How to behave if a man has grown cold?

What to do if a man gets away from you (3 steps that always work)


One of the most common misconceptions about relationships is that “Unchangeability breeds indifference.” Like, a man eventually loses interest in a woman simply because he has conquered her, there is no mystery left in her, she is an open book to him.

I don’t believe this is true of most men, although of course there are exceptions. The real reason why a man is estranged from his woman is not because nothing changes. The reason is that the woman, on the contrary, changed, became not the one he originally loved.

It happens all the time, regardless of gender. You think you know the man you’re dating… He seems successful, sensible and funny. But at some point it’s like an arrow piercing you – you realize he’s cheating on you. He is constantly angry and unable to control his temper tantrums. He just pretends that he makes good money … In fact, he does not even have the means to take you to a nice restaurant. He is just a disgusting chauvinist who lives in an apartment that hasn’t been fixed (or cleaned) in decades!

These kinds of unpleasant “transformations” happen to women as well. And men notice them.

For example, a man meets a strong, confident woman. He really likes her. At some point his eyes seem to open, and he realized that his chosen one is not so sure of herself. She literally clings to him with her teeth and tries to control him. This girl is not at all what she was when he met her!

No wonder he’s no longer attracted to her. In fact, it’s a different woman now.

Does immutability really breed indifference?

No, in most cases the cause of estrangement is a misperception. This is because instead of strengths, over time, the partner begins to show their weaknesses in all their glory.

Do you really like the man you’re dating? Have you noticed that he began to drift away, but you do not want to lose him? Remember the following three steps:

1. Do not panic. For men it is quite natural. Give him the opportunity to be alone with himself.

Honestly, sometimes men are distant simply because it’s part of their nature. They’re so nasty!

That’s okay. If a man gets a little distant from you, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is coming to an end. It doesn’t mean he’s mad at you. Sometimes it’s just a way to sort yourself out.

The best thing is to just accept what’s going on and not run after him. Don’t yell or act pig-headed with him. You’ll only push him further away. Give him a free hand. Let him distance himself from you and figure out exactly how he feels about you.

In the end, if you really want to be with this man, you have to learn to put up with his desire to reflect on something alone! All men, including those who have been married for 10 or even 20 years, have this desire.

2. Stop running after him.

This may seem a little strange, but that’s exactly what the man wants. He wants you to stop chasing him. He wants there to be a certain amount of tension between you.

Why is this necessary? Why does a man want you to be a little unavailable? All because it inspires him to come back and win your favor again. That’s the way men are. By nature, they love to conquer.

And, you know what I’ll tell you? He deserves a little punishment in return for what he did. He deserves a little punishment in response to the fact that he is distancing himself from you.

3. When he comes back, don’t sulk. Communicate with him in a positive way.

Another mistake women make is this: when the man returns, they throw him a scandal, play the victim and show that his act has hurt them very much. You know what? Men don’t like that at all.

It is better to show him that you are good at controlling your emotions. This is how you show that you respect yourself and don’t let men take you for granted. You give him the freedom, but… you yourself at this point continue to live your life. You may well be called an optimist who knows how to stand up for his interests!

You will not allow yourself to drown in suffering because of the man and do not allow him to deprive you of the joy of life. When he comes back and realizes how much he missed you (believe me, he really will make a double effort to win your favor again), he will get the very motivation to conquer. The motivation he so desperately needs.

He will remember that you are unlike any other girl. You’re not sulking, you’re not pestering him, and you’re not angry. He will remember that you are a woman who craves honesty and a serious relationship. If this man doesn’t give you what you want, you won’t sit around and shed tears.

It will force him to pursue you. He will want you even more than ever before, because the same energy that he shares with you is coming from you.

No wonder that between you now there is such a strong relationship … Now you know what he thinks and feels. Believe me, men really know how to hide it.

What to do if a man has grown cold and cold to the woman he loves

You probably know firsthand that the former love, passion leaves a relationship. Why does this happen? Is it possible to return the faded emotions? How to behave in this situation? The answers to these questions you will find in our article.

Why a man cools down

First of all, do not panic. To develop a plan of action, you need to find out why a man has grown cold to you. Conduct an analysis of events to clarify the situation. The most common reasons for this condition are:

