How to beat your laziness?

How to get rid of laziness: 10 best ways + tips from psychologists

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Some people call laziness the engine of progress, while others consider it a vicious spoiler, because of which people are buried in the ground their talents, ideas, leaving unfinished pictures and books that could become world-class masterpieces. Today we will try to figure out how to get rid of laziness and not to live a wasted life.

Why is a person lazy?

I’m about to let you in on a big secret: no one is born lazy. The state of laziness, when you don’t want to work or even do something pleasant, has its own reasons. They can be divided into physical and psychological.

The physical reasons

So, what things make us lazy:

  1. Sleep and rest deficit. This is the most trivial reason why our body refuses to do anything. Lack of sleep, chronic insomnia, overload at work, stress – all this does not contribute to a state of vigor and inspiration.
  2. Bad habits. When the body gets into harmful toxins from nicotine or alcohol, it throws everything to neutralize the harmful effects. There is no sense of hard work here.
  3. Muscle tone. If the only activity we have in our lives is moving our finger over the computer mouse, it’s not surprising that over time it becomes hard to even lift our bodies off the couch.
  4. Nutrition. Refined sugar and fast food can also contribute to muscle and body sluggishness.
  5. Dehydration. Lack of water in the body turns on the energy-saving mode: vital processes slow down, activity goes into minus.

Psychological reasons

Let’s analyze what prevents our productivity from the psychological side.

I really like the statement of one of my acquaintances: “I’m not lazy, I’m just not motivated enough. Indeed, if we do not understand why we need to get up at 6 in the morning and drive to the other side of town in a 30-degree frost, it is unlikely that we want to do it. Our brains are always looking for simplistic schemes. If the caveman had not risked starvation, he would hardly have left his warm den at all. Thus, motivation is one of the most powerful tools against laziness.

Imagine that your emotional reserve is a bucket of clean water. When it’s full, you have plenty of energy, you can easily engage in any mental activity, ideas emerge, plans are made. As soon as the water begins to run out, there is fatigue, fatigue. If you walk around with an empty “bucket” for a long time, a condition that we call burnout sets in.

What water from our example is used for: strong emotions, excessive thoughts, and information overload. Concerning the latter I would like to say separately. For example, if you start pouring tons of information into yourself in the form of memes, videos, news, etc. in the morning, it soon seems that you wake up tired, with no energy left even by the beginning of the work day.

How to beat laziness right now

To begin with I will tell you about the express methods that will help you here and now to shake yourself up and start to study or work:

  1. Take a shower. First, this will flush toxins from the skin, which is the largest organ and is constantly working to remove harmful substances through the pores. Secondly, warm up your body, which will speed up blood flow.
  2. Drink clean water. Just one glass will cleanse the body of toxins a little and make the blood flow more fluid. You may notice that even thinking will become easier.
  3. Relax. You can do it in different ways: sit in silence with your eyes closed for 5-10 minutes, meditate, listen to quiet relaxing music. During this time, you can even reflect on their main goal, but only from a positive side, without analysis and criticism.
  4. Sit flat. If you have a sedentary job, try not to cross your legs and keep your back straight so as not to create clamps in the body.

Ways to get rid of laziness

Let’s move on to recommendations that will help you overcome laziness over the long haul, develop a sense of purpose and a desire to move forward.

Work on motivation

There are two ways to motivate yourself: independent and with the help of external means.

Self-motivation is possible through goal setting. Think about what you want to achieve. Just do not reason from the position of “fashionable” and “everyone wants this. What achievements are of value to you personally? From this and push away.

Various inspirational videos, movies, trainings, etc. help to motivate from the outside.

Here is another tool for motivation. Below you will see a “life plan”, i.e. the number of years to 90 in weeks. You can print out this chart for yourself and fill in one square each week. This will clearly show you how fast time flies, and make you think about wasting it.

[Life in Weeks Chart]

Attention to Wishes.

Let’s elaborate a little on the subject of not your desires. Here’s an example. You like animals, you’ve dreamed of becoming a veterinarian since you were a child. But all around you say that this is an unpromising and low-paid profession. Programming is like that. There are good salaries, career growth, and in general it is in trend. Except that you have no desire to work in IT.

You graduate from programming courses, even get a job, you do it not very well, without enthusiasm, feeling that you are about to burn out. You become lazy to perform your work duties, or even to go to the office. What is the reason for the laziness? That’s right, you follow the wishes of others. Do what you like, enjoy and brings pleasure – here’s a great recipe for laziness and apathy.

Filling life with bright colors.

Routine and routine drabness completely discourages creativity and joy. To fix the situation, you need to fill your life with bright emotions, events, pleasant activities and hobbies.

As a rule, once a person begins to engage in some interesting for himself activity, the question of laziness resolves itself, inspiration and desire to act comes.

Useful habits

Add new habits to your life. Do things you haven’t done before, and get what you haven’t had before! You probably heard this phrase in some motivational books or from the mouth of one of the “success coaches”. As trivial as it sounds, it really does work.

