How to behave with a Capricorn man in bed?

The Capricorn man in bed from A to Z!

The ideal mistress for a Capricorn man can become any woman, as long as she is smart, professionally independent and can shine in any society with her beauty and intelligence. Of course, to feel next to such a man confidently does not always work, because it is difficult to understand what to say and what should be silent, so we offer you this article, which will guide you to surely like this man. So, let’s talk about everything in order.

The behavior in bed of this man is influenced by the environment. It is necessary to prepare for intimacy with him in advance. What do you need for this? The room should be semi-dark, the bed should be made with silk linen. And a woman should lie in bed in a beautiful pose, waiting for her chosen one. This is enough for a man to ignite in seconds, but you can not languish for a long time, be active.

A woman’s activity and initiative!

The first and foremost advice is to be active. You need to take the initiative. You should not rush on a man, but you should not demonstrate insensitivity, no need to force him to win you. He will not appreciate it.

This man will exalt a woman who will provoke the intercourse herself. Of course, he will be the leader in sex, but that does not mean that it is worth shifting all the responsibility for pleasure to him. A woman’s activity very much pleases this man during intimacy. This, in fact, excites him even more. If she will be passive, a man may regard this as an insult, and even make him think about his male inferiority.

Believe me, this man will be more pleasant to a fake orgasm than the one that will just lie there like an emotionless doll. Such a woman is unlikely to find herself in bed with him again. Sex is a proof to each other in love, as well as a game that is more interesting to play together.

If you show your activity during intimacy, you will show this man that you love him, want intimacy with him. And he will always realize that she is with him to get the next batch of pleasure.

Tell him your desires!

Talk about your desires to your man. You should tell him about your desires, your preferences, what you like and what you don’t like. It is worth to show attention to him, so that he was satisfied with sex. You can make a kind of sex manual, which will be painted all the important moments for intimacy. Despite his chastity, he will like it. And just enough to start a conversation that he will support it. After all, he will now understand how best to behave in order to give and receive pleasure.

However, many women refuse to have this conversation. And completely in vain. If you like this man, and you appreciate yourself, it’s worth talking about it, talking about your desires, and learning about his preferences. You should just start – it’s not that difficult. And he, for his part, will appreciate your sincerity and openness.

Self-confidence is sexy!

Girls are constantly worried about the problems of their appearance. Especially they are tormented by the issue of extra centimeters on the waist and hips. And this is in vain, because men are not looking for flaws in their chosen one. He thinks quite differently, because he is interested in the process itself, than in some features of the figure. And besides, there is no such thing as a perfect girl, and that’s a highlight. Believe me, this man is not interested in the color of your underwear, your hair, or the number of centimeters of cellulite on your thighs. He just wants to enjoy with you.

Do not hold back your desires, if you want to do something, you should do it. In general, the ideal behavior in bed is to get rid of all complexes. In general, an intimate relationship is about paying attention to each other, and for this it is enough just to see what each other likes.

Don’t try to impress him!

Many girls try to impress this cold-looking man with their lingerie, grooming. But all this is nothing to him if she does not feel any feelings for him. He would like his partner to be relaxed and natural. You shouldn’t suppress your desires and instincts. He is observant and experienced enough to recognize the game behind her behavior. If she behaves naturally, however, will conquer him forever. Also, she should not use common erotic stamps on him, he will definitely not like it.

Show some emotion!

Some women are so shy that they are afraid to show their feelings. It may attract, but only at the beginning of a relationship. Then he will want to be with a woman who responds emotionally to her caresses. The modest woman will get bored because of the monotony, and he will try to distance himself. In intimacy, a woman has every chance to be natural to show her love. It is not necessary to suppress screams and moans, he may like it. However, do not go to the other extreme, too, becoming a furious tigress.

Have sex with full commitment!

Of course, it is important to have feelings for this man to have sex with him. However, it is worth remembering that he may be a supporter of scented candles, music, a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom, but sometimes he doesn’t need all that. He is more interested in the physiological act itself. And you should give him that, as it will help you develop a better understanding. In addition, sex is a great way to replace exercise, to lose a few pounds.

During the act, you can’t be silent. Of course, talking all the time is not an option either. You can whisper something gentle and unforgettable in his ear, or you can direct his actions to get more pleasure. It’s so easy to make the process enjoyable for both of them-just say it!

The love bed is not a place for selfish people. Each partner should do everything he can to give pleasure to his other half. Some women believe that he should shower her with gifts, caresses and do everything to please her. But it is worth remembering that he also wants to get affection, to enjoy communicating with you. Understanding this, you can make the process more pleasant for both of them, and especially come to the understanding that mentally and physically you are the only one for him.

Touch him after intimacy!

Behavior after sex is very important, as well as behavior before and after sex. Studies say that it is important for this man to feel the support and love of his partner after intimacy. To do this it is enough just to touch him with your lips and hands, or you can touch his whole body and stay in this position. This will help him to recover after intimacy. It should be noted that caresses before sex and after say a strong attraction between partners.

Have a conversation with him after intimacy!

Sexologists say that bed is a place for friendly conversations. Through conversation, you can open up mentally as well. For many couples, the bed becomes the only place to share the most intimate things. It is worth remembering that you can not talk about domestic problems, shopping, work. If intimacy occurs before bedtime, couples feel the desire to share the most important things. It is also important that sleep after intimacy becomes more fulfilling.

