How to behave with a Capricorn man?

Capricorn man: how to behave with him to make him fall in love

Capricorn shows maximum caution when choosing a partner for marriage. He is not interested in sexy and bright beauties who are popular with other men. He needs, first of all, a goal-oriented and successful woman who can make him a worthy pair. She should be not only an excellent hostess, but also a successful businesswoman. To some extent, the Capricorn man is self-serving and mercenary, so he will not choose to marry a woman who is not successful in life.

Capricorn shows maximum caution when choosing a partner for marriage. He is not interested in sexy and bright beauties who are popular with other men. He needs, first of all, a goal-oriented and successful woman who can make him a worthy pair. She should be not only an excellent hostess, but also a successful businesswoman. To some extent, the Capricorn man is self-serving and mercenary, so he will not choose to marry a woman who is not successful in life.

The peculiarities of the male character

Capricorn men have a firm stance in life and have integrity. They are selective, that is why they are searching for the ideal soulmate for a long time. Neither relatives nor friends can influence their choice. Refuse free relations, preferring a serious and long-term relationship.

Capricorn dreams of a strong family. After marriage, he continues to climb the career ladder, and his wife becomes a status addition. He is ready to work around the clock to ensure comfortable conditions of existence for himself and his chosen one.

Conservatism is inherent in such men’s family relationships. They will not show their emotions and feelings and can scare away their coldness. In spite of this feature will do everything to ensure that the marriage was strong and lasting. Know how to love sincerely and faithfully. They harmoniously combine the image of the faithful husband and a caring father. These qualities make them popular among women who need a reliable and strong partner.

Requirements for the chosen one

Capricorns are different demanding to their partners. When choosing a mate, a man pays attention to the following qualities:

  • Intellectual abilities . For them, the education and level of intelligence of the girlfriend plays an important role. Communicating with stupid and frivolous women makes them tired.
  • Nice appearance . Dreams of a well-groomed and beautiful woman who will delight others, but will not be vulgar or overly sexual.
  • Housekeeping. Capricorn is conservative and is characterized by excessive frugality. He will not start a relationship with spenders.
  • Sense of humor. Despite his outward coldness and aloofness, Capricorn has a great sense of humor. He wants his other half to be on the “same page” with him.
  • Honesty and kindness. He does not tolerate lying and greedy women, but gives preference to kind and honest ones.
  • Responsibility. Capricorn is a very responsible sign of the zodiac, so next to him he wants to see the same partner.
  • Devotion. Disappointed in the companion, the man will never remember her. He will not forgive the betrayal and treason.

Trying to attract the attention of Capricorn, a woman should behave with maximum restraint. The various feminine tricks and stratagems will not work for him – he will judge a person by his real actions. Beside himself wants to see an educated, determined and strong person. A woman may not be beautiful, but she must have reliability. It is important to give up excessive emotionality and talkativeness.

Capricorn will prefer to give up on a relationship if his chosen one is an impulsive lady who can afford to raise her tone and is subject to frequent mood swings.

Capricorns like successful women who set challenging goals and successfully solve them. At the same time, they like humble individuals who will not constantly remind about their achievements. A woman should not show her superiority over Capricorn and play someone else’s role. She should remain herself, behave politely and culturally.

How to fall in love with a Capricorn?

In order for Capricorn to fall in love, patience is required. He must understand that in the first place the girl is a friend for him, that he can trust her. It is necessary to abandon rudeness and tactlessness and not to be too critical in judgments. Sample tactics for seducing a man of the earth element:

  • Win his friendship. Before starting to build a relationship, a woman for a Capricorn must become a best friend. For this, it should take some time, because a man does not let outsiders into his inner world.
  • Be successful in professional activities. He is in awe not only of his professional success, but also of the achievements of those close to him. A man will admire a woman who is a true specialist in a certain field. If the work activity is not devoid of shortcomings, it is better not to tell Capricorn about it and change the subject.
  • Develop femininity. A Capricorn man needs mental warmth and kindness. It is important for a woman not to cross the line between showing attention and being obtrusive.
  • Self-improvement. A girl should be multifaceted and constantly improve herself. Capricorns have no limit to perfection. So they are willing to study for a lifetime and often have several prestigious educations.
  • Give up tenderness and initiative in sex . Capricorn wants to be the first in everything. He will not appreciate a passionate and sexy girl who is prone to experimentation.

