How to attract a girl?

What to ask a girl to get her interested in you

To arouse a girl’s interest means to ensure that she continues to meet you. Girls do not linger with boring men, so you need to enliven communication as soon as possible with intrigue or, on the contrary, with a crushing truth that will not leave indifferent. In this article, you can find examples of what to write a girl in Facebook to get her interested, what to talk about in correspondence with a girl to make her like you, and what questions to ask in order to interest her.

How to interest a girl in order to attract her attention?

In this block we talk about the qualities that you need to pump to attract attention and interest. To begin with understand one simple thing: if now you can’t get girls interested in you, then you have to change something. Perhaps these changes will not be given easily – the result depends on your persistence and level of self-knowledge. We will give a complete list, but you are free to choose for yourself suitable items.

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Another important point: remember that women are also people. Accordingly, to become more attractive to them, you will need to become in principle a more interesting and socializing person. This does not mean that you will be followed by strings of gays. It means that first of all, you’re going to have to develop your general personality and communication skills, and then you’re going to have behavioral strategies to deal with girls.

So, here’s what to take care of:

  • Appearance. You always meet a man by his clothes, remember? The first opinion of a person is formed in 7 seconds. You may not even have time to talk, and the person decides in that time whether it is interesting or not to at least say hello to you. Appearance should be neat, well-groomed and attractive. To achieve this, take care of three aspects:
  1. Clothing. It must be clean and ironed, modern and stylish. Confident possession of the casual is often enough, but you are free to experiment with the appearance, if you are confident in your sense of style. Impress the girl with truly stylish things. Lacoste is a combination of current fashion and quality. Follow the link, enter promo code LCST10ADM and get 10% off your order! Shipping is free.
  2. Body shape. You don’t have to have the figure of a mature athlete or bodybuilder. But the lack of excess weight, muscular corset and posture will make absolutely anyone more attractive.
  3. Skin and hair. A couple of decades ago, you didn’t have to worry about it at all, but now more and more men are looking to take care of themselves. To withstand the competition, get a stylish haircut, tidy up your beard, if you have one, choose a facial product that suits your skin type. It’s not as difficult as it may seem, and the requirements for the appearance of men is still much less than for the body of girls. Remember hygiene, take care of your hair, facial skin, hands and feet.
  • Intelligence. Intelligence and outlook are important things for communication. Looking good but not joining the swelling ranks of intelligent people won’t give you much of a chance to have a long and pleasant conversation. In the age of Google, not learning is at least suspicious. It is not so important what exactly you are passionate about. It’s important to burn with your business and be curious about current social trends.
  • Confidence. Another important parameter, without which it is not impossible to communicate, but difficult. You can choose a perky girl who’s timidity will be cringe-worthy. But healthy confidence is loved by everyone.
  • Communication skills. Active listening, the ability to be silent in time, to speak up in time, to flirt virtuosely, to ask or tell a story in time will make you more attractive, even if you missed the first points. But manners and communication skills most often go hand in hand with intelligence. Build them up together: it’s easier and more effective that way.
  • Respect. For yourself and the people around you. Without respect for yourself, you won’t start to like yourself – you don’t have to think about girls yet. In order to feel your value to others, you must first believe in it yourself. Respect for others saves you from rudeness and meanness, which is also an undeniable and very big plus.
  • Determination. This is little more than self-confidence: you are not only aware of your right to different actions, but also successfully implement it. Not a critical parameter, but determined people usually achieve more.
  • The desire for self-development. It is not enough to read ten or twenty books and scour the last months of news from scientific sources. You must always be interested and strive for more. Try it and start with an interesting field. You’ll like it yourself

What is it about guys that attracts girls?

We spoke about the basic necessary qualities and skills in the previous paragraph, but if you’re still curious, read on about how a guy can interest a girl.

Girls love surprises. Intrigue will be a great tool to promote dating and will play into your hands. In this case, you should first cause a girl at least a purely human sympathy, and only then create a mystery, which you will solemnly and elegantly uncover at the right moment.

Unpredictable actions and decisions are also a great tool. Of course, we are talking about pleasant unpredictability, and not about canceling a date half an hour before the appointed time. Absolutely monotonous and monotonous communication generates not so much confidence in your constant well-being and stability, but mortal boredom that can do terrible things. And unexpected turns, surprises, unpredictable ideas and the same development – a wonderful way to prevent this boredom, surprise her!

