How to be a successful person?

How to become a successful man: the golden rules of millionaires

How to become successful? Let’s start with you to understand what success is? Success is an achievement set in a specific area. It is a positive result and public recognition of a person or his actions. That’s what Wikipedia says. But there are nuances.

How to become a successful man: the golden rules of millionaires

In fact, each person means different things by the word success. Some people mean wealth, some people mean recognition, but it doesn’t always bring money. Someone thinks that if he is famous, then he is successful. The very concept of success is very fuzzy.

The rules of a successful person

Studies have shown that anyone can become successful. After all, only 1-2% of people who became prominent have high intelligence. For the rest, it was a hard road of correctly set goals and hard work.

So it doesn’t take a golden brain and a rich daddy to become a millionaire, it takes a love of your business and hard work. How to become successful in life? What qualities do you need to develop in yourself to do that?

Rock your mindset and attitudes.

Successful people differ from unsuccessful people in their mindset. Rich people differ from poor people in the same way. Initially, everyone has the same data and it’s the mindset that can lead you to success or failure.

First and foremost, it’s about positive thinking. It enables you to move forward and not dwell on failure. People with a positive mindset see opportunities and those with a negative mindset see obstacles.

Successful people love what they do, they enjoy the victories and analyze the failures, while unsuccessful ones will always find a reason that prevents even the coolest idea from coming true.

The way you think plays an important role: the scale at which you think, how you look at the world.

How do you pump up your thinking?

  • Read books.
  • Talk to successful people who have a different way of thinking
  • Watching motivational videos on YouTube.
  • Take trainings that change the way you think

Work on your mindset. Thinking is fundamental to your success.

Set goals and achieve them

How can you be successful if you’re not able to work on one idea for a long time? Successful people wouldn’t become that way if they didn’t have goals. Rich people build their empire by sticking to a clear business plan, they know how they need to grow and what to do to do it. Notice, do, not say.

It’s important to set goals, to generate interesting ideas. From that come the more down-to-earth tasks from which future success is built. If it’s absolutely hard to do global tasks, break them down into subtasks and strive for your main goal in small steps. The main thing is not to sit on your ass.

Develop yourself

All successful people develop. They constantly read, watch interviews of other successful people, read autobiographical books, attend trainings. They don’t stand still. How do you become a successful person if you’re not ready to keep up with the world?

All prominent people have strived for the image they have developed through the realization that others have already been able to. Yes, you could say they created idols for themselves. Sometimes those idols were themselves, but in the future.

Successful people surround themselves with them because they understand that development is the key to success. Stupid people, on the contrary, do not develop.

There is a simple test for whether you will become successful or not: Think about what you do in your spare time? Do you watch stupid YouTube videos or read books about business? Who are your idols? Popular pranksters or great businessmen?

That’s not to say that all successful people are boring and backwards. No, they dedicate an hour a day to a TV show they like or to some crap on Instagram. But it’s only 1 hour, not the whole day, you know? We are what we consume.

Work very hard.

There are no successful people who did nothing and woke up popular and rich. To be successful and not fuck it all up, you have to work hard toward your goal.

For example, take the boxer Andy Ruiz. He had an unexpected success after his fight with Anthony Joshua. How unexpected? Andy had been on his way to win the world heavyweight title for 11 years. But in the rematch with the same Anthony Joshua Ruiz ruined his title, because he tasted glory and decided that now he was the champion for life.

Success started to weigh on him, he wasn’t ready for it. It’s like winning the lottery. You know what usually happens to a person who just gets a million for nothing? He doesn’t become a millionaire, but often blows his money. Some take a year to do it, some spend longer. Because the money came on the ball to a person who isn’t ready and doesn’t understand how to properly dispose of it.

I don’t know a single successful person who hasn’t worked hard enough. Many people think that once they start their own business, they’ll sit around and poke their noses in it. Let me tell you a secret: when you’re in business, you fuck up 10 times more + you’re fully responsible for people, the business itself, money and everything else.


