How to attract a guy who likes you?

How to attract a man to her mind

Have you ever wondered why some women are attracted to men, while possessing no bright appearance or a slender figure, or a lot of money? And others, clever beauties, no matter what they do – in vain. They do not know how to attract a man, and suffer from this issue.

There was a time when I was actively looking for an answer. And I found it. Today I am ready to share it with you.

Любимый по непонятным причинам прекратил с вами общаться и не выходит на связь? Что делать? Как притянуть к себе мужчину? Ответ здесь >>>

I will tell you a story that happened to me a long time ago, back when I did not have a boyfriend. This is a story about how to attract a man that you like, without worrying about your appearance and without committing any actions towards him in the physical world. How is it possible? It’s simple – with the power of thought!

My story will be especially interesting if there is a guy or a man who you like very much, but you are not together and would like to attract him. Is it relevant? Then read it carefully!

How to attract a man to me: my story

So, let’s take a mental trip back many years. It was like this …

I was working in an office, and I really liked one guy. He was tall, curly, with big gray-blue eyes and a charming smile. He dressed stylishly, had a good job and drove a late-model BMW. In a word – he was great! Just the kind of boy a lot of girls liked.

I walked around, staring at him and wondering how I could get his attention. No, it wasn’t that he didn’t respond to me at all. I noticed that sometimes he would look in my direction, but he never approached me.

For a long time I couldn’t understand why this guy was acting this way. But soon it became clear to me…

Obstacle in the way

A little later I found him on his Instagram and immediately understood what it was all about: he had a girlfriend.

Of course, I suspected as much. After all, it’s obvious: if a guy doesn’t get closer after you’ve met him, or even spent an evening together, there’s probably some good reason for it. Most often this reason is the presence of the girl.

At first glance, it may seem that this is a verdict, which will not allow you to attract the right man in his life.

In fact, everything is not so bad. Another girl is not the end! After all, if a guy, being in a couple, looks at others, it means that all is not well and smoothly in his relationship, so they will sooner or later stop.

It’s the same with married people. I’m not calling for them to be attracted, no. But sometimes it happens that a man is not happy in his marriage. And if he reaches out to you, shows interest, but does not dare to take action, you can help him make that step. There’s nothing wrong with that! You will save two people who were unhappy together, and now get a chance to be happy separately.

Small mistake.

So I found out he wasn’t free, but that didn’t make me less interested-I still liked him. I continued to think about how to attract this man to me.

He kept looking at me from time to time, but did not try to communicate with me. Nothing happened between us. And I wanted to attract him so much! I dreamed of organizing something with him, as they say, “hooking up”.

But I didn’t have any big, global goals in relation to this man at that time. I did not think about dating him for a long time, building a serious relationship, or marrying him. Apparently, because I did not communicate with him and did not understand what kind of person he was, all this was not in my plans.

I had only one goal: to start communicating with him and perhaps establish a more intimate relationship. Very close. You know what I mean, girls?

Now I realize that this was my mistake, which probably hindered the fulfillment of my desire. I will tell you what it is.

There is an opinion that you can not make grand plans for any guy you like right away. “He just said, ‘Hi!’ to me, and I’m already mentally married and had three children by him,” many people joke.

But personally, I don’t agree with that. On the contrary, I think that’s exactly the right thing to do. Why? Let me explain.

K ome you don’t have any specific purpose for the man, when you don’t have any great desire in the future – you don’t know what to do and where to go next, and the woman doesn’t understand what you want from her, and can’t give you anything specific, that would satisfy you.

Therefore, the first thing I recommend you to do right after you have chosen your boyfriend is to define your plans and intentions concerning him. And already after that you can ask the question “How to attract a man by force of thought? So the process of realization of your intention will go much faster.

Let’s go back to my story. At that time, I didn’t think about this important nuance, but simply decided to use the power of thought right away. Just like I always do. What did I do? I used an old, well-known, and very effective technique.

