How to attract a guy by correspondence?

Write-short: how to make a guy fall in love with you by correspondence

You met a guy at a friend’s party, you added each other on VK, watched playlists, and liked photos. And now it’s another weeknight, and there’s free time to correspond. How to communicate with a guy on social networks so that he wants to not only continue online conversations, but also to go into real mode?

Social networks give you the opportunity to communicate on completely different topics. And if you’re wondering how to fall in love with a guy by correspondence, we’ll give you some tips that really work.

To start with a warning: don’t be afraid that with these tips, your written speech will become boring and similar to the speech of everyone who reads these tips. When we make breakfast, we use the same ingredients and tools, but everyone’s breakfast is different. It’s the same with texting: technical tips can help you show your personality more clearly in your correspondence. And that’s what we need! Correspondence is one of the opportunities to get to know each other better, and a guy in love, as you know, can write a lot of interesting things about himself in messages. This is enough to successfully start a further love relationship.

How to write?

How to fall in love with a guy by correspondence? First of all, do not burden him with a stream of your messages with hearts, emoticons and gifs. For starters, observe how he writes. In one long message, or does he send a new one every sentence? Does he start with a capital letter or a small letter? Smiley faces or post-it notes? It is not difficult to notice such features, and there is an effect of imitating his textual habits: who writes the same way, thinks the same way – you become closer.

How do you know if a guy is in love by correspondence, if you have been communicating online for some time? Count the words. Not literally, of course, but watch out: the volume of your response shouldn’t be bigger than his message. There will be a time for long stories when you meet him in person, and in correspondence you can keep some things to yourself. Keeping things in the dark will pique his interest in you.

The pen pal phrases you get from a guy in love can be different – funny, questioning, sincere. When replying to him, watch what you say. Trust, but verify. Literate speech is as important as clean skin. Look for literate speech in a personal correspondence is no less important than in business letters. After all, a decent man is looking for a pair to match. And the correct speech is the easiest way to match.

And if in doubt about the spelling of the word from his hobbies, do not hesitate to ask him again! A great excuse for him to show you in a better light. This is one of the most effective ways if you’re wondering how to fall in love with a man by correspondence. Show interest in him and he will feel your attention.

A subscriber is not a subscriber. Of course, you want to instantly respond to all of his messages, but do not hurry. You’ll always have time to talk, but it will be difficult for him to get used to the fact that you are always on the phone, so do not rush things. Ask your pen pal questions to make him fall in love with you. He’ll find it interesting and he’ll probably ask all kinds of questions about you too. Answers can be delayed for a while. And in real life you probably have things to do that don’t wait.

Hot is cold. One-word answers, “yeah, probably,” sent by voicemail, don’t motivate a young person to keep talking. It’s better to have a pleasant conversation at your convenience than on the run and with typos. But if he finds time to correspond with you even in his busy work schedule, take it as a sign that the guy is already in love by correspondence.

What to write?

How to fall in love with a guy by correspondence “in “vKontakte”, because it is one of the most popular social networks? And what can you talk to him about in letters? Be bold, write him about anything. The weather, nature. You set the topics of conversation, because guys get a stupor when communicating with a girl they like. We, on the other hand, can’t be stopped. It is better to direct this energy to the choice of topics that are interesting to him and to you.

Leave the boring news topics alone. How did you meet? At a friend’s house, a bar, a concert? How long has he been listening to this band? What’s your favorite song? Oh, I have a different one, here, listen to it. How to fall in love with a guy through correspondence? Be attentive to his messages, find common interests, ask him different questions, discuss interesting topics. Seeing you as a friend, he’s sure to want to continue communicating offline.

Address him by his name! So what if it is marked in the dialog box. So you let him know that you pay attention to the man. Correspondence between a boy and a girl in love may contain diminutive forms of names. In a face-to-face conversation, this would be tantamount to eye contact. But in correspondence, did the guy call you “bunny”? This shows his reverent attitude towards you.

How to fall in love with a guy by correspondence? Pay attention to other people’s examples, because there are a lot of them. In some cases, girls present themselves as a defenseless child who needs help and support, and it works. Ask for advice or help! “Do you know where to find this book, I couldn’t find it in bookstores?”, “Listen, have you been to an indoor ice rink, tell me the address, I can’t find it on the Net?”. Being needed is the nicest thing a young man feels around a girl. Just don’t use it instead of Yandex.

How was your day? If a reprimand at work, a fight with your girlfriend, a coffee stain on your favorite sweater, and a traffic jam happened on the same day, it’s better to say something like, “You know, I had a varied day today. But here I was this weekend. “. You want to have a nice conversation, right? How do you fall in love with a pen pal? Try not to overload him with problematic situations that can be resolved without his involvement. You can wash your own sweater, right? So why does he need to know about it. Be more positive in your communication, and you’ll get the same in return.

Young Specialist. Find out he’s deejaying? Stop reading articles and be bold enough to ask him about his hobby! Show that you’re interested in his hobby by being interested, not by juggling terms and names in an issue you’ve just studied. How to fall in love with a guy by correspondence, if he has already given you his phone number and you communicate in watsap? Don’t forget to wish him a good morning. Such attention will be very nice.

