How to behave at work in a team of women?

Women’s team at work or 10 tips for staying in the serpentarium

People need a job, as a rule, to earn money, self-fulfillment and simply because it is accepted. Women come to work not only to work, but also for socialization and communication. And the latter is sometimes more important than the salary. A good team is often the reason why people tolerate low wages and other inconveniences.

The most ideal option is to work in a mixed team, consisting of both men and women. This is a balanced team, whose members successfully and harmoniously complement each other.

But women’s team – it’s a special world, where a woman who previously worked only in the male or mixed team, goes to work, straining her heart.

The word “survival” is often applied to working in a women-only team. And sometimes it is true.

So why is there such a perception?

The difficulties of working in a team of women

In a team that consists only of women, there is often a tense atmosphere. This is due to several factors:

  • Explicit or implicit competition

Female colleagues assess each other not only as professionals, but also pay attention to other qualities or facts of life that usually have nothing to do with work and nothing to do with it.

  • Emotional instability

Every woman has her own character and her own emotional state that she takes with her to work. And not everyone knows how to deal with them correctly and begin to transfer everything to colleagues or clients.

Rules of survival in a team of women

  • Gossip and rumors

Women are very fond of communicating with each other. But often communication goes too far, becoming surrounded by new false facts. Like a snowball it escalates into the most favorite topic of discussion, which significantly affects the quality of work and atmosphere in the team.

All these factors can not only affect the work itself, but also have a significant impact on the psyche.

So how to survive in such a team and keep calm?

10 rules of survival

After understanding why it is more difficult to work in a women’s team, you need to arm yourself with rules that can help you do what you need to do at work.

  • Do not try to please everyone.

At work, behave with everyone in a respectful and friendly, be friendly. But do not go out of your way to please everyone at once. This behavior can cause a backlash and create around you rumors and gossip that is not good.

  • Don’t criticize the way your colleagues work

If it’s your first day, you should not immediately pry with their advice, to point out the shortcomings. And, especially, do not offer ideas about how to optimize everything to work better. You’ll have time when you’ll be able to speak and make suggestions. In the meantime, the more “experienced” women will figure it out without you.

  • Keep it personal

In the course of work, communication between coworkers is inevitable. But you shouldn’t spill your entire biography right down to what your grandmother was sick with. Answers to personal questions colleagues may well take advantage of. And in this case, your business reputation can be irrevocably damaged.

  • Observe your colleagues

You have to look closely at your colleagues, especially at first. This will help you find out, for example, what the rules are in that team. Such rules might include whether they discount gifts or small celebrations, whether they buy tea, coffee, or anything in the office.

  • Watch how you look.

Appearance is an important part. It helps to form an opinion of a person. If there is a strict dress code, it should be followed. If there is not, then observe how colleagues dress, try not to stand out, and choose clothes that are appropriate for work.

  • Be careful with social media

Do not immediately rush to add everyone as a friend, to put likes on posts, photos and videos. Such activity can be perceived as intrusive rather than friendly. Again, it’s a reason for rumors and gossip. And if you do decide to “friend” someone, check your profile carefully and delete anything you might use against you.

It’s pretty obvious. Don’t get into altercations, don’t quarrel with those with whom you have yet to interact. Don’t assemble an army of enemies against you. Be utterly calm, but don’t give yourself a hard time and stand up for yourself.

  • Don’t let yourself be offended.

At first you will be tested and tested in every way. They will be assessing whether or not you are the right person for the job. So you need to learn how to stand up for your job and interests. But do not forget to keep your emotions and feelings under control.

You may be provoked in every way, asking questions and trying to get an opinion about your boss or other employees. Try to avoid answering as much as possible and change the subject. Remember that anything you say can be used against you and passed on to others in a different way.

  • Don’t let others spread rumors about you

Rumours and gossip can endanger your professional and business reputation. Many people use such tricks to eliminate those who put them in harm’s way. Therefore, anything that could harm you should be stopped immediately and not let the snowball grow. For example, if the source of gossip can be identified, then such a person should be besieged in front of the entire team, so that everyone understands that the consequences could be more serious than they thought.

Adhering to these rules at work, you will be able to establish yourself on the positive side. But do not forget that there are always possible situations where someone will still dislike you or be jealous. Be careful and considerate.

And one last thing.

Yes, working in a women’s team can be difficult, but there are positive aspects. As there are undeniable virtues:

  • Delicacy;
  • Effortfulness;
  • Diligence;
  • Execution;
  • Mutual support;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Flexibility;
  • Loyalty.

The main key to effective work and prosperity of the organization is a stable emotional atmosphere and psychological comfort in the women’s team. Most often, coming to a new team, a woman first seeks to get acquainted and establish communication, and only later begin to carry out their direct responsibilities.

Women to a greater extent aimed at the result and are more executive. Whereas men in their activities are often distracted and do not have clearly defined goals.

At work you can find a friend with an interest. There will be an opportunity to let off steam, to talk after a difficult conversation with the boss or lead out of his client. Your relationship may even go beyond the workplace, and you will acquire a good person for everyday life as well.

But, it is important to always be on your guard and watch what and to whom you say and with whom you decide to make friends. If you master the art of “survival” in a women’s group, then you will not be afraid of anything, and your mental health will remain safe.

The Art of Communicating in a Women’s Collective

What’s scary about working exclusively in a women’s team? Why does this topic generate a lot of controversy? After all, on the one hand, you work with those who are closer to you for communication, whom you understand. But on the other hand, the women’s team – a place to gather gossip, discuss husbands and superiors.

