How to be cool in school?

How to be “cool” in school

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Have you read articles on how to be cool, but don’t know how to apply your new skills to school? School is a challenging and stressful environment, but a lot of the attitude is determined by your perception of it. If you start taking care of your appearance, being friendly and open-minded, doing things that interest you, and being an interesting person, things will be easier than you think.

  • It’s also worth washing your face regularly. Adolescence is dangerous for acne, and regular washing will help you cope with the problem.
  • If you’re worried about sweating a lot during the day because of the weather or exercise, carry deodorant with you.

  • If you don’t like the way your hair looks, get a haircut. Not sure what hairstyle to choose? Perhaps your hairdresser can advise you on a haircut that suits the shape of your face. You can have your hair highlighted or colored.

  • If you feel you look good, you will behave accordingly, and people will reach out to you. Self-confidence is an important part of personality. You don’t have to be very pretty, very smart or very witty. Believe in yourself, and you may be able to mislead everyone around you.

  • Being cool means being a leader and doing something of your own, not following others. Ignore people who speak unflatteringly about your clothes or try to make friends with everyone (very often the same people). Your own sense of style will attract people who have their own style too.

  • Try different activities: sports, science, art. You can play basketball on the school team, participate in the creation of the school newspaper and sing in the choir. This will come in handy when you go to university.

  • If you want to be popular, try to get close to friendly people – they will be your passport to the social group you want. But don’t take advantage of people to achieve your goal. Friendships may not work out, and then those you leave behind won’t want to communicate with you if you need them later. [1] X Source of Information

  • It is quite possible that you already know how to be a pleasant person to talk to. But it’s important to remember that you should behave that way even with people who don’t think you’re cool. Help them when you feel they need help. Say hello to them as you pass them in the hallway. Who knows – maybe in a month they’ll be popular.

Don’t give up on old friends. Wanting to be friends with the “cool” guys is not a reason to give up old friendships. If you do, everyone else will know about it and will not want to communicate with you. Make new friends, but don’t forget the old ones.

Don’t give away your efforts. Even if your hair and makeup took you forever, say, “Yeah, I did a little hair. Others will admire you because what only took YOU 5-10 minutes, takes them hours. They will want to be like you, the main thing – do not brag and do not emphasize your efforts.

  • Here’s a simple example. Suppose a person you don’t know asks you out on a date. You refuse. Then he starts sending you love letters. You still refuse. Then you get flowers delivered. And then he is at your door late at night. A man like that is trying too hard to get his way, but does it work? No. It does the opposite. You are sorry that the man does not respect himself, and you just want him to leave as soon as possible.

  • And this is where you need your own style. Skaters have their own style, rockers have their own style, computer geeks have their own style. We’re all different, and you can’t say that some people are better than others. If somebody judges you, it only shows the limitations of this person’s mind. Nothing good will come of it, so you do not go with him, this road will lead you to a dead end.

  • Do not start and do not spread gossip.
  • Do not make critical remarks. If you do not like someone or his actions, it is not necessary to voice it.
  • Don’t push people away or drive them out of your circle. After all, you want to be liked!

Don’t let the aggressors hurt you. It’s not easy, but it’s important to use humor and social skills to do so in school. If your friends are on your side, you won’t be beaten.

Instruction and the real story of how to be cool in school

How do you become cool in school and what qualities do you need to develop in yourself to become the “star” of the school? What’s the other side of being cool in school?

Do you get straight A’s, have a pretty good relationship with your parents, but still feel like something is missing?

Popularity is the missing element of a happy high school life. How do you become cool in school? Just heed the simple advice!

How to be cool at school or why is the opinion of peers so important for teenagers?

You lived a quiet life, when suddenly there was ON – the first pimple. And with it the periods, severe mood swings, and a very clear conviction: I’m ugly. Before we figure out if you’re beautiful or not (although I’m sure you are), let’s find out what changes have taken place?

According to scientists, our brains change throughout our lives. We don’t feel it, but it happens. During adolescence, specifically from age 11 to 19, this jump in brain development is visible even to those around us. Needless to say, you yourself feel as if you have the same monkey sitting in your head, frantically banging on plates!

This is when your “channel your energy or lose it for nothing” mode kicks in. And you do. Into arguments with your teachers and mom, into misery in the morning in front of the mirror, into squeezing out the next batch of pimples.

But every cloud has a silver lining. During this difficult time for you and your parents, you become smarter. Literally, your brain’s so-called “processing power” is activated. You solve complex equations, memorize poems quickly.

It would seem that everything is great. But there is an area of your life that often suffers during this period. It’s popularity. You want to be noticed by more than just the group of classmates with whom you get along well. You want to be known by every first-grader. This is when you discover the skill of looking at yourself through other people’s eyes. And what you see, very often you do not like.

What is this catastrophic dependence on other people’s opinions related to? The same physiological changes in the brain. Yeah, that’s not a bad way for your “gray matter” to have fun. It’s vitally important for you to like the people around you, especially the guy at the third desk. You get upset when you find yourself not aware of the latest school news – how come they forgot to let you know?

You’re unlikely to get rid of your addiction to social assessment (well, at this point in time). But you could very well “soothe” that addiction. With what? With your coolness!

1) What does being popular in school give a teenager?