If you lack tenderness and caress in sex, you can easily fix it. Tell him about your feelings, your desires, thank him for the great time spent. As a result, your intimacy will be more harmonious, and the relationship is stronger.

Most importantly!

Follow all these rules is not difficult, especially if you consider the reward for this – a great satisfying intimacy for both, increased sensuality. It is enough just to be attentive to him to make the relationship stronger and with perspective.

Features of the male Capricorn in bed

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Not too romantic, fixated on work and a few conservative Capricorn men give the impression of not being the best lovers. However, don’t underestimate them, because the sex life in a relationship is just as important to them as the spiritual connection. We tell you the main things you need to know if your chosen one is a Capricorn.

What a Capricorn man is like in bed

  • Patient

The Capricorn man is patient enough not to rush things. He’s not the type to drag you into bed on the first date, rather he’ll want to get to know you better first.

The same goes for his behavior in bed. He won’t rush into anything; instead, he’ll take as much time as he needs to give you unforgettable pleasure. An orgasm, though a nice addition, is by no means his only goal. He will bring you to bliss slowly and methodically.

  • Dominant

Capricorns like to keep everything under control, and in the case of a Capricorn man, this extends to intimate life as well. Not surprisingly, these men mostly prefer women who are prone to submission.

A Capricorn man likes to drive his partner to a frenzy, so he’s likely to make you cry with pleasure if only to find out how much your body can take. Extremely goal-oriented in life, they carry that assertiveness horizontally, too.

It’s hard to say where these guys get so much sexual energy, but their stamina and endurance can only be envied. If you are looking for a passionate man, at any time ready to pounce on you, then you have come to the right place. At least, you can definitely count on the fact that Capricorn will put out in bed to the full, because such a man lives by the principle “either do it well, or do not do it at all.

Active and enterprising in the affairs of life, Capricorn men are also active in sex. They do not like to be told what to do and how to do it. Perhaps that is why they take the initiative to themselves, each time bringing something new to sex.

Capricorn men are definitely not those who will repeat the same thing day after day. Much more willingly, they will find a way to rekindle the passion between you more. Besides, he damn well likes to know that his actions made you melt with pleasure.

Capricorn man is not the one who will sleep with everyone in a row. When it comes to sex, he acts extremely cautiously, because for him it is one of the stepping stones on the way to a serious relationship. Therefore, in your first time, he is likely to make sure that you feel good in every way.

Acting thoroughly and methodically in everything, the Capricorn man and in sex would rather first make sure that he understands what you want before moving on to decisive action.

  • Prefers reality to fantasy

Despite his strong sexual energy, do not count on the execution of some quite wild fantasies in bed. Capricorn man is a realist and he is the same in sex. With all his love for sex, too great an abundance of kinks and fetishes can scare him away. So when taking the initiative and choosing what to offer him, be careful.

  • He prefers the classics.

In sex, the Capricorn man prefers traditionalism. This also applies to his expectations of women. He prefers restrained girls who rate themselves high enough not to be available to every other man. Excessive intemperance, rude and vulgar behavior in bed such a man can scare away and quickly drain his ardor. When it comes to making love, the Capricorn man is still the traditionalist.

The best way to increase a Capricorn man’s confidence in bed is to tell him how great he is. Sexual whispering in your ear during the process will definitely increase the degree of excitement, because the Capricorn man damn well likes praise. But criticism can kill the mood. Do not point out to him his mistakes or laugh at his failures, otherwise you risk not only leaving him without sex, but without a partner in general.

  • They are attracted to innocence.

Innocent behavior is very attractive to Capricorn men. Between a woman with great sexual experience and a virgin, he is more likely to choose the latter, and if it will be a girl younger than his age, then the choice is obvious. This is due to the dominant nature of Capricorn men, because it is much easier to dominate the innocent and inexperienced.

  • They love naturalness.

You won’t need any special tricks to impress a Capricorn man. They like naturalness, so the best way to conquer such a man in bed is to show the real you, and then he will show you the best he is capable of in sex.

As far as a Capricorn man is confident in life, he is so confident in bed. Believe me, he will always know what lever to pull to take you to the top of bliss. He’s the kind of man who feels equally comfortable in the dark and with the lights on. In bed with a Capricorn man, it is very difficult to experience any doubts.

  • He thinks very much.

Most likely, the Capricorn man has thought through your sex down to the last detail before you even get to the bedroom. He wants to make sure that everything will go to the highest standard, which is why he will think over everything again and again until he finds the perfect match.

In relationships the Capricorn man prefers to set the pace himself, without rushing the development of events too much. In sex he behaves exactly the same way: it will be unhurried, calm and definitely thought out in detail.

At first glance, it may seem that the definition of “playful” is the least suitable for the Capricorn man. But this impression is deceptive. It is the Capricorn man most likely to be able to make you laugh in bed or tease you, giving you pleasure.

  • He gives and takes.

During sex, the Capricorn man is more of a giver, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to get anything in return. On the contrary, he likes women who can understand what he likes and bring it to life. And despite his dominant nature, he likes to give away control from time to time. Not too often, though.

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