It’s written on the fence. Foul language definitely will not help you to make a young man fall in love with you by correspondence. Fact! Immediately change the vocabulary. Fill it up with sophisticated turns of phrase, but without fanaticism.

You remember why you need to correspond in social networks, right? To get closer to the time of the real meeting! If you live in the same city, don’t turn your online correspondence into an online romance. Once you know enough about each other, propose a date. Just meet up, and then it’s up to you.

There are 10 ways to get extra attention and interest in the correspondence, which may grow into a crush. Take advantage of them, and the result will not be long in coming.

  1. Occasionally disappear from your social network. A few hours or one night will be enough to intrigue the guy with your mystery.
  2. Occasionally text him that you have male friends. This will give birth to a slight jealousy and encourage him to take action. How to fall in love with a pen pal guy? A jealousy shot is a great way.
  3. Write a post on your page about your new warm feelings for someone. He’ll read it and be sure to wonder if it’s about him, automatically introducing you as a couple.
  4. When starting a new day with a pen pal, ask about him first, and then tell him what’s new. He’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and attention.
  5. Post your new photos on your page in beautiful outfits and flawless makeup. How to fall in love with a pen pal? Let him pay attention to your beauty.
  6. Subtly hint that you are free from the relationship and do not mind starting an affair. But do it in a veiled, humorous way.
  7. Write that you’re excited about his favorite movie or track because you love them, too. Shared interests always bring you closer together.
  8. Let his friends tell him what kind of girls he likes. Try to meet the requirements, but at the same time do not lose your own individuality.
  9. Be erudite. Let him understand that you are interested in different directions, ready to attend courses and constantly learn something new.
  10. Always praise his appearance, his behavior and his attitude toward others.

No matter how much we think that the printed word on social media is not that important (and they will understand it, right?), the written text means more to us than we think. How do you fall in love with a pen pal? Be sincere, friendly. And not just in social networking, but in real life too.

Total Dictation and VOICE are sure: it is the letters and punctuation marks that paint our portrait online. Now you know how to become more charming when they don’t see you, but only read you. Have a beautiful romance in your letters!

Secrets to flirting with a man in correspondence – The best phrases

Hi all. In this article, you will learn the subtleties and secrets of flirting with a man by correspondence. You and I will break down the best phrases, messages and rules of intrigue that will create strong emotions in a man’s head. Believe me, he’ll be counting the minutes until he meets you because you’ll stand out from the rest of the women who chat with him.

After reading the article to the end, you will also learn the top 5 rules of correspondence with a man. Using which your effectiveness will increase several times. So, let’s not procrastinate, let’s get right to the subject.

Online flirting with a man by correspondence – Top phrases

Flirting is the art of evoking emotion in a man

To become a true master of flirting, you need to learn how to manage the emotional state of a man. This is what we will learn in this article. Let’s start with the basics!

The first rule of successful online flirting – Getting away from templates.

Banal and boring texts do not evoke any emotions. “Hi, how are you?” “Hey what are you doing?” – These are examples of template messages that don’t bring you closer to a man.

Second rule – Correspondence should evoke emotions (Any)

A person has six basic emotions (joy, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, fear)

Evoking any kind of emotion is good for flirting, but it’s bad when a person doesn’t feel anything when communicating with you! The easiest way to evoke negative emotions, but you have to be careful not to go overboard with them. Learning how to manage people’s negativity is a whole art.

Examples of messages that evoke emotion are:

“I know something about you” – causes surprise, and in some cases fear

“I thought you were better” – evokes anger or disgust, maybe even sadness

“I liked one thing about you” – intrigue + joy

During flirting, you roll the man through a merry-go-round of emotions, and he remembers you. But it has to be done correctly and consistently. Let’s start at the beginning, namely the first message stage.

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How to intrigue a man by correspondence – Intrigue Formula

Intrigue formula = question + desire for an answer + hope

That is, after your first message in the head of a man to have a question, then the desire for an answer, and then you give him hope that you will satisfy his curiosity!

In your first message you can write to the man:

  • “Hi, I like one thing about you” (If you don’t know each other)
  • “Hi, I’ve wanted to tell you this for a long time – I like one thing about you” (If the man is already your acquaintance)

From such a text message in his head, the question immediately arises, “What trait did she like?”

All, the intrigue is created. Now your task is only to untwist it. Do not say right away what it liked, stretch the pleasure. And when the man asks, “What feature did you like? You can answer “I can’t talk about it in correspondence, it’s too personal. Such a simple way to promote a man to a meeting.

With this simple intrigue in the first message, I almost immediately get phone numbers of girls on the dating site (screenshot below)

Recommendation: To increase the intrigue, do not respond to a man’s text message right away. Let him wait for your response, thereby the time will work for you.

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How to interest a man by correspondence? Psychology

Once you’ve sparked an intrigue and have struck up a conversation with a man, it’s important to start multiplying that interest on his part.

To interest a man through correspondence – you need to be genuinely interested in him! If you are sincerely interested in a man and his life, then he himself will seek communication with you. Because man by nature likes to talk about his favorite man.