What we do every day makes a huge difference. One small action triggers a chain of other changes, and so little by little life begins to take on a new hue. Try it for yourself.

  1. You develop the habit of drinking a glass of water in the morning. You follow it as clearly as you do brushing your teeth.
  2. Make the new habit automatic. We don’t think about whether or not we should brush our teeth today; we just go and do it on autopilot.
  3. As soon as the habit really becomes a habit, we introduce a new, more complicated one. For example, making a healthy salad for lunch.
  4. Next, there’s more. Run 2 times a week, take a walk before going to bed, read 5 pages a day, etc.


If you can not bring yourself to take action and constantly put off for later, promise me that when you finish the case, you’ll please yourself with something nice. For example, I will clean the apartment, and then buy a cake. Or finish the work and choose a movie, which I will go to the movies. The prize could be anything:

  • A cup of fragrant tea or coffee;
  • a walk in the park;
  • a book purchase;
  • viewing a new episode of a favorite TV series, etc.

Celebrate even the smallest victory, and working in anticipation of a reward becomes more pleasant.

The Three Minute Rule

Set yourself up to work for only three minutes. The brain will consider such activity as an entirely manageable task, and the feeling of laziness will be dulled. Is there a mountain of dirty dishes? Set a timer and devote exactly 3 minutes to washing.

If the task requires more time, break it up into smaller pieces and do each piece with rest breaks. Active intervals can be increased to 5 or 10 minutes – it will all depend on the specific task. Work for 10 minutes – rest for 3 minutes. And so on to completion. And there will be excitement, and a couple of breaks will want to skip.

The well-known Pomodoro time-management technique works on a similar principle. We have a separate article on the blog with a detailed description of this method. Go ahead and read it.

Synchronization with biorhythms

You’ve probably heard about larks and owls, who have their peak productivity at different times of the day. But in addition to chronotypes, there is also the concept of intellectual biorhythm. It is a period of time during which a person can focus his attention without being distracted or fatigued.

Keep track of how long you can stay in a brain rhythm. Try to reckon with this feature. As soon as activity begins to decline, take breaks.

Sometimes it happens that keeping your attention focused on one thing for a long time is not possible at all. This type of short-term concentration is typical mainly for teenagers with a clip mentality. In this case, do not force yourself with long and tedious work. It is better to divide it into small parts, and approach its implementation in several stages.

Change of environment

Laziness and apathy are contagious. If you are constantly among the lazy and those who are constantly dissatisfied with everything, over time, you will begin to adopt their lifestyle.

Select to communicate active, committed and cheerful people. Those who will support and give a friendly kick in time to your goal.

Eliminating Chronophages.

Chronophages are any objects that distract from your main activity. These can be, for example, gadgets that we do not let go of our hands, constantly checking social media and email, as well as chatty colleagues.

Remember: Where we direct our attention ends up taking away our energy. Do you want to feed your energy to your coworkers or pour your energy into the news feeds?

The wedge with the wedge

When laziness strikes and you can’t bring yourself to do something, give in to it.

Stand in the middle of the room and stand for 10-15 minutes in complete silence. In this case, you should not hold any gadgets in your hands, turn on TV or music, or talk to anyone, because in this way the whole point of this exercise is lost.

Most likely, after a short time you yourself will want to start acting, since such a state is very unusual for our mind.

I recommend you to read the article on our blog on how to make yourself work. You will learn effective tricks and best practices.

Tips from psychologists

Let’s find out what professional advice psychologists give for getting rid of laziness:

  1. Bring physical activity into your life. Movement is life. And this is not an exaggeration. Try it on yourself: take as a rule at the slightest sign of laziness to squat 5 times. The effect won’t take long to show up.
  2. Learn to plan. Do you know the difference between successful people? They understand that 24 hours in a day is enough to implement all planned activities. You just need to know how to manage your time, keep a diary, write down the tasks for the day and set the approximate time for each of them.
  3. Set affordable goals. Most people are lazy just because their dreams are overrated and there is no understanding of which side to approach them. Make wishes that can be accomplished step by step, starting right now.
  4. Avoid putting off important things for a long time. If you have long planned to visit the dentist or sort out a mess on the balcony, do it in the coming days. You will immediately feel that you even somehow easier to breathe.
  5. Praise yourself more often. After all, you are the person whose respect you have to earn in the first place. But make sure that your praise is really deserved.

Useful materials

Here I will leave for you a small selection of books and other materials, so that the topic of laziness for you forever was closed.

Based on Brian Tracy’s book, the guys created a motivational video. I recommend that you watch it.

The Goal Setting course on the Wikium platform will help you not to waste energy, set goals and achieve them, become more effective in professional and everyday life.


No one has ever conquered laziness once and for all. All of us periodically get tired and feel bad. There is no getting away from it. Yes, and do not need 24 / 7 to be committed and active.

Everyone is different: some people are active by nature, and some are slower. It takes more time for such people to settle down and start the next task. The main thing – try not to waste time in vain, because we have only one life.