Travel is developmental. It’s the same personal growth. You see the country, you get to know a different mentality, you start to look at the world a little differently. The brain starts to work differently.

Very often I come up with some outstanding ideas while traveling or vacationing, because it is extremely difficult to get creative in the “work-home” routine. Travelling helps not only to reboot and see another world, but also to make new acquaintances and broaden my horizons. It’s all developmental.

How can you be successful at anything if you don’t switch from work to leisure? There are people who are so fixated on work that they get overworked, emotionally burned out, depressed. They stop loving what they do, so they start working less. Learn to keep a balance.

I’m not arguing, there are people who can work like robots and get high. You know? They reboot themselves by working. You shouldn’t try to emulate such, it’s probably in your case that will lead to depression.

Surround yourself with the right people.

Surrounding yourself with the right people solves everything. If you surround yourself with successful people, you yourself will be motivated. And an unsuccessful environment will only lead you to degradation and discouragement.

Surround yourself with people who are developing. They definitely have goals and ideas on how to become even more successful. Such people don’t mind sharing their experiences if they see a perspective in you.

How do you find them? Figure out what you want first, and then find out where they are. The easiest place to find them is in communities or at trainings. People who are motivated and want to develop go there. Sitting on the couch is no way to change your environment.

So you have to start working on yourself, at least get off your ass and go to training. But for a successful environment to accept you, you have to be interesting, too. Successful people want to communicate with successful people, or at least promising people.

It’s important to give value in communication: someone motivates you, you motivate someone, someone gives you a useful service, you do something for that person in return. You want to communicate with outstanding people, and what’s the point of them communicating with you if you’re boring?

Exercise and watch your diet.

All successful people exercise because they want to live as long as possible. When you’re not successful, there’s no point in living long, and when you’re already successful, you want to enjoy all those benefits for as long as possible.

That’s why successful people eat right, exercise, take care of their appearance. When you don’t have health, you don’t want to explore the world, you don’t want anything. Health is the main thing.

It’s good for girls to go to yoga or, for example, stretching. You can even just run in the morning. It’s important to move and work on your body.

How to become a successful man if no one takes you seriously? It is better for guys to choose something that will keep their body toned. Especially girls like athletic men.

It’s the same with nutrition. Yes, at 20 you can eat McDonald’s 24 hours a day, but at 40, 50 it will backfire on you. So think about what you eat, so you don’t waste your money on doctors’ fees.

Learn to control your emotions.

There are people who can’t control their emotions. Everything that happened to them, they spit out, they worry a lot. There are people who take their emotions for granted. And there are those who know how to manage their emotions. They know how to channel them in a positive way.

Often a person who does not know how to manage their emotions becomes a hostage to them. He is scared, lazy, no motivation. Becoming successful without controlling emotions is unreal. Successful people are often provoked into negativity. Yes, they don’t always manage to deal with it 100%, but most of the time, they think what they say.

Develop awareness, study yourself, reflect

Successful people know themselves well. They know what they like and don’t like, what will and won’t work for them, how to motivate themselves and how to demotivate, how to pull themselves together in the right moment and how to relax.

A lot of people ask, “What should I do?” Who but you can know what business you will love? Only you can choose your path. For that, you have to try it. For example, take sports: you go to the gym, to boxing, crossfit, ride horses. You try it. And that is the only way you can understand what is yours and what is not.

There is a wonderful book by Sun Tzu called “The Art of War”. It is based on the idea that when you know yourself, your army and their strengths well, then it is realistic to compare yourself to another army. It’s the same in life: when you don’t know your strengths and weaknesses, it’s impossible to set the right questions and successfully go your way.

Learn to ask yourself the right questions, understand and listen to yourself. This is the only way to really realize what kind of work you will love and what kind of work will bring you closer to success.

You should know yourself better than anyone else. If you have difficulties, go to a psychologist. A specialist will ask you the right questions that will make you think, teach you self-discovery and work on yourself.

