How to attract the attention of girls?

How to make a girl fall in love with you. Psychological techniques and ideas

Winning a girl’s love can sometimes be very difficult, because, as you know, some ladies themselves do not know what they want. Most often, understanding what kind of man they need, they fall in love with a “negative hero”, what they regret very much later. But one rule must be observed strictly – no matter how difficult the situation was, you have to be a man. Namely, behave with dignity and do not stoop to insults, because it shows weakness and ignorance. The main quality that attracts the female sex, at all times is the inner strength.

The tactic of evasion

Its essence is that you should “dose” periods of activity and passivity in the relationship.

Show your feelings, show interest, give her little surprises, take her to the movies or a restaurant, and then shy away from the horizon. There is a chance that the girl’s ego will be hurt and, wanting to calibrate your attitude, she will start to be active herself: she will write/call/propose to meet. When this starts happening, try not to react instantly, but take a short pause, and then answer that you were absorbed in work or refer to other (important) circumstances. Be sure to apologize and tell her that you were thinking about her, but you didn’t have time to show up, and you didn’t want to show her enough attention. This will calm the girl down, and it’s likely that she’ll start to fall in love with you. Be sure to reinforce these feelings and enter a new period of active courtship.


How to please a girl and do not be banal? Bouquets and serenades under the moon – it’s certainly nice, but quite predictable. But what if we go camping with a tent or spend time together, swimming on the river on sapboards? It is well known that when a person finds himself in non-standard conditions and overcomes some difficulties, he begins to have feelings for the one who at that moment was there and supported. A little adventure is just the thing.

If you’re constantly talking about your accomplishments and the amount of money in your wallet, it will end up boring her quickly. Bragging is stupid, because over time it will become clear to the girl what you can do and how much you earn. And to put a price on yourself are usually tried by those who do not cost anything. In addition, a regular reminder of your high salary can lead her to the idea that you want to buy it.

Being able to make her laugh means you’re okay with spontaneity, and you’re relaxed enough not to be afraid to seem funny. This indicates that you won’t be bored with you, and you can lift her spirits in any situation.

Ability to listen to problems and give advice

If the girl began to share something intimate, the main thing is not to interrupt. Usually in such conversations you can learn about her whole life, as well as values and dreams. Very often ladies talk about how they see an ideal relationship, and you can learn a lot for yourself. It’s also very important to be supportive when she’s not in the mood. It happens that the girl asks for help to resolve a difficult situation in life, and if you have enough life experience and erudition, try to give advice. She will appreciate it.

Does she have a new manicure or haircut? Or maybe she’s hinting at something in the conversation? Look into her eyes more often. It won’t be a challenge, but instead will draw her attention to your face and words. How to make any girl fall in love with you? Try to pay attention to the nuances that can be useful to you and the things that will help to dispose her to you. Just do not play the role of Sherlock Holmes and conduct an assessment of appearance and personality like, “You have a little fresh stain on your blouse, it means you drank coffee this morning and spilled it, and you were last online at 06:45, which means you were up early. You may have been tormented by some heavy thoughts. Do you want to break up?” Such over-attention is likely to frighten and disappoint her. In addition, loopholes in the head and manic stalking border on mental illness.

Decent behavior and appearance

This is so rare these days that you could call it a special trick in the process of winning your lover’s heart. Grooming is not just about etiquette and cleanliness. Try to pay attention to how your items of clothing fit together. Also, girls are very sensitive to smells and can create strong associations with their man and his perfume. It’s a very good move to choose a nice scent for yourself that she likes. It helps a lot, the girl will reach for you, and remember only you, smelling the same scent in the crowd.

We usually fall in love with those who bring us strong, vivid emotions. If you want to win her heart, try to make her feel safe with you and not expect anything bad. Calm and firmness of character will help a lot here. Remain calm in a difficult situation can be difficult, but it will automatically make you a leader, because you are calm, which means you know the way out or deal with the problem very soon (even if it’s not).

Keep the balance.

If she’s bored, try to cheer her up, if she’s crying, comfort her. When she’s having a tantrum, try to calm her down. This will help complement each other and confirm that for every action there is a counteraction. Try to let her know that you are like two halves of the same whole, and you are ready to both reflect her feelings and complement them.

