How to behave on a first date?

How to impress a girl? 7 rules for the first date

The first meeting with a girl excites all the chakras of not only girls. What if she is a crocodile and not like in the photo? Or looking for a “daddy”? What if I’m not good enough for her? Guess? These are the thoughts that go through the mind of any normal man who is just starting to get to know girls.

Man, relax. Until you start taking it easy on the date, a positive impression is out of the question. I’m telling you, Anton Glomozda, who also once started learning how to meet women. So relax and take the first date with a girl as an experience. It will be easier for both you and her.

How to impress a girl? 7 rules for the first date

How to behave on a first date with a girl?

Of course, like a gentleman. Whatever impression you want to make, your suavity should come before you, just like a girl’s boobs come before hers.

How do you impress a girl?

  • Make an appointment for a date in advance. So pick the best time and place and inform the girl about it. Do not offer: “Let’s go,” no. Just say: “I want to see you. At 19:00 near …” This will show your interest in the meeting and busyness in life.
  • Don’t forget that she may have plans, too. So set yourself a couple of evenings when you can meet. You don’t have to give her a choice. Offer one time right away, and if it doesn’t work out, another.
  • A man should always come on a date a little earlier or just in time, but the companion can be 5 minutes late. Don’t let yourself wait for her a shitload of time. That’s disrespectful, so go get something nice to eat. More good.

On a first date, it’s better not to bring bouquets. But there is a small caveat: if you met online and corresponded for some time, you can easily bring up the subject of flowers. For example, “Choosing flowers for a colleague for her birthday, what would you choose?” In that case, you can bring her favorite flowers.

If, before that, your communication has been reduced to, “Hi. You’re cool. Give me your number,” then it’s better without the broom. She could be allergic.

How to behave on a first date?

What to do on a first date with a girl if you usually fall into a stupor at the sight of a beautiful woman? For starters, relax. You can drink 50 grams of whiskey for courage, but no more. You want to be an interesting conversationalist, not a blurry pile of shit.

Believe me, the girl is nervous too, because she’s just like you, dating a stranger. And your job: not only to keep yourself in check, but also to make her feel good about herself. So you have to be as collected as a cheetah before jumping.

By the way, the timidity of girls on a first date is cute enough, but don’t fall for it. She may be showing her best side, too, and there’s an annoying bitch lurking around the corner.

For starters, just like with dating, make eye contact and keep it all evening. No, don’t stare at her like you want to hypnotize her. Just don’t look away when she talks. Especially the boobs. You have to look into her eyes, you can look at her lips, but that’s at the end of the night.

What to say to a girl at the first meeting? A simple compliment is enough. Only accentuate not her clothes, but just her: “Great taste. You look gorgeous in that dress!” “Perfectly chosen fragrance. It’s a great addition to the look.”

Show interest in your companion, or rather, in your companion. There are men who, on the first date, and on all other dates, fluff up their peacock’s tail and hum to the girl how fucking awesome he is. But in reality, it’s all ches. I’ve clarified with the Akloni team girls, and I’ve often put it into practice myself: you need to listen to her.

Ask questions, pay attention to every word of the interlocutor, show interest in juicy stories. In general, act according to the situation, but remember that you are circling the girl, not she is circling you.

Watch your facial expressions carefully. Realistically, practice in front of the mirror to smile, to look, in general, all the emotions. Every man has that look on his face like he’s shitting. It usually happens when girls start talking shit about clothes and cosmetics and stuff like that. Cut him out of your life, just control your facial expressions, smile more, and finally relax!

How to behave with a girl on a first date to pique her interest? About this and not only I tell the courses at Akloni Academy. So register, if you still can not make up your mind. And believe me, from your timidity will not leave a trace.

Don’t make it a battle for the score. As Akloni’s mastermind, no one likes a pauper, not even his friends. So pay the bill, of course, if the girl isn’t a sissy. There’s a particular category of girls who go on dates just to eat and drink normal booze.

So, if you see her ordering lobster without remorse, whisper in the waiter’s ear that you will have separate bills. Let her eat it to her health, maybe the kid won’t finish it.

In other cases, the girl shouldn’t even see the bill. If she shows interest and wants to pay in half, be gallant and give her that look so she knows right away who the daddy is.

What to talk to a girl about when you first meet her?

In fact, you can talk at least about the launch of the space shuttle, it is important that you both arouse interest in each other. Of course, there is a certain list of topics that are better not to touch and bypass on a first date. But that’s not what I’d like to discuss first.

How do you avoid a deadpan silence?

You’ve probably had this happen: you’re sitting with a girl you like, you’ve already talked about the weather, work, and menus. And then … “Tututu, well, it’s … How …” out of your mouth just a lump of incoherent words. Honestly, in that case, it’s better to be silent.