In order for Capricorn himself to reach for a woman, there is no need for bright images, sexy outfits and flashy makeup. If a girl is smart, successful and goal-oriented, he will definitely appreciate her. Capricorn needs a companion who will become a helper and a life support.

Taboos in a relationship

The following mistakes can become the reason for parting with a Capricorn:

  • Comparisons with other men . You should not compare Capricorn with his predecessors – this will be unpleasant for any man. You need to forget about past relationships and never bring them up.
  • Rivalry in a couple . A woman should not even try to prove to her chosen one that she is superior to him intellectually or career-wise. Men of the earth element are ambitious and will not tolerate any competition. They want to be leaders in relationships and consider themselves always right.
  • Intrusiveness. Capricorns get tired of excessive attention and care. Frequent calls, texting and surprises will embarrass him and can only alienate him. He does not need constant displays of affection, and proves his feelings not with words, but with deeds.
  • Constant concessions. It is not worth submitting to Capricorn uncomplainingly. He wants to see next to him a person who knows how to stand up for his rights and has his own opinion. But he will not be able to build an alliance with stubborn and harsh women.
  • Frequent quarrels and clarification of relations. Capricorns do not tolerate loud scandals, jealousy and emotional outbursts of the partner. They prefer to solve all arisen issues in a calm and peaceful environment.

Capricorn does not rush to open his soul and will not do it if the woman does not appreciate him. He is afraid of disappointment in love, so for a long time keeps the girl at a distance, even if he feels a strong attraction. During this period, the main thing for a woman is not to scare a man away and not to impose on him, as any initiative can only worsen the situation.

How to date a Capricorn man

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Capricorn men can be identified by their restraint, work ethic and untrusting nature. When you break their sometimes cold shell, you’ll find an intelligent, passionate and loyal man underneath. Skip to Step 1 to learn how to be a better match for the Capricorn man.

Attend career-focused events. The first thing you should know about the Capricorn man is that he needs to be constantly on the move. Some of the best places you can meet your perfect Capricorn guy include work meetings, charity events or career training sessions. Capricorn guys want to be the best in their field, so if you try on a professional image and stand out at a career training session, it will definitely help you catch your Capricorn’s eye. [1] X Source of Information

Give up flashy clothes. Capricorn men are quite reserved. Therefore, they are most often attracted to partners who dress in a sophisticated but more conservative manner. Your mind-blowing stiletto shoes and a dress with cleavage are probably not the best way to attract your man. Opt for a classic look with a hint of femininity. [2] X Source of Information

  • Don’t be afraid to show off your wit either – Capricorns often have a humorous streak that gravitates toward sarcasm.

  • Be careful not to betray your Capricorn’s trust, even inadvertently. Once a Capricorn guy feels betrayed, it will take a long time for him to start trusting you again – if it happens at all.

Don’t mess with his head. What a Capricorn guy definitely won’t engage in is relationship games. If you like him, show it and then wait for him to make his move. Don’t try to make him jealous by walking in front of him with another guy, acting passive-aggressive, or playing the ‘underdog’ game. With a Capricorn guy, this will have the opposite effect – he’ll move on faster and without looking back. [4] X Source of Information

Invite him over for a quiet evening. The best way to get to know your Capricorn boyfriend and show him that you are serious is to make the first move. Invite him to dinner or a picnic, or do something in private. If you invite him to a big party, he will be uncomfortable, while inviting him to dinner will likely make him open up. This is also your time to prove yourself – strike up a conversation about topics you are interested in and let him relax with stimulating conversation.

Be patient. Capricorn men are known for making friends with a woman before thinking about a relationship with her. For this reason, your patience is likely to be put to the test. While you’re being nice to Capricorn, don’t rush him or push him to do anything. He will come to his own conclusions if you spend more and more time with him. Draw his attention to yourself by showing that you support his hobbies. If you attend his fundraiser, read an article he wrote, or give him a sincere compliment, you will show him that you are a partner who will support him.

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