Any man has a subject that he is sincerely interested in and burning with. Figure out his favorite topic (you can ask him, “What in life are you truly passionate about?”) and take a sincere interest in his passion.

I once corresponded with a girl who worked as an interior designer. I was really interested to see her creative output and learn the details of this line of work. The girl told me with great enthusiasm about her work and we had a rich dialogue.

I showed you just a little fragment of the dialogue, but the emphasis in the correspondence was exactly on the girl’s interests and I made her the main character of our communication. And what do you think came out of it? She wanted very much to meet me in real life and invited me a couple of times to see her. I’m sure that this technique will work just as effectively on men.

Remember People like to talk about themselves more than anything else. Take advantage of this fact and then men will consider you a charming conversationalist.

List of questions to get to know a man better:

  • What are you truly passionate about in life?
  • Do you have an activity that you feel passionate about?
  • Do you have an activity that makes you forget about time?
  • What did you like to do when you were little?

Ask your man one of these questions and then spin the dialogue and genuinely inquire about his passion.

You can see an example of my correspondence when I start being interested in my interlocutor above.

P.s. All of the recommendations I give in this article are tested by my experience, not taken from my head. Therefore, they are effective.

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Rules for correspondence with a man – TOP 5

1) Don’t write too long messages

If your conversation partner writes you 2 words in a text message and you write him 100 words, it’s unattractive. Once I communicated with a girl who immediately began to write a very large message, in response I wrote a couple of words, and she continued to string me a poem (screenshot of the dialogue below). Such a girl immediately breaks the balance of value and it feels like she needs this communication much more than I do. After a couple of gigantic messages, my interest in communicating with her instantly disappeared.

To avoid getting into such situations, just use the following rule: write about the same length of message as your interlocutor. If the man writes you a couple of words, it’s also wise to answer him succinctly. If a man is writing a big story, in which case you can also write him a detailed message.

Use the principle of reciprocity!

2) Don’t write more than two messages in a row.

There are many girls who write one text message, then the second, third and so on. And the man has not yet had time to respond to the first one. Ideally, write 1 message, and then wait for a response from the interlocutor. If your dialogue will be overfilled with messages from your side, you run the risk of losing interest from the man.

The same goes for questions. Do not ask more than one question at a time. As you saw in the screenshot above, not only was the girl writing huge messages, but she was asking a bunch of questions at once. Remember the rule: 1 post = 1 question (maximum 2 questions, but no more).

3) No complaining.

If you complain in correspondence about your hard life, fate, failure, you begin to show a man of his low value. A normal man would immediately reject a girl who pours her problems out on him at the start of a conversation. Only abusers or weirdos like problematic women, and you’re not likely to be attracted to them.

Remember, no one is interested in other people’s problems, that’s the truth of life. Everyone wants to communicate with fun, positive and successful people.

4) Emotions.

We already know that cool flirting is possible thanks to emotions. Your communication should be full of them. No need to communicate with a man dry and boring. Use emoticons (but don’t overdo it), joke around, have fun. Feel like a child during correspondence. Men feel the emotional state of a girl not only during a live meeting, but during correspondence as well. So be positive and in a playful mood.

Even the trivial question “What do you do for a living?” can be answered in an interesting way, causing the emotions of the interlocutor (example in the screenshot below)

At the moment I work in marketing. Therefore, the definition of “I do what I do to take people’s money” is ideal. And it doesn’t matter what your profession is. Whether you’re a cashier or a doctor, it doesn’t matter. Any activity can come up with an interesting and amusing description.

Well, agree, if I said, “I’m a marketer” – it would be boring. But the phrase “I take people’s money” generates a lot of questions and mild surprise in the mind of a girl. In this simple way I evoke emotion in the interlocutor and he remembers me.

5) You are the buyer

This is one of the main rules when communicating with the opposite sex. Remember, you are the buyer. What does this mean? It is you who chooses, not you. Many girls (and men too) try with all their might to please the person they are talking to and are afraid to lose his affection. But this desire to try to please is fundamentally wrong. Because it puts you in a position where you are chosen, not you. But it’s to your advantage to be the one who chooses men, not the other way around.

Whenever you communicate with the opposite sex, always evaluate your interlocutor and filter him (if you don’t like him). To be in the position of the buyer, you need to clearly define what kind of man you want to see near you. After all, if you go to the store to choose a laptop, you do not buy the first one you see. You will be important certain characteristics. The same goes for men. Understand what qualities are important for you in the opposite sex and start choosing among the most worthy.

Believe me, men immediately begin to feel when they are evaluated. And they immediately have a desire to please!

The main conclusions from the article:

  • Flirting is about emotion. Causes emotions in your partner
  • Create intrigue in your correspondence
  • Sincerely interested in your conversation partner and his life (put him first)
  • Don’t be more invested in your conversations than the man
  • Remember you choose, not you!


I’m sure that the article “Flirting with a man by correspondence – top phrases” was useful for you. Now you know a little more about online communication and psychology of people. Believe me, if you use the tips from this article, you will start to stand out from the rest of the girls who don’t know these rules.

And that’s it for me. If you liked the article – share it on social networks. If you still have any questions – write them in the comments.

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