How to attract a Taurus man?

How to win a Taurus man and marry yourself

Taurus is a rather stubborn sign of the zodiac. How to win a Taurus man and marry him so that he will not suspect that he was hunted?

How to win a Taurus.

Taurus man is considered the most acceptable option among all the other signs exactly for marriage and serious relationships. And, if fate so decreed that your man was born under this constellation, it will be very difficult to win him.

First, the men of this sign have a very well-developed intuition. Literally from the second dialogue, he unmistakably determines that he is trying to seduce and conquer. And this causes him a sense of denial at a subconscious level. So, to conquer the Taurus man needs to be himself, not playing some preconceived role. Falsity men of this constellation will recognize very quickly. Be natural.

Taurus men value naturalness.

Second, in order to charm a Taurus man, pay attention only to him and forget about other men. Do not even mention them in the dialogue, unless it is your father or brother (uncle, matchmaker, cousin). Don’t give in to provocations and don’t talk about your past relationships in detail. A distinctive feature of Taurus is their jealousy. Men of this sign value themselves very much, and do not tolerate rivals (even imaginary ones) nearby.

Thirdly, at the initial stage, take the initiative. A Taurus man is a model of slowness in terms of courtship. You yourself need to make the first steps, give signs of attention and generally show your interest. Do not wait for the initiative during the first meeting with a Taurus.

Fourthly, you should be incredibly good-looking. No, models to Taurus men are not necessary. But here you must be well-groomed, if you set out to win the heart of this man. No flaws in you should not be noticed by his tenacious (and he really is tenacious) look. Neat haircut, manicure, well-dressed closet – it should be present not only on the date, but in general in your life.

Fifthly, you are required to be a good hostess. For the first time, inviting a male Taurus in your home, put the maximum order. No, of course, he will not look into your closets, but accustom yourself to the order necessary even before you will live with Taurus in the joint area. The same applies to your culinary abilities. The Taurus man will not demand any extravagances from you, but a hot, fresh dinner is necessary.

In addition, even following all these rules, you can not be completely sure that the man is “in your pocket. Taurus men are basically good to all women. Representatives of the stronger sex, born under the constellation Taurus, intelligent and attentive, and know how to give signs of attention to all the sympathetic to them women. And at the same time it is difficult to recognize their deep and serious feelings at once.

The men of this sign, as it is right, the one-lovers. They are hard and long coming together with women, and hard to leave them. To like Taurus, you need to constantly give him compliments. For example, that he looks great or does something extraordinarily well. He needs it to maintain his self-esteem, otherwise he will realize himself at the expense of something else (not always positive).

Since Taurus men are domestic men, they expect the same from their chosen women. Ask yourself if you are ready to give up your free life and devote yourself entirely to your home (work remains in its place). If you are willing to give up frequent get-togethers with girlfriends, from clubs and restaurants, from frequent visits to events, then the Taurus is worth seducing. If you highly value your free space, it is better to look for a companion among other signs.

To seduce and attract a Taurus man, you need to be able to compromise. No feminine tricks will not force the Taurus to do something against his will. Men of this sign are unusually stubborn. They seem to make concessions to you, but at the same time stick to their goal or spoil all your plans. If Taurus has told you his categorical “no”, it is better to get behind him and take care of your own affairs.

How to fall in love with a man Taurus?

On your life path met Taurus. A dark sign under the patronage of Venus. And like any of her wards – perceptive, noble, capable of creativity, but at the same time and stubborn in achieving their goals, able to put aside even what he cares.

Sensing with ancient instincts, who is in front of him in fact. And it doesn’t matter who you are: a middle-aged lady, a young girl, just recently fully realized his belonging to the beautiful sex or 25-year-old young woman in the prime of female beauty and sexuality.

For him, first of all, you are just a woman who liked you and who has set herself the problem: how to make a man fall in love with a Taurus. And your essence he will know very soon. So don’t try to pass yourself off as someone else.

He knows how to accept the rules of the game. You position yourself as naive, reverent, gentle and inexperienced? He will play along with you. And not just once, but for the long term, keeping his attitude towards you for a long time. If not forever. The main thing here is not to overplay his hand. Insincerity in Taurus is not appreciated. “To seem, not to be” – this is for you to another sign of the Zodiac.

What is he – a Taurus man?

He appreciates your feelings – but can hide out of a desire to fully like, understand your desires and needs, to take them for granted. Or not to accept, this is also possible, bearing in mind his already mentioned stubbornness after making a decision. He will correctly understand your desire to be liked – but he will also make quite certain conclusions, without being fooled by the abundance of makeup and a tight bodysuit under his clothes.

He will not take on things in which he is incompetent. But if he has a talent for a certain activity and he took it on, then woe to you if instead of support you will think to criticize his actions and express doubts about whether he will succeed in what he has planned.

Taurus is a subtle sensuality. Don’t try to dazzle him with an exquisite fragrance from Givenangie or Coco Chanel. It’s better to accentuate your natural scent of a clean healthy body with just a touch of expensive perfume. He is not a metrosexual to throw on silicone inserts and perfume “bouquet” of expensive brands around the world. This zodiac sign is more likely to be repulsed by such things.

And, being a full-fledged man, he won’t perceive you as a woman if you have the words “harassment,” “abjection,” “misogyny,” “gender” and the like in your vocabulary. It’s not for him. He’ll lift his collar and walk away with a shrug. And it’s not the content of these terms at all, he is quite adequate and he himself does not accept harassment and violence, either physical or psychological.

