How to be a goddess in bed?

10 infallible tips on how to get better in bed

Many people have had both positive and negative sexual experiences. And all because it is very difficult to conform to the tastes and expectations of the other person. The hottest orgasms are the result of trust and interaction between partners. Often inexperience or complexes give rise to fears in bed, from which it is very difficult, but possible to get rid of. For those who want to become the number 1 seducer and lover for their significant other, the experts will always find a new batch of tips to help fulfill any sexual fantasy.

You will need ingredients such as: enthusiasm for the cause, a sense of humor and the desire to have sex in every corner of the house to emphasize your charisma, and ignite the sexual ardor of your partner. Most importantly, you must figure out what your man likes and let him know what you like. To this end, we have selected for you 10 infallible tips that will help improve your skills in bed!

1. Tell him how much you want him

Stop beating around the bush. Let him know how much he turns you on and your sex life will noticeably improve the same day. No one wants to have sex with someone who they think is doing it because of commitment. If you suddenly feel like your man is thinking about it, look at him eagerly and let him know that he’s driving you crazy.

Those who say it’s always the man who has to make the first move don’t know what they’re talking about. Try telling your partner sometime how much you want him, and take control of the situation. You will see his reaction triggered by your showing initiative. The light in your eyes is the best signal to your partner. Suggest exactly how to caress you. And believe me, the more you like a certain action, the more he will do it.

2- Be willing to experiment

Do you know what one of the main reasons why men say that a woman is no good in bed? It’s all because of her complexes when it comes to experimentation in the bedroom.

We are not saying that you have to do what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. Rather, we are talking about your openness. Show him that you’re not afraid to experiment and that you’re not going to judge him for what he wants, and then he definitely won’t judge you! It’s important to create a relationship based on respect and trust.

Any healthy sex life requires talking to your partner about your fantasies and your willingness to explore new things. When he suggests something you haven’t tried yet, don’t say no immediately, think about it . you might find it fun yourself! For example, one of the biggest bickerings in this regard is anal sex. If you continually reject your partner’s suggestion, think twice before you answer no the next time. Chances are, you’ll enjoy this activity a lot more than you expect.

3. not sex alone

Even in bed, sex isn’t everything. He may be your main goal at this point, but even so, you can look at the situation from a different angle, the broadest.

Run your hand through his hair when he does just what you need, passionately squeeze his buttocks in a burst of passion. You yourself will get a lot of pleasure! Try all kinds of techniques for warming up and foreplay, do not “rush headlong into the maelstrom. If you warm up enough and get excited, you will be able to enjoy the event twice as much.

The key to pleasure in bed is the ability to enjoy small details, to dissolve in the moment and to appreciate every second. Pay attention to your whole body, listen to it, don’t speed up the transition from one stage to the next, and you will have an unforgettable experience. The environment is also very important. For example, try using incense or scented candles, put on a suitable soundtrack.

4. Don’t be selfish.

The worst quality in sex is selfishness. Avoid it! Don’t let your partner do all the work, just like don’t let him or her expect you to do everything. It’s up to the two of you!

You must always remember that you are two people involved, and it would be at least unfair to let one take care of everything. It may hurt your partner, who will think that you only care about your own pleasure. Remember, no matter how great the temptation, giving is just as important as receiving!

If you both get involved, enjoy yourselves and bring pleasure to your other half, amazing orgasms await you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t innovate and take the initiative from time to time, but just the opposite.

5. Believe in yourself.

This may seem like an afterthought, but it’s actually extremely important. Always be confident in yourself. Men love that!

Even if you don’t understand too much about how to behave in bed, take it with a sense of humor. No need to radiate insecurity, better make him think you know what to do. Believe me, a confident girl is something super sexy. And remember: you can only get to know yourself and your partner better through trial and error. Don’t be afraid to look ridiculous and silly, it’s better to see what’s happening as a new exciting experience.

6. Learn to accept criticism.

Taking criticism is a skill you can use in any situation in life – even in bed! It’s very difficult to accept criticism without getting angry and pouting, it takes effort and work on yourself.

No one likes to be told that he is doing something wrong, but sometimes it is the best way forward. It’s better to change in time than to find out you should have done things differently when it’s too late! Be philosophical about criticism against you, no one is perfect.

And don’t forget to be honest with your partner: if he does something you don’t like, don’t hesitate to tell him about it. Trust is the foundation of every vibrant sexual relationship.

