How to attach to a man-lion?

How to win a Leo man: compatibility according to the horoscope

Generous and passionate, he is always set up for a serious relationship. A woman only has to take the right steps, because it is not so easy to win the Leo man. He is accustomed to excessive attention from women, but for marriage is looking for the very one, extravagant, chic and bright. Man of this sign is very confident of himself, and if you like a woman at least a hint of possible sympathy, he will pursue her by any means.

Win a man Leo, which is a successful, charming and self-confident personality, by the power of only a girl to match him. He embodies a vital force with a bright demonstrative character. Such a man behaves like a true king and likes to be in the spotlight. At the same time absolutely rejects hypocrisy and flattery, which he notices on an intuitive level. Enamored with Leo will be able to the same majestic and chic person. At the timid and modest simple girl, he will not even look.

Leo madly could fall in love with a girl who will overshadow all its beauty. Representatives of this sign adore chic and luxury. All the most luxurious he will surely want to get his own hands on. He will like a person who knows a lot about unique furniture, antiques, custom-made furnishings, sometimes – by his design.

In a relationship with his partner, Leo is very passionate and generous. His charm always disposes to him. To win over the person he likes, he will court, making unforgettable surprises. Fancy bouquets and expensive gifts – all this will make the courtship period especially romantic. However, a woman who accepts all these courtesies will have to belong to him completely, without the rest. He knows how to truly attract and charm if he is in love.

In order to win Leo’s heart, you need to be a bright and uncommon woman. He looks with admiration at women whose appearance and behavior are out of the ordinary. He prefers a good hostess to a beautiful doll. Due to their financial capabilities, most representatives of this sign can afford to hire a cook or governess. Such men simply worship certain female traits:

  1. 1. Beauty, brightness and brilliance of external data. The chosen one should be extraordinarily beautiful and showy. After all, only a gorgeous woman will be admired by everyone around, and that is what Leo needs.
  2. 2. Confidence and self-sufficiency. Inaccessibility, an increased sense of self-worth attract him to a woman. A timid and modest girl will never be an object of attention of this strong man.
  3. 3. Courtesy and attentiveness. Representatives of this sign just love to tell entertaining stories from their lives and share their plans. Chosen should be able to not just listen, but to express his admiration and praise his wisdom.
  4. 4. Versatility and curiosity. The girl should strive to acquire new knowledge, be able to communicate in several languages. It is desirable that she has an interesting hobby or creative hobby.
  5. 5. Politeness and ethics. A true lady can interest a Leo. Everything is important: how she gets in the car, how she behaves, how she talks.
  6. 6. Femininity. A gentle, affectionate, reverent girl is sure to attract the attention of a real man.
  7. 7. Generosity. Personality traits that combine unselfishness, reverent attitude toward the chosen one, the nobility toward others, the absence of pettiness, are decisive in the choice of the future wife.

For a serious relationship Leo man is looking for a woman with a sense of dignity with the external beauty and elegance. His companion should equally combine the passion and sexuality with gentleness and balance. Leo is irritated by open resistance and opposition to his rules. He does not tolerate tactlessness and discontent. Alienation and coldness in a relationship can cause ignorance in any form.

Lions are loyal, generous and courageous individuals. Very motivated and an excellent listener. Of the negative qualities they are characterized by vanity, excitement and stubbornness. They are also very amorous natures. Bind to a guy like this is not easy. After all, if the Leo chooses a mate for life, then assess it from all sides. The best of the best is the best of the best, but the best is not the best:

  1. 1. the best of the best is who the male Leo considers himself to be. He also chooses his companion according to this principle. A woman will not be able to fall in love with a representative of this sign if she does not meet the high requirements.
  2. 2. Leo is very fond of flattery and recognition of his talents. This man is always striving to achieve high results. His uniqueness and uniqueness must be constantly nurtured by his companion.
  3. 3. you can’t piss off Leo with pretenses and lies. He achieves only the woman who is sincere and honest in relation to his person.
  4. 4. Family is the most important value for Leo. This applies to his kin and his own hearth.
  5. 5. In a couple with Leo, any woman, even the most outstanding and talented, will be given second place. It is a man’s prerogative to lead and rule.
  6. 6. Representatives of this sign are very fond of gifts. This can be a small non-trivial gift or an erotic surprise in bed. To establish a strong love relationship with a Leo man will not work either a modest gray mouse or an expansive and assertive person. He will never fall in love with a woman who pays more attention to himself than to his beloved. Limitless adoration on his part is often accompanied by unthinkable fits of jealousy, which have to put up with.