How to attract a man with the power of thought

I used the practice of seduction thought power. This method works very well, because when a man chooses a woman, as a rule, he first of all pays attention to the level of desire that awakens in him in relation to her. And only after that does a guy start to notice his feelings for a girl and his emotions next to her. But it is the sexual interest that is primary.

Knowing this, I decided to attract the right man with the power of thought. Today I will tell you what I have done exactly for this purpose, and most importantly – I will give you a step by step plan to seduce a guy. You will understand why some women are attracted to men, and you can become one of them.

Attracting a guy: the signs of the universe.

I was able to do this practice only three times, and then some interesting things began to happen around me. Within a week or two, I began to notice just wild synchronicities! Do you know what it is? If not, then be sure to read my article about these magical signs from the Universe.

Synchronicities can be different. As for my story, they manifested themselves when my boyfriend and I began to constantly cross paths and bump into each other face to face.

The thing is that though we were colleagues, I worked on the 11th floor and he on the 12th, we didn’t have any special overlap due to our duty. In addition, our work schedules did not coincide, and we could meet, at most, in the corridor or the elevator. In short, we saw each other very rarely, even if I really wanted to.

And then one day, after I had done another practice on seduction with my mind, I suddenly noticed that we started to meet this guy every day, and several times, by the elevator, in the hallway, in the canteen. Regularly. Every day. It was just unreal! At some point we, constantly bumping into each other, already started laughing about it.

How else can synchronicities manifest in your life? How can you recognize the amazing signs the Universe is giving you as you try to attract the right man?

For example, the name of the guy you are interested in can start to come up again and again in your eyes. Or you will start to hear a lot and often about him – literally from everywhere. Another sure sign – couples in love, “pursuing” you at every corner, movies and TV series about love, which you will stumble upon time and again.

Even your girlfriend can tell you that she began to meet someone. And it will also be a signal that you are closer than ever to a relationship with the desired man.

In other words, when the desire is about to come true, there are a lot of positive synchronicities around you, even if not all of them you notice. If something negative is happening in your life, it is a clear sign that you are doing something wrong or going the wrong way.

Remember: as soon as you focus your attention on the negative, you immediately begin to attract it to yourself. So be especially attentive when thinking about how to attract a man by force of thought.

How to attract the right man: I did it!

The rest was even more interesting. I was not deceived by the synchronicities: the result was not long in coming, and I was convinced that the practice of seduction worked.

Time passed, and then – the New Year’s Eve corporate party! During the holiday, he finally came over to me to get acquainted. I was happy! We spent the whole evening together. I found out that he had just recently broken up with a girl who had not approached me before.

After that “New Year’s Eve” acquaintance, we got to know each other more closely. We met a few more times and had a nice conversation. In principle, if I wanted, I could start building a further relationship with him, but…

I realized that he was not my man at all ! He wasn’t mine at all. I didn’t want to be with him. That’s the way it is.

But the main thing in this story is that I was able to learn for sure how to attract a man who I like, and that it is quite real. In my case, it worked this magic technique – seduction thought power. And right now I will tell you about it!

Если же вы понимаете, что человек, которого вы притянули, ― именно тот, о ком всегда мечтали, но отношения почему-то не складываются, воспользуйтесь советами из книги «Единственная результативная стратегия восстановления настоящих любовных отношений» >>>

Seduction through thought: a step-by-step plan

So, explain the methodology. Read carefully what you need to do, and remember.

First, you must decide on the specific man that you are interested in and want to attract. It is desirable not to make my mistakes (read above) and learn more about him, understand what you want from a relationship with this man in the future, and formulate a clear intention.

Secondly, when the guy is chosen, start a meditation – go into a very relaxed state, at an alpha level. You can find out how to achieve this in this video. Personally, I would just sit in an armchair, play nice music, close my eyes, and relax into a light half-slumber.

Third: For 10-15 minutes, imagine the man you want next to you and seduce him in your mind. It is best to imagine him in the same place every time. For example, I imagined a guy I liked in my apartment: I felt comfortable and I could clearly visualize all the details of the interior. I imagined that he was in my home and that I was touching him. He likes it very much: the guy looks at me with amorous eyes, passionately desiring me.

