How to behave in bed with a Taurus man?

Taurus man in bed

Taurus men in bed are not at all like in normal life. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac behave during lovemaking too passively, sometimes too much, but this is not a minus. Rather, this behavior can even be considered a plus, because it is based on the study of the partner and ultimately giving her the pleasure that she wants to get. In normal life, because what are Taurus men? They are calm, prudent, reliable and responsible. Here and in bed, many of their qualities are manifested. Even the usual momentary love-making, and then they approach very responsibly, as if the future depends on this or something else…

Behavior in bed

The behavior of Taurus men in bed is such that many women with the representatives of this zodiac sign may even be bored. The whole problem is that because of their prudence, caution and responsible approach to any matter, even in bed such can not relax. Taurus first takes a long time to study his partner, tries to guess her, studies her desire and preferences, and for the most part waits for the initiative from his partner. Only after a while, when he is sure that he has understood everything, he can start to take the initiative. That is when he will appear before his partner in all his glory.

On the other hand, such behavior may seem too boring to the lover of experiments and role-playing. And what’s more, sometimes behavior seems so fake that a woman might think that he is not sincere in bed. But in fact, this is not the case. Just Taurus men in bed, in love, as well as in normal life, are very afraid to make a mistake. So there are two choices – either tolerate it for what it is, or take the initiative into their own hands. Although again, not every woman will accept such a passive man.

But there is a lot of positive aspects to the behavior of the male Aphids in bed. First, studying his partner, sooner or later he starts to act, and then he will know exactly what to do to make the woman satisfied. Secondly, these men are too much concerned with pleasing their partners. Can the desire to satisfy the other half in bed be considered a disadvantage? Well and thirdly, these men easily adapt to the environment and what is happening, and if a woman tries a little bit, she can bring up such a lover, with whom one hundred percent will be satisfied every new time.


As stated above, Taurus men are too concerned about their other half’s satisfaction in bed. What does this tell you besides what was mentioned earlier? At a minimum, that the attitude of the Taurus man to his partner is such that he will with all his heart and soul, with all his behavior elevate her in bed to the rank of the queen. It is worth only something to want his partner, he will immediately perform it. The main thing is to give him time so that he studied you. Otherwise he may behave very insecurely.

Demanding and fickle – despite the fact that the Taurus man has too “gentlemanly” attitude towards his partner, he can demand too much in return. At times, there may even be times when the Taurus man will be the most selfish. But that is how they are, the representatives of this sign of the zodiac. If he gives something, if he satisfies his second half, makes her happy, and he is sure that everything turns out as it should, then in response he demands a lot. Ideally, a woman at such moments should simply obey him…

But on the other hand, most of the time a male Taurus in bed is still passive and his attitude to his partner is such that all the time he will wait for the initiatives, commands, guidance. The most lucky is the woman who will be able to keep his essence in secret and who will remain a mystery for a long time. The longer he will unravel you, the longer he will not understand you and your desires, the longer you will be able to lead him and adjust to you. In any case, he will not allow you to remain unsatisfied, for for him it is a great moral and psychological trauma.

How to behave

  • Be as restrained and calm as possible;
  • It does not hurt to be gentle and affectionate;
  • touch and caress your weapon;
  • Don’t be aggressive in bed;
  • don’t be too spontaneous;
  • tell him a lot of compliments, especially afterwards;
  • role-playing and fantasizing – he will like that;
  • Take the initiative.

Tips for seduction

Tip #1: Don’t be afraid of your fantasies ! Taurus men in bed behave quietly and fantasize very little, but they adore women who fantasize and make their fantasies come true during sex. Role-playing, by the way, many Taurus men really like it. Although, as in the case of other zodiac signs, there are exceptions.

Tip #2: Don’t try to be fake and be emotional! Do not try to emulate the pleasure, because he will immediately recognize falseness. Do not try to hold back emotions, because he also may not like it very much. Better let emotions and feelings out, let him see them. From this he will become more confident and determined.

Tip #3: More physical proximity and affection will not hurt. Try to give more time to preliminary caresses, gentle touches, hugs and the simplest physical touches. For a Taurus man, touching is something like a sign “On your marks!” And in general, closeness and tenderness are never superfluous, especially in bed.

Tip number 4: Take the initiative into your own hands! Initiative, coming from a woman, in case of making love with Taurus, will play into the hands of both you and him. In addition, these men really like it when the initiative is taken by the female partner. Do not be afraid to command him, to guide him.

Tip #5: Comfort and romance are above all! These are mostly passionate romantics who adore comfort. Do not try to induce him to make love in the street or somewhere else besides the bed. For a Taurus man, comfort, bed, and a romantic setting are more important than anything else.