A Leo man born in the year of the Horse is absolutely fearless and very proud. However, such personalities, unlike other zodiac signs, are the most flexible in their relationships with their mates. And, of course, he loves adventure and craves adoration. To success goes directly and often alone. Leo is the most strong-willed of all the signs, but despite this, there are many qualities, positive and not so positive, which greatly affect the relationship with the opposite sex.

This couple has an almost one hundred percent compatibility. They admire each other and, despite their leadership positions, always agree to concessions. The Aries woman likes to support her soulmate, which gives him confidence in his abilities. Physical attraction is fueled by irrepressible energy on both sides. Show trust financially, as both are not prone to wastefulness. Often there are disagreements about the methods of raising children. Oddly enough, Leo in his despotism often agrees with his wife’s democratic ways.

The prognosis for a successful future together is below average. Stubbornness, which is characteristic of the Taurus woman, in no way will allow them to accept the style of authoritarian relationship imposed by Leo. Therefore, they constantly need to restrain themselves and trust their partner. In a sexual relationship, sensual pleasures are not without drama. As parents, both signs are very demanding to their children, but have different views on parenting.

There are real chances for a strong family in the couple, but conflicts and quarrels against the background of disagreements cannot be avoided. Ordinary and measured life is not about them. Female Gemini with her heightened sensitivity is important such a strong and reliable chosen one as the royal Leo. Excessive control from him will interfere with her plans for personal growth and self-improvement. Internal protests often escalate into a decision to leave the family.

Cancer, calm and balanced, will like the courtship of the strong and caring Leo. Especially when you consider that the partner is not stingy with compliments and gifts. After all, he likes to protect the weak. The woman in this tandem will bribe the man with flattery and cunning. But when it’s time for revelations, Leo will literally become furious at the truthful assessment of his character traits. The marriage will be doomed. However, the compatibility in the sexual plan and the choice of parenting methods is good.

Difficulties will arise in the couple as a result of endless struggle for leadership positions. To achieve harmony, they will both have to pacify their ambitions and learn to understand their partner. There is a risk of separation due to the uncomfortable situation in the home. After all, the search for solutions to global problems and the desire not to show family disagreements to outsiders leads to the fact that the Lioness forgets to maintain comfort and warmth, and the man can not accept it.

Compatibility for life together the couple has above average. Leo prefers publicity, and Virgo needs home comfort and warmth. The man of this sign supports his soulmate and under any circumstances seeks to return to a comfortable home. To the breakup, the couple may come as a result of serious financial disagreements. The woman for many years will try to fulfill all the plans of the restless Leo, but sooner or later her forces will run out. In sexual life, they are good together only at the initial stage. As time passes, the partners will grow cold to each other.

They will be able to appreciate the charms of living together. Her charm and charm are perfectly impregnated by the independent Leo. She helps him to become calmer and more reasonable, he provides financially, allowing him to do what he loves, not thinking about the welfare of the family. For a strong marriage, the partner needs to learn to subtly perceive the sexual sensuality of Libra and to restrain his assertiveness.

This couple has a lot in common: ambition, willpower, determination, and independence. Both are adventurers by nature. Problems could arise if they equally begin to claim leadership in the family. Scorpio, as well as Leo, it is important to hear compliments in his address. An explosion of emotion in bed is fueled by the passion of his wife. The man is simply delighted with this. At the prospect of remaining financially insecure together they find ways out. Instant reactions of both in making the right decisions form a strong foundation, not only financially. They both have the skills to raise children properly. Common interests and principles of life allow you to talk about the high compatibility of the pair “female Scorpio – male Leo”.

Both partners have an intemperate temperament, but it is not a reason for conflict and disagreement. They are able to generously forgive each other because of the same life guidelines and principles of behavior. At the multiple troubles and problems of everyday life respond calmly and always find acceptable ways of solving them. Intimate understanding is at a high level, only occasionally female Sagittarius overshadowed by Leo jealousy.

Impassioned and self-sufficient woman in this tandem relies on the stability and confidence of men. There is a great risk of developing a situation where one of the partners will stop trying to understand the other. Despite the occasional disagreement, Capricorn manages to turn in the right direction irrepressible temper of the chosen one. This union is considered one of the best examples in the zodiac compatibility in terms of financial well-being and achieving joint family success.

