How to behave with a female boss?

Never do these 6 things if your boss is a woman

Have no idea which side to approach a female boss? We know what levers to pull to gain your boss’s trust and what not to do to avoid losing your job and respect.

Recently there have been calls for gender equality all over the world: it does not matter whether you are a man or a woman – all doors are open to you, everything depends only on your abilities, skills and abilities. Nevertheless, modern studies show that in order to be appointed to a managerial position, a woman has to work longer and harder, as well as make much more effort to prove her competence and professionalism.

It is no secret that women and men are different. It is necessary to find a common language with any leader. How you do that depends on you, your boss and your job. Women by nature are indeed more emotional, talkative and cautious. But it is these qualities that help them to successfully handle many work tasks and responsibilities. Nevertheless, there are some things you shouldn’t do if your boss is a woman. Anna Borisova, an analyst in the Digital&MarComs practice of the Hays recruiting company, shared her advice with us.

Don’t avoid advice and counseling

Female executives are usually more talkative and willing to advise and discuss ways to get results with their employees. It is common for a female supervisor to consult and listen carefully to the opinions of her subordinates. A wise colleague will always appreciate this and seize the opportunity. This will show your professionalism and ability to work in a team.

Don’t forget your looks

A female manager always sees the big picture of what is going on in the office. Both your professionalism and your appearance are important to her. You shouldn’t dress too brightly and provocatively. The female boss will see if you come in today with a new purse or new shoes. Unlike a male boss, she will not only notice the update, but she will also appreciate and note for herself if the purse is worth your semi-annual salary. You can afford to buy anything you want, but you should not “walk” these things at work.

Don’t question her decisions.

This is advice I would give to all subordinates. You may not agree with your supervisor’s actions, in which case you should convey your view of the problem. Managers not only make decisions, but also bear full responsibility for them. If a woman took the post, it means that she is ready for such responsibility.

Do not ignore her intuition

Everyone knows that women do have more intuition. And here I’m not talking about business decisions, but the ability to read the emotions and feelings of others, and listen to the intonation of the interlocutor. A woman will always sense insincerity or negative attitude, even if they are hidden behind a smile and pleasant words.

Don’t gossip about her or with her

Many employees make a big mistake: to gain the trust of their boss, they start having intimate conversations with her, talking about everything that is going on in the team, and discussing their colleagues. It is not worth it to do this. Such a person is unlikely to want to tell anything personal and trust at all. There is no assurance that when he walks out the door, he will not start discussing the manager behind his back. Advice not to discuss the chief with colleagues, I hope, will be superfluous. But forewarned is forearmed.

Don’t think of her as a woman.

At work, she is not a woman, she is a manager. Neither, however, are you, regardless of your gender, a subordinate. Do not start any meeting, any conversation with a compliment – get right to the point. Keep in mind that any gender jokes can reflect badly on your relationship and trust. Even if she can joke about herself in some situations, you’d better not do it.

In conclusion, at first you may be distrustful of a female leader. But over time, you’ll be surprised at how wrong you were. It is women who tend to care more about the interests and motivation of their employees, to resolve work conflicts, and to handle several tasks at once. After a while, you’ll realize that you’re lucky and you couldn’t find a better boss.

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How to behave with a female boss: principles of behavior

How to behave with a female boss in a world that strives for gender equality? A woman in a leadership position is not uncommon. As Angela Merkel says, “the desire for freedom cannot be held back by walls for long.” Those who are subordinate to a female leader need to know the five basic principles of behavior with a strong leader in a skirt.

Take advantage of her advice, counseling and intuition

It’s no secret that women by nature have strong intuition. Especially born leaders, who, according to psycholinguist Tatiana Chernigovskaya, are born that way.

It’s not about how they can analyze numbers in reports or choose a better loan program at the bank. It’s about what women are capable of:

  1. Unmistakably recognize the feelings of the people around them through facial expressions and gestures.
  2. Read the emotions of the interlocutor during negotiations.
  3. One intonation to understand whether interlocutor tells the truth or lies.

If the interlocutor bluffs, trying to get out, and also hides dislike behind a fake smile, the boss-woman will feel it and remove the liar from her. A favorable team climate plays a big role, and those who violate it will be fired.

Most women in leadership positions like to communicate with their subordinates. They are willing not only to advise, but also to discuss important business tasks with those whom they trust.

Be prepared to be called on and asked for an authoritative opinion to listen carefully. Women in authority are most honored by employees who are wise, professional and team-oriented.

Don’t forget about appearance

A female boss always looks impeccable: Pixabay

According to most people, a female executive both looks like Miranda Priestly herself from “The Devil Wears Prada” and requires others to follow a dress code. In fact, this is not always the case, but absolutely all women pay attention to the appearance of the person they are talking to.

In the morning, when she enters the office, the boss looks over her territory, her subordinates, assessing the overall situation. From her tenacious gaze will not hide dirt and sloppy appearance. Professionalism is certainly important, but psychologists recommend observing the following recommendations:

  1. You should not wear too flashy or provocative clothes, use bright makeup.
  2. Manicure and hair must be neat, clean.
  3. Demonstrating expensive accessories, be prepared for the fact that the manager will assess their value and the prestige of the brand, making appropriate conclusions.

