How to be a man in a relationship?

How to become a man in your girlfriend’s eyes

Contributor(s): Trudi Griffin, LPC, MS. Trudi Griffin is a licensed psychotherapist in Wisconsin, specializing in addictions and mental health. She provides therapy for people struggling with addictions, mental health issues, and the effects of trauma, both in health care settings and in private practice settings. She received her master’s degree in clinical psychology from Marquette University in 2011.

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To be “the man” for your girlfriend means to be strong and actively involved in her life. To be a good partner for your girlfriend, you need to make her happy and put your energy into the relationship, making it fulfilling and enjoyable for both of you. Take care of her, treat her tenderly, learn to resolve conflict situations and arguments calmly and honestly. Maintain a healthy happy relationship so that she knows that you are a good partner, that she can rely on you.

  • You don’t have to look at your phone or computer screen every now and then when she tells you something. This is a sign that you are not listening to her at all.
  • Try not to talk too much while she is telling you something, don’t show that you know how to solve her problem. Men have a habit of offering a solution to a problem. But instead you just need to pay attention to what she’s talking about. Sometimes a girl just wants you to listen to her.
  • Show that you are listening to her by saying: “Yes, I understand what you’re saying,” or “I think you want to say . “

  • For example, you might ask her, “What shows have you been enjoying lately?” Or, “How did you work out this morning?”
  • You can also ask counter questions if you know she is interested in certain things, such as books, movies, sports or art. For example, you could ask, “By the way, what do you think of that book you started reading?” Or, “So, did you have a good workout?”
  • You can also invite her to participate with you in your own hobbies. If you like rock climbing, for example, suggest she go to a beginner’s group so you can teach her. This will help her see a piece of your own world and help her understand what interests you and she have in common.

  • For example, you could plan and organize a surprise party for her birthday to show that you care about her and want her to feel special. You could plan a graduation dinner at her favorite restaurant.
  • You could also take her out to celebrate different minor events (like the end of a project job or the fact that you successfully survived a tedious family trip).
  • These dates don’t have to be expensive. You should try to be creative and try to make it a fun date, for example, you could organize a water balloon battle or a picnic in the park or backyard. [4] X Source of Information

  • You can thank her on a more advanced level to show that you appreciate her very much. For example, you could say, “I really appreciate everything you do for me, thank you,” or “I’m so glad I found you.”
  • Make your compliment special and specific. If she made your favorite dish to surprise you, tell her, “I really appreciate that you know how important this meal is to me. And I really appreciate you making an exception and making it for me. You make me feel special.”

Notice her strengths. Tell her what you like about her. It will be especially great if you notice the positive traits in her that she herself does not know yet. For example, if she acts friendly and patient with unpleasant personalities, say, “I really like how nice you communicate with people who you do not like.

How to be in charge in a relationship?

In last week’s article, you learned 7 ways to test a relationship. Today let’s talk about how to be a leader in a relationship, how to be a leader and how to dominate in a relationship.

Do you still think that a real woman needs money and gifts? That resorts and bouquets can give her happiness?

There can be no equality in a family. Either you are in charge, or you will be led by the young lady.

If you do not want to live a life where the girl will be around the clock to pick your brain, it’s time to become a leader. I’ll tell you how to be in charge and how to become the dominant, the real man.

How to be in charge in a relationship?

I have read a lot of advice on the internet from women about leadership and dominance in the family. Half of them write that they are for equality. How is it, I do not understand. Do they flip a coin when they decide which apartment to buy? Or are they playing chu-wa-shi to decide which school to send their son to? In short, nonsense.

I think, really, it’s the women themselves who run everything. The only difference is that they pretend, when it’s convenient, that the husband is in charge. And when it’s hard to make decisions, they pass them on. And when it’s convenient, they take the reins and let them steer. Equality is equal.

The second half of women scream that if you trust a man to run everything, chaos will ensue. That men will mess up the family and they have to be in control, or else they’re fucked. I laughed and thought about it. Who were these women? What kind of men do they have?

They’re the ones who live with the jerks. The men next to them are the wimpy men who put all the responsibility on their wives and relaxed. And the wives have nothing left but to abruptly stop being weak and grow the balls that any relationship needs. That’s how strong women are born. That’s how their idea of a normal family is warped.

