How to ask a man about his feelings?

How to ask a man, whether our relationship is over.

Most women are intuitive and developed that the partner cooled down feelings, they notice at once. In this case, there is a need to ask a man whether your relationship is over. This should be done correctly and accurately, so as not to traumatize, first of all, his own psyche.

How to understand the man’s intentions, if he does not say anything.

Not all men can solve the problem in love affairs or show responsibility. Quite often, instead of talking to the other half, the strong sex prefers to remain silent. When you try to ask a guy if your relationship is over, he may react in different ways:

  • When a man’s basic needs are met and he is not going to change anything, when trying to resolve the situation, the guy will calm down his chosen one, remaining indifferent. He does not care about her feelings, the main thing is to leave everything as it is;
  • The man who received emotions, sex, loyalty and other feelings from his chosen one will start to lose interest. He may justify that he is tormented by doubts and no specific plans for the future. A girl in this situation can not humiliate herself and try to please her partner;
  • If at the attempt to ask the guy, whether your relationship is over, he shows aggression, begins to shout and threaten, it is manipulation with the purpose to accuse the girl of all the troubles, including separation;
  • If a man disappears for a long time and then abruptly returns, he is trying to avoid a conversation by ignoring. He doesn’t yell, he doesn’t make excuses, he just leaves. In such a case, the couple will quickly break up.

It is extremely rare for men, being in a long term love union, to be able to clearly put a point and mark the breakup. All of the above reactions indicate that the partner does not have strong feelings, and he is simply holding on to the familiar option or is afraid to make an independent decision.

What to do

If you directly ask a man if your relationship is over, it is quite problematic to hear a clear answer.

It is necessary to maintain a sense of dignity and adhere to several recommendations of psychologists:

  • Do not hold on to your partner and do not try to save the union, but on the contrary, show him indifference from your side. If he does not want to break up, he will look for a meeting and the renewal of feelings;
  • You can’t try to become better for his sake, thus aggravating the situation. When the guy wants to break the alliance, but is silent, the worst solution is to try to please him;
  • It is important to begin to devote time to yourself, find a hobby, communicate more with friends, go to parties. All these actions will show the chosen one that he can calmly talk about the breakup, without fear of tantrums.

If, when trying to talk, the partner does not give a definite answer, then he has already decided to break up and is afraid to voice it.

How to correctly ask a man about his feelings at the moment

Every girl starts to worry when a couple are discordant or partner’s feelings cool down. There are two ways out of this situation:

  • Change behavior completely and wait for the man’s reaction;
  • Act and ask direct questions.

You can find out your partner’s intentions by touching on topics of common future. Asking a man if your relationship is over, directly meaningless, as there is little chance to hear an exact answer. But if, when thinking about plans and dreams, there is a girl, it means that his feelings have not cooled down, but there was just a misunderstanding.

To find out from your partner how he feels, you should ask a direct question and observe the reaction. If he will show aggression, manipulation or hurtful jokes, you can consider that the union fell apart. Also understand the intentions of the chosen one will help talk about his plans for the future.

How to ask a man about his feelings

Any uncertainty deprives you of peace, including the lack of confidence in your loved one’s feelings. It seems that everything is fine – he is attentive to you, makes gifts, but the most important thing you have not received – recognition. How to ask him about his feelings, because you really want to hear the cherished words.

Maybe for you it will be a novelty, but men who are used to be strong, in the sphere of love may feel much less confident than women, hence the timidity and inability to properly show what they are experiencing. If you do not see displays of love, it does not mean that it does not exist.

The disposing environment

Men are mostly not sentimental, but in certain circumstances are capable of high emotional outbursts. If you want to encourage him to confess, arrange a romantic evening. Every way to show that you love him: gentle glances, touching, sweet words spoken in a low voice. In a relaxing atmosphere it will be much easier for him to share what’s on his mind.

Another option is to play with him in candor. Use games like “Funnies” or “Truth or Action” to do this. Questions should not be very comfortable, so that the person is out of his usual comfort zone – if you achieve this, it will be easier for him to say what he would not have dared to say before.

Signs of love

If you are not ready for decisive action, observe the guy. Falling in love can manifest itself in different ways, but there is something common. For example, he changes his behavior when you appear. If before he reacted calmly to you, now he is either too much, or he tries to show his face to you less. In your presence he becomes silent or overly talkative, distracted: he may think, say something silly or drop something from his hands.

