How to behave decently with a man?

25 Men’s Tips for Women to Hold on to a Man

No offence! 25 male tips for girls, how to behave properly with a man, what to say, what to do, how to keep him and successfully enslave him!

Let me say at once – all tips do not claim to be the absolute truth in the last instance, do not guarantee the result and is not a universal tool for every case. In addition they are placed without any sequence and are written in the rough, straightforward language of a real sailor. If you do not mind – go under the hat, but I urge men to finish writing their recipes for a happy and wonderful relationship.

25 male tips for women to keep a man

1. Dear girls. Do not fuck with a man’s brain. Not about what you should wear or why he’s home so late. I know it’s hard, but try not to fuck with his mind. A fucked up brain is the reason for leaving the family from a grumpy wife to a not yet grumpy mistress.

2. leave the man his private corner – a locked desk drawer or closet. Of course there is a terrible temptation to get in there and see what lies there. And usually there is nothing criminal – a clock presented by his father, unsigned postcard written in woman’s handwriting, a pen, a pair of pencils, a key chain, a few coins, a key of unknown origin and an old student ID card. And even the Playboy magazine stamp you expect won’t be there. The horror is that you women don’t hold back and open men’s personal locked drawers. You do it sloppily and the man always notices that someone has been in his space. But even if you do it neatly, you still can’t stop yourself from fucking around (point 1) about who wrote the card and what kind of secret apartment this key is from. Explaining that the card was written by your first, still college love, that the key is from your father’s apartment, and it’s not good to go poking around in your private stuff, the man won’t. He simply will understand that he can not leave anything at home, and his personal space will move at best to the garage, at worst in another, just a secret apartment.

Leave the man his personal space and for hobbies. Fishing, soccer, stamp collecting, tennis, billiards or anything else. Do not encroach on his personal space. It’s his, it was there before you came into his life and it will be after you break up. If you take it away from him (- Are you going to your stupid soccer game again?! You were at it last week! or – What army friends? I’ll go with you. No, I’ll go. Are you embarrassed of me? Why no women? What’s going on over there? And now I’ll go with you all the more. ), a man may give up his hobby or hobby, but believe me, once you break up he will return to his space. And will do so with relief. Don’t make it so that the man will leave you, and also feel relieved when he does.

4. Men are terrible conservatives. Men, whether they like shopping or not, love their old, completely, seemingly unnecessary or out of fashion items. Some frayed sweater, jeans with frayed knees, a half-dry purse. God forbid you should throw any of that away. God forbid.

5. If a man doesn’t like to go shopping – don’t force him, rather tell him you want to walk and arrange to meet him somewhere. If you recently met him and he won’t offer to pay for your purchases – don’t despair – perhaps he’s just testing you how much you’ll miss this news. But if he doesn’t pay two more times – run from him.

6. Respect a man’s money. If you’re not paying, never buy anything (from a handkerchief to a car) without asking how much it costs. The status of your relationship – whether you’re married or just dating doesn’t matter – if that money wasn’t earned by you, respect it regardless of the amount. You didn’t earn it.

7. Don’t be jealous – will be jealous of the wrong one anyway – men are too cunning for you to figure them out. Women are craftier and meaner, they are more violent, but men are craftier and neater. And women’s jealousy ends up turning into a brain fuck anyway.

8. Don’t seek to take hold of a man’s money. It’s nasty, unpleasant, and usually noticeable. The one who just loves will win. Not because of money.

9. The bathroom, if it is shared, is not yours alone. We are well aware of your ability to fill the entire surrounding space with vials, bottles, cosmetics, creams and other shit, which multiplies by budding. But you can at least leave room for maneuvering around the sink, so that washing a man (and a real man does not rub his eyes with a wet paw, and pours his face, sniffing and splashing) did not feel like an elephant in a china shop, and like a hippo in the pool? Yes, and of course all sorts of shit like fake curls, eyelashes and other naturalistic trappings from the world of Nazi Germany, hide so that he does not even know about them.

11. Oh, and here’s one more thing. In the shower – don’t forget to switch the water from the overhead shower, which hangs from the ceiling, to the hand shower. There’s nothing more disgusting than getting a morning half-asleep charge of cold water on your head just because you have multiple sclerosis.

14. I’m sorry, but the other cliché that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is, alas, not a cliché, but the truth of life. No matter how good you are at getting laid, singing along to the guitar, or cross-stitching, if you can’t cook or if you do it with your fucking face twisted in hatred, you won’t have a family life. At least not happily.