Unsuccessful people know nothing about themselves, they go with the flow and are fine. Successful people live consciously and set goals with their desires and ideas in mind.

Learn to be flexible.

Learn to adjust to the situation. How do you become successful in life in such an unstable world? One thing is trending today, another thing is trending tomorrow.

Bruce Lee used to say, “Be like water.” Learn to adjust to the changing world, be like water, which knows how to take different shapes and flow into the narrowest of crevices. Successful people know how to adjust to authority, to laws, to the general background. Notice, not to bend, but to adjust. Water will never turn into wine because the boss wants it that way.

Flexibility applies to the brain as well as to thinking. You can stupidly bend your line, but that hasn’t worked for a long time. But being able to be flexible and adjust is cool.

Learn to communicate with people.

Learn how to communicate with people, because you’re not going to get much on your own. To be successful you have to surround yourself with successful people, so you have to communicate with them, make and build connections.

In business you have to motivate people, to set a common goal so that everyone moves to the same idea. Being able to communicate is a cool skill.

Outstanding people not only know how to speak beautifully, they like to motivate those around them to succeed. At the same time they understand the importance of going their own way.

The main task of a person – to find your way, which will not only bring you closer to success, but also sincerely like it. You’re going to get high from what you do.

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Hi, my name is Anton Glomozda!

I help men believe in themselves, realize their potential and live the life of their dreams. To do this in 2016, I founded the Academy of Integrated Male Personality Development, where I give tools to achieve goals and success in all areas of life. To date, the academy has more than 10,000 graduates.

How to Succeed in Life: Detailed Instructions

Everyone dreams of being successful, but for most people this dream seems unattainable. We often tend to blame circumstances, social injustice, lack of career prospects, or lack of connections. This misconception prevents most people from succeeding in life. But if you define your goals and focus on achieving them, no obstacle can keep you from being successful. In this article we will dissect in detail what success is, and what are the most important steps on the road to success. Let’s begin.

What is success?

Everyone perceives success differently. For some people it’s a dream job with active career advancement, for others – the implementation of their own projects, for others – a successful personal life. And everyone has different ambitions: some dream of dizzying success and worldwide fame, and someone would like to sail peacefully and quietly on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea.

Putting aside the “resource” approach and not measuring happiness in terms of money, a successful life is about doing what you love and not limiting yourself in the realization of your possibilities. Today we live in a world where everyone can achieve success in life, regardless of the state of their parents and initial social status. So what is stopping most people from taking advantage of this opportunity?

Qualities of a successful person

A successful person can be called a person who was able to find his vocation and achieve their goals, to engage in interesting work and enjoy all spheres of life. Such people set their own goals and look for ways to achieve them. Many people think that the everyday life of successful people is interesting and carefree. But life often throws them difficulties and troubles, they just know how to quickly cope with tasks of any complexity.

Each person can achieve success in life, managing to develop a number of qualities peculiar to successful people. These include:

  1. Confidence in their own abilities. Any case should begin, being confident in the positive result. This gives strength and helps to work towards their goals, even when there is a long way to go.
  2. Hard work . As a rule, all successful people work hard, even when they become billionaires. It is important not only to achieve success, but also to maintain the result achieved by constant work and development.
  3. Perseverance . Successful people do not give up after several unsuccessful attempts and always try again and again. A great example is Thomas Edison, who failed 10,000 times before making the major scientific discovery of his life.
  4. Optimism . It is difficult to take on a task if you are unsure of the possibility of realizing a goal. But if you put all doubts aside and gain confidence in your abilities, the probability of success increases many times over.
  5. Persistence . Successful people do not tend to lose their emotional balance in difficult situations. Any failure or difficulty for them – just an obstacle to be worthily overcome.

The most successful people are characterized by all of these qualities, but to succeed in life is possible, having at least some of them. Check yourself – how many of these qualities could you attribute to yourself? This will provide insight on what else you need to work on. Now let’s move on to the main part of the article.