The level of compatibility is above average. The union can last a long time, provided that both parties are accommodating in matters of principle. Aquarius is comfortable next to a generous, reliable and generous chosen one. They are equally fond of communication and personal freedom. All the sharp edges in the relationship smoothed by high compatibility in sex. Overprotective of their children, but also put their whole soul into their upbringing.

If the partnership will be based on trust and loyalty, rather than on Leo’s tendency to manipulate his mate, the relationship can last until old age. He should not flaunt in front of other women in the presence of a jealous wife. Pisces, in turn, astrologers recommend not to put the burden of family problems only on their fragile shoulders. She expects romance and mystical sublimity in sexual relations, while he expects healthy body contact. The real prognosis for a happy future depends on the presence of children in this couple.

Effective ways to win and keep a man Leo

Many women want to win a man Leo, because it is so difficult to resist the royal scope, generosity and charm of this predator. His proud and rebellious nature is widely known. But with proper effort and a little cunning, even the king of beasts will obediently bow his head in the lap of his beloved lady.

Peculiarities of the conquest of Leo

Spoiled attention monarch is not ready to conclude in the arms of the first met girl. More precisely, he is ready, but not for one night at most. To become a life companion of Leo, you need to try hard, because the king is looking for a couple to match.

How to behave with him in order to fall in love

If the Leo loves, then to the point of madness, he spoils his chosen one in every way.

Fall in love with the Leo guy is not difficult, much harder to hold on and maintain this love. To interest stellar predator does not fade, you need to constantly praise his appearance, taste, manners, intelligence and genius. Enraptured looks and admiring smiles for Leo as a source of vitality. A lady who will talk to him every day about his virtues will definitely have a separate place in the heart of the king.

Small and frequent gifts and compliments will help in seducing the beast. If a girl appreciates him in public, for example, in front of her friends or her mother, the Leo will simply shine. It is important to obey and indulge, to remain the prey and let him feel in charge. It is important to be bright, but not to overshadow the brilliance of the representative of this zodiac sign. The king will not tolerate near someone who wants to take away the primacy.

With the purpose to please.

Love for the bright life dictates the conditions that it is important for a girl to comply with in order to interest a big cat:

  1. Know and follow fashion trends, take care of yourself. Lions prefer well-groomed ladies with good perfume, in beautiful dresses, with manicure and perfect makeup.
  2. Learn etiquette and know how to keep up in society. The king of beasts values not only appearance, but also the ability to present oneself. Behavioral details are what can arouse sympathy faster than revealing outfits.
  3. An optimistic attitude, a poise, a good mood, a smile. Monarch considers himself a model of perfection, so he’s more likely to start a conversation with a lady who radiates positivity and charm than with a sullen and silent young lady. Leo hates tired women who are always something unsatisfied. Even if a girl rubbed her feet at a party or tore her dress, she has no right to complain – it will repel the king.
  4. Educated and well-read. It’s not just her spectacular appearance that attracts him. A stupid and unintelligent person will never be able to attract Leo. But for women whose horizons are quite broad, there will be good luck. On any issue the lady should have an opinion, but to express it carefully and gently.

To make him propose

Leo will only marry a girl who will fully meet his expectations and status, that is, the queen. If she is aiming for this place, it is important from the very beginning to let the monarch know that she has serious plans, to be just a mistress she does not agree. Already at the beginning of the relationship it is necessary to demonstrate loyalty, obedience and dignity. The lion will be smitten.

Setting the right priorities and roles is the next stage. But this must be done gently, without pressure, in a cunning way. The predator will accept such rules of the game, without even noticing it. But later the lady will have to follow them herself.

It is necessary to maintain a constant interest in his person, to leave a little bit of a reticence and a piece of secrecy. He should not understand that they want to marry him. You can show a man culinary talents, impeccable taste in clothes, blow off a nagging lover in front of the royal predator. So he will be convinced of the household, splendor and loyalty of the desired girl. But you do not have to do so every day! Delicious dinners and fine clothes should not turn into an everyday occurrence. In correspondence or communication on the phone, too, you need to show gentleness, literally purring to make bored.

Respect, admiration, loyalty and malleable character – this is what Leo expects from a potential spouse. Seeing such qualities in the beloved girl, the king will not delay with the proposal.

For friendship

Friendship with this regal predator rarely resembles an equal partnership. Here, too, he confidently takes the leading position. Leo is always surrounded by many acquaintances. He is difficult to tolerate loneliness, because he does not imagine himself without communication and adoration. To become a friend for this sign, you need to be:

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