In order for the practice to work 100% and for you to be able to attract a guy, it is important during its performance to be as relaxed as possible and to imagine the desired man and his seduction in as much detail as possible. It is important to mentally see his body, to feel his reaction, to smell him. Even if you are not yet familiar with his smell, imagine it. Try to see and feel how madly he wants you, how much he needs you. It all works very well!

On the practice of seducing thought power and how to attract a man, I partially tell you in the video How to make a man fall in love with her mind. A to learn all the important details and nuances of its application can be on the course to restore relationships, students are more than once convinced of the effectiveness of this technique to return and attract men .

Working on the result

“How soon can I expect results after the start of regular practices of seduction with the power of thought? – a lot of people wonder.

There isn’t and can’t be one definitive answer. I cannot tell you “Do it ten times – and everything will work out!”, because we are talking about special things and subtle matters. That is why I recommend to repeat this practice, as well as all similar ones, until you reach the desired result.

There may be very different terms. What does it depend on?

First of all, not every day you do the practice in the same way. For example, today you visualized somehow incompletely: maybe you didn’t relax enough, maybe you didn’t concentrate well enough, maybe you didn’t feel the emotions properly. Such visualization will not work to its full potential. And tomorrow, on the contrary, you will do everything so well that no further practice will be necessary.

Secondly, don’t forget that your thoughts have enough power. If you concentrate as much as possible on any of them, it will be realized very quickly. If you have a good and sufficiently long retention of focus, the process of materialization can take only 1-3 days.

If you visualize your boyfriend, experiencing positive emotions, for only a few minutes a day, and the rest of the time you are lamenting about how bad your personal life is, how lonely and miserable you are, then it is easy to guess where your focus is.

Thinking about how to attract a man who likes you, always remember: than the focus of attention – that you and will attract in their lives. It all depends on you!

The main thing – imagination!

Maybe you’ll think that it’s not easy to learn this technique. But it is definitely worth to try it, even if you are still familiar with it superficially.

To attract a guy at the initial stage, this method is ideal. You don’t have to become smarter or prettier, you don’t have to wonder why some women attract men easily and others don’t, and you don’t have to wonder what they have that you don’t have. You don’t have to make any first steps. You just have to relax, fantasize, and get high. And the guy is yours.

Even if you do not know each other, the man will feel a burning desire to get acquainted, he will come up to you and start communicating. And if he hasn’t paid any attention to you before, you will notice how interested he is in you now, and eventually he will try to get to know you and attract you.

You can use this technique every time you like a guy. It works without any physical actions towards the man: you do not need to approach him, you do not need to get acquainted with him, you do not need to call him or invite him anywhere, you do not need to write to him.

On the contrary, don’t make any first steps on a physical level in any case! Just observe how it will work on the level of the power of thought.

A few more practices on attracting and seducing a man by the power of thought you will find in our store:

Man of dreams: attract or hold?

But, girls, I say at once: do not think that only one of these techniques can make a man fall in love with you for life. This is not the case.

This practice, the so-called sexual meditation, very cool helps to attract a man, but only at first. After all, we all understand that the relationship between a man and a woman begins with physical attraction.

Yes, it’s not hard to attract a guy at the beginning of a relationship. But what happens next? How to attract a man to you for a long time?

And then it is important to maintain it in a desire to stay close to you forever. To do this you need a range of “procedures”. Including pumping yourself and with your self-esteem, love for yourself and self-acceptance. That’s what we learn at the marathon “I am alone with myself”. But that’s another story …

Have you ever wondered why some women attract men, like a magnet? Do you know how to attract a man? Have you ever had a successful attempt to attract a guy with your mind? Share your experiences in the comments?

How to attract the attention of the guy? Top 5 failsafe methods of psychology to start attracting men!

Some girls are desperate to make the man they like show interest. But often a guy has no idea about your sympathy and is afraid of rejection.

Many women wonder how to attract the attention of guys they like. To circumvent other groupies and ignite the interest of men, they use a variety of means and ways, going to all kinds of tricks.

