How to behave properly with a guy?

How to behave properly with a man

Let’s look at how to behave correctly with a man to find common ground, to achieve a long-lasting relationship, but without losing your own personality.

Tender and trusting relationship between a man and a woman requires mutual work. It is very rare to find lasting strong feelings if one party is always adjusting to the other or, conversely, dominate it.

The essence of men and women

Before you get acquainted with a representative of the stronger sex, consider that the essence of men and women has dramatic differences.

Self-sufficient men can be imagined as a train that moves at great speed along an individually paved path. His task is to dream, to achieve goals, ideals, to choose a worthy fellow traveler. It is not necessary to consider the opinions of others and adhere to stereotypes.

A woman can be imagined as a driver. She chooses a passing train and a direction. Her task is not only to choose, but also to attract, and to stop the train for a further journey together.

The man must stay the course and provide the necessary resources for himself and his companion. The woman’s role is to create a comfortable and harmonious journey.

If you know how to conduct a proper relationship with a man, you can turn an aggressive lion into an affectionate kitten who will love only you and never leave. Not for nothing the proverb says that a man is the head, and a woman is the neck: where the neck will turn, and there the head will look.

Nowadays, many women are characterized by male traits, and representatives of the stronger sex, on the contrary. “Steel”, uncompromising businesswomen who provide for all relatives are now more in demand than good hostesses and devoted wives. And some men prefer to constantly complain and shift responsibility to the frail shoulders of the weaker sex.

As a rule, women who do not have much experience with men, listen to girlfriends, neighbors or mothers. Usually their advice – it’s a one-sided judgment, based on their own knowledge, which are rarely useful.

In this matter, the best adviser – a man with experience with women (both positive and negative). You can learn from a friend who managed to build a long-term relationship based on love and understanding.

Choosing and evaluating men

No one is taking away from men the role of hunters and conquerors, but the message of the first impulse, which may be transformed into a relationship, comes from women. Their nature has endowed them with the right of choice, which can become mutual.

During the choice, men must go through certain filters, which each woman is individual. Even such desirable qualities in the chosen one as attractiveness, reliability, caring, strength and intelligence are given different meanings.

In any case, when looking for “the one” there are only two criteria for choosing:

  1. A man who has not yet succeeded in life, but has high potential and is manageable enough. In such cases, it is necessary to loosen the rigid criteria of choice and temporarily accept his shortcomings.
  2. The man is perfect in all parameters, he does not need to be re-educated. As a rule, in order to create a relationship with the “perfect match” you need to win in a tough competition with other applicants. In addition, a woman needs to fall in love with him, constantly maintain feelings and have his own position.

After choosing and getting acquainted with a man, it is necessary to adhere to such a behavior, so that his feelings do not cool, the relationship did not become monotonous.

How to behave correctly with a man – 10 tips

There are no exact rules, how to correctly behave a woman with a man, because each couple is individual. What is acceptable in one case, is not suitable in another.

And yet, over the centuries have been developed certain patterns of behavior. Applying them, a woman increases the chances for a long and happy relationship. The basis of tactical techniques are natural instincts in men, regardless of their upbringing, nationality and age.


Despite the importance of a woman’s inner world, men tend to pay attention to the external appearance of their chosen one.

  1. A snow-white smile. If necessary, it is necessary to whiten the teeth.
  2. Figure. A woman should not be too thin or too fat. Adjust your diet or go in for sports.
  3. Hair style. Even in a long relationship, a permanently tightened bundle on the back of the head will cause irritation. It is necessary to visit a hairdresser systematically and get haircuts that fit your image.
  4. Use of cosmetics, manicures. At any age, pimples, oily shine, blue circles under the eyes and other defects do not look aesthetically pleasing. Poorly groomed hands make an unpleasant impression. Go to a beautician, manicurist, use cosmetics.
  5. Hygiene. A woman should always be well-groomed. Clean clothes and body, fresh breath are obligatory characteristics that do not require comments.
  6. Closet. In order not to lose the interest of her beloved, a woman should often change her outfits. She should look spectacular, both in a restaurant, and on the sports field and a picnic. Do not forget to throw out the old stitched robe and athletic pants with elongated knees.

Do not believe the words that you will be loved fat, excessively thin, with vegetation under the arms and other cases. There is a risk of losing your partner if a neater girl shows up.

Arguing .

Do not argue with men. It is very important for them to feel the dominant position. A woman needs to see a strong, confident partner who can solve any problems. This internal sense of self, reinforced by the words of the other half, leads to the development of male qualities: determination and confidence.

In any argument you try to prove to the man that he is wrong, stupid, incapable of solving problems, showing your superiority. This breaks him, he becomes less confident and feels like a loser.