The absence of intrusiveness

Yes, this is really a psychological trick. After all, what we have in abundance, we do not appreciate. If you notice that the girl began to show interest, fuel it, remind her of yourself, but do not go overboard. You shouldn’t be on the phone every minute, because you should have things to do, too. At a minimum, work. At most, a good job to provide for your family in the future.

Attention sharing.

Dissolving into your partner will only bring problems and worsen the relationship. Fusion is only acceptable during intimacy, and if you want to be her Siamese twin, it won’t work. You should each have friends, hobbies, work, and a place of privacy.

Conquer with actions, not words.

It’s good to have a lover who writes nice words, but it’s best if he can snap out of it and come over. This can cause a wave of tenderness and gratitude for your deed in her. After all, time is one of the most important resources you have to offer her. It will also stir in the lady the pleasant feeling of satisfaction that comes from seeing her knight overcome obstacles to meet her princess.

Don’t manipulate.

If you set conditions, you show in advance how low your self-esteem is. Do you really think you can’t be loved without conditions? Because that would only push the girl away. Low self-esteem in men usually leads to the fact that they are jealous of his girlfriend to every lamppost and as a result, the relationship ends before it begins.

Introduce her to your hobbies.

Maybe you play the guitar like a god, or you love working out, or maybe you have a secret passion for crocheting. Anything could be exactly your highlight and create an association in her mind. Try not to be boring at least for yourself. Few people are interested in people who are not passionate about anything. The exception: a job that makes a high income. Being able to make money out of thin air is a talent, but usually such people have other hobbies.

Set aside grudges.

Very often men, like women, get offended over nothing. And if it’s at least sometimes acceptable for a girl, listening to claims from a man about why you deleted your correspondence history with him or chose to visit a beauty salon instead of a date is sheer surrealism.

Fall in love with her child.

What if you fell in love with a girl who has a child? Here it is important to understand at once – he is not going anywhere. The baby will always be with her, and if you want to build a relationship with the girl, you have to do it with the baby too. It’s good if you find common ground and reach out to each other right away. Women will never let that go unnoticed. So her love is guaranteed if you love her baby. Yes, you missed his birth and most tender age, but children love sincerely and wholeheartedly. Appreciate that and cherish it. Perhaps her heart will soften enough that she will agree to a common child. You will only have to be able to provide for your family and enjoy so much love.

Important: If you can’t take a child from another man as a given and love him as your own, then there is no need to try and figure out how to please the girl. You don’t have to mess with her head. No amount of psychological techniques will help when you’re expecting the father of the child to take him away or he’ll just disappear into thin air.

Try dominance.

No, it’s not about the “dominate, dominate, humiliate” principle. It’s talking about a kind of patronizing without being strict. When a girl knows that you will do what you promised, deal with any difficulties in your life and take the burden of responsibility. It’s a bit like a parent-child relationship, but if you’re both that comfortable, why not. That way you’ll not only be able to make a woman fall in love with you, but also replace her father to some extent. This is especially true if she has been missing him.

Separately, it’s worth mentioning strictness and trying to punish a woman. It doesn’t work. If you think you’re going to strengthen the bond by threatening or reprimanding the girl, you’re in for a disappointment. She may communicate with you for a while out of fear for her safety, but as soon as the opportunity to break the relationship arises, she will take it.

Be honest

Being honest about your intentions and not misleading a girl is important for a healthy relationship. Telling her about your heroic act that didn’t happen may impress her, but someday finding out that it was a lie may cause the girl to lose trust in you. Be who you are, natural and simple. If you’re worried, say so. Sincerity always makes you feel good.

How to get girls’ attention

It’s springtime and most guys are once again wondering, “How do I get the attention of the opposite sex?” There are so many girls around and we all want them to like us. I’ll give you just two tips that will get you as close to your goal as possible.

First tip: Be cool.

1) Work on your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Self-esteem and self-confidence are very attractive character traits. Girls will go crazy for a guy who is confident in himself and what he can do. Do things that develop your self-esteem, it could be learning something new or traveling. If you can’t afford travel yet, you can still start learning foreign languages and the history of other countries. It will definitely come in handy.

You can develop self-confidence by volunteering at organizations that help people. This will give you a chance to prove to yourself and everyone around you that you can do something to change the world around you.

