How to ask your boyfriend for forgiveness in an original way?

How to ask forgiveness from the guy: 50 ways

Having quarreled and said a lot of unpleasant words, you need to apologize to the guy for his behavior. But sometimes, a trivial “sorry” is not enough to get forgiveness from the person you love.

How to apologize to the guy, if guilty

Apologizing to a guy in a text message if the problem was serious is an indicator of irresponsibility and cowardice. Therefore, if the conflict occurred because of treason, betrayal or any other serious situation – it must be resolved in person.

Options on how to ask for forgiveness so that he forgives:

  • Give him a gift. The thing he has long wanted, but could not afford;
  • Provide assistance. Give advice or solve the problem yourself (if he allowed it);
  • A conversation and a little surprise. Guys, like girls, also prefer sudden romantic acts.

If, however, the problem was something insignificant – a conversation on the phone, sent a message on social networks or by SMS will be appropriate.

Often, conflicts are resolved just in person: young people do not need to anticipate emotions, to make assumptions about the current mood of their loved one.

Creative options on how to ask for forgiveness

If a badly misfired – you need to pick up creative ways to return his trust. This list includes both quests and romantic evenings.

A selection of ways to apologize in an original way:

  • Have a romantic dinner in a certain theme. For example, cook only Japanese dishes or Thai;
  • Use the services of “Certificate of Impressions” websites. In their catalogs, you can often choose the most interesting options, like a hang glider or horseback ride;
  • Invite you on a mini-trip around the city. Find places that are considered beautiful or unexplored;
  • Have a picnic. Go out of town or organize in advance by simply inviting him;
  • A box of notes with 100 reasons “Why I love you.”
  • invite him and his friends to watch a movie together. If he refuses to go out alone, this would be one way to connect with him;
  • Send some romantic handwritten letters. They can be placed in the mailboxes or handed in person if possible;
  • Make a collage out of common photos. Perhaps such a gesture will arouse tender feelings in him.

Each of the options is selected individually: if a young man is not inclined to romantic acts, then the option with notes or a trip around the city will not do.

If she cheated on him: how to apologize

The most difficult situation when the quarrel was treason and betrayal. The likelihood that the young man will forgive the transgression is minimal, but if it is a long-term relationship and there is a chance, you need to use any options to apologize.

How to apologize:

  • Meet in person and apologize. If the couple is just dating, it will be difficult to meet the young man. It is likely that he will avoid communication with the girl who betrayed him;
  • Have a bachelor party. Prepare everything so that he likes it, invite his friends and leave the apartment/house for a while;
  • make a compilation of the pleasant moments that were in the relationship. If he treasures the union, doing this might lessen his anger;
  • Apologize to his family. If young people are in a permanent relationship or marriage – to address his loved ones will be the best solution;
  • Wait a while and invite him to his favorite cafeteria. Immediately after adultery you should not press for pity or make excuses. You need to wait until he can accept this fact;
  • Offer him a trip together. A small trip will not only help to return communication, but also help to solve the main problem;
  • things with his own hands. A knitted sweater, of course, will not make up for the guilt, but will be an indicator that the girl is really sorry for the act.

Apologizing to a guy for cheating – you should expect rejection. Also, when talking about what happened, you need to accept your guilt 100%. No excuses along the lines of “had a drink,” “it was an accident,” or worse, accusations that “it was his fault”: won’t work and won’t be an indicator that the girl is really concerned.

Apologize beautifully in correspondence

In correspondence, apologizing nicely is the easiest thing to do. But communicating on social media or messengers does not guarantee that the person will definitely be forgiven.

Options on what messages to send him:

  • I understand the complexity of the situation and the burden of responsibility imposed on me for this act. Therefore, I believe that I must offer my sincere apologies;
  • I do not expect you to forgive me, but I ask you to give me a second chance to correct my mistakes;
  • I have neglected your kind and bright feelings. There is no turning back time and my act was a valuable experience for me: how not to behave. I promise that such a thing will not happen again;
  • When I think back on all the wonderful days I spent with you, I realize I made a mistake and I’m ready to fix it;
  • I’m sorry you won’t read my message, but I apologize;
  • I know it will not be like before: but if you can forgive me, I change;
  • you are the man who showed me what love looks like. And I’m ready to fight for it, even if I’ve done a bad thing;
  • I’m sorry I hurt you. I promise it was the first and last time.

At the end of your message, you should talk about your feelings, express remorse that your loved one was hurt.

How to apologize for lying

Apologize to the guy for lying is possible in the case when it was a non-serious lie. A small thing that could be a reason why he no longer trusts.

What to say if he was offended by the lie:

  • I was taught as a child that “lying is bad.” Apparently, I didn’t fully learn that lesson then. But you showed me what a little lie leads to, and I’m sorry I did;
  • I knew you would find out, but I didn’t want to bother you with my business. I am sorry I did not live up to your trust;
  • our quarrel brings me pain. I do not want to live in conflict, and I apologize to you for what I have done;
  • I do not intend to lie to you any further, so I ask for another chance;
  • if you are capable of forgiving me, please give me an answer;
  • you are the best man I have ever met. That is why this deed hurts me as much as it hurts you;
  • forgive me for this foolishness – I won’t do it again.