Give the man the right to be wrong, while supporting him. If you disagree, it’s best to tell him gently: “Do what you think is right,” “Can I make my arguments?”.


Eliminate all understatements or hidden grudges – all claims must be made without insulting and shouting.

Especially unacceptable phrase: “See, I told you so. It shows the mental superiority over a man, and it makes him stupid and shortsighted. As a rule, after such a utterance conversation turns to high tones, and scandals begin.

The nagging

You should not pick a man’s brains with nagging about everyday little things (he didn’t clean up, he didn’t wash the dishes, he didn’t shave). Do not resort to psychological pressure. Often do not ask if he loves you, do not call every five minutes, do not write long text messages.


Never criticize a man’s relatives or his friends. Try to make friends with them and find them allies.

Be feminine. Understand that you can charm a man with warmth, softness, a smile, shining eyes. As soon as a woman begins to “put pressure” on the partner, femininity evaporates.

Try these tactics, and you can do anything with your man.


In today’s world to be a good housewife is not necessary. You are not hired as a cook, laundress or maid. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean the apartment or do the dishes. Your culinary abilities should not be limited to cooking pasta and eggs.

Now a woman is much more valued: femininity, sexuality, the ability to understand the partner, to make concessions.

Without a sexual relationship, a long-lasting union is simply impossible. There can’t be anything wrong or objectionable in them if both partners are satisfied. The main thing is to give each other pleasure.

Taboo: Never tell your partner about your former lovers, let alone describe their merits. Do not blackmail them with sex.


It is not necessary to arouse feelings of jealousy. Behavior should be based on the fact that the man sees that the woman has admirers, but belongs only to him. And therein lies his great luck and happiness. Cheating is usually detrimental to the relationship.


Every man wants to be needed. It is pleasant for him to give his beloved gifts, to deal with important issues for her.

Men have a completely different mindset than women. They are not experts in women’s thoughts and desires. With them, you need to talk directly, without hints.

If a woman doesn’t ask for anything, it means she doesn’t need anything, she doesn’t want anything.

Requirements should be excluded, every request should be soft and positive. You should not talk in a harsh tone and form of an ultimatum. After getting what you want, do not forget the words of gratitude and appreciation.

Right to Your Own Life

Each partner has a right to his or her own life. Otherwise, there are chances of boring each other.

Let the man watch soccer, not a love show, drink beer with friends, go fishing.

A woman can go on her own to visit a friend or go to the store. Especially do not invite your loved one to the places where he will not be interested.

How to correspond with a man

There are tips on how to properly correspond with a man. You should not:

  • Try to select the perfect phrases and bring the content of the text to perfection;
  • Look for meaning in every word;
  • judge a man by his correspondence;
  • Get upset if you don’t respond for a long time;
  • wait for emails; if you are bored, write yourself;
  • figure out relationships by correspondence. Important things are said in person.


There are no perfect relationships, there are crises and turning points. It is difficult to predict the development of events. Leo Tolstoy once very correctly wrote that all happy families are alike, and unhappy ones are unhappy in their own way.

Perhaps the most important thing is to learn to understand each other. Don’t try to fix the man, just help and support. Perhaps you should try to carry your feelings the rest of your life.

How to behave with a man – 10 basic rules of conduct

There are times when you like a man, you spend money on nice clothes and cosmetics, and he doesn’t fall in love. Sometimes you live with him in a marriage, spend the best years of your life on him, and he doesn’t appreciate it or burn with passion like he did on our first dates. In both cases, women are invested and don’t get a return. Some believe that men are the problem and become disillusioned with them. In fact, both are equally responsible for happiness in a couple, but in this article we will focus more on the behavior of women and how to behave with a man to make him fall in love.

Their desire to invest in the relationship is noble and commendable. Only some people need to realize where exactly to make a contribution: what in themselves to develop and how to behave with a guy .

By following some rules, a woman can achieve that the man will fall in love and be crazy about her alone for life.

How to behave with a man: 10 rules

There are women who intuitively feel how to behave correctly with a man. They understand how to impress on the first dates and interest him not only for the night together, but also for life together. And in the long years of marriage they remain loved and desired. It’s a talent, some are born with it and some need to develop it. For those who have difficulty, there are rules of conduct, how a girl should behave in a relationship.