Taurus man in bed – unbridled passion under a mask of calmness

Behind the external restraint of the Taurus man hides a sensual lover who is able to give women true pleasure in bed. This sign is under the patronage of Venus – and this says it all. A representative of the element of the earth knows how to enjoy sex as a rare and delicious delicacy, and will not tolerate haste from his chosen one.

Characteristics of a Taurus man in a relationship

Sensuality, romanticism, and slowness are the key qualities of a gentleman in love. The ward of Venus never goes straight from words to deeds, trying to get a closer look at the woman. He should make sure that her intentions and emotions are sincere in order not to waste time. The next stage will be the formation of the foundation for a relationship and long-term courtship.

Taurus does not look for a casual one-night stand, because he is naturally monogamous. Financial stability and family values are a priority for a representative of the earth sign, so he will never betray, and loved ones will not starve or need anything. The ward of Venus knows the value of money and has a reasonable approach to spending and income, which makes him an enviable candidate for a husband.

How does he show his feelings when he is in love?

The circle of communication of Taurus is very limited – he takes a long time to look at people, and the chosen one will not be an exception. Changes and new acquaintances for a serious and steady man involve risk and stress, so you can not expect active action from him. The wooing of the ward of Venus is in the best traditions of love affairs:

  • leisurely walks in the park;
  • long conversations;
  • visits to theaters, exhibitions and film premieres;
  • useful gifts;
  • beautiful bouquets.

Taurus approaches surprises with his usual practicality, so he can present an indoor plant instead of the usual flowers. As a presentation he will choose things that will be useful to the chosen one: no souvenirs or trinkets. A representative of the earth element is capable of true love, so he will show his best qualities. He will be gallant, courteous, will help carry heavy bags or challenge himself to go to the store.

It is unacceptable for Taurus to leave the girl in danger or alone with her problems. A man will meet her after work or school, will take her home, will create the most comfortable conditions and protect her from worldly turmoil. The restrained cavalier will never rush into a maelstrom – the feeling arises from a barely noticeable spark, and the relationship can take years to develop.

What kind of lover he is and what he prefers in bed

Taurus man in an intimate relationship with a woman adheres to the image of a knight. There are guys who use sex to relieve tension or add to the list of victories – a representative of the element of earth is not one of these. Astrologers consider the man an ideal lover, because he understands his partner’s feelings. Taurus is instantly aroused, he does not need additional stimulation. At the same time, he will never skip foreplay out of respect for the chosen one. The man understands that the degree of woman’s pleasure depends on the foreplay. He behaves like an adult, not a pimply teenager who only cares about his sensations.

In bed, he likes unhurriedness and predictability. Taurus is alien to spontaneous sex in an unacceptable for him environment. Lack of imagination is compensated by endurance and sensuality, which is appreciated by any woman. Cavalier chooses the time and place for intimacy, so do not rush him. The nectar of love, he prefers to drink slowly and with pleasure.

Forcing events Taurus easily frighten away, and feminine aggressiveness will make you think about the expediency of further action. Astrologers advise to attract Taurus with gentle behavior:

  • gentle stroking;
  • light kisses;
  • Sensual massage.

A cozy bedroom with scented candles and impeccable cleanliness will do much more than excessive initiative and pressure from a woman.

Instead of finding out online what a Taurus man likes in bed, you should ask about his preferences directly. During sex, the lover is unlikely to want to talk, but after intimacy, you can talk about your experiences and accurately find out the desires of the gentleman. It should be noted that the pleasure of the partner a man puts in first place, forgetting about his own.

If he likes the girl

Taurus is secretive, but with careful observation you can recognize his true attitude towards the chosen one. The main clue – the appearance of the man, who will try to look flawless. He will not dress up using all the colors of the rainbow, or combine opposing styles of clothing. Accuracy, cleanliness, neatness is the main weapon of the Taurus.

A representative of the sign of the earth does not tolerate idle chatter, but the topics of conversation can easily determine his passion for the girl. A restrained admirer will confide in her a secret or tell her about the important moments of his life to demonstrate his individuality. Taurus will show genuine interest in the object of his sympathy:

  • Ask her how her day was;
  • be sure to call or write;
  • appoint a meeting.

The man will not disappear suddenly, do not make you wait long for an answer – he is always in touch with the woman who fell into his heart.

