How to attract a guy in school?

How to meet a guy in school – tips and advice

It happens that the lack of fans a girl does not experience, but how to approach the one who really likes, she does not know. And sometimes a guy is so popular that it is difficult to stand out in a crowd of competitors. But this situation is correctable, and you can meet at school with a guy from another class, let him pass by before, not noticing the eloquent glances.

How to attract the attention of a guy

Psychologists and training authors say that boys are attracted not only external beauty. A girl with a broad outlook, established as a person, confident in her abilities, will not be without admirers.

All this is really important, but only after dating. To make it happen, in a course of other tricks will go.

Change your image.

Changes will be necessary, but not radical. The purpose of a change of image – to emphasize your strengths, not to become someone else. You should start by revising your closet. Many trendy items in it will have to put aside. Oversize sweaters and envelopes – it’s fine, but the boys like it rarely. Femininity in their view is associated with dresses in a romantic style, high-heeled shoes, light makeup and beautiful styling.

A few colored strands in the hair or an unusual lip gloss are liked more than too heavy and bright makeup, which turns the face into a mask. Aggressive makeup can scare off boys. You want to meet a boy you like at school – you’ll have to conform to men’s ideas of fashion and style.

Ask for help.

In world culture, there is a concept of the “damsel in distress.” A beautiful princess kidnapped by a dragon and waiting for a noble savior is a prime example. Children grow up on magical fairy tales, movies and video games, and boys absorb it as a pattern of behavior: a knight must come to the rescue.

The trick works well when you have to hit on the guy you like at school. It is important not to overdo it. Help should be unburdensome for him – some little thing that does not take much time. Do not abuse this trick. If he thinks you’re a helpless creature who constantly wants his attention, he’ll get angry or disappointed.

Remind him of yourself regularly.

A common mistake: to hit on a boy at school, a girl follows him as a shadow. This is a bad strategy, but reminding yourself and getting in his field of vision is necessary. To do this, you have to play an FBI agent – a profiler, making psychological portraits. Almost always the boy has a page on the social network, and its content you will understand what the owner is into, what movies he watches and what music he listens to. An attentive profiler will also find out plans – where and with whom the young man is going to go.

Accidentally meeting a guy at school is a good thing. But sometimes these accidents are the result of planning. If you want to be noticed and want to get acquainted – get into the eyes more often in those places where the guy is a regular thing: in a cafe, gym, etc. At the second or third meeting, a conversation will ensue. If the guy sees that you have common interests, he will want to continue to get acquainted.

How to meet an older guy

Girls at age 12 or 13 are already dreaming about love and romantic adventures, but their peer boys aren’t thinking about that yet and are much more focused on video games and soccer. So understandable is the desire not just to meet at school with a guy from another class, but to date an older boy. It’s harder, but not impossible.

Don’t try to look older. Often these attempts to pick up a boy do not end well, because they look ridiculous. Stay true to yourself, and that will require a sense of comfort. If you finally decided to approach the boy you like, it is better to choose a favorite for this, rather than a fashionable outfit.

What to say to a guy when getting acquainted

Imagine that meeting a strange guy at school is a scientific assignment, and you have to gather information for it: find out what the man is interested in, and come up with a topic on which you can communicate for a few minutes without feeling uncomfortable.

It remains to wait for a convenient moment when neither his friends nor your girlfriends are around. First, you have to make eye contact: wait for the eyes to meet and smile. He might understand this as an expression of interest or an invitation to conversation.

When meeting a guy at school, you can say a banal “Hi!” And then discuss a neutral, but at the same time relevant to all students – a new teacher, a holiday ruler.

If the conversation takes place outside of the school, the conversation can begin with unobtrusive questions:

  • what music he’s listening to right now;
  • what apps he goes to and likes to play;
  • whether he’s been to this cafe before;
  • how was the weekend.

An important tip: the interlocutor should hear. Although excitement makes girls want to chatter incessantly, it is better to restrain the impulse. Do not stick to a pre-conceived script and pre-prepared phrases as well: let the conversation be free.

How to keep the conversation going

Wanting to make a pass at school like a guy – try on his interests, find out more details about the subject of his hobbies. Then the conversation on the subject will flow easily and freely. With high school students more difficult, will have to work harder, but it will expand the horizons. Let the difference in age 5 years, common topics to find real – movies and video games like everything.