Unkempt people dislike both women and men, neatness is important. In addition, women appreciate punctuality, efficiency and a calm disposition, tolerance and consistency. Develop these qualities in yourself to have a successful career.

Do not question the decisions of your boss.

Don’t question your boss’s decisions: Pixabay

No supervisor would like it if a rank-and-file subordinate questioned his decisions. Don’t doubt for a second that to achieve his status and position he had to work hard and learn to take responsibility for his decisions.

For example, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who led the country out of the economic crisis, has been on the list of the 100 most powerful women in the world for 10 years in a row, which no one doubts.

Think ten times, is it even worth bringing up this topic? If you find it difficult to submit to a female executive, then focus on the position, not who holds it.

A female director, who is more emotional by nature, may react harshly to criticism. If you disagree with a decision made, you can:

  1. Gently and reasonably convey your view of the situation.
  2. Offer an alternative solution to the problem.

Never come to a supervisor with an “all gone” message. When planning to report a problem, immediately prepare 2-3 alternative solutions. This way you will not only prevent an undesirable situation, but also gain credibility.

Correctly assert their rights.

How to put in place a boss-woman, without ruining your career? Psychologists identify several basic types of inappropriate behavior that should be responded to:

  1. Familiarity, flirting, obscene behavior.
  2. Conversation in a high-pitched tone.
  3. Humiliation and ridicule, sarcasm, innuendo, jokes.

If the manager allows herself such behavior, it shows her unprofessionalism. Defensively, try to figure out why the boss behaves that way.

In his book “The Games People Play,” American psychologist and psychiatrist Eric Berne revealed the meaning of human actions and reactions. Perhaps she can not behave otherwise, and it’s not about you at all.

Protect yourself by correctly doing the following:

  1. Respond with calmness in response to any aggression.
  2. Be polite and restrained, and be above rudeness.
  3. Turn public conflict into a face-to-face conversation.
  4. Ignore regular displays of aggression, remain cool.
  5. Use non-verbal cues to get out of the conflict: facial expressions, gestures, posture, and gaze should show a determination to resolve the problem.

Act in a mirror manner and never allow yourself to behave inappropriately toward a female leader. Observing the chain of command, you will not only maintain her respect, but also become an example for your colleagues.

Do not try to make friends with the boss

Show respect and subordination: Pixabay

You can’t envy those men who are subordinate to a beautiful woman. It is incredibly difficult to see her only as a boss and not as a representative of the beautiful sex. It is necessary to find a balance between the two extremes so that:

  • Don’t behave with the supervisor as if she were a cruel boss.
  • Don’t give ridiculous compliments aimed solely at her appearance.

If the supervisor is a woman, she is not yet an object for flirting. It is necessary to comply with the subordination, seeing her as a lady, keep your distance, gently showing sympathy and respect. Elegant compliments are appropriate, and flattery is best avoided.

Often women in managerial positions themselves use natural data and charisma to pull opinion leaders in the team to their side. It is important to realize that this is a tactical move, not an attempt to have an affair. The main goal of this strategy is to gain allies by strengthening influence.

It is important for women in a subordinate leader of the same gender to be able to listen and hear, to be helpful. It is necessary to show female solidarity, to be able to genuinely do favors without crossing personal boundaries. This will allow you to establish a more trusting and stronger bond with the superior.

Do not discuss it with other people.

Gossip is the scourge of any team, you should not multiply it. If you decide to move to “you” with a female supervisor through revelations and intimate conversations about each member of the team, this is a huge mistake. Here’s what you shouldn’t do:

  1. Discuss your coworkers, their plans and actions, social status and family affairs with your boss.
  2. Weave intrigues, trying to bump her foreheads with people you don’t like.

Your ability to dig in the dirty laundry will cause dislike, and the intrigue will reveal itself, hopelessly destroying your reputation. A person who can discuss people behind their backs is treated without credibility. Naturally, you can not discuss and his boss with the team.

Woman-boss – a role model

It is important not just to obey the female boss, but also to respect her, seeing her as a separate person, with its motivation and values, as they were revealed to us by the founder of humanistic psychology and author of the famous pyramid of needs, Abraham Maslow.

For many subordinates such a boss can become a living example due to the ability:

  1. Quickly switch from one task to another.
  2. Present his point of view vividly and convincingly.
  3. Motivate subordinates through personal example.
  4. Proceed with caution in all matters, taking responsibility for everything.
  5. Use creative, original ideas, own or others’.
  6. Resolve even the most serious conflicts.
  7. She will lead the company out of crisis with smart decisions.

A woman with great strength, talent, charisma and experience in the status of a manager deserves trust and respect. Respecting her merits, subordinates will not only get a competent boss of a successful company, but also be able to work in a team where there is a chance to be noticed, heard and appreciated.

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