2) Don’t compare yourself to others. That way you won’t help the cause. The only person you can be is yourself. And that’s just great! Show the world how cool you are and stop pretending to be someone else.

Don’t try to repeat after someone else. Girls will notice that you’re not natural, and they definitely won’t like it. Acting like a bully even though you grew up in a wealthy, decent neighborhood? She’ll notice that. Relax, girls will like that too.

3) Take care of yourself and your appearance.

Don’t give up on personal hygiene and taking care of your closet. How can a girl like you if you don’t even like yourself and take care of your body? Wash regularly, use deodorant, wear clean, neat clothes and brush your teeth.

Don’t think that your clothes have to be exclusively expensive brands. She is much quicker to notice whether these clothes fit you or not, whether these colors suit you, than to pay attention to a special label.

Of course, let everything be in moderation. A little hair gel is fine, but your hair shouldn’t look like a rock.

4) Be open-minded.

Don’t be angry, frustrated, thoughtful, or disinclined to talk. If you look angry every time you talk to her, why should she talk to you, much less date you? Smile, be friendly, and just talk.

5) Be interesting.

Be someone girls will want to date. You don’t need to be abstruse, but at least be curious and interested. Be the kind of person who works hard to improve the lives of the people around you. Do something with your life. This is very important. Get up and start changing your life for the better.

You can gain a lot of knowledge by reading about things that interest you. Did you know that there are whole books about the evolution of weapons, like swords? Books about the extinction of dinosaurs? Yes, yes, it’s time to head to the library.

Consider your dreams. What do you want out of your life? What do you dream about? Telling her about your dreams will really appeal to girls: they want to think that you’ll love them just as much as you do.

Second tip: Make her happy.

The following points may seem ineffective to you because they are very likely to lead you into friendzone. However, they are important so that you can learn how to communicate confidently and trustingly with girls. This is a fundamental skill that will help you seduce women in the future. But you still have to learn how to be friends with them first. And this is a frequent problem with those who didn’t learn this skill at an early age. But all can catch up!

And if a girl likes you right away, without dancing with tambourines and magic, then this skill alone will already be enough to establish a relationship.

1) Get to know her.

Talk to her and listen to her. Ask the girl about her family, where she grew up, her religion and political views, what she likes and how she has fun. Don’t be critical or rude about her answers: those are her answers, not yours! Respect her ideas, her opinions, and her beliefs. Girls like to be treated equally. If you want girls to like you, the best place to start is with respect.

For example, ask a girl about her hobby and then ask her how she found it. This is a great way to start a conversation about how and where she grew up, her family and so on.

2) Find something you have in common.

She likes Metallica. you like Metallica. boom! Now you have something to talk about! Ask her about music, about movies, about what she does in her spare time. Find something in common so you can get to know each other and get close.

3) Be a good friend.

If we could guarantee that you could be friends, we’d lie to you. But being friends with a girl and showing her how great she is is is the best way to get her attention. Show her how happy she’ll be with you and you’ll see how good you feel with her.

Support her if she’s having a tough day, help her with her problems, be available when she needs your help, and listen to what she tells you.

4) Don’t act weird.

Don’t stare at her or avoid her looks. Don’t spin around her silently. Don’t stare at certain parts of her body (no matter how much you want to). Don’t make weird moves if you don’t know her well, and certainly don’t try to seduce her. This will only scare her and make you less attractive in her eyes.

A little more advice:

– Girls like guys who understand them, so it’s VERY important to listen to them.

Always be sweet and kind.

– Don’t text or pick at your phone when you talk to a girl, always look her in the eye.

– Compliment her on her appearance and she will feel more confident.

– Make jokes with caution when you’re sure of exactly what to joke about. Don’t go too far, such as saying her friend is dumb or weird. If they’re close to her, you’ll lose all chances. but if you know how to joke, the girl will always appreciate a good joke!

– Don’t develop things too quickly.

– Look her straight in the eye! Don’t stare at the floor!

– Remember that “attraction” is only part of the relationship.

If you become an interesting person and learn how to freely make friends and communicate even with unfamiliar girls, you will be able to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Sometimes this is enough to make the girl herself fell in love with you, but most often, along with this still need to apply the techniques of sexual attraction. But this is another story.

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