5 methods to attract the attention of a guy you like

Each girl is different. Any of them wants to show her partner that she is the best, the most worthy. However, no matter what special charms have a beauty, you should learn to use universal rules and techniques that no man can resist.

Five things you do not need to do:

  1. Men do not like intrusive and vulgar girls.
  2. Do not be too shy.
  3. Don’t use strong language in the presence of the stronger sex.
  4. Avoid mentioning ex-boyfriends.
  5. Don’t burden a man with your complaints about life.

Method #1. Appearance

The strong sex, above all, evaluates a woman’s attractiveness through her eyes. For guys, what’s important:

  • figure and posture;
  • hair and body odor;
  • gait and make-up;
  • clothing and shoes.

Men are sure to find you attractive if you have:

  • a snow-white smile;
  • clean hair;
  • Groomed hands with a natural and not provocative manicure;
  • feminine clothes that emphasize your figure;
  • polished shoes that fit perfectly with the outfit;
  • Light natural makeup, which can be diluted with a bright lipstick;
  • With graceful and relaxed movements.

Avoid too revealing clothes, let the opposite sex to play up the fantasy. Dressing too short can ruin a good impression of you.

Method #2. The look

The feeling of love often begins with eye contact. Fill the gaze with warmth and sympathy.

  1. Don’t be afraid to look a guy straight in the eye. Look into the mirror of his soul. Look at him a little longer than other people. Then, dropping your eyelashes down briefly, touch his gaze again.
  2. In the process of communication it is necessary to establish eye contact. Such a no-nonsense move will develop a trusting relationship.
  3. The look is one of the main tools of seduction. It should tell you that you are interested in the guy, and encourage him to take action.
  4. If you learn how to “shoot the eyes”. Then the young man will definitely notice and he will come over to talk to you.

Method #3. Tricks

Simple, but effective tricks can help to attract attention:

  • Red clothing is guaranteed to attract the attention of guys, it is as if it pushes a man to pay attention.

When wearing a red dress, you should refrain from using a provocative makeup. Give preference to restrained and noble colors, you can confine yourself to a small detail – a red lipstick.

  • Girls with a cheerful expression seem to guys more attractive than those with a sad or proud grimace.
  • Active and moving people always like other people: so gesticulate intensely and change your body position.
  • Show your mystique: Smile sweetly at the guy you like and then look embarrassed at his gaze. That way he’ll know you’re enjoying his attention.
  • Get a pet. Girls who have a pet seem responsible and caring to men.

Method #4. Communication (behavior)

In order for the young man to have a pleasant impression of the conversation you need to:

  • behave naturally;
  • Listen and keep the conversation going;
  • show interest in what he is saying;
  • share his/her view of the world;
  • do not be stingy with your praise;
  • ask for help;
  • be cheerful;
  • Don’t burden the guy with your problems;
  • appreciate his jokes and make jokes yourself.

When talking to a man, follow a few simple, but important rules:

  • Listen carefully;
  • Let the other person finish talking;
  • Empathize with the difficult moments in his life;
  • Show emotion;
  • remember the disarming effect of a smile.

Method #5. Body language

Beautiful gestures are the best way to help you look desirable in a man’s eyes:

  • Play with your hair: flip it back, wrap a curl on your finger and unravel it, correct naughty strands;
  • demonstrate the curves of the wrist;
  • catch on the lips, erotically open them;
  • shift your legs from one to the other;
  • play with your man’s eyes, sliding your gaze over his body;
  • wiggle your hips sexily as you walk.

If you show your interest, the guy is sure to start acting up. However, do not flirt too intrusively with a man, he must be hesitant: whether you like it or not.