If he has decided to break up

The breakup of the ward of Venus perceives painfully, so for the final point in the relationship a girl needs to try very hard. Taurus does not believe in love at first sight, before the beginning of a romantic relationship for a long time assesses the chosen one and calculates the prospects – after a long test, a parting is unlikely. A man can make a difficult decision if a woman:

  • fickle;
  • freedom-loving;
  • Causes fits of jealousy;
  • Is prone to spendthrifts.

All the shortcomings of Taurus seeks out in the early stages of dating, but the girl, after all, can successfully play a role. Astrologers advise against resorting to deception, as it will still reveal itself. Keeping a mark throughout life will not work, and the deceived man will break up the relationship.

A marriage that has already had children will try to save the Taurus by all means. Despite the natural stubbornness, the man will make concessions and calmly clarify what has become a threat to family happiness. In a hopeless situation Taurus will convince himself and his beloved in the futility of the union.

The difference between hiding feelings and ignoring

The in love cavalier’s behavior betrays, as he is not capable of showing indifference to the girl of his dreams. There is no trace of his restraint and outward coldness. A man can look closely at a potential candidate for the role of a life partner, but completely ignore the lady is not in his rules.

Horoscope emphasizes the main signs of affection:

  1. Taurus increasingly spends time in the company of a girl he likes.
  2. Conversations take on a frank tone.
  3. A serious man discovers his talents as a humorist, trying to make his beloved laugh.
  4. Courtesy bordering on insistence.

If all of the above does not happen, Taurus sees no point in winning a woman and really ignores her presence.

Ways to return the lover’s feelings

A representative of the sign of the earth is ready for anything for the sake of his beloved, but after the rupture of relations changes dramatically. When you meet him, he does not look like even a longtime friend – coldness and aloofness slip into his words. If a man has decided to break up, there is no turning back. Taurus does not immediately decide to put an end to the history of love – resentment and dissatisfaction are accumulated for months and years. The guy has angelic patience, but after the emotional explosion, relations resemble a scorched desert.

Taurus is undemanding – he needs a delicious dinner, quality sex and comfort of home for complete happiness. Man by nature a homebody, does not disappear on weekends with friends, does not spend money on entertainment – no wonder women dream to get him as a wife. He will work on the relationship, but when he realizes the pointlessness of his actions, he will leave. Taurus breaks the connection decisively, not leaving the chosen one the slightest chance to resume communication.

After breaking up the relationship at his initiative

A good sign if the guy overreacted and slammed the door in a fit of anger. Taurus is very patient in love, but in the presence of a constant irritant, stamina fails. A man can become cold because of:

  • pressure from the woman;
  • the woman’s bad temper;
  • wastefulness;
  • fussiness;
  • slovenliness.

If you ignore the comments of the suitor, in a fit of rage he is able to say many offensive words. Do not pay attention to the remarks – this comes out the accumulated discontent. It is better to leave the man alone for a while to give him the opportunity to restore emotional balance. Taurus is not a womanizer, so do not run to seek solace in the arms of a sultry beauty. He will analyze the situation and his own behavior – and be sure to ask forgiveness from his beloved for intemperance and inflicted pain.

If it was not he who decided to part

It is impossible to return Taurus after treason – this truth should be accepted. If the girl exchanged a stable bird in the hand for a ghostly crane in the sky, you can not go back, because there will be no forgiveness. The man is too proud and resentful to calmly digest the betrayal. Taurus is not capable of pretending that nothing happened – sooner or later he will return to the unpleasant and painful moment of the relationship.

If he has grown cold

The main omen of the impending storm is silence. Male Taurus in a relationship is used to discussing problems, caring and showing participation. If he realizes that he made a mistake, he still tries to save the situation:

  • makes correct remarks;
  • Takes on re-education of the partner;
  • gives hints.

Openly in a conflict with a restrained cavalier never goes, so the change can only notice a sensitive woman. At the first signs of alienation it is still possible to return the favor of Taurus, if you develop in yourself important qualities for him:

  1. Housekeeping. A man loves it when the house is clean and beautiful, and in the evening he is greeted with delicious dishes.
  2. Femininity. Taurus needs sincere care and warm attitude.
  3. Judgment. A representative of the stable sign difficult to be around an explosive girl who often changes plans, reacts violently to everything and is nervous about minor things.
  4. Grooming. Taurus is a fan of female beauty, so special attention should be paid to appearance and style.

Impolite and rude will permanently alienate the gallant man. He likes delicate and soft-spoken girls who fully trust their partners.

The Taurus in love is an attentive, sensitive and caring gentleman. He will become a reliable protection for the chosen one, raising her on a pedestal. A wonderful family man and sensual lover – the dream of many women, but to build a relationship with a demanding gentleman is not capable of all.

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