fantasize about the future: tell each other how great it will be to live in the mountains, go to concerts in the middle of the week, and on weekends to invite friends (except Tolik). Go wherever you want to go: Seattle or Vienna, St. Petersburg or Kamchatka.

Plan a vacation – choose a city and a few excursions that no tour guide would guess. Even if you’re not going anywhere.

Instead of sushi.

Pick a few recipes to have a tasting afterwards, and cook something unusual together. Be inspired by The Kitchen, Ratatouille, and these sites: – with choices based on the ingredients you have in your fridge; – a site with a cartoon design for fans of Japanese cuisine; – video recipes that are broken down by parts of the world and countries.

He’s still running.

If working out is as common to your boyfriend as brushing your teeth, ask him to be your personal trainer (this is also a compliment). The main thing is not to be too serious. The motto of at-home training is “Fooling around is allowed!”

An alternative is arm wrestling (he doesn’t have to carry a purse with a ton of makeup on his shoulder every day, which means you have every chance).

Clean dancing.

Turn on your favorite slow song (or the very song you call “ours”) and… a table lamp instead of the usual one will already give the desired effect. Let this dance lasts exactly as long as you want.

To really make it look like a movie, change your T-shirt to a floor-length dress.

Flutter your eyelashes.

It’s unlikely a guy is a fan of fashion shows (or only knows about them from Victoria’s Secret shows). But isn’t his angel the best, even though he sometimes acts un-Angelic? Show off a few of your favorite outfits, and let him pick the one you’ll wear next time you go on a date.

If you have to choose a set for the occasion (a girlfriend’s birthday or an exam), ask the guy to take a picture of you in each one – he’ll feel like an artist, and you’ll see everything from the outside.

Make up a quest for him.

Buy some fun stuff in advance and hide it in the apartment. Come up with a quest with clues that will help the guy to get to him. When there’s silence, slap yourself on the forehead, “I got a gift for you, didn’t I?”

Remember the game “Hot – Cold” and take turns looking for a plush otter.

Need a pencil.

You can learn a little more about your man with the help of psychological tests. As, however, and he about you. Just do not take this seriously, the result of any test – not a reason to fight, even if it turns out that the guy is ideal Hermione, and you are more like Ginny.

Make up a test yourself. Like how well he knows you, with questions like “What color is my toothbrush?” And have him come up with a harder one for you.

Even making soap becomes an adventure when the two of you are together.

Out of the foam.

Girls call it “Beauty Day,” but you better not tell your prince about it. Turn on the ambient, give each other an aromatic massage. Maybe you can even get him to do a blue clay mask, which relieves redness and takes away greasiness.

Try meditation or yoga classes on YouTube.

It’s okay.

Joint hardships like cleaning up bring you closer together. His strong shoulder and determined gaze will keep you from quitting sorting through drawers in the middle, and his height will be helpful (or rather, harmful) to the dust on the eaves. Have a “minute” every 15 minutes, during which you’re allowed to lie on the couch and check the pages.

Don’t tell him what to do or how to do it, and don’t be offended if he moves a rare Hemifusus colossus shell a millimeter. Be fun, not nerdy.

Geek romance

Self-educating with two people is much more enjoyable. Learn languages, solve puzzles, and take virtual walks through museums while holding hands (already in reality). You could check out a site like – it’s an interuniversity e-learning site, all serious.

If the guy has a technical mind, and you have a humanitarian – even better. Let him explain physics to you with simple examples and using improvised means, and you tell him in his ear about the leitmotifs of Bulgakov’s works.

And finally, just be quiet.

If you suddenly have nothing to do objectively, and all points above are tried – just sit down next to each other and do their jobs. And these minutes will be better than any crazy parties and adventures.

6 simple games for two.

  • “Jenga” (let him concentrate while you distract him with stories about what will happen to the loser).
  • “Battleship” (warn him right away that if he doesn’t give in and sinks all your ships, you’ll have a pillow fight in which you have no equal).
  • “Cities,” “blue-haired cartoon characters,” or whatever (rule out the use of any gadgets).
  • “Twister” (to the yoga tip).
  • “Mario” (if you can’t find a console, play it on the computer – and be sure to wish).
  • Reading aloud and by role.

Photo: Konstantin Yuganov, Syda Productions/, Legion-Media

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