But when apologizing, it is better to be guided by your feelings and speak sincerely, in your own words. But if the act has a definite reason, like “lying for good” – it must be voiced, picking up objective arguments.

If he refuses to forgive

Getting a guy to apologize to you first is a hard science that few people manage. And if the young man doesn’t make counter steps toward reconciliation – he probably won’t forgive.

What to do if he refuses to accept an apology:

  • wait. He may have flared up and refused to apologize until his emotions have passed. If he still hasn’t called within a week, you need to take matters into your own hands;
  • if he’s playing a particular video game – send him a message there. But in most multiplayer games you need to know either the user ID or his nickname;
  • wait outside the university or work. If the girl is seriously delinquent, it will be a serious step to resume communication. Show up just once and if he doesn’t reciprocate, leave the relationship;
  • home delivery. Order a pizza or any other dish he likes. Along with the order, ask to add a note of apology;
  • Send him an invitation. If he reads email often – send a certificate or invitation to one of the local establishments will be an excuse to socialize;
  • “meet by chance.” But it’s important to have a good connection with his friends and ask them, invite him to a general party;
  • Pass on the invitation to socialize through friends and acquaintances. It is better to apologize privately, but if he refuses, ask loved ones to arrange a meeting.

Ask for forgiveness if the young person doesn’t want to see you only once. If he refused the opportunity – then the relationship is no longer interesting to him. Looking for him, stalking is not the best way to show your upbringing.

How to get back together with an ex-boyfriend

If the couple broke up a long time ago – it is worthwhile to return the relationship only in the category of “good friends”. But even such unions eventually become strong and return to the romantic format.

What to do to communicate with your ex again:

  • Express yourself on social media. “Casual” likes on a photo that somehow ended up in recommendations is an opportunity to remind yourself;
  • Go to a place you visited together. Upon meeting, apologize for causing pain and misbehaving;
  • invite him to coffee to give back an item he left behind. Even if, he didn’t leave it;
  • To send a message of apology. For example, if the couple broke up by the decision of one of the parties or if there was a conflict;
  • Easiest: if you study together or work together. Then it is enough to just come up and talk.

Return the relationship with an ex-boyfriend is not worth it if there were insults, constant conflicts in this union. Resuming communication will not lead to anything good, especially if there was also his fault.

It is beautiful to apologize

Properly apologize to the guy can only a girl who knows her young man well and what he likes.

  • Buy tickets to a sporting event. Especially if it’s a big match or a game of his favorite team;
  • Organize a free day for him. Offer to buy his favorite foods, make dinner and leave him alone until he is ready to talk;
  • Watch his favorite movie or TV series with him. Prepare in advance what he needs to watch;
  • cook together. If the young man likes cooking, this is a way to get the relationship going;
  • buy a board game 18+. You can find similar ones in online stores, with different tasks;
  • invite him to the game-club. Slot machines are not only “roulette”, but also dancing, power determination and “virtual reality”;
  • present a video game as a gift;
  • make a quest based on his favorite book;
  • Paint by number. Paint together, inviting him to this activity.

Original apologies are not always possible in those cases where you need to be decisive. It is necessary to proceed from the complexity of the situation and the desire to seek a solution, compromises.

If you have not found an answer to your question, please write it in the comments and I will certainly try to help you.

Apologizing to your boyfriend in your own words

My beloved and dear, do not be offended by me anymore, because this is not even a quarrel, but just some misunderstanding. I understand that I was wrong, let’s make up, you know how I love you and besides you, I do not need anyone.

I was silly to offend you, I’m sorry. You listen to me now: on all the great earth, you’re my most important man, my beloved, my dear, my fairy knight! I love you very much!

I’m sorry, my love! I long to put my head on your strong shoulders again. I’m sorry, and I long for you to hold me again. I’m sorry, and I hope you can love me again. I’m sorry … just want to hope you can make me smile again.

Beloved, I feel so empty in my heart because there’s no you around. I know I’m to blame. You have a patient, angelic character, and I took advantage of it, and undeservedly hurt you. Forgive me, my kitten, don’t hold any more grudges against me. Let us make it up, and be together again.

I hurt you by my actions. And you hurt me by not forgiving me. Please let’s start all over again and, first of all, with my apology to you.

Please apologize for my madness the other day. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, it was my hormonal changes and mood swings. They made me annoy you in every way possible. But I promise that I will fight it, because I don’t want to lose you.

My love, life is mistakes, we learn from mistakes! For there is no pain greater than the pain that lovers inflict on each other. And I stumbled and made a mistake. But, the only person who doesn’t make mistakes is the one who never does anything.