  • Unattended appearance. You probably met this situation when a woman is in a relationship for a long time, she stops taking care of herself, her face has no makeup, her hair is not tidy, her clothes leave much to be desired. In general, her image is significantly different than it was at the beginning of the romantic relationship.
  • Busyness at work. If a man spends a long time at work, he is tired, he has no time for personal life, it is quite possible that this development.
  • If the chosen one reads the girl like an open book. All of her actions are predictable, it is clear that he will eventually become bored with her. He will lose interest.
  • Lack of common topics of conversation. Any emotions during the romantic period cool down. Passion goes on the wane. A routine emerges. Then it turns out that besides sexual interest there was no unifying link.
  • The woman is completely subservient to the man. She seeks to please him in everything, overprotective. Over time, this begins to irritate. The man cools down, even rudeness may manifest itself.
  • Interest in another woman. It is possible that the cooling down is a sign of the presence of a new object of infatuation.
  • Grumpiness. If a woman begins to grumble, irritated, it is natural that the man cools down to her.
  • The romance is gone from the relationship. Regardless of how many years you are together, if you have completely disappeared romance, you do not go to the movies, not walking together, do not call each other sweet names, along with this evaporates from the relationship happiness and intimacy.
  • The same kind of intimacy. Men need variety in intimacy. Sex is important to them. If a woman does not like to have sex, she does not accept variety, then quickly there will be boredom in bed, which will lead to a cooling in life.

Only by figuring out what is the cause of the cooling, you can improve the situation.

What to do if a man has gone cold

If you have decided to return the sharpness of feelings, previous emotions, passion in the relationship, you will have to make a lot of effort. To restore the faded feelings will require time and patience. If you let the situation on its own, the cooled emotions will go away completely.

  • While you’re thinking about how to behave in this situation, fill the relationship with comfort and warmth.

Why has a man cooled in the relationship?

Take your chosen one for what he is, do not try to remake it, fix it. Recognize his right to the habits, point of view. Leave suspicions, reproaches. Do not show your dissatisfaction.

  • Go back to the roots of your relationship, to the point where you were good.

It is a common misconception that relationship building comes from the breakup point, where you were bad. Offer to go to a memorable place for you, do something you did together, maybe it’s cooking dinner, a movie, a skating rink. Pleasant moments will help to displace resentment from your life, joint claims.

  • Analyze what your actions could hurt a man.

Try to honestly admit that what is happening is your share of the blame. You probably met more than once a situation where a woman, being for a long time in a relationship, and for a reason begins to “nag” partner, capricious, prohibits appointments with friends.

If you do not show this behavior, and the man is still cold, perhaps he has problems at work, which he does not want to transfer to you. Figure out the situation. Express your concerns.

  • Just talk to the man, without the tantrums.

Find the right moment. Do not start a conversation from the doorstep, when he came home from work. Welcome your chosen one, offer to take a shower, cook “yummy”, set the table, you can light candles.

After the man has eaten, sat down on the couch to rest, snuggle up to him, start a conversation in quiet tones. Speak from “I position,” don’t turn to accusations. Make sure that during the conversation the man is not watching TV or leafing through the news feed. He can’t hear you in that moment.

  • Be indispensable.

You mean as much to a man as he gets high from you. If he gets inspiration and energy from communicating with you, he will literally dissolve in you. If you are constantly dissatisfied, appealing to his sense of duty and conscience, complaining, whining, demanding something, then your value will not increase.

Don’t let a man get a headache instead of a high. He doesn’t like pressure. Of course, you shouldn’t pretend to be happy if you feel like crying. The play will unfold anyway.

  • Allow yourself to be that woman who has been pressured for a long time.

Become the one your chosen one once paid attention to. Update your closet, get a new hairstyle, manicure, take care of yourself. Make a new hobby, expand networking, meet with girlfriends, allow yourself to go to a cafe. So you’ll get your partner interested in yourself. Remember that men, like big kids, reach for all the interesting and bright.

  • Think about the variety of intimate life, but do not go overboard with it.

Do not let the fear of cooling in the relationship, make you a priestess of love. The sexual side is just a part of love. Of course, intimacy is important for men, the novelty of it, emancipation, but the relationship is not built only on intimacy. Heat up the interest of men his sexuality, do not be afraid to show desire, the first activity, but do not go overboard.

  • Stop controlling the man, give him back his freedom.

This is annoying. Let him go fishing, with friends, to the bathhouse, to soccer. Let him decide for himself how to spend his personal time. Believe me, you can’t keep love in a clenched fist. Let your partner go. Be calm, gorgeous, self-sufficient, interesting. Then the man himself will want to spend time with you, quickly return home.

If a man shows coldness, do not literally hang on his neck. Take a break in the relationship. Give him time to miss you. You also need rest, strength to reset the relationship. Turn toward self-development. This is more rewarding time than sadness.

In addition, you will show yourself to be an interesting woman, a versatile person. Read a book, tighten your tongue, take up sports. There is a lot of interesting things in the world. Live an active life, be cool, don’t depend on your partner. He will think about the fact that he may lose you if he doesn’t change his attitude.

If a man has grown cold, there are reasons for that. Before you take action, find out what they are. Behave sensibly and calmly. Take into account your own mistakes, do not make them. Self-develop. If you love each other, you will stand the test, your relationship will move to the next level.

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