It’s about the bearers of that very terminology: if the woman in front of whom he held the tight door accuses him of sexism, he will no longer think of her as a beautiful lady. Or as a lady at all.

How to fall in love with a Taurus?

Perhaps the main qualities that a Taurus man will cherish in his girlfriend in life will be reliability and the coincidence of characters. Therefore, building a relationship strategy with this sign, it is worth asking yourself questions:

Am I enough:

  • Patient?
  • Attractive?
  • Sexy?
  • Economical?

After all, in Taurus coexist several contradictory qualities. For all his entrepreneurial spirit, ability and desire to earn money, he is nevertheless a terrible moth! A wise woman will take the management of income and expenses into her own hands, thus providing the financial rear of the family. Moreover, she will do it unobtrusively (Taurus men can’t tolerate obtrusions and diktat!) But carefully and accurately.

Demonstrate on occasion his ability to be rational and thrifty. Such a friend of life Taurus himself will present everything on a silver platter. Apparently, Voland had in mind such women in Bulgakov, saying “Never do not ask for anything, you proud woman! They will come and give you everything.

True, do not go overboard with excessive pragmatism: a romantic, in spite of everything, Taurus nature does not accept this trait in women. And if you have coped with this subtle task, the first step to form his lasting attachment to you is made by you.

A man born in the period from April 21 to May 20, likes and appreciates a good table, so if you have a culinary talent – this is a huge plus to your karma. However, Taurus himself, being a creative person, can also give you a great, hand-cooked dinner. Or breakfast – if you have already got to the point of waking up in the morning in the same bed! By the way, Taurus is often insatiable in love, and will have sex willingly and often, keep that in mind!

Keeping in mind this quality of Taurus, you should seriously think about cleaning yourself if your appearance appeared to be slightly neglected as a result of life peripeteia! No, a Taurus does not need a standard beauty, made according to the models of the plastic beauty industry with duck lips, raised cheekbones a la Barbie and a dried up nose.

These men are quite unusual idea of beauty, they are quite enough of the attractiveness that was given to you by nature itself. The main thing for them in a woman – “zest”. Very appreciate the kindness and responsiveness, as well as the ability to hold their own in public with dignity, not stooping to bazar-like clarification of relations in a difficult or conflict situation.

Says Olga T.

“I have a life situation – the worst possible. The man with whom I lived for 9 years, had a child by him, not only did not think about marrying me – he did not even divorce his ex! He was petty, suspicious (completely groundless, by the way, I was a faithful common-law wife!) He started insulting me lately, calling me an unnecessary freak. How much I cried stealthily … I do not know what came over me, but I decided to cheat, to check whether I really do not need anyone! Hmm… I did. As they say, demand exceeded supply!

I had this casual relationship on a dating site, and then one day a Taurus man comes to my page with a compliment, “Oh, what an adorably glazed girl!” And I really do have saucer eyes there. How did you know I was a Taurus? And that’s where the zodiac sign of your interlocutor was put.

He was older than I was, and somehow he took a faithful, somewhat patronizing, but also respectful tone right away. Like father and daughter. And I told him everything, out of the goodness of my heart. And he asked me out.

I must say that I still perceived him as just another, passable man. “Oh, I was not, then I’ll forget, like the previous ones!” But in spite of this attitude, I went on a date, and when I saw him, I was completely dumbfounded! He was so … unusual somehow. Unconventional. Then it turned out that he was not from our place, from the Far East, with a completely different mentality. A former sailor.

We had sex right away, and I didn’t regret it one bit. He was tender, gentle, in bed he was a real guide, and I was as lulled to sleep. I was lulled into sleep. I was flying home in three hours. And then, after several meetings I decided to break up with my “husband” after one more insult!

It was scary – what if my Taurus at the last moment will run away into the bushes – he also was not free, half a year has lived with a Scorpio woman, from which it is not so easy to leave because of her character. But he met me, consoled and supported me, and we went and rented an apartment. We started to live together, and then we bought a house. We got married two months after we got hitched. We’ve been living for eight years now. And yes – I am a Taurus too!”

Compatibility with other Taurus signs

Here we come close to the topic of compatibility. In classical astrology it is customary to operate with the concept of “triangle”, where the zodiac signs located in a circle are inscribed in an isosceles triangle, at the tops of which, as in the case of Taurus, are also Virgo and Capricorn.

It is these that are considered to be perfect for each other. But there are also exceptions. In the first case – with the canonical opposite, which in relation to Taurus is Scorpio (because they got together in real life, as in Olga’s story!), in the second, the ideal is a combination of two identical signs, when both mutual claims and mutual sympathy enter into a kind of alliance and are extinguished. In the third case, one of the partners will always be dominant, and only on this basis will a harmonious relationship be built.

In the case of the woman whose letter is cited above, many things coincided: both the same worldliness, which both perceived as a challenge to fate, and the woman’s openness to a new partner. Being terribly jealous,

Taurus, however, appreciate the frankness in the relationship, and if they see that for this woman you become a friend, protector, husband and lover in one person, and she appreciates it – such a partner of Taurus will forgive all the past transgressions. And he will not consider them as transgressions. So the statement that “honesty is the best policy!” in this case works 100%.

Now briefly run through the compatibility of Taurus with other zodiac symbols:

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