How to behave in the office?

How to observe office etiquette

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Office etiquette is what helps smooth out the day-to-day interactions within the office. Getting along with people you may never want to take out to dinner is essential to getting the job done right and for a happy coexistence as a result. It is office etiquette that will ensure that when there is a mutual aversion or indifference in the team. Moreover, office etiquette will allow you not to become enemy number one, for the reason that you, for example, irritate people with your habits or inappropriate comments. It’s not that you intentionally seek to challenge the entire office, but some actions can still unintentionally cause uncomfortable situations or awkwardness in the office. Moreover, office etiquette is a key factor in solving the problem of mutual assistance, how your colleagues will act in case you need help. The way you conduct yourself in the office among the people who have actually become your “second family” will determine how you will be judged by others and how willingly the office staff will help you. You might also enjoy the article “How to Improve Your Email Etiquette” in addition to this article.

  • While many rules of etiquette are not spelled out, just because they are not reflected on paper or posted on a bulletin board does not mean they should not be followed. A large proportion of social groups will always assume that unspoken rules of etiquette should always be followed, with few exceptions and no matter how dodgy, rebellious and authentic you are, there will always be boundaries in the form of respect from others that you need to take into account. This will become clear in a later part of this article.

  • If you are a junior employee, avoid arriving at work after your boss. Initially, try to show that you are an energetic person and passionate about the job.

  • Of course, there are always exceptions, for example, there are offices that have lighter dress code days or days where you are allowed to dress less formally for work to earn money for charity, etc. However, even if the office has a fairly casual atmosphere, it is better to wear a suit or other professional attire when meeting with clients who are here on important business or for other work matters.

  • You may inadvertently overhear the conversations of others. Behave yourself and try to forget about what you overheard, use the “so what” rule. Don’t talk about what you overheard and never make up anything of yourself!

  • If your office has some items that are needed all the time, have a common place for these items, so you avoid the unexpected disappearance of necessary items from your desk. For example, a place for a stapler, tape and packaging is a good idea, since no one specifically owns these items, they will always stay in the designated place.

  • Say “hello” to your neighbors in the office when you come to the workplace. A bad habit can take hold if people miss out on a polite greeting and simply sit down in their seat without saying a word when they come to work. This is rude and will have a bad effect on your relationships with others. Even if others make no effort to reinforce this habit in the office, set an example for everyone, thereby showing that it is not only normal, but expected.
  • Watch your language. When talking to people in the office, remember that some people cannot tolerate profanity. Also, avoid lashing out or making jokes toward other people.

Don’t bother people all the time. By doing so, it’s as if you’re letting them know that your time or opinion is more important than theirs. If your colleague is on the phone and you need to ask him a question, don’t stand over his shoulder. Tap on his shoulder and whisper that you need to talk to him (or leave him a note) and ask him to call you or come over as soon as he’s done talking.If your colleague is in a meeting, don’t bother him, just wait or ask him to come to you when he’s free.

The 25 main rules of conduct in the office

Don’t impose. In the open space, greet everyone at once without addressing anyone in particular. Shake outstretched hands, but there is no need to bypass all men for this purpose. If the woman from the next wing once asked you to help fix a coffee machine, which you ended up dolomila, and now nods at you with a smile, answer her. If she looks away, don’t get in the way of avoiding you.


Be generous and unselfish. Share charging things, headphones, ideas. Give away unwanted gifts and treats with free alcohol. The person who always has something nice in store is more sympathetic.


In the office, as well as in the army, the concept of “lost” rather than “stolen” works. And yet the loss of a stapler, flash drive or choker does not give you the right to pick up “lost” on other tables. Even a sip of cognac from someone else’s supply must be made up for with a whole bottle of the same drink.


There’s no need to change the whole look every day. Especially if the dress code is detailed in the employment contract. But it is necessary to update the appearance all the time. One fresh shirt is not enough: a handkerchief in a jacket pocket should also be changed.


Spare the receptors of others, already exhausted by fumes of antifreeze, exhaust fumes and passive vaping. There are fewer connoisseurs of selective perfumery than you might think. So it’s better not to overdo it than to overdo it. By the way, there is nothing wrong with making a remark to the source of an unusual fragrance. This will not offend him, but only make it better. The main thing in this conversation is to get right to the point.


“Employee’s clothing must be clean and neat” – such a clause is in every employment contract. Unless there are strict rules, shorts, an olimpic and sandals formally meet the “clean and tidy” requirement, but are radically at odds with the concept of “appropriateness.” No matter how comfortable a tracksuit is, there is a place and time for everything.


Specifically, don’t get more drunk than the others. The corporate party is not Las Vegas – what was there is sure to be picked up by your office’s worst tongues.


Not everyone still understands how indecent it has become to disturb people with phone calls. These old-timers often include important partners and clients, to whom you can’t throw a careless “text on WhatsApp”. It will take longer to explain what it is. They call, of course, just at the moment when you stepped away for a second, leaving your phone on the table. In that case, always keep your gadget not just on vibrate, but in silent mode. The dull mooing of a vibrating device annoys your colleagues no less than the huffing and puffing of the ringtone.