16. The ideal wife is a nun in public and a prostitute in bed. I didn’t say that, it’s folk wisdom. Believe me, it’s true. A man has to want you. Want all the time and only you. He must get up at the thought of you, not the salesgirl from the flower store. To do this you do not need to relax and not walk in front of him in curlers and especially not to walk in front of him naked, with tits falling out of her nightgown, if it’s not sex, and you just go to put the kettle on. Sweetie! Well, we’re not in the bathhouse! A man should not get used to your body. But during sex it is you who must be open and take the initiative in all sorts of perversions and other sexual pleasures. Why? Because you are the one who has the competition from saleswomen, waitresses and nurses behind you. Under no circumstances should you relax. If there is someone around who gives better blowjobs than you – fuck your relationship. Don’t let this situation happen, don’t let the competition get in, guard the perimeter. But not with stupid and mindless jealousy, but with the quality of sex he gets from you. Go ahead all the time and be one step ahead of everyone else all the time. You can’t see them, but your enemies are all around you and breathing down your neck all the time. Be sexier than they are. Be aware of them.

17. All the time should be an element of novelty, should not be addictive.I’m going to say the red-tape and I’ll throw poo, but believe me, if there is such a possibility – make yourself a separate bedroom. The man gets a chance to fart in his sleep, and you have to punish him by “depriving” access to your bedroom. And the inaccessibility and novelty factor is an awfully powerful thing in a relationship.

18. Take care of him. In the sense of domesticity. Dinner, iron his pants, tie his tie. You don’t know how? Learn, goddamn it! If you get a Bentley with a manual box, you’ll probably learn how to drive, and tying a tie is even easier. A man can do all the ironing, cooking and tying his own tie. But what a thrill it is to have someone taking care of him. Perhaps the last time it was his mother when he was in high school. In this age of speed and predatory, mercurial women, men lack the warmth and caring that’s important to them

19. His mother. Mom, of course, is fucked up (with a few exceptions, like mine gee-gee). But you have to get along with your mom. I don’t fucking know how, but Mom is a huge influence. Mom makes a huge difference in a man’s life. And mom’s tight ass every time she sees you is a problem.Don’t give up! Your ass shouldn’t be tweaked and then you’ll be fine.

20. His children are from previous women. Love them. Preferably sincerely. If you manage to drag his children to your side – he is yours. How to win the love of children you can read in any manual in a bookstore. Not too difficult a science.

21. His past women. Fuck them. Forget about them. No need for jealousy, no need for questioning, no need to tear up pictures and smash a vase by accident when you find out it was once given by SHE. Spit it out. Think of yourself and the flower sellers. The past is like a skating rink – no fish.

22. His friends. That’s sacred. If he wants to drink with them alone, let him go. If he wants to go with you, by all means go. Laugh at their stupid jokes, drink vodka with them, put a drunken friend to sleep in the meat at your house. But then they’ll tell him privately: -Yeah-ah… You’re lucky with her! You’ve got a great one. And for men the approval of friends is extremely important and expensive.

23. Never. Never. Never argue with a man in front of his friends. This is a terrible way to diminish his self-esteem in their eyes and publicly turn him into a slacker. At home, yes. In public, no.

24. Always defend him. Did a traffic cop fuck with you? Don’t read a text message while you’re stuck in your phone – at least stand next to it, like you’re worried. Is your company teasing you? Stand up for yourself. Some argument at the table and you don’t think like him? Let him know your opinion at home and take his position at the table. A fight? Take off your shoes and rush straight into the thick of things to defend, separate. You risk getting a black eye and smashing your lip, but this feat will remain in his heart forever.

25. Last piece of advice. Do not listen to no one’s advice but mine. Let your girlfriends-advisers are engaged in their families (as a rule for some reason with these advisers just a complete failure with the family) and do not pry into your life. Anything can happen, but your life – it’s your life and only you decide how to be and what to do. Well, in any situation in a pinch you can say to yourself – Whatever happens, all for the best.

How to behave with a man: 5 rules of a true woman

How to behave with a man – 5 rules of an experienced psychologist and a happy woman. Memorize and apply in practice! It would seem: men – the same people, just like us, just a little different anatomical structure. To find a common language with them, special instructions are not needed. But this is in theory. In practice, everything is much more complicated and confusing.

A true woman knows very well how to behave with a man to fall in love with him without memory and to keep the feeling towards yourself for many years. But how many of them, those true women who are born with the ability to handle the stronger sex? I don’t think there are too many. The rest of us have to learn gradually to own their hearts, minds and bodies.

How to deal with men correctly: 5 rules

Live by the rules is hard, I am well aware of that. Sometimes I want to spit on everything and make a note of chaos, madness and disorder in his planned life. Perhaps it is possible to make one little bit more, but not more, otherwise you will have to clean up the mess for a long time. This digression is directly related to how to behave with a man.

In a relationship with the stronger sex, too, need to follow certain rules, not too often deviating from them. These rules I learned from a very wise woman. At my old job, her bosses often invited her to conduct training sessions.

Irina Ivanovna was not only an experienced psychologist, but also a gorgeous woman that in her 45 years of age could challenge any twenty-year-old, had a husband who adored her and two adult children students. One day, taking advantage of the fact that the bosses had left on their own business, and appreciating our mostly female staff, Irina Ivanovna decided to devote half an hour to the topic “How to behave with men” and shared her own experience of a happy marriage.