I, Anton Glomozda, not the first year teaching men how to impress on dates. And one of my first rules: learn how to keep up the conversation! Then there will not be awkward pauses with your conversation partner, which kill all your efforts.

At the very beginning of your journey, I recommend making a list of topics that you can discuss on a first date. And learn it so you don’t fall apart in front of the girl. Imagine sitting there with a serious look on his face and pulling a piece of paper out of his pocket and saying, “Eeeeek, now we’re going to talk… talk about… that’s already been discussed, that’s irrelevant. Oh, found it!”

Here’s a little cheat sheet for you.

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Topics you can discuss on a first date:

  • Where did you go to school, who do you work for, who do you live with? But it’s important to conduct these conversations not like an interrogation, but to gently clarify information.
  • Childhood. Everyone likes to talk about fun situations from their childhood. It makes you interested, because you kind of share innermost things, but not too much.
  • School, university. Also relevant. These conversations hold attention well, especially if you remember to make jokes in the process.
  • Funny stories from work. If you don’t plan to talk directly about what you do, you can just tell stories of work wickedness. This will let you know that you didn’t take a girl out on a date for her mother’s money.
  • Dreams and plans. You can talk about that forever. Girls love to dream, so let her enjoy the moment. How do you get a girl to like you on a first date? Learn to take an interest in girls’ conversations. It’s important for them to feel listened to and heard. At least learn how to pretend.

And if you also tell some normal stories about yourself, you’re sure to interest her.

Topics that should not be discussed on a first date:

  • Work. Don’t confuse it with general information. You can find out who she works for, you don’t need to ask her how much she earns and go into that subject in depth.
  • Politics. Too serious a topic for a first date. How is a girl going to like you on a first date if you’re going to spend the entire evening talking about how politicians are fags? You can’t.
  • Religion. Religion is everyone’s own business. So don’t take a heightened interest in the subject.
  • Past relationships. Better start a conversation about her dreams, you’ll get more benefit.

How to spend the first date and know that the girl interested in you?

Watch how she behaves. When a man likes a girl, she sends a lot of non-verbal signs that let you know.

  • Even if you make an unfunny joke, she laughs. Girls have no control over this process if she likes a guy. So if she laughs at every joke you make, she likes you…or she has a similar sense of humor.
  • She plays with her hair or touches her neck. These are direct signs of flirting.
  • She casually touches you during a conversation.
  • The girl is shy when you compliment her. Averting her gaze, blushing – this shows that she already cares about you.
  • She smiles at you, even if you’re silent. You’ve already caught her attention, now you have to interest her.
  • The girl doesn’t even look at the phone. This, of course, may say that she’s just well-mannered, but in this digital age, the phone is like an extension of many people’s hands.
  • There’s a touch of babyishness in her voice. Even if you’re a brutal man, a girl who likes you will talk to you like a lunatic. “Yeah, I like the cuties.” “Oh, what cute stars in the sky!” “I had so much fun tonight!” – and silly batting her eyelashes.

Trust me, it’s all hard not to notice. What to do on a first date? Just be yourself, but the side that’s normal. Apply my advice in practice and the interest of the girls you will be sure. The team Akloni wishes you a nice date!

Hello, my name is Anton Glomozda!

I help men believe in themselves, realize their potential and live the life of their dreams. To this end, in 2016 I founded the Academy of Integrated Male Personality Development, in which I give the tools to achieve goals and success in all areas of life. To date, the academy has more than 10,000 graduates.

How to behave on a first date: 10 working tips for girls. How should it go for a man to like it?

Doing something for the first time is hard: taking an exam or going to work. But it’s nothing compared to the emotions of going on a date. All girls and guys get terribly nervous before their first meeting. We could not avoid such a touchy subject and decided to give you tips on how to behave on a first date.

How to behave on a first date a girl?

Well, let’s start with the girls, because for them it is a more exciting event:

  • To begin with we would like to say that you should not be late. Although it is believed that a girl should do it, but it is better to come on time. After all, your new acquaintance is the same person, he was preparing for the meeting, and now he is nervous and waiting. Why make him worry unnecessarily?
  • The next thing to note is that you should not be too shy and withdrawn. It is very difficult to be open and frank now. But too shy sometimes repulses. You can’t say a word, you turn your gaze away and fall into a stupor – he will just get bored;
  • Pay special attention to manners. While communicating, watch your facial expressions and body movements. Too loud laughter in response to his jokes or proud chin pulled forward are repulsive. A modest smile and open interest in his eyes – always strike a chord with guys.

This, as far as behavior is concerned. But more often girls are more concerned about how to look at the first rendezvous. About this we will write below.

Clothes for a date girl: what is better to wear?