7. Have a sense of humor about sex.

Having a sense of humor and the ability to laugh will help even if you find yourself in a racy sexual situation. Moreover, this quality is a fundamental advantage, and the sooner you embrace it, the better: chances are that something strange will happen at some point, and you will take it with humor.

Situations happen during sex when one of the partners might bump his head or unintentionally bite his tongue, or maybe there’s a strange noise. Yes, a thousand different things can happen! In any case, something strange happens to everyone sooner or later, and being upset about it doesn’t help anyone.

Best of all, learn to laugh at unforeseen circumstances. If your man sees that you can treat sex with humor, he will look at you with completely different eyes. Another reason to have a sense of humor: laughter strains the right intimate muscles. So, we suggest thinking about this tip at your leisure.

8. Make him feel special.

You have to make your partner feel special. Surveys have shown that it is much more enjoyable to have sex with someone for whom you have strong feelings and he reciprocates.

Obviously, this rule doesn’t apply to everyone, but most of us really think that a relationship with someone who cares about you takes sex to a new, higher level.

You two may have had multiple partners before, but let him know that there is no one more special than him. He’s the one you like the most and he’s the one that’s right for you in bed.

9. Share your emotions.

If you’re buying furniture and you need to assemble it, the right thing to do is to read the instructions beforehand (at least that’s what most people do), the same goes for sex! To have a good relationship, most of us could use a little guidance. Tell him what you like best.

Don’t wait for him to find out on his own, as it can take months. Guide him during intercourse. Your joy and pleasure will excite your partner even more. Don’t be greedy for emotion. No one is better able than you to understand what you would like most right now. Don’t be ashamed to give your partner some sound advice and a couple of clear directions.

10. Let yourself go

If you hold back during sex for any reason, and then blame yourself for it, let the situation go. Stop thinking all the time about what you’re doing: your facial expression, your hair, the imperfections that appear in moments of pleasure. It’s likely that if you don’t, both your orgasms may suffer.

Don’t be afraid to make weird grimaces or scream, if that’s what comes from you and reveals your essence. Stop worrying about your neighbors and worrying about little things! Forget the inhibitions. From the moment you let go of the situation, you’ll both begin to enjoy sex more.

If you have read this article to the end, you can safely consider yourself an expert on sex. Put into practice everything you’ve learned in these few minutes, add to your list of the 20 wildest sex poses, and you’ll definitely see your sex life improve dramatically. Enjoy!

The complete 10-step guide to becoming a true sex goddess

I’ve loved writing since I was a kid, and now copywriting has become an extremely fascinating activity that I’ve turned into my profession.

Expert – Victoria Fomina

Doctor of higher category sexologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I have been working as a sexologist for over 10 years. I help couples to solve problems in sexual life.

Want to surprise your man, but do not know how to behave? You can always find a way. The main thing is to know your body and know what your chosen one likes. Read the full 10-step guide in the article, which will help you become a real sex goddess for your man.

Your pleasure first and foremost

Who can give you the most pleasure? You, of course. And I’m talking about the morale of sex right now. After all, if you don’t want to enjoy yourself, you won’t be able to relax and give yourself to enjoyment to the fullest.

And the stiffness and coldness on your part is a man’s lack of pleasure. According to the law of the vicious circle: a man without affection – a woman without orgasm. So be sexually positive to your partner and open towards pleasure.

How to become a goddess in sex

Know your body

Know your body. Determine what you like, what excites and stimulates you to pleasure. To do this, you don’t need to visit sexologists in search of the truth or to read books by famous psychologists all night long. It’s enough to do a simple exercise – be in a quiet room for a few minutes and think about your body.

Focus on your breasts and genitals. Concentrate on these areas and you’ll feel them automatically become more sensitive. You’ll be able to control every inch of your body and understand how to act on it.

Try this simple exercise before intimacy with your partner. You will both be pleased with the result.

Learn to let yourself go

Believe that you are a sexual goddess. Free your thoughts from any expectations or perfectionist tendencies. The beauty of intimacy is that it’s not programmed – every interaction is unique and enjoyable in its own way. Work through the fears, anxiety or anger that are ingrained in your life. You can even write them all down on paper to make it easier to build a picture of your mind. A trusted friend or counselor can be helpful in this process.

Believe that you are a sexual goddess. Your pleasure comes primarily from within – from knowing and loving yourself. Once you believe in your feminine power, you’ll see your life change.