  1. Don’t show him absolute interest. For hundreds of thousands of years men have gone hunting. The mammoths are extinct, the habit remains. They are still interested in hunting and overcoming obstacles. Therefore, a woman needs to hide a little and not run far. If you like a man a lot, do not show it too obviously. Control your gaze, do not focus only on the object of attention. Demonstrate a slight coolness, in conversations on the phone, try to finish the conversation first. Be the first to end the kiss and pull away from the hug. Talk in moderation, if you’re going to talk a lot and fast, as in a cafe with his girlfriend, half of what he said he will not take so also see that you are very interested in him.
  2. Take care of yourself. To interest an adult, matured man simply beautiful is not enough. That said, it is important to maintain a neat appearance. The basis of beauty – it’s good nutrition, sports, adequate sleep. Next, the care of the skin, nails and hair. The use of decorative cosmetics – at will, not all men are fond of a garish makeup. Clothing should also advantageously emphasize the advantages of appearance. Remember that these rules must be observed not only in order to fall in love, but also to keep the love for a long time. A smart woman will always be well-groomed (a phrase of one smart woman).
  3. Show care. Support a man in a difficult situation, if he does not get along at work or he got sick. In the morning wish him a good day, and in the evening ask him how he passed. Spoil him with his favorite foods. Try to make your home cozier, so that the man was pleasant to come home. Give him nice gifts. It’s a myth that only women need gifts. Men also appreciate signs of attention. It doesn’t have to be a practical thing. Watch him in the store, what he looks at, listen to what he talks about. The main thing is to strike a balance: to care, but to turn into a second mother.
  4. Respect his personal space. Don’t call him all day, asking “where are you?”, “what are you doing now?”, “when are you coming over?” The more space you fill with yourself, the faster you get bored. Don’t get mad when he wants to hang out with friends in purely male company. He needs it, just like you need to meet his girlfriends. If the thought came to his mind to look at his personal mail or phone – run away immediately. This is a gross violation of personal boundaries. Also, do not ask him to account for every step. No one likes total control.
  5. Leave his brain where it belongs. They come in handy, men are much better off with them than without them. Some women take sadistic pleasure in blowing their brains out with caprices, screams and scandals. Needless to say, they are rarely happy in a relationship? Of course, a man can do something wrong or hurt you. Tell him the complaint calmly, without emotion. It is good if you have a solution to the problem that worries you. Discuss it with your loved one. Do not criticize his friends, parents, relatives. It is unpleasant to listen to, and it will not do anyone any good.
  6. Speak frankly. Many men do not understand the subtle hints. For this reason, women complain that their requests are not heard and inflate the conflict. If you want something, voice your desire in the most simple and accessible form. And the refined and translucent let it be better to your underwear.
  7. Do not take it all on yourself. Women often want to seem like a good wife, so they take on everything at once: going to work, making borscht, fix faucets, hammering nails. Then independent ladies complain that “the men are no longer around. Ask the man for help, give him an opportunity to feel strong and necessary.
  8. Praise him. It is not true that only women like ears. A man also likes to hear how good he is. He needs to feel that no one is so good at nailing down shelves and no one is so talented at opening cans as he is. Don’t overdo it, or your words might reek of irony. It should feel like you appreciate him.
  9. Make decisions together. No need to pull the blanket on himself. If you are overbearing woman who used to indicate and decide everything for everyone, the man will not be comfortable with you. As a couple make decisions for both. Always consult and listen to the opinion of a man. Do not use the words “I said, it will be in my opinion,” “you do not understand anything,” “I myself decide everything.
  10. Listen to the desires of the man. Whether it’s a Little Red Riding Hood costume in bed, an offer to go skydiving together or cook Mexican food. Take your time to say “no”, even if at first the desire seemed strange. Think it over. If you don’t like his idea at all, say so and offer an alternative when possible. It’s important that you don’t sacrifice yourself.

What kind of women men are attracted to

An exciting woman is like a good book.

First attracts a beautiful cover, then clings to the title, and then the intrigue from the first pages. It’s hard to come away from it, I want to scroll through the story in my head again and again to understand the meaning of words and scenes. This book is incomprehensible to the end, it wants to re-read, to discover new secrets and subtleties. It makes you experience different, sometimes completely opposite emotions.


The cover – the way a woman looks, the title – who she thinks she is and how she positions herself. The more developed you are as a person, the broader your horizons, the more interesting your “title” is, the more one wants to “read” you, again and again.

Intrigue from the first pages is behavior with understatement. The man senses your sympathy, but you keep him at a distance. The ambiguity awakens his interest in finding out more. Some ladies use this technique on first dates, but after marriage they relax. Because of this, the husband relaxes as well: if this woman is already completely his, you can open a new hunting season. Don’t give him the feeling that you are with him forever.

Men like women who give different emotions. They keep you in a slight tension, then wrap you in love and care.

Love your man, but do not completely dissolve in it, leave yourself and him a little personal freedom. Develop yourself and you will less likely to have a question, how to behave with a man.

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