A man in love needs to be touched by the object of his love. If he began to touch you too often by accident – to blow away a speck of dust or to say hello by hand, behind his imperturbable appearance may hide a volcano of passion. He also wants to look at you all the time, so his gaze constantly returns to you against his will. Catch him too often on this – either you have a problem with appearance, or he is in love and craves a closer acquaintance.

So, find out about his feelings in several ways: ask him directly – for the most desperate, to provoke him to be frank – for the most cunning, observing – for the most cautious. Whatever method you choose, think about whether you really need to know the whole truth, because sometimes the unknown is much more pleasant.

The psychology of men – actions are more important than words.

You have heard more than once that men and women are creatures from different planets: your man is from Mars, you are from Venus. That you act impulsively, and he likes to analyze his actions. That for him visual contact is important, and for you – verbal.

You put all your feelings into the phrase “I love you,” but those three words may not be so important to him.

So I suggest you find out what the man really wants from you. You will understand how to show that you love a man in a way that he will truly appreciate. It’s the little acts of “love” that will emphasize your concern for him. And you will understand why they are more meaningful to your man than words.

  1. Give him your attention

Noticing that you spend all evening (he decided his issues on “taking over the planet” for tonight and was able to make time for you!) talking to his girlfriends on the phone, he interprets this as “I am not important to her,” “She does not appreciate my efforts.

Men’s brains are designed to perform only one function at a time. Women function differently (don’t you know your multitasking!). In the evening, when he can give you his attention, he’ll appreciate it if you learn to focus just on him. Male psychology understands this as “You are the most important thing to me. I understand the value of time with you. I love you.” .

You know the old saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well, there’s truth in those words, corny as it may seem.

How well you know what a man wants for dinner (without asking him every time), demonstrates your knowledge of him. And really – couples who know a lot of little details about each other are the happiest in marriage.

And one more very important thing you should know about. Offer your man only the best food you can make for him.

He earns the money, provides for the family with the goal of giving the best he can at the moment. Give him back that best in the form of quality, wholesome, healthy food. Buy him the best piece of meat (make it more expensive!), cook the best fish, make flavorful and delicious cheesecakes from the freshest cottage cheese.

That way he’ll see how much you appreciate his efforts, and will gratefully accept such a show of love for him.

  1. Wear clothes that he finds you attractive

No matter how long you’ve been together. After all, this is not an excuse to walk in front of her man in a robe and wear curlers on his head. If your closet a lot of shabby pants, stretchy T-shirts, sweatshirts – throw them out.

We men are not interested in spending evenings with “friend at the gym. And then do not be sad: why does he see me as a friend, pays little attention, does not notice as a woman. Of course, because you are in this form well very unlike the desired woman. It is very important that you always want to look good for him.

Instinctively man will see you as a woman who wants to please, protect, love. With which you want to build a long-term relationship. That’s how the male psychology works.

Avoiding stress, proper nutrition, exercise, taking care of your body – all this may sound like a call to a healthy lifestyle, but it’s also a way to show him his love.

Men’s psychology is set up in such a way that they will perceive it as a kind of message: “I care about myself, I want to be the best for you, have healthy children for you, want to live happily next to you and try to do my best to protect you from the hard experience of losing a loved one.

What other motivation could be needed to be healthy?

Since ancient times, men have had to fight to provide women with protection and security. Today, the need to show such protection physically has partly disappeared. But nothing has changed in the world of material survival. It’s just that the weapons are different.

So try to convey to your man how you see him: a protector, able to solve any problem, a master of all hands, a stud and a champion, magnificent and the most intelligent.

Sincere compliments about his appearance and strength will confirm that you admire him. And that’s what he equates with love. That’s really what a man wants!

After he opens the jar of jam with ease, mention how pleased you are to be in the company of such a strong man. Frame it as one of the reasons you chose him over others.

  1. Give him time to relax

Women don’t shy away from making time for themselves. Men also need personal time and space. Don’t forget to offer him the occasional day to relax in the company of friends, fishing, hunting, riding a bike, or just to sleep.

Men’s psychology is designed so that he will perceive these carefree periods as a reward, which is a manifestation of your love and understanding of his needs.