Another pleasant quality is opposite to the previous one, although they do not conflict with each other. It’s about reliability. Girls are bribed by the opportunity to rely on you, to trust, to relax. It’s nice to deal with a man who will not let you down and take care of everything. Someone who will not have to save you, and who will come to your aid in case of emergency. If with all this the person can also surprise you – he becomes close to perfection.

Sexuality. Not everyone is lucky to be born playboys, but everyone can find their own attractive features, a good haircut and a style of clothing that emphasizes the advantages. Combined with intelligence, grooming, and confidence, these often provide sex appeal.

The ability to stand out in a crowd of similar people. Clothing, hairstyle, or manners are not so important. But it is the appearance that attracts the first attention. Remember an important rule: know how to catch the eye, not the neck

The devil is in the details, so the first thing girls pay attention to is whether a guy’s accessories are stylish or not. Everything must combine perfectly: a bag, a backpack, a scarf, even a wallet! After all, you do not just want to impress the girl, but to impress her to the core. At the Thomas Muntz brand store, you’ll find a fashion accessory to match any look. Want to look cool? Then Thomas Muntz is your choice!

Sense of humor. People with whom you can laugh heartily are always cuter than the rest. Know how to laugh and know how to make you laugh-it wins hearts.

Below we will tell you how to intrigue a girl by correspondence, so that she will be attracted, and what to ask a girl to attract her to you. But first you need to prepare.

How to behave and how to look to arouse interest?

Let’s reveal the trump card right away: there is no one minimum set of things in the whole world that will make any man attractive, and there is no one list of stock phrases and habits that will ensure that you will get any girl’s sympathy. Without universal answers and magic pills, life is harder, but more interesting – find something that’s about you. Uniqueness and specialness is something that will never stop being appreciated in people.

Each of us has a personality – with its strengths and weaknesses, interests, behaviors. Reveal yours and win: a confident otherness is always attractive.

With ten similar choices of anything, a person pays attention to the eleventh – because it is different. Listed qualities that are valued by girls and help to be an interesting person is enough to be competitive. You have to be brighter for a winning position.

You can look whatever you want: dress in sweaters and jeans, business suits or unique things with your own personality. The important thing is that your style matches you.

You can be a passionate angler, live the racing life, or be interested mostly in marketing or coding because you work in it-it doesn’t matter. Certainly atypical hobbies make a person more interesting, but it’s usually passion that decides everything.

Being passionate about what you do is what’s important. It’s the passion and the energy you put into it that makes people look more closely at it and at you. And it works great with girls.

But there are four traits that will make you more attractive in any case – it’s grooming, communication skills, a sense of humor and reliability. About what these are and why they are so important, written above.

How to get a girl interested in VC? (10 examples)

In this and the next paragraph we will talk about the impression you make through correspondence. This is an important point that helps to maintain communication in person, because correspondence in messengers has become an integral part of life. We give practical advice on what to write a girl on the internet to attract her attention, and how to communicate with a girl in social networking to attract her.

Don’t forget two important rules: make your page look nice before you start dating and write to several people at once, because communication with some girls may not work right from the start.

So, the list of things to write to girls to entice them:

  • Hi! You look great on your avatar, let’s get acquainted I am Anton, I am 24. I am a lawyer, working by profession. I like surfing and snowboarding, I dream to travel at least three months a year. What are your dreams? I think dreams can say a lot about a person.
  • Hi! We don’t know each other, but I think we’ve met somewhere. Maybe at the club last Saturday? I’m Alex, and I’m in the mood to meet
  • Hello Yulia. Would you like to brighten up the evening with some pleasant conversation?
  • Hi. I’m the one who will make your day brighter today. Ready to get started?
  • Hi. Found you on Sasha Ogulev’s friend list and couldn’t resist writing. Let’s get acquainted! I’m Anton, I’m 24, and you look like an interesting conversationalist

Here are options, what to do to show a girl that you are interested in her, if you already know each other:

  • You’re fun to be with! And I’ve got a surprise that you’re sure to like. Ready for something big?
  • Been thinking a lot today about how girls feel about guys who dress unusually. And now I need your expert opinion: tell me what you think of those?
  • I’m an avid cycling fan. If you’re not already, I’m ready to open up a new world for you as early as this Friday.
  • I was going to take you out for coffee, but that’s too corny. How about a picnic in the woods or the park? I know a couple of great places.
  • How would you react to a man who claims to be able to make the best pasta of your life?