Five rules of how to behave with a man:

1. Keep your attractiveness. 2. Be caring. 3. Don’t pressure him by trying to take up all of the man’s personal space. 4. Less squabbling, scandals, whining about little things. 5. Do not “emasculate” his beloved.

Stay beautiful, and you do not have to think much about how to behave with a man

Each woman has her own secrets of personal charm and attractiveness, but no one would argue that there are some common standards of beauty. You can, of course, as much as you want to say: “But I weigh 100 pounds, not wearing makeup, not visiting beauty salons and in general – still a bitch, but my husband adores me,” but how sincere are you in these statements?

Perfectly pumped butt, flawless makeup and expensive sexy clothes – is not a complete formula for a woman’s attractiveness, although, in my opinion, every woman should learn how to use makeup, dress well and play sports.

It is very important to not only learn how to behave properly with a man, but also:

– to do manicure and pedicure regularly; – to fight with excess vegetation on the body; – to tidy her hair; – to take care of the beauty of her skin; – to use perfume; – to wear beautiful underwear; – to monitor the state of health, etc.

Do you want to learn how to behave with a man? Be caring!

Every man is a bit selfish, that he puts his own interests above others. This is, in principle, correct, but the main thing in your selfish desires is not to overdo it. Especially if you’re trying to figure out how to behave with a man. The stronger sex likes to be taken care of. I don’t mean that you have to carry your boyfriend’s slippers in your teeth and anticipate every wish, but your care he should feel.

Also, being caring and behaving properly with your man isn’t that difficult:

1. treat with understanding his tastes and desires (within reasonable limits, of course), whether it’s requests to experiment in bed or make cheesecakes for breakfast. 2. Listen to what he tells you about what he says, keep the conversation, even if the fishing/hunting/cars/dancing you already have in the veins. 3. Take care of him while he’s sick (men are mostly lousy and judgmental patients). 4. Weave a nest: the house should be cozy and comfortable to live in. 5. Be there for him in conflicts, and when he is totally wrong, gently (and most importantly, privately!) point it out. 6. Make him gifts (do not give every time only useful things, buy sometimes what he wants). 7. Praise him – men love flattery.

Respect privacy – means the right to behave with a man

Many women when they connect their lives with a man, completely forget that they were quite established personalities before him (had interests, hobbies, his social circle, plans, dreams) and completely dissolve in a relationship. Okay, that’s your business, but why do you demand the same from him? If you treat your loved one as if he – your personal property, it will soon get tired of the noose, and he will run away.

But to behave with a man should be very different:

1. leave him the time, energy and money for hobbies. 2. Do not yell for the fact that he sometimes meets with friends in a purely male company. 3. Not snooping through personal email, not monitoring social media, not reading texts. 4. Not following him. 5. Don’t call 100 times a day asking “Where are you?” 6. Not making him report every step of the way. 7. Not criticizing his friends, etc.

Love of scandal and whining prevents women from behaving properly with men

Dear women, remember, all men (that’s every single one of them) can’t stand saw women. I understand that family life can’t be honey and sugar in the style of “Yes, dear,” “As you wish, my love,” but itching daily like a chainsaw “Friendship,” whining, complaining, and scandalizing over little things is absolutely wrong. Why some ladies make their lives and the lives of their husbands hell by whining, complaining, and nagging, I honestly don’t understand.

If you have any complaints, they should be reasonable and expressed calmly, without hysterics. It is also very important to offer a solution to the problem. You do not need to behave with a man, as the angry mother-in-law from the anecdotes “I do not know how, but it’s not like that”, to pout because of the bullshit and to act according to the principle of “guess yourself what I need. No normal man can withstand this kind of useless pressure. And why do you need such a life? For the love of masochism?

It is not so important how to behave with a man, the main thing – do not “castrate” him!

Naturally, I use the word “castration” in a figurative sense and mean the situation when a woman by her words, actions, behavior destroys everything masculine in a man, turning him into some weak-willed old woman, who does not have a say in her home either.

If you want to behave properly with a man, then please:

1. Do not criticize him for trifles. 2. Don’t humiliate him, especially in public. 3. Don’t trample on his manhood. 4. Do not make him a henchman who does not dare to breathe without your royal permission. 5. Do not try to do everything for yourself: and the faucet to fix, and children to educate, and builders, making you repairs, to quarrel with. 6. Do not use the phrases “Because I said so,” “Will be so, as I want,” “You – stupid, so I’ll do everything myself,” “Do not go, you’ll ruin everything” and others. 7. Remember more often that you are, after all, a woman, and therefore the weaker sex, while men are the stronger. Don’t switch roles!

You, of course, do not have to follow this advice. Choose a different tactic for how to behave with a man, but if it does not bear good fruit, then perhaps it is time to think, “What am I doing wrong?” and listen to smart people with established personal lives.

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