Do not try to demonstrate your knowledge, it’s not an exam. Genuine interest and relevant remarks are enough, then the interlocutor will talk himself and consider that he is having a good time.

A few good jokes, a couple of compliments – they are easy to think of, and they make a pleasant impression on the interlocutor. The conversation should please him so much that he wants to continue. Did not get a long conversation, and you managed to skip two or three phrases for a couple of minutes – it’s already a success. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow there will be more reasons to say hello and continue the conversation.

How to get acquainted with a guy, if you are shy

Confident girls sooner or later will find an approach to the hero of their dreams. The hardest thing is to meet a boy at school if you are shy. You have to work on your complexes. Or try ways to help overcome shyness. Many people find it easier to communicate without looking at the interlocutor. Pages on social networks and messengers make the task easier.

Through social networks

It’s simple: subscribe to the boy’s account to follow his actions. Like his posts or leave appropriate comments that are funny but not ambiguous. When he shares a photo from a cafe, ask him if he liked the menu and service. Under a picture of a movie premiere, leave a comment about the movie.

And then there’s the topic of conversation in the chat room. Join the same communities, participating in general discussions: It’s a chance to show wit and interest. Sooner or later, an unknown guy will notice a girl like that.

At the gym.

Not everyone manages to get acquainted at school: the environment itself gets in the way, especially if the boy goes to another class. The gym is a good option for dating. Suitable for those who are in good shape and not afraid to show it.

The fact that the boy attends the gym is already a “checkmark” in his favor. It means he leads an active lifestyle. You have an opportunity to ask for his advice: how to do the exercise correctly, how long should the warm-up last, how the simulator works. Start with a compliment, ask him for his opinion – a casual acquaintance will ensue.

It’s hard to look good after a workout. It’s better to approach the guy before class, and to go to the gym well prepared. Leggings and a T-shirt should be fresh and matched in size, makeup – light, styling – neat. A sloppy bundle on the head looks cute on Instagram, but beauty bloggers don’t always look good with this hairstyle either, and they put more effort into it.

Via texting.

If the boy is in another class, the reason to write remains: to find out how the algebra or physics test went. Then drop off a funny gif to continue the conversation in a pleasant way. Alternatively, say he was recommended as a computer genius, and at the same time, find out where you can download the right program. Do not forget to thank him for his help.

Compliments about his taste work well. Ask him where he got those cool sneakers or that fan art sweatshirt you’re looking for for a gift for your brother.

But excuses for the conversation shouldn’t look far-fetched, or the person will think he’s being played a joke or a prank.

Tips for girls to meet guys

If you want to hit on a boy you don’t know, you don’t have to come up with convoluted plans:

  • Be in a good mood. With a man who smiles and does not mind to joke, to communicate much more pleasant than the cold and unapproachable girl, as if descended from the screen. Guys can be shy to approach such a person.
  • Use your strengths. If romantic femininity – not your strong point, make an emphasis on the superpower and become the soul of the company. The man who laughs at your jokes every day, one day you may fall in love.
  • Be friendly, but without hypocrisy. And with his friends, too, even if you don’t like them. Boys often listen to their buddies’ opinions, so don’t let them think you’re boring or rude: that’s not a good recommendation.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Saying, “Hi!” will suffice. It’s not an aggressive approach. The greeting is not annoying, responding to it better than primitive flirting.

What not to do

If you really want to meet a guy from another class at school, you need to avoid things that work against you. A girl shouldn’t:

  • Trying to cause jealousy. This doesn’t always work in more mature relationships either, and high school-aged guys are definitely not in the mood for melodrama.
  • Attract attention with risky stunts or eccentric gestures. This works in romantic comedies; in reality, it discourages them.
  • Involve your friends in cunning plans. You can ask a friend to keep you company if you go to a movie or cafe and you know he’s there spending time with his friend. In this situation, there is a chance to invite them: let them join you. But you can’t trust even your favorite friend with sensitive things like talking to your boyfriend about your feelings for him.
  • Seem more mature, experienced lady or a lover of extreme experiences, if you’re not.
  • Constantly demanding attention, playing helpless and trying to seem like a fool. First of all, a smart guy will not like it. And secondly, the relationship that began with deception, will quickly disappear.