How to get a girl interested in a dating site

Many people do not understand how to attract the attention of women on the dating site and how to properly correspond with a girl to pick her up. In this case we make a list with a dozen of phrases for dating.

How to get a girl’s attention

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To be attractive to girls, it’s not enough to look cool. What matters is how you treat them and how you behave. So watch not only your appearance, but also your words and actions!

  • For example, ask a girl about her hobby and then ask her how she found it. This is a great way to start a conversation about how and where she grew up, her family and so on.

Find something you have in common. She likes Metallica. you like Metallica. boom! Now you have something to talk about! Ask her about her favorite music, movies, what she does in her free time. Find something in common and you can get to know each other and get close.

  • Support her if she’s having a tough day, help her with her problems, be available when she needs your help, and listen to what she tells you.

Don’t act weird. Don’t stare at her or avert your gaze immediately, avoiding eye contact. Don’t walk around her silently. Don’t stare at certain parts of her body (no matter how much you want to). Don’t make weird sexual innuendos if you don’t know her well, and certainly don’t act like a pick-up artist. This will only scare her and make you less attractive in her eyes.

  • You can develop self-confidence by volunteering at organizations that help people. This will give you a chance to prove to yourself and everyone around you that you can do something to change the world around you.
  • You can also develop self-confidence by learning something new, like a second or third language. This can be arranged easily and for free over the Internet through sites like Livemocha and others.

  • Do not try to imitate anyone. Girls will notice that you behave unnaturally, and they definitely do not like it. Playing the bully, being a humble boy from a wealthy family? She will notice that. Just be yourself and be happy with who you are. Girls will like that, too.

  • Don’t think that clothes should be exclusively expensive brands. Girls are more likely to pay attention to whether things fit you well and whether you like these colors.
  • Of course, let everything be in moderation. A little hair gel is fine, but your style shouldn’t be rock hard.

Be open-minded. You should not give the impression of a person angry, perpetually sad, irritable or despising everyone and everything. If every time you talk to her it seems that you are angry at her, then why should she communicate with you, much less meet? Smile, be friendly, and make it easy to communicate with you.

  • You can gain a lot of knowledge by reading about things that interest you. Did you know that there are entire books about the evolution of weapons, such as swords? Books about the extinction of dinosaurs? Yes, yes, it’s time to head to the library.
  • Consider your dreams. What do you want out of your life? What are your dreams? If you have a real passion, a girl will find that attractive: she’ll want to think you’ll love her as much as you do. soccer, for example.

Be kind and cheerful. Try to help her and always smile at her. Your smile will make her day more pleasant. Don’t try to play the tough guy and don’t talk exclusively to your friends if she is around. Make time to talk to her alone and be kind and understanding in the conversation.

  • It’s very important to stay organized. You don’t want to look like a slacker in front of her who can’t find his homework forever! Most girls like organized guys who turn in all assignments on time and without silly excuses.

Exercise. Not only will this attract many girls – especially cheerleaders and athletes – but it will also boost your confidence. Girls like athletic guys who know how to keep themselves in shape. Find a sport you like. You can join the school team.

  • Remember that attracting a girl is only the first part of a relationship.
  • Girls like guys who understand them, so it’s VERY important to listen to them.
  • Compliment her appearance and she will feel more confident.
  • Understand her, and you’ll have an easier time communicating with her.
  • Always be sweet and kind. Respect her feelings.
  • Don’t text or pick at your phone when you are talking to the girl. If you are talking to her, let your attention belong to her 100%.
  • Joking and teasing each other is fun, but be careful not to go too far. Some girls like to be flirted with in a joking tone, but never allow yourself cruel or insulting jokes.
  • Do everything you can to make her smile.
  • Respect her opinions and views.

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wikiHow operates on a wiki basis, which means that many of our articles are written by multiple authors. When this article was created, 90 people(s) worked on editing and improving it, including anonymously. The number of views of this article: 124 980.

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