  1. Ask his permission and ask his opinion

Your man wants to be an important part of your world. This is how male psychology works. After all, first of all he is experienced and able to solve any problems, and then – your lover.

Get his opinion on what to do in an important situation for both of you (not the little things: what curtains to choose! or a vase for your flowers – a man is not important). This way you show your trust and the value of his opinion to you.

Learn how to ask permission from the man. Whether it’s hanging out with girlfriends, buying a dress, going on a business trip. So he will feel your loyalty to him, and this is the best sign of love for men.

  1. Thank him for every little thing.

A businessman I know always talks about his wife with such admiration that I decided to go to her social media page, to wonder what it is that makes her so incredible. And what I saw pleasantly surprised me. It was the first photo in her newsfeed, in which she (in a beautiful dress, groomed) was hugging her man. And above the photo the comment, “Honey, thank you for our most wonderful and happy life!”

How do you think her husband felt the moment he saw the post. I’m the best!)

Try to express your gratitude to him more often. Even if what he did seems like a completely unimportant little thing to you. For example, when your man goes to get groceries or takes out the trash.

You rush through life, you forget to pay attention to the things he’s done, and as a result, you have absolutely no idea what your man wants. But after all, he has feelings, too.

So say more often, “This is really important to me. Thank you for that.” Through it, you remind him of your feelings and fill your relationship with positive energy.

Instead of a light kiss before running out the door, opt for a long hug. Women make contact verbally; men do it through touch.

Hug for at least seven seconds. That may seem like a long time. But that’s how long it takes for that hug to become something important to him. That’s male psychology!

It is one of the basic needs of a man in a relationship with a woman. If a woman does not meet this need, he will look for it on the side. In such situations, the question may arise, but why does a man cheat? And here is one of the reasons why… Yes, nowadays everyone is tired and does not always have time for sex. So have it when the opportunity to do so presents itself.

While a woman’s pleasure requires a rise in oxytocin levels in the blood (most of all produced in the “cuddle” phase after sex), men get pleasure when dopamine levels rise. This chemical is produced during sex. You’ve known for a long time what a man wants – that’s all he “wants” .

So sometimes forget about making love and just have sex with him.

The most unpleasant thing in any relationship is doubt. Many individuals of the female sex are thrown to at least once in their lives, to hear the words of recognition. But young men, for various reasons, are in no hurry to do it. Yes, and understandably, a confession of his feelings to someone – it is very difficult. So how to ask your loved one about his feelings? After all, every girl wants to hear the long-awaited words of love.

Men are always called the strong sex, but this does not mean that they can not be timid, shy or afraid of what. This is especially true for declarations of love, the girl they like. Therefore, if she feels that the young man is embarrassed and can not dare to take such a step, the girl herself can be the first to take the initiative.

Only it is necessary not to ask directly in the forehead, but to somehow veil the question. Whatever the answer, she will know the true situation. And she should be ready for any turn. Not always the guy is silent because of his shyness, maybe he really does not like her. Asking such a question, the girl can be in a stupid position. Well, okay, let’s not talk about the sad.

In order to get the recognition of a young guy, you can apply a simple method. If the girl is perky and brave, then you can use the option of a one-on-one conversation in confidence. During the conversation she can tell the guy that their relationship has long outgrown the friendship stage, and she feels completely different emotions towards him. She would also like to know how he feels about her. If the young man doesn’t give a straight answer, then there are two possibilities: either he is taken aback by the girl’s boldness, or he doesn’t feel anything for her and doesn’t know how to say it.

A great option is a romantic date. The girl should think in advance about how the meeting will take place, in what place, to organize everything. The climax should be a declaration of love and it is desirable that it should be made by the guy himself. Feeling the romantic atmosphere, it will be easier and more enjoyable for him to do it.

A declaration of love can be made allegorically. For example, you can tell your boyfriend a funny story about a girl who fell madly in love with a guy from the very first meeting with him. After some time, this guy made her a declaration of love, which made that girl very happy. After telling this story, you can ask the young man if he has such a girl in his life. He will certainly give an answer.

A good option can be a game of funnies in a large group of friends. Playing, you can give your boyfriend a puzzle to confess his love for a girl in front of everyone. When he says these words, the girl will understand whether he really loves her or just follows the rules of the game. His voice, tone, look, movements, experiences will help her. If the words are sincere, it will be impossible not to understand.

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