Universal recipe for how to meet in school with a guy who really likes, have not yet invented. Every case is unique. And even if the romance doesn’t happen, you can become friends, and a good friend is sometimes much more important than falling in love.

Tips for girls: How a boy at school likes you

School is considered one of the most important and interesting periods of life. There children socialize, learn to interact with the team, find friends and, of course, fall in love. School love is the brightest and most tender, it is remembered throughout life. Girls are more hustling in terms of likes and relationships, so they have questions about the opposite sex earlier. How to like a guy at school? What steps to take? What to do not to push him away?

6 basic steps

Adolescence is the most vulnerable, active, exciting. In the soul of the girls begin to arise special feelings, which are no longer similar to friendship. How to interest a cute boy at school?

Like a boy at school is easy, just need to remember some rules. And then everything will succeed, because you have the opportunity to see each other every day! So, we begin with the basics: how to behave so that the guy began to have reciprocal feelings?

Take care of yourself.

Looks are every girl’s main weapon. Neither huge blue eyes nor the waist will save you if you look ungroomed.

Do not forget about basic hygiene: brush teeth, wash and comb your hair, wash your face, take care of your nails. When a girl has a neat manicure, fresh breath, shiny hair, no pimples on the face – the chances to attract the attention of the guy grows threefold!

And most importantly – take care of your appearance even where hidden from prying eyes! It is necessary to do for self-confidence. If the girl torn tights, stale lingerie or terrible pedicure, will it shine in front of the object of sympathy? Not likely. She will be stiff, shy and unsure of her movements. So, beauties, dress and groom yourself like you go to the runway every day, not to school!


Sympathy begins with communication. If a girl wants a guy outside of her class to like her, it’s worth starting with making contact. Playful looks at recess, shy smiles, timid nods. Ask your classmates at school to introduce you. If you’re shy, switch to social media. Study the guy’s page before you make any moves. Add to a couple of his groups, like a few songs, entries. Comment creatively on a photo you like. Share that you have a Bee 2 collector’s album if the guy is interested in that band, etc.

If you like your classmate, communication can be accompanied by physical contact. You can sit down at his desk at recess to ask for advice (help with setting up a phone, choosing a cool movie). In doing so, touch shoulders or hands. If you are already on good terms, you can hug a classmate, playfully pat on the shoulder, playfully push, pinch. In class once you can wink at him. But everything should be natural!

Next, try to move communication outside of school. Walk home together (even if you are only 5 minutes away, walk them together), ask him to carry your bag. Offer to go for a walk after school, thinking of some reason to do so. Ask for advice, tell her that you are being courted by a guy and you don’t know how to behave so as not to hurt his rejection. That way you’ll show that you’re in demand among boys and he’ll look at you with interest.

If the conversation doesn’t go well, so as not to look ridiculous, ask the guy more questions. Then your tension will go down and the dialogue will get better.

Flirt .

Flirting is a real art. But do not worry, this art can be quickly learned, just a little over your shyness. For example, you like the guy at school, but when you cross paths, you run away terrified or avert your eyes from him, pretending not to notice? That’s an a priori wrong attitude.

One day, at recess, give him a wink or a nod. Smile, look him in the eye for five seconds and then look away. It’s very simple, don’t be shy. Boys are just waiting for signals like this, because they are more vulnerable than they seem.

If the guy at school is shy enough, but you notice that he looks at you often and with interest – go up to him first. Ask a couple of questions, the kind that don’t commit to anything. If the conversation starts – great. If you feel you both look silly, honestly tell him so. “The conversation isn’t working out. We’ll try again in a while, maybe next time it’ll work out.” Walk away without looking back. He’ll be shocked, but this method works.

If you see a game of snowballs in the schoolyard – join us without hesitation! Throw a snowball at him, do not be afraid, then with an innocent look you can say that unintentionally.

If you’re just melting at the sight of a cute guy, imagine you’re in front of a neighbor or best friend who’s easy to talk to. Mentally play out possible topics of conversation, practice in front of the mirror – so you’ll release tension and look natural.

He needs to notice

To snag a guy’s attention at school, a girl has to attract him with something. Not only do you need to be yourself, but you also need to consider your age range!