The Road to Success: The 7 Key Steps

Although the concept of success is individual to everyone, there are several universal factors that have already helped millions of people succeed. The most convenient instructions are step-by-step, so let’s break them down into 7 basic steps:

1. Set goals.

It’s hard to move towards the main goal in life if you don’t decide where it is. A successful person always has clearly defined goals – for today, for a week, for a month, for the next years and for life. Only by clearly articulating the conditions necessary to achieve the goal, you can develop a plan that will allow you to succeed in life.

2. Think not about the problems, but about the ways to solve them.

Successful people don’t get discouraged; they see failure as a valuable experience. Everyone faces problems, and the only difference is perception. People who are aware of the responsibility for their own lives, do not dwell on failures, and look for ways to promptly eliminate the consequences. Learn to act rationally in any situation-it won’t waste time on unnecessary worries.

3. Do what you love

People who make the most out of what they love are considered the happiest. What prevents you from doing the same? Make a list of the things you enjoy doing and think about how you can benefit from them. You may find an unexpected source of income. Drawing and creating animations, creating a website, recording videos of your favorite recipes – it can all bring money and pleasure at the same time.

4. Learn to think positively

Negative emotions are the most dangerous stealer of energy and time. That’s why so much attention is given to techniques that allow you to switch to positive thinking. Try to make a “success diary” and daily record a few positive events for the day. This powerful technique quickly corrects “negativists” by reminding them that there are many events in life, and good ones happen every day, too. There is a detailed article on how to properly keep such a diary.

5. Live for today.

Dreaming of starting a business, doing charity work, creating a cool Internet service or writing a bestseller? Such a dream can take several years to realize, so many people plan to “start on Monday.” People procrastinate because they are waiting for the right moment. Nothing prevents them from devoting at least a few hours a week to achieving their dreams. But weeks, months, and years go by, and they do nothing. Just remember, the right time is now.

6. Don’t dwell on setbacks.

Unpleasant events happen to everyone. But one perceives them as a reminder that the world is not perfect and you need to be strong. The other decides that the world is unfair to him personally, and depressed. It is impossible to build a life so that failure does not happen at all, but to manage their own perception is possible for everyone. Think of these situations as good experiences that make you stronger and wiser.

7. Improve yourself

To be successful in life, you have to keep getting better. Dreaming of well-being without making a willful effort to improve yourself is the same as dreaming of losing weight without changing your lifestyle. All successful people work on themselves: they educate themselves, exercise, look for ways to distribute their time efficiently. They don’t engage in useless activities like computer games or carefree social networking. Time is the most valuable resource in life, and it’s not acceptable to waste it on things that have no real value.

The principles of a successful personality

The foundation of achieving success is the inner qualities of the individual. Entire books are written about these qualities, but if we highlight the main ones, the principles of a successful personality include the following:

  1. Self-sufficiency . A successful person determines his/her own life priorities and goals by himself/herself, without paying attention to the opinion of others and without needing approval.
  2. The ability to forgive. Being offended is a destructive feeling that consumes emotional energy. If you are offended by someone close to you – forgive, if you are offended by someone else – just forget about his existence. This will free you from a heavy moral burden, preventing self-fulfillment.
  3. The ability to conserve energy . Hard work is a good trait, but you do not need to squander all the effort, otherwise the work you love can become unpleasant.
  4. Lack of perfectionism . This tendency can be useful, but it prevents most people from succeeding in life. Perfectionism makes you spend an inordinate amount of time on every little thing, improving the quality of the result only slightly. Don’t strive for perfection, just do it well.
  5. The ability to distract and switch. Life consists of several areas, and each area needs to be fully given. When you work, don’t think about worldly concerns, and when you spend time with your loved ones, don’t think about work.
  6. Know how to say “No!” . Most people do not know how to refuse when they are called to a meeting, asked for something or offered an unprofitable job. Successful people always act rationally – it’s impossible to talk them into an undesirable cause.
  7. Benevolence . A successful person is benevolent to others, encouraging and happy when they manage to achieve significant achievements in life. He is polite, does not boast of his achievements, and knows how to listen to the interlocutor without interrupting. Pay attention to the way your acquaintances behave, and you will realize that these traits are characteristic of successful people. Unsuccessful people are usually negative, envious and inclined to gloat.