Being cool gives you a lot of perks

Becoming cool and taking possession of the proud status of “the most popular girl in school” gives you a lot of advantages. Hmm…although there are disadvantages, too.

Advantages Disadvantages
People come to you for advice. By becoming the coolest girl in school, you automatically become the most experienced in almost every area of life. Your opinion is valuable to those around you. Increased demands. They send you to Olympiads all the time, because you are “so smart and responsible”.
Teachers are condescending to you. No matter how you look at it, you have to study hard to be cool. Teachers, seeing this desire for knowledge in you, will be much gentler and kinder to you. School activities. Once you get the status of “the coolest girl,” you automatically get into the organizing committee. And then the concerts, rulers, matinees…
He knows about you. If the whole school knows about you, he knows about you. And that already greatly increases the chances of you getting to know each other and having a relationship. You need to fit in. You have to prove that you’re cool all the time. And this can sometimes be quite difficult.

2) What personality traits will make you cool at school?

To proudly consider yourself the coolest person in school, you need to have a number of personality traits. If none of these qualities have “settled” in you, you’ll have to work on developing them.

Quality Synopsis:
Confidence You shouldn’t be afraid to go to the blackboard and speak your mind in front of the whole class. It may seem unreal to you now. But, believe me, confidence can be developed in yourself. The main thing is to believe in your own strength. And, of course, learn the lessons.
Creativity You just need to be creative to keep your peers interested. They should be fun and funny with you.
Responsibility Since your goal is to be the coolest kid in school, have some leadership skills. One of them is responsibility. Be willing to take responsibility for your words and actions.

3) What communication skills do you need to be cool?

Quality Synopsis:
Benevolence Benevolence The other kids should feel good about you. You should radiate kindness and light, no matter how much it contradicts your teenage desires that begin with “If I had a machine gun…”
Listening Skills Yes, you’re the coolest, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to others. With “taratorka” unlikely anyone will want to communicate.
Sincerity It’s very important, and not just in adolescence. Do you want people to reach out to you? Then become open and smile. Exactly become, not fake it.

The 8 Basic Steps to Become Cool in School

You can become a cool girl by following some simple guidelines

To get admiring looks from others and approving nods from teachers, try to follow these recommendations.

Step #1. Get involved in class life.

Step #2. Become confident.

Step #4. Be rational.

Step #5. Relax.

Step #6. Be sociable.

Step #7. Be independent.

Step #8. Think about possible failure.

In the video you will find many secrets of popularity, which will help you to become a real “star” of the school. How to communicate with your peers? How to dress for school? What snacks to take with you?

The real story of how Marina became cool.

Marina has always been an excellent student. She loved learning, so it was no big deal for her to write an outline or master a new topic in physics. Relationships with her peers were not bad either. The girl had three best friends with whom she went dancing. But there was something that overshadowed Marina’s school life. Katya. She was a year older (by her behavior about ten years!). She behaved a little arrogantly and clearly claimed to be “the most popular girl in school.

Marina did not really communicate with Katya. And why pry into a person who himself has defined his own environment, where mere mortals can not get? But one day Katya approached her… “Would you like to enter a beauty contest?” she asked with mild irony. The beauty contest was the most normal concert, which except that it included a catwalk of girls in evening gowns. Marina smiled, “Don’t you need a girl as a backup dancer? Katya was a little confused, but answered in the affirmative.

“Why not?” thought Marina and agreed to the proposal. The girl danced well, if not excellent (five years of classes in the dance club made a difference). The rehearsals went well until the school coordinator made a warning to Katya. “Your movements are a little out of sync, look at the girls, you really stand out,” she remarked rather delicately. Katerina was not prepared for this turn of events. First she said something about “outdated music” (which at first she had nothing against), and then she mentioned her mother, who could kick Tatiana Anatolievna (the organizer) out of the school. Everyone was stunned.

There had been conflicts on a school-wide scale before, but no one had ever thought of “blabbing” like that. Katya got mad and left the classroom, slamming the door loudly. At first everyone was silent for a long time. The silence was broken by Tatiana Anatolievna. “Yeah, the girl is having a hard time, apparently…,” she said in total confusion. She suggested continuing the rehearsal. But then the question arose as to who would be the main star of the number, Katerina is unlikely to return. The organizer looked at Marina with a smile. “Marin, you’ve been dancing for a long time, it’s easy for you,” she said. The girl was a little taken aback, but then she agreed. She really loved dancing.

After the beauty contest, many things changed. First, Marina became the winner. The members of the jury particularly praised her choreographic skills. Secondly, she joined the school’s organizing committee, so now not a single event goes without her. And finally, thirdly, Marina began dating Sergei. This guy was two years older and she liked him since elementary school. After the beauty contest he came up with a bouquet of flowers himself.

Katerina, of course, stuck to her opinion. She was firmly convinced that Marina had paid the organizer to “kick” Katya out of the contest. She attended school, of course, but did not even say hello to Marina.

Note: Marina did nothing special to become the most popular girl at school. She just did what she loved, was sincere and friendly. Perhaps this is the main key to popularity.

Becoming cool in school means having lots of friends and hobbies. But achieving this coolness is not as difficult as standing up to the “competitors” who are ready to strike at any moment.

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