The temptation to get involved in a fascinating discussion of the weaknesses and shortcomings of some of your colleagues is unusually great. If you can’t help yourself, at least rinse other people’s bones in a balanced and reasoned manner. Try to do this only with trusted colleagues. Know that somewhere near you are also actively discussing whose son you are and who you are sleeping with.


An office romance is a pointless and unproductive story. Sooner or later it will end, and you still have to share the elevator, the meeting room and the microwave. Another thing is a light flirtation with a deeply and happily married employee. In this configuration, no one will break anyone’s life and no one will claim anything.


A sense of swearing, like a sense of humor, should be delicate. Mindless swearing is chaotic and destructive. It makes less sense than Power Point slides. Feel the moment and the audience. Awkwardly thrown in the wrong direction profanity can cost you the reputation of a decent person, turning in the eyes of others in the streetcar boor. And this is not the most favorable characteristic for a gentleman.


A disheveled man with red eyes and sniffling nose, which generates not ideas, and bacilli, nothing but irritation can not cause. No one will appreciate the feat of a working man with a fever. And not so much because of the lack of aesthetic component in your image, as because of the tendency to zero efficiency.


Calmly and understandingly endure this orgy called “The client is back with new edits” and don’t barge in with your shriek: “Colleagues, delete my address from the correspondence!” Everyone is nervous enough without you, and your message, which is not directly relevant, will not make anyone happy. Mistakes happen, but don’t make everyone in your correspondence scratch your address out of the address line.


Whether it’s necessary to say that food particles getting under the keyboard turn it from a working tool into the source of germs, while the smell of cutlets and the sight of a chewing man has a negative influence on the office atmosphere? Yes, we should. Otherwise, thousands of lunchboxes would be uncorked daily right in the workplace. Not only would your on-the-job lunch be less digestible, but your attitude would also become as cold as your cutlet. A change of scenery is necessary. At least to take a break from work and become not only satiated, but also healthy.


All the most important things happen at the wrong time. Avalanche, like the bus, shows up unexpectedly, just worth a light. No one will die if you respond not immediately but after a cup of lavender raff, but disappearing off the radar is worse than not calling back.


Better yet, give a real one. Telling about the fact that in the morning you finished with the child birdhouse, and then ran to give blood, while giving things to the poor – while breathing on the side and sipping mineral water – is extremely unpromising. But honesty will be accepted and appreciated.


Never ever, ever anywhere.


Every office worker should be at the table with disposable cups at least once in his life. If you do not feed the staff on the occasion of his birthday (promotion, marriage, divorce) pizza and pies, he will take it as disrespect.


People often mistake kindness and openness for weakness and lack of character. The closer you communicate with your subordinates, the more often they will burst a pipe or die a cat. At one point, you’ll just start being confronted with a text message that says something like, “Hi. I’m out of the house today.” Keep your distance and don’t discuss work between toasts and karaoke songs.


Fighting over the air conditioner remote and arguing over the angle of the blinds are times when it’s best to give in. There is always an allergy sufferer, a chronic patient, or just a moron who will scream from the corner about an innate intolerance to drafts and sinus congestion.


It’s silly to smartly argue that a Facebook profile is a private space. Avoid peer deep penetration into the bowels of your account. You still have a career to build with them, go to business lunches and suffer through business training. Don’t share the details of your life with them.


It always seems like others are getting more and working less. People are too jealous and unfair to genuinely rejoice with you over a new car, a nice watch, or a model girl. Save all that luxury for the parallel life that begins after the office life. At work, modesty or even ascesis adorns more than a gold watch on your arm and a four-wheel drive in the parking lot.


Nerds have no credibility. Piles of crap on and around your desk are not creative clutter. They’re just piles of crap. Cashew bags, confetti, an empty bag, and last year’s newspaper don’t help with creativity. No matter how talented of an employee you may be, cleanliness as an added option to the image can’t hurt. Not like that flower pot that takes up half your desk.


It’s never a shame not to have your own. Even if you’re so imbued with corporate spirit that you occasionally have a company logo treading on your ankle, you don’t think about such a thing as CAPEX (capital expenditures of your company). The computer, the printer, the copier, the fax machine (are you kidding? you have a fax machine?! you really do!) are all taken for granted, and the handling of these appliances seems to require no undue delicacy. It doesn’t – because any breakage can hurt the operation. Try not to squeeze the scanner glass when you sit down to print and fax (you do have one!) an answer to your annoying partner’s complaints.


For all the office intrigue and intra-corporate twists and turns, it’s good to spend at least some time on your direct responsibilities. Let them look at you askew and call you a careerist. But, unfortunately, not all of us get apartments that can be rented out for crazy money. Even fewer chances to be successfully born, profitably married, or launch a successful start-up. So you have to build your career wherever fate takes you.

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