Health is the foundation of success

Physical and mental health – an important factor that helps to achieve success in life. Keep your body healthy and your mind clear of unnecessary worries and your business will go much better. In the pursuit of success in business, don’t forget to take the time to maintain and improve your health. First and foremost, take care of factors such as:

  1. Sleep and Rest . Always get enough sleep, and sleep at least 7 hours a day.
  2. Proper nutrition. Eat 3 meals a day, eating healthy and wholesome foods.
  3. Sports . Physical activity should be present daily. It can be a jog or an hour walk in the evening city.
  4. Giving up bad habits . Smoking and alcohol occupy the first two positions on the list of factors that worsen health and shorten the lives of people around the world.

If you know that certain actions, habits or foods make you feel better, take advantage of it. The better you feel, the more productive you can be.

How to be financially successful

An equally important component of success in today’s world is financial well-being. Take care to preserve and multiply your capital, work on increasing the number of sources of income. The main habits associated with financial well-being can be summarized as follows:

  1. Keep records of income and expenses. You can use special software or just write everything down on a table on paper.
  2. Get rid of loans and debts. Outstanding debts are fraught not only with interest charges, but also with moral pressure.
  3. Live within your means. If your income has increased, you don’t have to live “off the high horse. Spend your money wisely.
  4. Avoid unnecessary spending. If you’re not sure if you should make an expensive purchase, the answer is no!
  5. Increase your income. Do something every day that will increase your income in the long run.
  6. Look for additional sources of income . If you read the interviews of successful celebrities, you will find that most of them came to success by creating several alternative sources of income.
  7. Don’t Borrow . Only violate this rule if there are difficult circumstances in the life of a loved one. But give money without stipulating the terms and conditions of return at all, because he may not have such an opportunity for a very long time. Read an interesting article on the subject: should I lend?
  8. Change your habits . Many habits discreetly pull money. For example, an afternoon cup of coffee seems like a trifling expense, but by giving it up, you can save a couple of thousand a month.
  9. Do not be jealous – take an example. Jealous of other people’s luck, you’re just wasting your time. It is better to think about whether you can do something similar.
  10. Move towards the goal systematically. Impatience – one of the main problems that prevent us from success in life. Be patient and work without expecting instant results.
  11. Always procrastinate . You’ve probably heard the advice to set aside 10% of your income many times. This is a truism that should not be ignored, even if your income is very small. The feeling that “something is being saved up somewhere” creates a powerful incentive to work.
  12. Improve your financial literacy . Even if you’re not an economist by education or profession, knowing the basics of economics isn’t superfluous. Seek out and study the literature on both personal finance and global finance.

The practical part

Friends, as you have already understood, one of the most important principles of success is the ability to set goals and achieve them. And the most important thing is that it can be learned. If you want to learn how to properly set goals and achieve them as quickly as possible, I recommend you the course “Goal Setting” from Wikium.

This course will teach you:

  • Achieve your goals
  • Not to waste energy
  • Carry out your plans
  • Reach new heights in development
  • Realize your dreams.

What the course consists of:

  • 6 Lessons
  • Practical exercises and tips
  • Videos
  • Graphic charts and assignments

Remember, friends: The most valuable investment is an investment in yourself!


Many people are looking for a secret that will allow them to succeed in life. But there are no special secrets – you have to work on yourself, your character and attitude toward the world. No circumstances will be a hindrance to a purposeful person. The main thing – to take full responsibility for your own life and follow the simple principles described in this article.

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