When the team consists of men and women, there is a more or less even balance of cooperation between them, based on the qualities of both sexes. The female-male team complements each other perfectly:

  • men are reserved, little emotional, logical and reasonable;
  • women have such qualities as softness, sensuality, intuition and flexibility.

But specifically in the women’s team to achieve this balance is almost impossible. Therefore, there is instability in the female staff, and it takes more energy and effort to maintain a comfortable work environment.

So, how to properly interact with female colleagues, and what the main rules to adhere to this, we will tell in this article.

The peculiarities of the female team: advantages and disadvantages.

Women’s team has its own characteristics, both in the dynamics of professional activity, and in conflicts within the organization. Such a collective is not the most comfortable for labor activity. Also to the disadvantages of the female team can be attributed an increased emotional background, inherent in many ladies, jealousy and squabbling.

However, in addition to the disadvantages, women’s teams also have their distinctive advantages. Such merits include sociability, diligence, goodwill. Women are more realistic, aimed at the result, in contrast to men, who often fly in the clouds and do not have clear goals.

An important positive feature of the women’s team is the opportunity to find a “friend of interest. Because, unlike men, women are more inclined to empathy and compassion. That discussion of personal topics, the opportunity to talk after stress or a difficult conversation with the boss, due to the peculiarities of female psychology, is a good incentive for further productive work, and raise the mood and performance of women.

However, the women’s team – a complex and ambiguous phenomenon. Often it is during these personal conversations and frequent “tea drinking”, which is a powerful tool against conflict at work, spread gossip, weave intrigue, and develop a hidden competition. And this, in turn, is the occasion for new conflicts in the organization, which should not be allowed, much less be a party to them.

An important feature of female intelligence is curiosity, the desire to expand the horizons by means of communication and interaction with people of different social status and direction of activity.

Interestingly, among the conclusions of scientists about the characteristics of a businesswoman, a special place is given to a bright personality. She also has a high level of general and intellectual

activity, strives to constantly maintain her appearance. Due to flexibility of character, a woman most quickly switches from one social role (worker) to another (wife, mother). The support, or lack thereof, of the family has a serious impact on a woman’s ability to work and

Conflict in the team.

In conclusion, we can say that, contrary to the widespread belief about exclusively negative features of the female workforce, it also has undeniable advantages. Among them:

  • assiduity;
  • diligence;
  • diligence;
  • attention to detail;
  • mutual support;
  • loyalty;
  • flexibility;
  • sensitivity.

The main key to the effective operation of the organization and its prosperity as a whole is a balanced emotional background of the female workforce and a favorable psychological atmosphere of the enterprise.

Often many women, just getting a new job, trying to first establish communication with his comrades, and then proceed to the study of their activities.

When a female team is favorable and benevolent atmosphere, a woman is comfortable and comfortable in such an environment. That is why many female employees of enterprises, receiving pennies for their activities, remain faithful to a particular place of work. After all, you do not know how the atmosphere in another team, though their salary is higher.

Principles of Survival in a Team of Women

Communicating with female colleagues, in the first place rely on your own experience and intuition. You should be well aware that not everything a woman says has a direct meaning. If you hear criticism of his address – assess whether it makes sense and has a basis or not. If the criticism is valid, listen to the words of the interlocutor, if not – pass the words over your ears, communication with the boor should not disrupt the work process.

When a colleague complains to you about your husband, child, mother-in-law or boss – listen to her, pity her, sympathize. But in no case take her side, starting to say what a bastard husband, mother-in-law – bitch, and the child needs more control. Otherwise, the woman’s defensive reaction will come into play. Yes, she complains about loved ones, but it’s only a desire to speak out, and criticism from your side is unacceptable to her.

Gossiping about the boss – in general, the last thing, they can turn against you. And then you can not prove to anyone that you just supported the opinion of the interlocutor.

At a new job do not set their own rules like “But in the last job we did not so, but so. Such words are perceived with hostility. If you liked your last job better, why did you quit it?

Do not forget that moody people are not liked in any field. So try to smile more and be friendly. Only a smile should be sincere, otherwise you will be considered as a two-faced person without an opinion, adjusting to the situation.

Tell only general information about yourself, and that in a neutral way. What exactly is not worth talking about – you decide, but do not keep silent. Otherwise, your colleagues will think of everything themselves, and will furiously discuss your behavior. The consequences could be dire.

Women love it when they are interested. Therefore learn the names and ages of children and grandchildren of all employees (preferably) or at least those whom you meet most often. Periodically ask how these same children and grandchildren are doing. This way you show respect and show you are not indifferent to what the person says.

Involvement in office life is essential to team success. Water the flowers, chip in for coffee, tea, and goodies, even if you don’t participate in the tea parties. Bring your own mug and don’t throw tantrums if a co-worker uses it.

If you need help with a question, but you are afraid to ask your supervisor, ask the advice of your colleagues. Don’t forget to express your gratitude for the advice you receive.

And remember the main rule: never, under any circumstances, discuss colleagues behind their backs, and do not spread rumors about them, regardless of whether it is deserved or not. If you do not like something, say it softly, but directly to the person. Believe me, the intrigues and gossipers are not welcome in the team, and try by all means to get rid of them. If one of the colleagues himself is trying to “sling mud” at a colleague, hold a neutral position.

In conclusion, let us note that the way you present yourself to the team, and how you will behave, will determine how you will be treated in the future. If the female staff is an atmosphere of coziness, mutual assistance and friendliness, and everyone will work easier and more comfortable.

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