How to behave at the cinema with a girl?

Cinema etiquette

The cinema is a public place where people come to watch movies on the big screen and get into the atmosphere. In etiquette, there is a certain set of rules that must be followed by visitors so that the viewing session is comfortable for everyone. How to behave properly in a movie theater?

How to behave at the cinema with a girl?

Visiting the cinema is a popular way to spend time together both among young lovers and recently met couples. How to behave correctly at the cinema with a girl? A young man should behave correctly during the cinema and after it in order to please a girl. To begin with you should choose a film. The choice can be fully given to the fair sex, but you can choose the film together so that everyone can enjoy watching it.

Wear decent casual clothes, a suit with a bow tie is inappropriate in this case. Arrange to meet fifteen minutes before the movie starts so you have time to talk and buy drinks and snacks. Being late for a date is taboo for a guy.

The back row of the cinema hall is considered a row suitable for lovers, so buy a ticket here so as not to disturb the rest of the audience.

During the show, do not hug or kiss your date without permission if you are newly acquainted. Carefully ask the girl if it is okay to do so. Discreetly observe the lady’s mood to see how the date is going .

Although it’s not customary to talk in a movie theater, staying silent for the entire date is not a good idea. Sometimes whisper important remarks about the plot to make an impression. Speak very quietly and to the point. After the movie, invite the girl to a cafe or any other place where you can get her opinion on the film.

How to behave at the movies with a guy?

For a movie date to be successful, both the guy and the girl must follow certain rules of conduct, be tactful and polite to each other. How should a girl behave properly with a guy at the cinema?

A girl can be late for a date, but in everything there should be a measure: you should not stay longer than 15 minutes. If you and a young man have agreed to meet 15 minutes before the movie starts, being late in this case is inappropriate. If you arrive five minutes before the start of the movie, you will be in a hurry to undress (if it’s winter), in a hurry to buy drinks and not have time to socialize. The start of the date will be ruined. Plan your time so that you meet your date at least 15 minutes before the movie starts.

Wear comfortable clothes. Heels are not forbidden, but etiquette forbids taking off your shoes during the movie if your feet get tired. It is also forbidden to put patches on blisters. Calculate your capabilities. During the movie don’t talk a lot and it’s recommended not to talk at all in the cinema. However, during the date it is sometimes possible to exchange comments about the plot, but it should be done in a whisper. If you do not mind a hug or kiss, let the young man understand this. Smile, snuggle up to his shoulder. While watching a tense scene in a horror movie, you can grab your date’s hand.

Rules of conduct in the cinema

Rules of conduct are mandatory for all visitors to cinemas, then spending time watching an interesting movie will bring everyone only positive emotions.

Come to the show on time

Come to the show in advance and take your seats at least two minutes before the film or commercials start. There are unforeseen circumstances when people have to be late, but it’s bad form to do it on purpose because you don’t want to watch other movie trailers.

Some people walk around the mall longer to see fewer ads, and enter the cinema in the midst of showing another trailer. But even at this point, you’re disturbing other viewers, even though the movie hasn’t started yet. These people are on time and don’t want to divert their attention to other things.

The lights are already out and the latecomers start walking around looking for their seats, distracting others and forcing them to get up. This behavior is a mauvais ton. Even if you were late for the session and came in when the lights were already out, you should not go looking for your seat, because in the darkness it will be difficult to find it. Take the nearest vacant chair.

Turn off your cell phone

Be sure to put your cell phone on vibrate, or mute it, before you begin your session. A loud melody, informing about the incoming call on your cell phone, will be very uncomfortable for the people sitting next to you. And if in one session the telephone will ring in ten people? The necessity to mute the phone is obvious. In emergency situations you can answer the phone and exchange a few words with your interlocutor, but only if it’s really necessary. If the conversation must last longer, leave the room and talk outside.

Do not use your cell phone at all during the session. The screen gives a very bright light that is perfectly visible in the darkness of the hall. The constant turning on of the screen, the beam going on and off, distracts other spectators greatly. They involuntarily pay attention to the source every time the light appears. Texting with friends or harvesting a farm in your favorite game at a different time. If what’s happening on the screen doesn’t impress you, leave the room.

No talking during the session

No talking is allowed during the movie so as not to distract others from watching. Full-length conversations are completely unacceptable. If you want to ask a short question to your companion, do it in a whisper.