I hope that the tips in this article will help you cope with laziness and live a more conscious, bright and joyful life.

How to get rid of laziness forever?

What is the most destructive habit of man? Laziness. It has ruined many talented, promising and excellent people. How to combat laziness? How to become more productive, hardworking and energetic?

Why is a person lazy?

Why does a man save his strength and energy? Why does he refuse to make an effort of will over himself and take his time to do the right things? To begin with, you must determine the true cause of his laziness. It is at the root of this is the eternal laziness that entangles us in its web. What is your case of laziness? Why do you feel like doing nothing?

1. Overworked

Sometimes we burn out psychologically and get tired. The reason for this is the large number of things to do, when there is no time for rest and sleep at all. We get tired and exhausted and fall off our feet. This is how laziness comes about. The best method for dealing with this laziness is to rest, meditate, and sleep.

2. Fear of failure.

We are afraid to fail, unsure of our abilities and do not believe in victory. As a result, there is a “saving” laziness that frees us from fighting for the future. Fear of failure can be conquered by developing confidence.

3 Lack of Specific Plans

Sometimes we rush from side to side, trying different ways, but nothing works. We do not know how to achieve what we want. We do not see a way to achieve their goals. We lose heart, and laziness holds us back.

We do things that don’t appeal to us at all. We waste our time on things that are not desirable. We dream about one thing and do another. We stop and get lazy.

What to do? Find motivation for goals or change the goals themselves. When you are doing something you love, you have no reason to be lazy.

A huge number of things to do causes apathy, sadness, and laziness. There are so many things to do that we don’t know what to do first. As a result, we do nothing and sit lazily on the couch, looking at the mountain of things to do.

If you do not know where to start, then set priorities. Divide all your things into important and urgent, important and non-urgent, unimportant and urgent, unimportant and non-urgent. Do the first things first, then the second. Do not do the third and fourth unimportant things at all. Don’t waste your time and energy.

6. Unpreparedness to fight.

It’s one thing to dream the goal, and another thing to achieve it. Sometimes we encounter insurmountable difficulties and problems. There is no end in sight. We gradually lose heart. It is easier to be lazy and do nothing than to struggle.

Some problems are so complicated that we can’t solve them on our own level of understanding. This is where outside help is needed. Advice from mentors, training, and self-development.

7. Hope for a miracle.

Many of us like to hope for miracles and the chance. But miracles happen only in fairy tales, and there are no such miracles in real life. Waiting for better conditions or incredible luck makes no sense. Any victory is the result of action, not lazy waiting.

8. Lack of Habit

Often people get used to a lazy and sluggish life. They go with the flow and are not used to vigorous activity. Lack of habit of vigorous and active life is bad for results. Productive, active and active people are more likely to be successful. Maybe try the image of an energizer who is full of energy.

9. Lack of motivation and lack of perspective.

What do we get if we learn a foreign language or learn a new profession? We will have to try right now, and the result will be only after a long time. Even after performing a certain amount of work, we are not guaranteed a new job or a large salary. A person begins to be lazy.

It should be clearly understood that the right and regular actions will lead to the desired results. Even if not immediately, but after some time.

10. Desire for calm and rest

Sometimes there are times when you just want to rest. You have no desires, and you just want to be lazy and idle. This can be because of excessive busyness and poor physical fitness. It is important to give yourself some rest, start exercising and eat right. There will be strength, and with them gone and laziness.

How to get rid of laziness?

“Laziness is the habit of resting before you are tired.” Jules Renard

Are there effective ways to combat laziness? Everyone is unique and each person has his or her own way of doing things. But there are universal methods that will help in the fight against laziness and idleness.

1. Get up earlier and get enough sleep.

Try to sleep at least seven to eight hours a night. To do this, accustom yourself to go to bed and get up at a certain time. When you get up at once on the alarm clock, it is good for self-organization. Make your bed, exercise, and get to your morning routine. Maintaining a clear routine will help you become more disciplined.

2. Adjust your mood.

Positive or depressed person? Cheerful or bored? Optimistic or depressed? Everyone likes cheerful and upbeat people. Positive people have an easier time with difficulties and find common ground with those around them. Don’t let your moods ruin your life. Be optimistic about difficulties and don’t worry about nothing.

3. Eliminate time-consuming and energy-consuming factors.

Social media, TV, and the Internet take away your most important resources. Your time and energy are wasted unnecessarily, which grows a sense of laziness. Gradually one sinks into idleness. Spend less time on useless things before laziness drags you down.

4. Set goals and challenge yourself

Laziness forms in people who live without goals in life. What do you want to get out of life? What are you worthy of? Don’t be afraid to set significant and ambitious goals. Be afraid to want nothing and put your hands down without a fight.

5. Connect with similar people.

If your friend is stupid, lazy, and without ambition, what are you supposed to do around him or her? Lazy person + smart person = two lazy people. The best way to find motivation and strength is to find the right like-minded people. Talk to people you want to look up to. Who’s interesting, fun, and fresh. Who are smarter, stronger and better than you.

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