Don’t let something like this happen to you. And don’t let it happen to your girlfriend. You have to be the leader. You have to be in charge! Not her, not together, just you! Okay?

And it’s not that easy. It’s not enough to bang your fist on the table and shout what you decide. An authoritative leader does not give orders, but convinces people with iron arguments. The woman herself will gladly follow you and your decision, if it is balanced, competent, logical and firm.

That’s what will give you all the rights to be in charge in a relationship. So, here we go!

1- Be confident in yourself.

Show your leadership, and to do that you need to pump yourself up. Yeah, what did you think? What separates a man from a dickhead is a strong attitude.

Insecure, battered and wrapped up in complexes, you won’t impress anyone. Only a strong man can take charge and lead in the family and in life.

Don’t allow yourself to be disrespected. Cut off everything you don’t like. Don’t become a slave.

At the same time, show yourself to be the breadwinner, the hunter, the protector for her. Convince her that you are a man, that she will be safe with you in any matter. This position will be visible in your actions, self-presentation, look. This will help you achieve a lot in other areas of your life as well.

2 Be self-sufficient.

What is that? It means not to depend on anyone. Not in anything.

Be able to earn your own living, rent, utilities, vacations. Be able to do your own laundry, ironing, buy all the necessities of life. Learn to cook some basic meals.

You have to not depend on anyone. Especially from a woman. All that she does, you should be able to do yourself. So you do not need any help. You are able to live comfortably without her or anyone else.

3. Make decisions.

You make all the decisions. Yes, yes, everything that concerns you and you.

You can consult her, that’s fine and normal. But in the end you have to do it your way. It’s always up to you to decide. And be responsible for the consequences, too.

This is a strong man’s position, any young lady will feel and appreciate it.

If the decision will lead to something unpleasant, you will answer. You’ll have to make things right quickly and be responsible for what happens now. If you calmly and steadfastly endure such moments rather than screaming that it was the girl who gave you the crap, you’ll quickly take the lead.

If the decision will bring positive results, you will only earn the respect and trust of the woman. She will become proud to have a man by her side who has solved and sorted out the problems that arose. She will become even more obedient and malleable from this feeling in the future.

4. Start with the little things.

Even things like what movie to watch, what wine to choose, and what to cook play a role.

This is all important, because by giving the initiative to her, you lose a little bit of your masculinity in her eyes. Each time she will be bolder in taking the initiative. One day it will move to global decisions, which means that she is already playing the role of a man among the two of you. So she’s already in charge and she’s already the leader.

In addition, if you agree to her proposals, which you do not like, the dissatisfaction will be visible in your behavior. The discomfort of not doing what you wanted to do will take its toll. And she will soon stop being interested in you.

And anyway, do you really think that the guy in charge of the relationship is going to ask the young lady what movie you’re going to see? Seriously?

5. Dispose of her checks and manipulations.

Why do women do this? Two options.

The good one is that she’s testing you for weakness. She’s not doing it to subdue you, she’s doing it to make sure she’s making the right choice. Every lady does something like this from time to time to calm herself down. If you don’t show your masculinity often enough, she will sometimes check to see if the man she’s with is strong or if you’ve relaxed.

Option two is that she is manipulating you. Maybe she’s used to acting that way with other men. Or she tested you for weakness, you failed the test, and this option suits her. Such women are used to lead the man, I wrote about it in detail in my article on the whippersnappers.

And remember, a wise woman will fulfill the role of “neck” while you are the “head”. She will obey you on the little things and guide you when making important decisions. Don’t get caught, with the help of tricks she may try to fool your head.

What should you do? Show your balls and prove to her that you are a man.

6. Be purposeful.

An important quality of a confident man. It will help you in any area, and in a relationship, too.

Set goals and go for them, strive and achieve. Do not stop, even if you can not get a few times in a row. Only in this way you can achieve success.

The girl should not feel uncertainty around you. If we’re talking about a relationship, she must clearly understand where everything goes. Make plans, talk to her about the future, it will give her a sense of calm.

Otherwise, she’ll start trying to set goals on her own while you’re lying on the couch. It’s important for her to understand what’s going on and what’s going to happen next. And that’s why she will try to solve it. And she’ll take on male responsibilities. For you, that’s a straight up ragtag way to go.

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