Our quarrel does not mean that we break up. Conclusions must be drawn from it, and I have drawn them. Forgive me, and I will forgive and forget the wrongs. If we get through this now, we will surely be happy.

Please forgive me for hurting you. Believe me, I didn’t do it out of spite, Let me be with you again! My heart is aching, I confess I have behaved cruelly. I pray you, do not leave me. You are my air, my light, Without you I have no life!

To you, so kind, generous, beloved and merciful, I cry for forgiveness. You and you alone can surely forgive me. Please believe my feelings and how bitterly I regret the circumstances. Beloved, please forgive me.

Forgive me. I am sorry for what happened, I can not find myself while you are angry and harboring resentment. I’m truly sorry, believe me, I don’t want there to be a wall of anger and misunderstanding between us. I’m sorry, please forgive me.

I’m sorry, dear, that from time to time I grumble and frown and pout. I’m still jealous of you, I still love you madly, and I look forward to your sweet, honey-like kisses!

Please forgive me for hurting you. I promise that it will never happen again, because all mistakes can be corrected, if only one really wants to. And I really want to. Don’t hold it against me anymore, because I love you more than life. You are my best and dearest.

My love! You are the only person who understands and accepts me. I am grateful to heaven for giving me a man like you, a beautiful soul who knows how to truly love and forgive. I’m sorry for hurting your heart with a careless and sharp word. I promise to heal your wounds and heal them with tenderness and care.

I know that though you are angry, you will not be able to be angry with me for a long time. You and I are like one unit, like one mechanism. We can’t do without each other, can we? And so I ask you to excuse me. After all, you’re the kindest in my life! And all that I do wrong, it’s just because I’m very afraid of losing you! And that’s why I do stupid things sometimes! But I’m sorry, okay?

Maybe I was so stupid because I’m so in love with you. So please forgive me, darling. I really need you. I don’t want to lose you, and I’ll do anything to keep us together. I know you have a very kind heart, and it radiates its goodness every day. Beloved, remember that I love you very much.

I feel terrible, please forgive me. I promise it won’t happen again, I’m truly sorry, believe me. Don’t be angry with me, let’s let this incident go and everything will be like before, I beg you very much.

My dear man! I was wrong, and I regret that I did not listen to you. My obstinacy has caused you and me much trouble. I hope you will find the strength to forgive me and give us hope.

I am very sad, very ashamed and frightened because I am afraid that you will not forgive me. It was a momentary weakness that I was foolish enough to allow. Let’s just get it out of our lives, because it will never happen again. I will be the best for you, my love.

From the bottom of my heart and soul I want to apologize for my temper! Let my deeds and words are not always positive, and my promises do not match the deeds, I apologize and ask you to forgive me! I promise to reconsider everything, to make conclusions, and not to make these mistakes in the future.

Honey, just tell me, honestly: are you really mad at me? The least I wanted to hurt you, I am very embarrassed and ashamed now. But you will forgive me, won’t you? I love you so much… Forgive me, my love.

The separation has shrouded my heart in a thin layer of frost. I ask your forgiveness. Give me one last chance, give me one last ray of warmth to my heart. Forgive my mistake, return the warmth of your embrace. Please!

Beloved, I beg you not to be mad at me. For with you I want to live peacefully and in love. I want us to quarrel as little as possible with you. For it is not easy for me without you! Please forgive me for what I did, but you know I love you.

For me, the entire world has become somehow gray and uninteresting, because there is no you, my most important man on earth. There is only emptiness and despair in my soul. It’s all my fault. Forgive me, please, my beloved.

To you, so kind, generous, beloved and merciful, I cry for forgiveness. You and you alone can surely forgive me. Please believe my feelings and how bitterly I regret the circumstances. Beloved, please forgive me.

Never before have I felt so lonely and broken. I do not want to get out of bed in the morning, but I cannot forget to sleep either, and if you knew how unpleasant it is to look at myself in the mirror.It feels like every word I said to you is tearing me to pieces. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you, my love sorry, forgive every word, every gesture that offended you. Let’s not quarrel anymore, but love.

You’re my light in the window, my ideal, my dream. You’re just the best guy in the world. Let’s make up, my kitten, and forget this misunderstanding forever. May our ship of love sail peacefully in the sea of happiness, may it always be blown by the tailwind of good luck.

You’re such a wonderful guy that it’s a privilege to be your girlfriend. Please don’t rob me of it. By giving me a second chance, you will do the most beautiful thing, built on the foundation of our love.

Love makes the world bright and colorful. Separation, on the other hand, makes it gray and dull. And so for me now everything is gray, everything seems so dull, because you are not there, my beloved. I can no longer live with you apart, and so, please, my beloved, forgive me and come back.

Beloved, I feel such emptiness in my heart, because you are not there. I know it’s my own fault for our quarrel, I am the only one to blame. You have a patient, angelic character, and I took advantage of it, and I offended you undeservedly.

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