Release your shame.

If you’ve been with one partner for a long time, there’s no shame in trying something new. It’s embarrassing not to try it. Talk to your partner about what’s eating you up, what’s making you uncomfortable. Do not keep quiet. Set yourself up to fix the situation and incorporate hot intimacy into your life.

Tell yourself that you are a sexual goddess, that you are ready for any sexual adventure with your partner. Give yourself the attitude, “I am a sex goddess. I am ready for new positions, sexual games and sex toys. I enjoy sex.” It is desirable to pronounce affirmations, standing in front of a big mirror in beautiful lingerie. But if there is no such opportunity, it is enough to simply believe in your words.

Pleasure is an adventure, not a destination

Unfortunately, statistics scream that most women are convinced of the truth – orgasm is only possible from vaginal sex. And an orgasm is the ultimate goal of any sexual act. It’s time to change your ideas about sex.

Sexual pleasure should spark from every touch, kiss and penetration, respectively. Only in addition to vaginal sex, there are many other types of intimacy. Oral, anal, trichophilic, foot sex, BDSM – all these and more can be introduced to the sex menu. Try new things, explore each other. It’s not winning that counts, it’s participating.

Learn to tune in to sex.

If you want your sex life to improve, take time to think about sex, pleasure and the things that excite you. It’s no secret that we are obsessed and surrounded by sex. But few people make it a priority in their personal lives. What we see on TV or in magazines may not match our reality, and the things we find erotic may not look like they do on TV.

Let yourself be sexy in your own unique way. Be bolder in expressing your erotic thoughts and desires. Consider taking up an erotic romance. When you spend time thinking about your sexuality, you become more sexual yourself. And when you think about intimacy with your partner, you’re also more likely to have it happen.

Think about your sexuality. Think positively about yourself. Positive thoughts create positive views, negative thoughts create negative views. Think about repeating the mantra to yourself every day, “I am a sexy, irresistible woman.” If you want to experience pleasure, you must be open to pleasure entering your life.

Plus, an angry, stressed woman is not a sexually attractive woman. Stress is one of the biggest killers of libido. Research and practice different methods of stress reduction. Learn to leave work at work.

On your way home, practice deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or just smile and think of a happy memory. An uninhibited, sexy, positive woman is what men love so much.

Learn how to have multiple orgasms

Never heard of multiple orgasms? You should have. What’s more, you’ve probably had them more than once. Still don’t know what we’re talking about? Then write it down and memorize it.

A multi-orgasm is the pleasure of stimulating several zones at the same time. In this case, the orgasm will be felt from the stimulation of specific areas directly. To understand what it is and to feel a multi-orgasm, study your body. Start with the elements of masturbation, and continue with the caresses of your partner. Fingers, toys, and cold-heat action will all help you decide what you like and what you get unimaginable pleasure from.

Know Your Vagina

This knowledge also comes after self-stimulation. It’s important for you to know which caresses help you to climax and become more relaxed and confident. You can also videotape the process to better understand your movements and the extent of your influence. Visualization is also necessary for those who are shy about the appearance of their genitals and special moments related to physiology (natural lubrication, squirt).

Use creativity.

It’s easy to get stumped, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship. Take the initiative and liven things up. Create an intimate atmosphere – clean up the mess in the house, light candles. Take a bubble bath together, have dinner, plan a naked date in the house, spend the day exchanging massages or erotic text messages.

Invite your partner to experiment with a sex toy. Focus on foreplay rather than the main event. Watch an erotic movie or read an erotic story together. Use a blindfold during a massage, act out a sexual fantasy or create a sex game together.

Find someone who shares your interests in sex

It is not very pleasant to hear accusations and reproaches of sexism in your address. And after all, the desire to be spanked or have sex in a public place – not everyone seems so immoral. So look for a partner with whom you will coincide not only psychologically, but also sexually. The kind of partner who at any time will be ready to pounce on you in a passionate rush and a storm of orgasms.

Stand up for your boundaries in sex

Be sexually stable. What this means. If you have certain preferences and restrictions, then stick to them, regardless of your partner’s insistence. Of course, this point is more to the limitations, the boundaries of the permitted. After all, if your partner will insist, for example, on anal fisting or hanging from the ceiling, and you’re banal will not be ready, you should not agree. Neglecting your principles is fraught with psychological trauma, and sometimes even physical trauma.

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