Everything should be organic! For example, if a 10-year-old girl tries to impress with makeup – it’s more likely to cause bewilderment and ridicule from the guy than interest. It is better at this age to attract attention by behavior. Be cheerful, engaging, active, friendly: when entering the classroom, smile, say hello, look the boy in the eyes when talking, tell interesting tales. Encourage the boy, help him, praise him. Guys like this more than short skirts and painted lips.

But at age 13 you can already surprise guys with your appearance. This may be a new hairstyle, interesting closet mix, light and natural makeup, which emphasizes the beauty. Just remember – it should suit you!

If the school has a dress code, you can just play with the styles of shirts/blouses/skirts, supplementing the image with an interesting braid, high ponytail or fashionable curls. If allowed a free style – there is room to unravel. But wear only clothes that you are comfortable in. If you like jeans with sneakers, and suddenly wore high heels with a narrow dress – yes, the guy will notice you for sure! But most likely he will notice your ridiculous, ridiculous gait. And if you also fall down at school – you’ll blush for a long time. Continue to carry your style, just add bright colors and interesting accessories.

Makeup should be discreet, just enough lip gloss and a little mascara on the lashes. To get a guy to like you, never use blue eye shadow, dark blush and brown lipstick!

Become his friend

This option is more suitable for liking an unfamiliar or unfamiliar guy. A classmate already knows everything about you, so the recommendations for conquering him will be somewhat different.

So, you want to turn the head of the guy from the class, but you do not know how best to approach him? First, find out about his hobbies and interests. If the guy goes swimming, modeling, theater club – it’s time to go there and you. First, the general activity immediately brings together – you’ll say hello at school, exchanging a few words during extracurricular activities. Secondly, you have a chance to win him his qualities (talent, speed, strength, intelligence, creativity). Thirdly, you can always casually ask him for help, praising his skills at the same time. For example: “How do you manage to grasp it so quickly on the fly? Do you know any secrets? Share with me, and I can not master this technique. Or, “How long have you been practicing that you’re so good at it? Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.”

From there, the friendship between you is assured. Later, you can ask the guy to walk you home after practice because it’s dark/fear of dogs/ sad today/want to consult with him, have a chat.

Tip: Don’t procrastinate with friendships, or you could get stuck in them forever. If the guy agrees to spend (responds positively to your requests), one day directly ask if he likes you. Don’t be shy, because his actions already tell you he likes you. Even if the guy says no, just reply, “So it was just my imagination.” Smile and continue neutral communication. At least things are falling into place.


The homework scheme is perfect for getting a guy in your class to like you. You know his strengths and weaknesses perfectly, which means you have the keys to his heart.

If your classmate is great at physics, then before the next lab work (difficult homework) ask him to help you. At the same time praise his abilities. For example: “You are so good at navigating this topic that I sometimes understand you word for word. Can you explain this section to me? Fine, come to my place (let’s go to the school park to sit), we’ll drink tea, and you’ll pull me up at the same time?”

If the situation is different-you’re strong where the guy limps, offer your help. Just say, “Look, it’s really not that hard, let me help you out a little bit.” It is better to do this after a failed test, received a “D”, or his request to copy his homework. By the way, let him copy your homework for sure, or you will look like a nerd.

And already during extracurricular activities you will reveal yourself to him differently – interesting, smart, funny. Do not fixate only on school, but also do not be distracted constantly, otherwise your meetings will quickly cease.


Before you show off in school to a guy, try to understand his personality. If you like him, but you do not feel a return emotion, figure out the reasons for his coldness to take the right steps.

If the guy is shy – all the initiative will have to take over. The first time you have to go up to him, to start a conversation, propose to go for a walk, etc. It happens, do not worry.

If the guy does not look at you because of the different views on life – prove that you are one product. Show that you are also fond of physics (sports, cars, bikes). Eh, the things you’ll do in order to be liked.

If a guy just doesn’t like girls, then the only thing to do at this point is to become his friend at school. Usually this attitude towards girls is formed in 10-12 year old boys, when they are just not interested in the opposite sex. Break his stereotypes – participate with him in various sporting events, discuss the latest action movie, invite him for a ride on your brand new gyroscooter.

If he has a girlfriend – 100 times think about whether you need it. Such dubious situations often end in trouble and disappointment. Look around – there are so many guys in school for all tastes and colors. Don’t ruin what’s not yours, or you risk earning a bad reputation that will be hard to wash off.