Girls, after receiving an invitation, begin to think about what to choose from clothes, what to do hair. Opening the closet, they frantically go through things, believing that the success of the meeting will depend on it. Dozens of layers of nail polish and makeup are layered on every possible surface of the skin. But maybe that’s not something you should do.

Of course, you need to be groomed and combed, you can wear a nice dress, but do not overdo it. Try to be yourself, because then he will have to see you without false eyelashes and false nails. So, of course, prepare, but do not forget that it is more important to make a spiritual impression, to find common ground, than simply to throw “dust in your eyes.

In addition, naturalness is in fashion today. If you want to look neat, enough to apply discreet makeup, hiding minor facial flaws and arrange your hair so that it emphasized the advantages or disadvantages.

Of clothing “on fire” are always simple dresses and skirts, tight jeans and low heels. This image as if telling a man: “I have nothing to hide, with me it will be easy and interesting.

Do I have to kiss and when?

And of course, the most exciting moment is the kiss. Girls, and guys anxiously think about how it will happen and when?

There is no obligation in this case. Even if the guy generously treated you to a cafe, took you to the movies and walked you home – you can just say goodbye in words.

Another thing is when you like this man so much that you feel the need to touch him. Of course, you should not pounce, but you can hint:

  • Make eye contact when communicating. If you look away, he’ll think you’re not interested;
  • Overcome the barrier of touch – lightly touch your shoulder or hand at an appropriate moment. Movements should be light and unobtrusive, but telling;
  • Cast a glance at his lips. Look not intently, of course, but occasionally lower your eyes to them.

Or act decisively, just ask him to kiss you. In general, all in your hands, if you want to kiss – kiss, no – put it off until later.

How to behave after a first date?

What’s really scary is not the date itself, but what happens afterwards. You will go home and analyze what happened, understand your emotions. But do not rush to make conclusions, for a few hours of communication it is impossible to know the person enough. Maybe he was behaving the wrong way, talking nonsense.

Still remember that he was worried too. Therefore:

  • Do not pay much attention to the little things – how he was dressed, what flowers he brought or did not bring. The main thing – how you felt, whether it was interesting and exciting;
  • But refuse to meet him if he gave warning signals – was rude, behaved vulgarly, and allowed unnecessary things.

How should you behave if you liked him? Here’s an example:

  • Send him a text before you go to bed saying, “Thanks, I had a great night!”
  • Do not wait until he invites you back, call yourself, offer to go for a walk.

But alas, it’s not always what you want. If the guy did not experience the same feelings – take it with dignity. Do not call him, do not look for a meeting. If he doesn’t want to – talk to others, look for your soul mate.

How to behave on a first date a man?

It is also hard for young men to go to a meeting with a girl. They are no less primped and worried. But the main rule is the same for everyone – remain yourself, well, there are also a few tips:

  1. Take all the initiative. Women like confident and decisive. So choose where the date will take place and the other nuances. And let her determine the time;
  2. Do not forget about manners. If you know about your shortcomings, for example, you can miss a harsh word – get rid of them;
  3. According to statistics, most of the ladies prefer guys, of course, who are financially wealthy. But the same data confirms that a sense of humor is more important than . A man who can easily make you laugh and cheer you up leaves the competition behind.

As for colors, there are no rules. If you want to add romance to the atmosphere, buy a bouquet. And you don’t need to have a lot of fancy flowers. It’s better to surprise the woman you like with a simple, give chamomiles or sunflowers. You can buy them now in flower stores.

What mistakes should be avoided?

Below we want to list common mistakes that everyone should avoid. Thanks to these little things, many couples haven’t been able to get together:

  • Do not be late. This is especially true at the beginning of a relationship;
  • Don’t talk about previous partners. Do not talk about the topic at all, unless you are asked. And if they do ask, try to move the conversation along. For good things such conversations usually do not lead;
  • Put the phone away, turn off the sound on it. Show respect, show how important the person is to you;
  • Don’t overindulge in alcohol. Yes, perhaps a glass of wine will help relieve the tension. But it’s better to have a fresh head and behave adequately;
  • Do not be smart. It is interesting to spend time with a person who is erudite. But no one will like it when this person excessively flaunts his intellectual abilities. Be an interesting and easy conversationalist.

Agree, if, being near, the partner would be endlessly on the phone or drunk – you would not like it. So behave the way you want them to behave with you. It’s as simple as that.

So, what conclusions can be drawn when thinking about how to behave on a first date? It’s elementary – do not make hasty conclusions, behave as naturally as possible and respect the person next to you. The rest – the little things, they can be fixed.

Video lesson: going on a first date

In this video a psychologist Leonid Paranin will tell how to behave on the very first date and what mistakes should not be made:

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