Several times during the movie you can exchange short remarks, “turning down” the volume of the voice to a minimum. However, chattering throughout the movie, even in a whisper, is unacceptable. Abnormal noises will make your neighbors, who came to enjoy the movie and fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen, uncomfortable.

Eating Quietly

Chips, popcorn, carbonated drinks are constant companions of the audience in cinemas. If the internal rules of the institution do not forbid the consumption of these snacks, you can take them with you. Try to open any bags of chips and other rustling packets before the start of the show. Eat carefully, minimizing the noise from the crunch, which can seriously overwhelm the sound of the movie pouring from the speakers. Take all trash with you and dispose of it outside the auditorium. Don’t take home-cooked food!

Do not take children to adult films.

Before going to a movie, parents should ask about the age limit so that they don’t bring a child to a movie they are too young to see. He may be shocked by certain scenes. Also, the child may become bored and become cranky. If children become distracted by other viewers, leave the show.

Choosing a seat in the theater

In most cinemas, seats are chosen by the audience in advance and indicated on the ticket. However, some venues do not have this practice, and people can take any seat in the theater.

You can come in advance and take a few seats for people in your company. However, if one of your friends doesn’t show up and it’s getting close to the start time of the film, give up your seats to other people.

If you are tall, try to occupy seats behind the general audience, so as not to block the screen for people of small stature.

Movie theater rules for children

A list of rules for children at the cinema includes the following points:

  • no littering;
  • it is forbidden to make noise, laugh loudly, talk to the neighbors or comment on what is happening on the screen;
  • do not talk on the phone, play games and correspondence;
  • it is necessary to turn off the sound on a cell phone;
  • it is forbidden to kick the chair of the person in front of you.

If visitors follow movie theater etiquette, everyone will enjoy the movie.

Lifehack: How to organize a perfect movie date

Of course, you want it to be the start of a long and beautiful relationship.

A first date can be perfect if you try to organize it.

A good place for a first date is a movie.

They say that coffee is a magic drink, because so many people were born thanks to an invitation “for a cup of coffee.”

An invitation to a movie is also a classic, time-tested solution that can start a long and serious relationship. If a guy and a girl do not yet have common topics of conversation, a movie watched together will easily solve this problem. After the movie is over, you can discuss the plot and the acting over that same “cup of coffee”.

You need to choose a movie together. Find out from the girl what genres she likes, what was the last movie she saw. Try not to choose something too serious, intellectual or depressing. Most often young people invite the girl to a romantic comedy or melodrama. Such movies create the right atmosphere. After the movie characters get a well-deserved happiness and merge in a kiss, the audience also wants warmth and love.

Also for a first date will suit a horror movie, as strange as it may sound. Tense moments and scary music will cause a desire to feel protected. Exactly on such movies the girl may casually touch the man, take his hand, explaining it by her fear. The man will feel like a real hero at such moments and will be able to hug the girl quite legitimately.

If the girl is a big fan of cinematography and does not miss any high-profile premiere, invite her to the movie winner of the prestigious film festivals.

It’s important to remember that a date is different from going to the movies with friends. Don’t buy a huge bucket of popcorn and chew all the way through, staring at the screen. Pay attention to those moments in the movie that you can later turn the conversation around. This way you can get to know each other’s opinions, beliefs and views.

Remember that the main reason for a first date is to get to know the person. However, do not seek to unfold the discussion right during the movie, this will not please either the girl or your neighbors in the cinema.

You can continue the evening and chat afterwards in a cozy coffee house.

Don’t forget to buy tickets in advance! If you wait until the last moment, the show you are interested in may not have seats left.

What do you need to do?

  • Open a section “Playbill. Today at the Movies”.
  • Select a film, theater and show
  • Decide on seats
  • Click “Choose payment method” and enter your e-mail address.
  • Pay for your tickets with your bank card. Within one or two minutes, you will receive an e-mail with a ticket code. You can exchange the code for a ticket at the box office.

Purchase tickets via (telephone information service: 8-800-333-20-70).

Well, of course, for the date to go perfectly, be in a good mood, open and polite, do not be shy to be yourself.

Naturality and sincerity attract much more than invented images and masks. A date is a way to get to know each other better and get as many positive emotions as possible, and it can be the first step in your romantic relationship.

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