It’s hard as a teenager to behave properly: you’re embarrassed, hesitant, don’t know what to say, how to react to his behavior, and so on. To save face, catch the top tips to help you in your relationships with guys:

  1. Always be yourself in and out of school. When you do things that are out of character, it feels contrived and ridiculous.
  2. Be fun and energetic, but don’t ever push yourself on a guy.
  3. Don’t be too categorical, have patience. Even if he likes bad jokes – just smile. That way you won’t hurt his self-esteem. But know your own worth, do not allow yourself to insult.
  4. Smile more often – guys love a sincere smile.
  5. Get to know him better. Study his interests, hobbies, hobbies. This is a great way to get a guy who doesn’t like you to like you. At some point he will look at you differently, because common topics are very bringing together.
  6. To get a guy to like you, praise him, listen to him, approve of his actions, support him.
  7. Constantly evolve, be interested in something new, expand your horizons. When a girl is smart and inquisitive, she attracts guys like a magnet.
  8. Do not praise yourself. No one likes a braggart. In addition, boys are quickly bored with such “perfect, beautiful, smart, superior, skilled, indispensable” girlfriends.
  9. If a guy from school is still little-known – shoot your eyes at recess. Silently, but with a smile.
  10. Always watch and take care of yourself. When you like yourself – the whole world will lie at your feet!
  11. If you see that communication is developing quite satisfactorily, offer the guy to exchange phone numbers. There’s nothing wrong with that.
  12. Correspond in easy, short sentences. Allowed to write first only once, then your SMS should be only reciprocal.
  13. To like, be unexpected sometimes! It’s confusing and exciting for the boys.
  14. Be spectacular, but not vulgar. Don’t try to look older than your years.
  15. Don’t compare yourself to other girls. You are unique, one of a kind, you have qualities that others don’t have. Remember that.

Is it possible to get a guy to like you at school in 1 day? Yes! You can make him look at you with different eyes. If before all seven years you were just Masha from the left row, then today you can be cool, interesting, cute, bright Masha, from which it is impossible to tear away his eyes! Love, girls, that’s how it comes! Spontaneously, rapidly and unexpectedly!

Major Mistakes

Girls and guys are completely different in development, both physically and psychologically. Because of this often and does not work to build a harmonious relationship, because the thinking of the two sexes cardinally different from each other. So, girls, learn by heart the basic mistakes so as not to make them, trying to please the guy at school.

So, what you should NOT do:

  1. Be defiant. Rebellious behavior hits teenage girls at age 14. If you think being sassy, fighting, having green hair, and smoking behind school is cool, you’re wrong. Guys have the exact opposite opinion on that.
  2. Being obsessive. When a girl is fixated solely on a guy, stalking him at recess, stalking him at the school entrance, that’s a failure.
  3. Hurry things up. Do not rush to kiss on the second date – you both can be very disappointed in each other.
  4. Telling the whole school about your liking. Why? So you’ll push the guy away or risk being made fun of.
  5. Talking about serious topics with a guy you don’t know very well. Marriage, pregnancy, kids, love, etc. This will freak him out.
  6. Being gutless, constantly agreeing with what he says, having no opinion of your own. It becomes boring, and the guy tries to find bright, lively emotions with other girls.
  7. Mannerisms. If you’re 11 years old, acting cool won’t make you cooler, it will only bring you contempt.
  8. Flirting with a guy’s friends. Girls mistakenly think that the closer they are to their lover’s mates, the stronger their relationship will become. No! No one will respect you from this company, so say goodbye to these thoughts once and for all!
  9. Wear bright makeup. First, you will look ridiculous in school, and secondly, guys like natural beauty.

As a teenager, the main thing is to catch the general wave. If the girl is perky, fun, active and has an opinion – everyone will like her.

In school to fall in love with the guy is not difficult. No matter what grade you study and whether you know each other. Consider only that each medal has 2 sides, and they both have their disadvantages and advantages. Sometimes it seems that a classmate is easier to like, because you are together a lot of time. However, the disadvantage is that you will be 3 times harder to surprise him, because you know each other for many years. It’s the same with strange guys – it seems like you have all the cards in hand to show yourself off, but you need to learn everything about him beforehand, so as not to fall in the mud. In any case, never give up, but do not be humiliated. Do not run after the one who runs away from you. Love yourself and know that in your life, there will definitely be someone who will carry you in his arms!

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