How to ignore a guy to get his attention

Oddly enough, we want to get the affection of those people who repel us. But when the goal is achieved, the interest goes somewhere. And this means that this method is short-lived and can only work when a man at the initial stage of dating shows his interest in the object that is trying to arouse affectionate feelings. Such an option will work if:

  • You feel that a man likes you very much. It will work when you have flirted and there is a spark of sympathy between you, or when your relationship is just beginning and is romantic in nature. When a man initially you ignore, then to this method is better not to resort.
  • Responding “no” to all of his proposals, do it tactfully and gently. Try to explain the rejection with some good reason. Show all of his species that you are sorry that the circumstances are such. He should not understand that you are ignoring it on purpose.
  • After the date, continue to ignore him: You can call half an hour before the date and tell him that the meeting will have to be postponed due to changed circumstances. Ignoring should not last long, otherwise the man will get tired of waiting for you and his feelings cool down.

Do not completely reject the man’s proposals, it is important to give constant hope for the next meeting.

How to get the attention of an ex-boyfriend

Is it possible to resume a long-dead relationship? This is quite a complicated way and you need to think carefully about whether this is necessary. If you do not want to break up with his beloved, resort to a proven method: the battle of indifference and jealousy.

Being indifferent doesn’t mean BEING emotional.

  • Remain calm and friendly when you find yourself in a circle of mutual acquaintances.
  • Do not bring up the past.
  • Do not be dismissive of his new girlfriend. It would be great if you give her a compliment or express sincere admiration for her clothes or accessories.

Such atypical behavior will make the guy you still like become loving again, reflect on his departure from you and possibly change his mind.

When feelings are still there, it is possible to attract the one you love: jealousy works without fail. The new guy next to you will instantly cause a flurry of emotions in your ex and awaken a desire to take from his rival.

Do not overplay your hand: do not hug or kiss your new friend in public. Such behavior will only cause the ex to be angry and insult his personality.

How to get a boyfriend’s attention in school

The school years are the best. And there is nothing easier than to draw the interest of a boy you like.

If a young man is strong in any subjects, you just need to ask him for help. Strike up a conversation, find common ground. You can talk about the circles you attend, common acquaintances or try to find an interesting topic to discuss.

Suggest to the teenager you like to go somewhere together, for example to a cafe or organize a walk in the park.

It’s okay that you dared to take decisive action. Discard your shyness and just take what you like.

How to get a guy’s attention by correspondence, on the Internet (on the vk)

To get a guy’s sympathy by correspondence is much harder than having eye contact with him. It’s hard to know if he likes you or not yet.

Start a conversation with a study of his page! It will tell you a lot: the emotional state, hobbies.

  1. Watch his videos,
  2. listen to audio recordings,
  3. dig into his comments,
  4. Pay attention to his statuses.

Work on your social media profile:

  1. Give it a presentable look.
  2. Put up photos that he’ll be interested in.
  3. Now you can start correspondence online.

Avoid formulaic phrases in your messages, show originality and ingenuity. However, do not try to act like a “nerd”. Take logical thinking and erudition, start a heated discussion when you correspond.

Don’t talk much about yourself. It would be better if you were the one asking the questions. Or let him think, who is the anonymous person who writes to him? Most likely, the guy will become curious about something about you, and the young man will be the first to type a message the next day.

Sympathy can be tracked by the volume of messages, how full and frequent the responses will be. Interested guy writes a lot and in detail.

How to get a guy’s attention from a distance

Sometimes there are hundreds of miles between you. But there is no distance that would prevent girls from rejecting a guy she likes. What should you do to keep the interest of a young man with whom you have already dated or only dream about it?

  • Write to each other every day;
  • Take an interest in your loved one’s life;
  • Share your feelings;
  • Express admiration for his success;
  • Show your boyfriend sincere respect;
  • Be happy for him and with him about his achievements.

Communicate in a video report. This will make your conversations more emotional. Send voice messages. Play, intrigue, dream of meeting together.

How to get a guy’s attention at work

You are interested in a colleague at work, but it does not go further than the work process? All can be corrected by using simple recommendations.

  • Get into a relationship of trust;
  • find common hobbies;
  • Show consideration for your colleague’s interests;
  • Encourage the employee with compliments;
  • look your best;
  • Wear tight-fitting outfits, keeping in mind, of course, the dress code;
  • Feed the object of adoration.

Use the relaxed atmosphere of the corporate party to achieve your goal, because who knows when there will be a better opportunity.

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